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Monday, July 20, 2009

Iran Tied To Minnesota National Guard Deaths In Iraq

Iraqi officials arrested members of an Iranian-backed militia of a missile attack that killed three National Guard Soldiers from Minnesota who were serving in Iraq. Star Tribune:

    Iraqi authorities have arrested a member of an Iranian-backed militia for the missile attack that killed three soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard.


    During a search of the house where the suspect and an aide were arrested, Iraqi officials said, they seized four Iranian-made rockets and documents listing names of Iraqi officials to be targeted.
    The men, who were arrested Friday night, told Iraqi authorities that they had been instructed in Iran to "plant improvised explosive devices, scare citizens and destabilize the country[.]"

Iran, of course, denies these charges.

But wait a minute...Cowardly Liberals, the Cut and Run DefeatOCrats, the Pbama Cultists and Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior all have been saying that Iran poses no threat to us. They say that Iran isn't a part of any insurgence in Iraq. Hell, Dear Leader said Iran is a tiny little country that poses no threat to us. As usual, The Liberals are wrong. When are they ever right?

Barry needs to get his ass out of the White House gymnasium and use his unparalleled finely honed diplomatic and negotiating stills and bring peace to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why isn't he doing this? This is what Candidate Pbama said he would do. Why isn't he doing it?

A short six months after being sworn in, The Celebrity Prednint is an abject, abysmal failure. He is the reverse of the Midas Touch, everything Pbama touches rapidly dissolves in failure.

How much longer will Obama expend America's Blood and Treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The day may come very soon where America will have no other choice than to "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran." Please remember that The Liberals are, and have been, dead set against this. What will be interesting is watching them Flip-Flop and, in their own sickly way, rationalize that they now support bombing Iran because The Kenyan decides there is no other choice.

The three Minnesota National Guard Soldiers are (L to R): Dan Drevnick, 22, of Woodbury; James Wertish, 20, of Olivia; Carlos Wilcox, 27, of Cottage Grove.

Images AP, reproduced via Fair Use Section 107.


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It's no surprise that the liberals and Pbama are playing the appeasement card vis-a-vis Iran since lots of people voted for the Dems just because they were afraid the Republicans would go after Iran sooner rather than later.

"Barry needs to get his ass out of the White House gymnasium"

Yes and also out of the bowling alley were he played like a special olympics guy as he said at Jay Leno (btw, I really enjoyed that special olympic photo of Pbama, I hope it's going to come back in one of your infamous upcoming montages.
Thanks Tym.

Hey, you know you (and others) are more than entitled to reproduce any of my images.

The day is coming, I think, where the Pbama Admin will have to take action against Iran, and when/if this happens, we will see and hear the Cultists and the War is Always Wrong crowd be dutifully silent.

Hypocrisy and Double Standards: It's the Liberal Way!
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