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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Afghanistan Violence At Highest Level Since 2001

Barry is doing a Heckuva job, isn't he? Isn't he just the best? Isn't he just groovy? Why, he's a white Bill Clinton, isn't he?

Under Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior violence in Afghanistan has hit a record-high level, the highest since 2001. al-Reuters:

    A roadside bomb killed 12 Afghan traders as they drove through Afghanistan's remote west on Monday in an attack apparently meant for Afghan or foreign troops, witnesses and officials said.

    Highly destructive home-made bombs planted in the road are by far the most deadly weapons used by the Taliban and other insurgents, frequently killing civilians as well as the security forces they traditionally target.

    "I saw 12 men were killed and four were wounded," Abdul Razzaq Samadi, a local tribal chief who was at the scene of the blast, told Reuters.


    Violence across Afghanistan has hit its highest level since 2001, when the Taliban's austere Islamist government was ousted for failing to hand over al Qaeda leaders wanted over the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.


    Violence has spiked across the country since those operations began, with military and civilian casualties surging.

Remember when Liberals and Progressives cared about the deaths of U.S. and Allied Troops and Afghanistan civilians? Remember how Liberals and Progressives demanded and insisted "Bring Our Troops Home Now?" None of this matters to Liberals and Progressives now, because Blood and Treasure being spent and spilled is perfectly acceptable when a Marxist is in charge.

Where is the "War is Always Wrong," crowd? I'll tell you where they are: steeped in the deepest recesses of denial imaginable.

Image appears again at the request of Tym Machine.

Remember when Candidate Obama called Iraq a foreign policy disaster and called for all Troops to be out of Iraq by the Spring of 2008. Does Retard Barry understand how a calendar works?

Let's ask Dear Leader to answer some of the same questions that The Left asked of W. Bush:

* Define winning in Iraq and Afghanistan?

* Define the objectives of the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan.

* Fifteen of the September 11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Why is Obama so darn friendly and cozy with the Saudis?

* During the Bush Admin, The Left said the reason violence in Afghanistan and Iraq is increasing is because "we're there." If Obama immediately withdrew all Troops, there would certainly be peace, right? This is what The Left said during Bush. So why aren't we withdrawing if "we're the cause" of the violence?

Oh...those questions are all appropriate when Bush was in the White House. But those questions were rendered expired on January 20. Clearly, the World still hates us. And it's all because of The Kenyan.


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