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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jesse Jackson: Never Far From The Media And Always Hypocrisy In Check


Historical Reference of Rev. Jackson's Ethnic Slurs: HymieTown

Pandas And Jim Webb

"Scientists in Thailand think they may have discovered the key to the notoriously difficult business of getting pandas to mate - panda porn."

    Experts in Chiang Mai say the unusual initiative has led to a baby boom among one of the world's most beloved but endangered animals.

    Zhang Zhihe, a leading Chinese expert on the giant panda, said the boom was down to showing uninitiated males DVDs of other pandas mating.

    The saucy audio-visual approach "is the same idea as chimpanzees seeing people smoke and then copying it", says the Thai researcher.

In related Panda News, fresh from demonstrating exemplary behavior, showing how much he is willing to work across partisan political aisles by asserting that he'd like to have "Slugged the President", Virginia's p0rn-writer-cum-senator
Jim Webb is doing his part by volunteering to read excerpts from his novels to sexually lethargic pandas:


Factual References for Webb's writing HERE

Stephanie Miller Not On Date With Keith Olbermann

Liberal Talk Radio's Stephanie Miller caused quite a stir for the paparazzi late yesterday when they mistook the small cocktail wiener she was holding in her hand for that of her "future husband Keith Olbermann".

Camera's flashed away at an unaware Miller during her dinner at a popular L.A. eatery where she was seen gently tapping and rubbing the small sausage against her face.

Upon realizing that the paparazzi believed the cocktail wiener was Olbermann, and that she was canoodling with him, Miller tried to correct them saying, "No, it's just a tiny cocktail wiener, it's not Keith Olbermann!" Holding it up to the sounds of clicking cameras, Miller said, "Look, see - it's just a wiener, a small wiener!"

The paparazzi momentarily stopped taking pictures, doing 'double-takes' at each other before again wildly snapping away with their cameras as Miller did her best to dissuade the bewildered onlookers from believing that the wiener was indeed Olbermann.

Miller responded by saying, "Watch, I'll eat it," and did just that. The horrified Paparazzi screamed, "She ate Keith Olbermann! Eeehaaaagggggghhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Stephanie Miller, moments before eating the cocktail wiener mistaken by Paparazzi for MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

Olbermann released a statement saying, "Although numerous women have reported that I am woefully inadequate, selfish and a dud in the bedroom, I resent being compared to a cocktail wiener. Besides, maybe [Miller] is attracted to impotent men who lack boudoir prowess who will never master even the slightest nuance of how to please their partner. And that's what I want in my woman! And it's all Bush's fault, all his fault. All Bush's fault. Bush. That's who. Bush. George W. Bush. It's all his fault. All his fault. His. His alone. George W. Bush. Yep. It's his fault! All his, it is!"

W. William 'Willy' Weenus, Vice President of Consumer Affairs of Cocktail Wieners Of America, responding to Olbermann, said, "We universally condemn the racist and stereotypical comments spoken by Keith Olbermann about cocktail wieners. As a group, cocktail wieners satisfy plenty of people across the world at cocktail parties, barbecues and many other pleasant and enjoyable indoor and outdoor events and activities. I'm not sure, but if you took a poll, I think you would find that cocktail wieners have satisfied far more people than Keith Olbermann ever has."



How I Spent My Vacation From Blogging

Yeah, yeah, I'm back - sort of. I took what was going to be just a few days off from blogging and enjoyed it so much that I decided to extend it. And I may be doing a bit more of that, we'll see.

So did I miss anything?

The Democrats aren't already steeped in in-party fighting, say, some battle between Nancy Peloshit, Steny Hoyer and Mad Dog John "Cut and Run" Murtha, are they?

I heard Michael "Kramer" Richards used a racial slur, but it was so innocuous that it received little media attention. Certainly nothing for ambulance chaser Gloria Allred to get involved with.

I do know that ever since the election, Liberal Talk Radio no longer mentions the number of Iraqi war dead or U.S. Soldiers killed. This hasn't changed. Look for the Left to exploit the number of dead somewhere down the road, you can be sure of that.

And I'm sure that all the Eco-Friendly Earth Lovin' Hollywood Liberal Crowd used the most eco-friendly and least extravagant and most economical travel means to attend the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes wedding in Italy, thereby putting the earth and environment well ahead of their personal comfort and convenience. The whole wedding affair, from start to end and all that surrounded it, was carbon neutral, right?

Is that damn fence finally up and in place along the U.S.-Mexico border?

Harry "Real Estate" Reid has ANOTHER REAL ESTATE SCAM AND SCANDAL DEAL this time involving a bridge and - you guessed it, you're so smart! - LAND that HE OWNS and the Colorado River. I'm sure this is an issue that's just being exaggerated and exploited by FOX News.

Was "Guess The Imam Terrorist" really a short-lived game show on Comedy Central or did I dream that?

Haven't heard much from, or about, O.J. Simpson in a long time...that's a good thing.

And all of our Troops are out of Iraq, right? I mean, the Democrats did do that while I was on vacation, didn't they? Since they're the presumptive majority party, and that immediate withdrawal was what they ran, campaigned and were elected on, surely the Dems aren't going to change their minds now, based upon what they've been told by Generals on the ground and Iraq Study Groups, are they?

K-Fed and Brit Spilt? And I thought fer'sure that theirs would be a lasting marriage.

So nothing much changed while I was away. Well, that's good.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Not a day goes by that at least once, if not several times, I realize how free I am and what I can do, where, how and when I move about, unrestricted. If you live in the U.S., you basically have as much freedom as an individual can experience. Many other countries and governments permit their citizens as much freedom as well. This freedom does not come by accident or without the bloodshed of some very brave individuals. Heroes they are, without a doubt - Heroes.

To All Who Serve Bravely and Proudly in the U.S. Military, and to those who have served, Thank You.

May you and your families be Blessed Beyond what Words can say.

A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving To You, and everyone.

Travel Safely.

Friday, November 17, 2006

FOX MEMO: Another So What Moment

Oh, That Wacky Left Wing Circus Freak Show thinks they have another issue to exploit, that of the FOX Memo. What's wrong with FOX putting out a memo saying look for insurgents and terrorists to interview who are happy with the Democrats being elected?

    The producer of the Outfoxed documentary that helped start a cottage industry making fun of Fox News Channel took the channel to task Wednesday (Nov. 15, 2006) for fixing the news around its own propaganda aims and called on Rupert Murdoch to fire the author of a controversial leaked memo.

Yeah, fire the guy just like CBS fired Dan Rather after the disastrous and fictitious George Bush National Guard Story. Oh, wait,
CBS never fired Dan, did they?

Are the Libs trying to tell us that Terrorists happy with the Dems being elected is not news and noteworthy? Is the Insane Liberal Clown Posse trying to deny that there are indeed Terrorists who are pleased that Democrats were elected last week?

Why would the The Left prefer no one know that Terrorists Prefer Democrats? Is it because Terrorists know that Democrats are weak on defense and the Military? Is it because Terrorists know Democrats won't fight Terrorism as tenaciously as Republicans?

Why is the Left protesting the FOX Memo to such a great extent? It couldn't be that the results from interviewing Terrorists would substantiate that Terrorists do prefer Democrats, could it?

Are you telling me CNN, or any other network or cable news channel, doesn't put out memos that they want certain issues, topics and stories covered?

How does what FOX did any different from the New York Times, TIME, Newsweek or U.S. News And World Reports when they work on leads and actively develop stories?

How is this different from what FOX did? None, Nada, Zip, Zero - no difference at all. The Liberals just want you to think that there's a difference because they don't like the angle of the story. Gee, that's too bad, isn't' it?

Besides, it's not like any media outlet has to look too hard to find Terrorists who hailed the Democrats being elected last week (
see stories below).

In the interest of FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIRNESS - you know that word, the one the Left so bandies about when they feel any imagined injustice - let's have the NYT, The Washington Post, CNN, the MSM, AirHead America and all the other Liberal Mouthpieces show us their internal memos and let's take a look at what issues they're pushing for coverage. What do you think we'd find?

Terrorists Hail Election Of Democrats

Iran Hails Defeat of Republicans

al Qaida Leaders Gloat Over Donald Rumsfeld Resignation
Reuters - Alter Net

Whew, yeah, those would be difficult opinions to solicit from Terrorists who rarely have an opinion on global matters, let alone speak up about them.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day #9 And #10: Gas Hovers Above $2/Gallon

Ratty Randi Rhodes on October 30, 2006 - 12 minutes into the second hour of her program, said the following: "The day after the election, gas goes back over $3/gallon."

Care to make any other predictions, Ratty?


U.S. Retail Gasoline Prices broken down into regions, states and cities.


G.I. John Kerry Doll Action Figure

You may have heard that Toys For Tots Has Rejected a Jesus Doll as an item they will accept for their annual Christmas , oh my...how politically incorrect of me....their Holiday drive of collecting Toys for kids:

    Bill Grein, vice president of Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, said they could not accept the donation based on the fact that the toys are distributed at random.He said, "We can't take a chance on sending a talking Jesus doll to a Jewish family or a Muslim family. Kids want a gift for the holiday season that is fun."

The Talking G.I. John Kerry Doll is an Approved Doll , ur, Action Figure, item.

Click on the > to hear what the Talking G.I. John Kerry Doll Action Figure has to say:

Voice is impersonated. Or...is it?

All quotes real and authenticated via the
Informational Resource at the bottom of This Post.



Crystal Meth Crumbling Euro?

Users of the drug crystal methamphetamine may be causing euro banknotes to disintegrate, German police have told Der Spiegel magazine:
If it crumbles currency, what's it do to the lining of the nose? Yikes!

H/T: Lemuel.

Speaking Of Politics...



Original Animated Graphic Credit: The Simpsons

How Will The Left React?

General John Abizaid said we don't need to increase troop size in Iraq.

He also said that he deplores a timetable for exiting Iraq. His assessment differs drastically from what the Democrats want to do.

General Anthony Zinni said it's not a good idea to cut and run. He likend cutting and running to, "[You] can't put pressure on a wounded guy." His assessment differs drastically from what the Democrats want to do.

I have nothing but respect for General Abizaid and General Zinni, nor do I question their assessment of Iraq.

What I want to know, and we'll see this play out, is how the Left is going to react to this because the Left has, in the past, often said the problems is that President Bush isn't listening to the Generals.

Now we'll see how eager the Left is to
listen to the Generals, won't we?

- - -

Why, that angry, vile, RIGHT-WING WHACKJOB of a newspaper, The Washington Post - Fascists that they are - says Congressman John ABSCAM Murtha Is Unfit to be the Majority Leader!

the nerve of that Christian Right Jesus Crazy Conservative Washington Post. Just who do they think they are?!

How will the Left react to the WaPo item? Will they even mention it?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Four Five Idiots


Carter-McGovern In 2008!

The Democratic Party where Losers never die, they just keep resurfacing again and again and again and again and....to infinity.


The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


Linking Here:
Rasta Boys

Democrats In:
Global Warming Up
Taxes Up
Forest Fires Up
Species Die
Fence Comes Down?

Global Warming Panic Elevated To High Alert!

    Barbara Boxer, a liberal California Democrat and one of the biggest environmental advocates on Capitol Hill, was named Tuesday to chair the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Among Boxer's first moves will be a bill to curb greenhouse gases,

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the presumed next speaker of the House, has already promised to repeal oil industry subsidies.

Will Democrats Raise Taxes?

    A mere two days after Democrats capture Congress claiming they wouldn't raise taxes, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin tells them they should do so anyway."You cannot solve the nation's fiscal problems without increased revenues," declared Mr. Rubin, the Democratic Party's leading economic spokesman.

Does Global Warming Cause and Feed Forest Fires?

    Thousands of scientists and forestry officials from around the world gathered Monday in San Diego and to urge policymakers to consider the effects of global warming when managing wildfires.

Global Warming To Wipe Out Species:
Hollywood Liberals, the most disciplined Environmentalists (they never waste any natural resources, do they?) Gather to Whine, Cry and Panic Over Global Warming:

    "Both scientific communities agreed it had already reached a catastrophic point," said [Robert] Redford. "Something had to be done immediately and the word had to get out."

    He says the outcome of that conference was disappointing. No one listened.

What's that? No one listened? "Oh, Dat's So Sad!"

Democrats may do away with U.S. - Mexico Border Fence:

    The incoming U.S. Congress will review the law mandating 700 miles of fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, and may seek to scrap the plan altogether.

    Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., told reporters this week that he expected to "re-visit" the issue
    when he becomes chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee in the 110th Congress, which has a Democratic Party majority.

    He said that the high technology Secure Border Initiative, or SBI Net -- essentially a set of monitors, cameras and other integrated surveillance systems to monitor the border -- was a viable alternative.

    "We might do away with it, or look at (integrating it into) SBI Net," he said, "A virtual fence rather than a real one."

Huh...for being elected only last week, and not officially sworn into office until January 2007, the Dems are well on their way to screwing things up, aren't they?

Day #8: Gas Inexplicably Remains Under $3/Gallon

Ratty Randi Rhodes on October 30, 2006 - 12 minutes into the second hour of her program, said the following: "The day after the election, gas goes back over $3/gallon."

Care to make any other predictions, Ratty?



Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One Hit News

Iraq hostages Freed. BBC
- - -
Plutonium Found In Iran. ABC2 News
- - -
Lie detector tests and satellite tracking Urged for Sex Offenders.
Sky News
- - -
Portland Trailblazer Zach Randolph's August Sexual Assault (headline), Courthouse News; and Complaint (pdf)
- - -
John "Our Marines Terrorized and Killed innocents in Haditha and brother of LOBBYIST ROBERT 'KIT' MURTHA" Murtha is proud that he Voted Against Every Tax Cut.
Washington Post

    "Every tax cut I voted against. My wife says, 'You shouldn't say that.'"

- - -
Nazism Gaining Foothold in the UK in response to Islamic Influence?
Ohmy News
- - -
European Commission says Europeans Are Overweight.

Day #7: Gas Astoundingly Remains Under $3/Gallon. Experts Slap Forehead, Wondering How This Can Possibly Be!

Ratty Randi Rhodes on October 30, 2006 - 12 minutes into the second hour of her program, said the following: "The day after the election, gas goes back over $3/gallon."

Care to make any other predictions, Ratty?



The Adventures Of Dick Week, Democrat!



Whew...I guess it's a good thing that - so far - technology doesn't include Blog Smell-O-Vision!
- - -
There's Less Of John
around these days. Way to go, John! Congrats!
- - -
Heh...Sending the ACLU a Christmas Card!
- - -
Bookmark This Spot so we know whom to blame when things go bad.
- - -
Oh My Gawd! Run! Run Away! That man has A Rubber Band Ball!
- - -
Noah gets A Haircut.
- - -
I can't believe that The Misfits are darn near 30 years old.

Democrats Name Roman Polanski For 2008 Presidential Nominee

Washington DC - The Democratic National Committee, lead by Chairman Howard Dean, today announced that their nominee for president in 2008 will be filmmaker Roman Polanski. Said Dean, "Although Mr. Polanski was born in Paris, France, we consider that a non-issue. We feel we can win the White House back with him even if we have to run him as a write-in candidate."

Kiddie P0rn writer and Senator-elect from Virginia Jim Webb hailed the choice of Polanski, saying, "I can't think of a better pedophile than Roman to represent the Democratic Party. Why, his drugging and raping of a 13-year old girl in 1977 is just the kind of values that Democrats stand for. Maybe he can make a film from one of my many books on such diverse subjects as kiddie p0rn, violence towards women, kiddie p0rn, misogyny and kiddie p0rn."

Webb was referring to Polanski's 1977 act of providing liquor and drugs to a 13-year old minor girl and then raping and sodomizing her. Polanski eventually fled the country (ahem...cut and run) to avoid prosecution.

Have you drugged, raped and sodomized anyone lately, Roman?

Presumptive Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi said she was thrilled with the selection of Polanski. "He represents the kind of San Francisco values that makes our Democratic Party the choice of the American people. Rape, sodomy, and drugging children is what the Democratic party is all about," she said.

Ex President Bill Clinton said of Polanski, "Let me tell you, this Polanski fellow is just the type of guy we can take back the White House with. Why, anyone who engages in oral, vaginal and anal sex with an underage girl is just the kind of caliber candidate the Democrats are looking for. I kind of envy him, hee-hee."


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Monday, November 13, 2006

Democrats Eagerly Anticipate Cutting And Running

Just like little children who cower and hide behind their Mommy from an imagined or real threat, Democrats move full speed ahead at Cutting And Running from Iraq.

Democratic Senator from Michigan, Carl Levin, (whom appears to now be at a stage where he is pulling pubic hairs up to rake over his comb-over hair style) is chomping at the bit to cut and run.

So is Howard Dean (same linked article as Carl The Comb-Over):

    Dean: "Our problem is, we got [sic] to cut our losses and figure out how we're going to get our folks out and still defend the United States of America."

Well, Mr. Dean, you pose the ultimate statement that others, far more intelligent than you, have posited for three years. The difference, Mr. Dean, is you and your party offer no answers other than to bail on Iraq. But isn't that just what Democrats do when they don't and can't reach a quick and easy answer?

Cut our losses...exactly what Democrats do when they don't have immediate results, instant gratification or reach a desired expectation when THEY want it. Kind of like throwing Joe Lieberman out of their party on only one issue, his support for the War.

Terrorists Announce Plans To Attack The U.S. and Our Allies. How do the Democrats react? Cut and Run, Cut and Run.

Arizona Senator John McCain, (a
RINO whom I seldom agree with) says, "I believe that a withdrawal, or a date for withdrawal, will lead to chaos in the region," he said."And most military experts think the same thing." Absolutely correct, Senator.

But Democrats don't work that way. They're the first ones to bail out of a problem and, rather than offer anything at all, resort to playing politics with the issue at hand.

The answer is to Reinforce the Troops in Iraq. In other words, the reason things aren't moving as quickly as we'd like in Iraq is because we didn't go into this situation with more forces in the beginning. The Democrats handicapped our Military from the beginning by insisting that we not go in with overwhelming force. You know, a Kinder Gentler War Machine.

The Liberals are so fond of their war rhetoric in saying "let the Generals on the ground make the calls." And they're so right. But I haven't heard one Little Sissified Liberal manage to quote General George Casey, who IS on the ground in Iraq and who voiced confidence Saturday that the United States would not abandon its mission in this violence-racked country amid a postelection reevaluation of Iraq strategy(1).

(1)General Casey's comments can be found in articles at the Chicago Tribune or the L.A. Times, both of which require free reader registration. Or you can Google the terms "General Casey voices confidence".

Why is it the Good Little Stalinists never mention General Casey? Oh, they'll yell about five or six retired Generals out of five or six hundred who support a strategy of cutting and running, but the Democrats never tell you that the Generals that they quote are in the extreme minority.

Iraq and Afghanistan is nothing but a political issue for the Liberals. It's not about the lives of anyone. It's not about the number of dead of anyone. Their only purpose is to exploit the number of dead and pitch pacifism as a genuine ideology. How pathetic.

If their mantra is even remotely correct - and it is about "lives"- one would have to ask why, in 1994 (before the November election which ushered in a Conservative majority into both the House and Senate), the Democrats didn't lift a finger to stop the tidal wave of genocide in Rwanda.

800,000 people murdered in 100 days, and the Left did nothing! And then they did nothing after that, as more Rwandans were killed. Bubba claimed he didn't know about the genocide early on, but that is a complete and total lie, substantiated by some of the items listed below under "Additional Reading". You Liberals sure like to live a life of lies, don't you!

It's funny how former Secretary of State Madeline Albright
is allowed to get away with saying "half a million dead Iraqi children is worth it," and not only does she escape all retribution, she is hailed as an effective statesman! She should be tried for War Crimes against humanity for Iraq and Bosnia, both her and her former boss, Bubba the Rapist.

No, Iraq is nothing but a political issue for Democrats, one they can use and abuse until it gets them what they want. If it doesn't, they will abandon it like they do all issues that they can't milk for additional mileage.


Additional Reading - Especially For You Truth-Denying Liberals Out There:

Bill Clinton Kept Hotel Rwanda Open.
Alter Net

Lying About Genocide: "All over the world there were people like me sitting in offices who did not fully appreciate the depth and the speed with which you were being engulfed by this unimaginable terror," said Bill Clinton. That is demonstrably false. It is the ultimate in cover-your-ass. The president did know. Salon.com (hardly a Right Wing publication and written by...DAVID CORN! The Liberals Go-To-Guy To Bash Bush. Imagine that, David Corn writes an article for Salon that's critical of Bill Clinton.)

Bystanders To Genocide
. The Atlantic

Bill Clinton: Rapist. Includes Audio Clip

A Sad Day For Women. Rightgrrl

Bill Clinton: The president is a rapist. WND

It might do some of you Liberals out there good to click on, and read the above linked items. But I'm guessing you won't do so. Heaven forbid FACTS pollute the garbage in your mind that you BELIEVE is true!

Day #6: Gas Steadily Remains Under $3/Gallon

Ratty Randi Rhodes on October 30, 2006 - 12 minutes into the second hour of her program, said the following: "The day after the election, gas goes back over $3/gallon."

Care to make any other predictions, Ratty?



Sunday, November 12, 2006

Democrats Effortlessly Miss Opportunity To Deplore Terrorism

Here's an interesting little scenario that presented itself and didn't materialize. Democratic politicians missed and wasted an opportunity to make a unified statement condemning terrorism, thereby telling the world that they too are tough on terror.

It is events like this in which Democrats show us exactly who they really are. That they are indeed weak on terror and cannot be trusted to protect the United States and that they are the party of which our allies look suspiciously upon when wondering about the sincerity of our military commitments.

In the past few days since the election, we've had Iraq's al Qaida leader say he will not rest until the White House is blown up. Terrorists are celebrating the election of Democrats and the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld with a spike-the-ball-in-the-end-zone attitude.

No matter how much The Left may think they are entitled to own The White House, it isn't owned by any political party . It is
OUR WHITE HOUSE, the people own it. It is America's White House. And we have an outrageous and hostile declaration from terrorists saying they want to fulfill their vile vision of seeing the White House blown up!

And what is the response from Democrats, both those who were elected this past week and those who've been entrenched in their positions for several terms? Nothing.

You mean to tell me that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Cluck Schumer, Hillary Clinton and such self-proclaimed supporters of the Military as John Kerry and John Murtha can't find a camera and microphone and issue a simple statement somewhat similar to the following:

    "We condemn and deplore the recent statements regarding blowing up The White House made by al Qaida leaders in Iraq and Iran, and we condemn and deplore the statements made by the likes of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. As Democrats, we may sometimes disagree with our Republican colleagues and President Bush, but we will not be influenced, intimidated or threatened by those who sponsor, support and encourage acts of terrorism."

Reading the above aloud takes what, thirty seconds? And Democrats cannot bring themselves to issue a no-brainer statement like that.

The Democrats had a golden opportunity to put their money where their mouth is and respond with a unified voice that they are indeed tough on terrorism. But they intentionally ignored doing so for reasons of nothing more than their agenda of appeasing terrorists which stems from their inherent nature of pacifism.

I'm not surprised by the lack of a response from Democrats. But for all of you out there that consider yourselves Democrats and Liberals, don't feign ignorance as to why you're party is correctly and rightfully labeled as being weak on terror and sympathetic to terrorists. Your Liberal Leaders demonstrate it every single time, or in this case, fail to demonstrate it.

If you can't put political bias aside and agree that anyone threatening terrorism to blow up the White House should be universally condemned, when can you expect the Democrats to condemn terrorism?


Informational Sources:
Khamenei Says Republican Losses A Victory For Iran.
Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, also known as Abu Ayyub al-Masri, said, "We will not rest [until we blow up] the White House."


Days #3, #4, & #5: Gas AMAZINGLY Remains Under $3/Gallon

Ratty Randi Rhodes on October 30, 2006 - 12 minutes into the second hour of her program, said the following: "The day after the election, gas goes back over $3/gallon."

Care to make any other predictions, Ratty?



Saturday, November 11, 2006

18,000 Votes Don't Register

Sarasota County, Florida's 13th Congressional District: 18,000 votes by voters who marked other ballot measures didn't have their vote register or "count" in their 13th Congressional District House Race.

Here's the kicker - the Republican Candidate, Vern Buchanan won the race. Democratic Candidate Christine Jennings has refused to concede the election. Any outrage from Democrats on a national level of some type of voting fraud due to 18,000 ballots not reflecting a "mark"? Why, no! Huh, the Dems must be so proud of themselves for having stolen so many other races they're content to let the Republican Candidate claim victory in this particular race.

I have no horse in this Florida race, but I'd certainly favor a Republican over a Democrat on any given day.

But since the Dems have claimed that they didn't steal any races in this election, well...way to go Vern Buchanan! Viva Sarasota!


Veterans Day

A History Of Veterans Day.

Veterans Day Resources, Links, Poems


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Of Foreign Wars

Disabled American Veterans

Thank a Veteran if you are free, if you live in a free country, if you have free speech, if you can move about your homeland without restriction, if you can freely voice dissent without being arrested.

If you can do these things, Thank A Veteran.

Thank You for our freedom, Veterans, Thank You So Very Much.

Friday, November 10, 2006


The OC Bans Pledge of Allegiance: "It's so typical. These people feel like they are fighting some sort of war against the government where they are being "forced" to pledge their loyalty, despite the fact that no one can force you to say the Pledge. They respond by forcing people to refrain from saying the Pledge."
- - -
Try Harder...No! Don't Say That. Say, "Needs Motivating."
- - -
The Dems say they want a change of course. Do You want a change of course? John Bolton was the change of course, where it would have done the most good. I so completely agree.
- - -
Wars We Won and Who Was the President and the Majority In Congress At The Time.
- - -
Can we get the Dems to come to the Right by our "tone"? Rich says it won't work. I'm inclined to agree with him.
- - -
Another analysis of the Dems Cutting and Running, Leaving Our Partners And Allies in the Lurch. Well, that's what Dems do.
- - -
Democrats Bask in Well Wishes From Terrorists.
- - -
Guy Reflects on Election Results.

Who Likes The Democrats? Survey Says: "The Terrorists!"

Who's happy the Dems stole the election? Why, their compatriots the Terrorists, that's who!

Terrorists hail the election of democrats.

"Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday called U.S. President George W. Bush's defeat in congressional elections a victory for Iran."

"The leader of Iraq's al Qaeda wing on Friday gloated over forcing outgoing U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to flee the Iraqi battlefield and said his group would not rest until it blew up the White House."

"...the leader of Iraq's al Qaeda wing gloated over the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld". Why, it's
Reuters again!

Why do Terrorists support the election of Democrats? Because they know Democrats are weak on terror! Don't ask "how did this happen" when the U.S. experiences another domestic terrorist attack. Don't even think of asking it.

Do you suppose at all that had Democrats actually worked with, instead of against, the political opposition on the issue of terrorism it would by now have been greatly reduced and diminished? But no, the Dems can't put aside their partisanship, not even in the fight against terrorism.


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