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Thursday, November 30, 2006

How I Spent My Vacation From Blogging

Yeah, yeah, I'm back - sort of. I took what was going to be just a few days off from blogging and enjoyed it so much that I decided to extend it. And I may be doing a bit more of that, we'll see.

So did I miss anything?

The Democrats aren't already steeped in in-party fighting, say, some battle between Nancy Peloshit, Steny Hoyer and Mad Dog John "Cut and Run" Murtha, are they?

I heard Michael "Kramer" Richards used a racial slur, but it was so innocuous that it received little media attention. Certainly nothing for ambulance chaser Gloria Allred to get involved with.

I do know that ever since the election, Liberal Talk Radio no longer mentions the number of Iraqi war dead or U.S. Soldiers killed. This hasn't changed. Look for the Left to exploit the number of dead somewhere down the road, you can be sure of that.

And I'm sure that all the Eco-Friendly Earth Lovin' Hollywood Liberal Crowd used the most eco-friendly and least extravagant and most economical travel means to attend the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes wedding in Italy, thereby putting the earth and environment well ahead of their personal comfort and convenience. The whole wedding affair, from start to end and all that surrounded it, was carbon neutral, right?

Is that damn fence finally up and in place along the U.S.-Mexico border?

Harry "Real Estate" Reid has ANOTHER REAL ESTATE SCAM AND SCANDAL DEAL this time involving a bridge and - you guessed it, you're so smart! - LAND that HE OWNS and the Colorado River. I'm sure this is an issue that's just being exaggerated and exploited by FOX News.

Was "Guess The Imam Terrorist" really a short-lived game show on Comedy Central or did I dream that?

Haven't heard much from, or about, O.J. Simpson in a long time...that's a good thing.

And all of our Troops are out of Iraq, right? I mean, the Democrats did do that while I was on vacation, didn't they? Since they're the presumptive majority party, and that immediate withdrawal was what they ran, campaigned and were elected on, surely the Dems aren't going to change their minds now, based upon what they've been told by Generals on the ground and Iraq Study Groups, are they?

K-Fed and Brit Spilt? And I thought fer'sure that theirs would be a lasting marriage.

So nothing much changed while I was away. Well, that's good.


About time you're back!
Welcome back, Mr.Drake.

IF that's your real name...
Nico - thanks man, glad someone noticed.


Steam D: arrrrgh! I'm really Rove, Karl Rove....spreading out the Right Wing Propaganda....don't tell anyone! Shhhhhsh! It's a secret!
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