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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Democrats Name Roman Polanski For 2008 Presidential Nominee

Washington DC - The Democratic National Committee, lead by Chairman Howard Dean, today announced that their nominee for president in 2008 will be filmmaker Roman Polanski. Said Dean, "Although Mr. Polanski was born in Paris, France, we consider that a non-issue. We feel we can win the White House back with him even if we have to run him as a write-in candidate."

Kiddie P0rn writer and Senator-elect from Virginia Jim Webb hailed the choice of Polanski, saying, "I can't think of a better pedophile than Roman to represent the Democratic Party. Why, his drugging and raping of a 13-year old girl in 1977 is just the kind of values that Democrats stand for. Maybe he can make a film from one of my many books on such diverse subjects as kiddie p0rn, violence towards women, kiddie p0rn, misogyny and kiddie p0rn."

Webb was referring to Polanski's 1977 act of providing liquor and drugs to a 13-year old minor girl and then raping and sodomizing her. Polanski eventually fled the country (ahem...cut and run) to avoid prosecution.

Have you drugged, raped and sodomized anyone lately, Roman?

Presumptive Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi said she was thrilled with the selection of Polanski. "He represents the kind of San Francisco values that makes our Democratic Party the choice of the American people. Rape, sodomy, and drugging children is what the Democratic party is all about," she said.

Ex President Bill Clinton said of Polanski, "Let me tell you, this Polanski fellow is just the type of guy we can take back the White House with. Why, anyone who engages in oral, vaginal and anal sex with an underage girl is just the kind of caliber candidate the Democrats are looking for. I kind of envy him, hee-hee."


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Polanski-Webb '08! LOL!
Hey JL - yeah, what a team they'd make, huh? I'm SHOCKED...SHOCKED that a Lib hasn't yet submitted a comment at how despicaable this post is. HEH!

thanks for visiting, take care my friend.
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