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Saturday, November 11, 2006

18,000 Votes Don't Register

Sarasota County, Florida's 13th Congressional District: 18,000 votes by voters who marked other ballot measures didn't have their vote register or "count" in their 13th Congressional District House Race.

Here's the kicker - the Republican Candidate, Vern Buchanan won the race. Democratic Candidate Christine Jennings has refused to concede the election. Any outrage from Democrats on a national level of some type of voting fraud due to 18,000 ballots not reflecting a "mark"? Why, no! Huh, the Dems must be so proud of themselves for having stolen so many other races they're content to let the Republican Candidate claim victory in this particular race.

I have no horse in this Florida race, but I'd certainly favor a Republican over a Democrat on any given day.

But since the Dems have claimed that they didn't steal any races in this election, well...way to go Vern Buchanan! Viva Sarasota!


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