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Friday, November 10, 2006


The OC Bans Pledge of Allegiance: "It's so typical. These people feel like they are fighting some sort of war against the government where they are being "forced" to pledge their loyalty, despite the fact that no one can force you to say the Pledge. They respond by forcing people to refrain from saying the Pledge."
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Try Harder...No! Don't Say That. Say, "Needs Motivating."
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The Dems say they want a change of course. Do You want a change of course? John Bolton was the change of course, where it would have done the most good. I so completely agree.
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Wars We Won and Who Was the President and the Majority In Congress At The Time.
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Can we get the Dems to come to the Right by our "tone"? Rich says it won't work. I'm inclined to agree with him.
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Another analysis of the Dems Cutting and Running, Leaving Our Partners And Allies in the Lurch. Well, that's what Dems do.
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Democrats Bask in Well Wishes From Terrorists.
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Guy Reflects on Election Results.

So does saying the allegiance mean these people are weak? I'm wondering if that's why they won't do it... because it shows them as followers rather than leaders.

The fact they can get away with banning it so others who want to say it simply must mumble under their breath and endure glares, shows how one-sided people can be.

Why not allow them to say it while others wait outside... or go in another room or... just sit and wait? If you don't want to say it... then don't.

As a child, I always felt I had to say it because we were to do what our elders (teachers, etc) told us to do... and that's how we started the morning. If kids don't say it... how will they ever know what a country is? Do people think kids automatically have dedication to country? Hell... they hardly know what a city block is, let alone a city, state or country. It's hard to fathom.

So... lets ban everything that shows any kind of dedication to anything other than ourself. That makes sense because then, when we're invaded by other countries or other people who feel they have more rights than us, we can endure it as individuals... and die.
yeah, Bug - I don't get it either. Why are they so offended by something they profess to not believe in. Plus, as you say, their insistence that others not have the right to say it. They're a silly silly bunch of people.
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