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Monday, November 13, 2006

Democrats Eagerly Anticipate Cutting And Running

Just like little children who cower and hide behind their Mommy from an imagined or real threat, Democrats move full speed ahead at Cutting And Running from Iraq.

Democratic Senator from Michigan, Carl Levin, (whom appears to now be at a stage where he is pulling pubic hairs up to rake over his comb-over hair style) is chomping at the bit to cut and run.

So is Howard Dean (same linked article as Carl The Comb-Over):

    Dean: "Our problem is, we got [sic] to cut our losses and figure out how we're going to get our folks out and still defend the United States of America."

Well, Mr. Dean, you pose the ultimate statement that others, far more intelligent than you, have posited for three years. The difference, Mr. Dean, is you and your party offer no answers other than to bail on Iraq. But isn't that just what Democrats do when they don't and can't reach a quick and easy answer?

Cut our losses...exactly what Democrats do when they don't have immediate results, instant gratification or reach a desired expectation when THEY want it. Kind of like throwing Joe Lieberman out of their party on only one issue, his support for the War.

Terrorists Announce Plans To Attack The U.S. and Our Allies. How do the Democrats react? Cut and Run, Cut and Run.

Arizona Senator John McCain, (a
RINO whom I seldom agree with) says, "I believe that a withdrawal, or a date for withdrawal, will lead to chaos in the region," he said."And most military experts think the same thing." Absolutely correct, Senator.

But Democrats don't work that way. They're the first ones to bail out of a problem and, rather than offer anything at all, resort to playing politics with the issue at hand.

The answer is to Reinforce the Troops in Iraq. In other words, the reason things aren't moving as quickly as we'd like in Iraq is because we didn't go into this situation with more forces in the beginning. The Democrats handicapped our Military from the beginning by insisting that we not go in with overwhelming force. You know, a Kinder Gentler War Machine.

The Liberals are so fond of their war rhetoric in saying "let the Generals on the ground make the calls." And they're so right. But I haven't heard one Little Sissified Liberal manage to quote General George Casey, who IS on the ground in Iraq and who voiced confidence Saturday that the United States would not abandon its mission in this violence-racked country amid a postelection reevaluation of Iraq strategy(1).

(1)General Casey's comments can be found in articles at the Chicago Tribune or the L.A. Times, both of which require free reader registration. Or you can Google the terms "General Casey voices confidence".

Why is it the Good Little Stalinists never mention General Casey? Oh, they'll yell about five or six retired Generals out of five or six hundred who support a strategy of cutting and running, but the Democrats never tell you that the Generals that they quote are in the extreme minority.

Iraq and Afghanistan is nothing but a political issue for the Liberals. It's not about the lives of anyone. It's not about the number of dead of anyone. Their only purpose is to exploit the number of dead and pitch pacifism as a genuine ideology. How pathetic.

If their mantra is even remotely correct - and it is about "lives"- one would have to ask why, in 1994 (before the November election which ushered in a Conservative majority into both the House and Senate), the Democrats didn't lift a finger to stop the tidal wave of genocide in Rwanda.

800,000 people murdered in 100 days, and the Left did nothing! And then they did nothing after that, as more Rwandans were killed. Bubba claimed he didn't know about the genocide early on, but that is a complete and total lie, substantiated by some of the items listed below under "Additional Reading". You Liberals sure like to live a life of lies, don't you!

It's funny how former Secretary of State Madeline Albright
is allowed to get away with saying "half a million dead Iraqi children is worth it," and not only does she escape all retribution, she is hailed as an effective statesman! She should be tried for War Crimes against humanity for Iraq and Bosnia, both her and her former boss, Bubba the Rapist.

No, Iraq is nothing but a political issue for Democrats, one they can use and abuse until it gets them what they want. If it doesn't, they will abandon it like they do all issues that they can't milk for additional mileage.


Additional Reading - Especially For You Truth-Denying Liberals Out There:

Bill Clinton Kept Hotel Rwanda Open.
Alter Net

Lying About Genocide: "All over the world there were people like me sitting in offices who did not fully appreciate the depth and the speed with which you were being engulfed by this unimaginable terror," said Bill Clinton. That is demonstrably false. It is the ultimate in cover-your-ass. The president did know. Salon.com (hardly a Right Wing publication and written by...DAVID CORN! The Liberals Go-To-Guy To Bash Bush. Imagine that, David Corn writes an article for Salon that's critical of Bill Clinton.)

Bystanders To Genocide
. The Atlantic

Bill Clinton: Rapist. Includes Audio Clip

A Sad Day For Women. Rightgrrl

Bill Clinton: The president is a rapist. WND

It might do some of you Liberals out there good to click on, and read the above linked items. But I'm guessing you won't do so. Heaven forbid FACTS pollute the garbage in your mind that you BELIEVE is true!

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