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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Not a day goes by that at least once, if not several times, I realize how free I am and what I can do, where, how and when I move about, unrestricted. If you live in the U.S., you basically have as much freedom as an individual can experience. Many other countries and governments permit their citizens as much freedom as well. This freedom does not come by accident or without the bloodshed of some very brave individuals. Heroes they are, without a doubt - Heroes.

To All Who Serve Bravely and Proudly in the U.S. Military, and to those who have served, Thank You.

May you and your families be Blessed Beyond what Words can say.

A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving To You, and everyone.

Travel Safely.

It's about time. I was going to email you a picture of some cobwebs for you to post.
Hey, David, if you want a copy of my secret post, leave a post on my blog or send an e-mail to me. You are right about not putting your name out for everyone to know.

Nick Castagnola
"Many other countries and governments permit their citizens as much freedom as well."

Kinda maybe sorta...as long as the citizens don't upset the politically correct thought police. Even in Britain
the PC crowd has taken control..

The USA is different than any country on this earth..we have a constitutional republic with GUARANTEED rights even for the political party out of power. How long we can keep it remains to be seen.
Hi David! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

It's been a long time. Remember me? Layla from Freedom Watch. Yes I disappeared. I was hacked (by some devils) and lost everything. I was so depressed that it took me four months to get over my writers block and to get the ambition to begin again.

But I am back now and ready to roll!!!

I put a link up to your great blog and hope you will visit my new place. A new look - a new title - but the same old piffy posts and brutally honest opines. Can you stand it? LOLzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

I am glad you are still here. I missed all my blogging buddies and you were and are one of them.

Give me a shout here:

The HILL Chronicles

See you around blog town!!!

APE: thanks for the cobweb offer, I may take you up on it in the future!!
NICHOLAS: Oh Nick, what have you done now?!?
GUY: Yes, Sir, indeed - all good points made. When I wrote what I wrote I first thought about how we can move about, from city to city, state to state, relocate and all that stuff without having to worry about Big Brother. When you bring up speech you are so correct. Many others have our physical freedom but not the freedom to criticize their own government. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.
LAYLA: Of course I remember you, how could I forget my gorgeous blogging friend Layla! I will add you to the Posse Blogitatus section of my blogroll where, if memory serves, I still haven't removed Freedom Watch because I was hoping it would return at some point! Sorry to hear you were hit, but ever so glad you have returned. Stay in touch!
If the love fest is over, please change all references of "APE" to "The Shaved Ape," or "Dr. The Shaved Ape," or "Sir The Shaved Ape."

Thanks David!!!
ShApe: How about "Great Exaleted DumbAss"?

You're Welcome!
You're Welcome, Layla!
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