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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Das Puck

Game 4, tonight on NBC, between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The series is 2-1 favoring Detroit, who won the first two games at home. I'm not superstitious, but I have a bit of it in when I write about sports that if I pick a winner, doing so is almost certain that the team I pick to win will lose. Yeah, I know, it's a silly and irrational superstition. So I've refrained from writing about the Cup series when the Pengs
were down 0-2. Now that it's 2-1, and tonight is another Home game for the Pengs, I feel a bit more confident.

Tonight's game prediction: the Pengs tie up the series 2-2 by a 3-2 win with Sidney Crosby scoring at least one of the Penguins 3 goals.



Rev. Michael Pfleger, Another Obama Pastor
With Another Vicious Verbal Attack

Because it's never too early to compare a Liberal Politician to Hitler!
From USA Today:

    Rev. Michael Pfleger, the left-leaning Chicago Catholic priest who ridiculed Hillary Rodham Clinton this week in a racially-charged speech from the pulpit of Barack Obama's church, has contributed to Obama's state Senate campaigns, backed his ill-fated run for Congress and stumped for him in Iowa.

    On Sunday, Pfleger mockingly quoted Clinton as saying she shed tears before the New Hampshire primary because "there's a black man stealing my show."

From Associated Content:

    Senator Barack Obama, candidate for President, seems to collect annoying and embarrassing friends like other people collect baseball cards.


    [Pfleger said]: "When Hillary was crying, people said that was put on. I really don't believe it was put on. I really believe that she always thought, 'This is mine. I'm Bill (Clinton's) wife, I'm white, and this is mine. I just got to get up and step up to the plate -- and then out of nowhere came, 'Hey, I'm Barack Obama.' And she said, 'Damn! Where did you come from?! I'm white! I'm entitled! There's a black man stealing my show! She wasn't the only one crying -- there was a whole a lot of white people crying." The congregation went delirious with joy.

    To paraphrase that character from Hunt for Red October, "Senator, you have another insane pastor?"

Hillary Clinton Campaign demands apology. AFP:

    Hillary Clinton's camp demanded Friday a specific rejection from rival Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama of a priest who mocked her in racially-tinged language at his Chicago church.

    Obama, hoping to finally clinch the Democratic nomination within days, was facing new questions about his past links to the Trinity United Church of Christ, following the latest fiery sermons from its pulpit.

    The Illinois senator on Thursday released a statement saying he was disappointed with the comments by Catholic priest Michael Pfleger, but Clinton's aides said it did not go far enough.

    "We remain disappointed that Senator Obama did not specifically reject Father Pfleger's despicable comments about Senator Clinton," the New York senator's spokesman Howard Wolfson said.

    "We assume that he will do so," said Wolfson, adding that Pfleger's mocking comments could hamper attempts to unite the Democratic Party.

Stick a fork in the Obama presidential campaign. It's done; beyond well done.

As I've said before, it will much easier for Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain to beat The Illinois Muslim that it ever would to beat Hillary "MrsSatan" Clinton.

If The Affirmative Action presidential candidate becomes the Dem candidate, we can look forward to a full five more months of more and more revelations that the people he associates with are simply the most hate-filled people on earth. We have a full five months ahead of us before the General Election for more examples like this to rear their heads, and they will. Oh, how they will!

It is mind-bogglingly amazing that The Left demonstrates the most blatant hypocrisy when politics is preached from the church pulpit when it is preached by a Democrat. We never hear the usual quaint Lefty response of "separation of church and state" when the spiritual message from within the church, or synagogue or place of worship is done on behalf of Democrat ideology. But oh good god, if any holy man preaches politics from the pulpit and that man of cloth is preaching Republican ideology, the Left has fits of precedent-setting hysteria, screaming their refrain of "separation of church and state" to the point of clinically defined madness.

Got Hypocrisy, Dems?

Here's the video of Pfleger's so-called "sermon". Note his introduction: "...[Pfleger] is a friend of Trinity, he is a brother beloved..." Also note, right around the 1 minute 46 second mark, Pfleger saying, "I'm very unpolitical."


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John Kerry Says, "We were at peace
on September 11."

Like his fellow Senator Ted Tumor Head Kennedy, John "I served in Vietnam, really I did" Kerry must also have some sort of metastasizing growth in his head. There is no other explanation for Kerry's statement. The Hill:

    Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) believes that on September 11 "we were basically at peace."

    Asked to clarify his remarks, specifically asking about the attacks on the U.S.S. Cole during Barack Obama campaign conference call, Kerry said, "well, we hadn't declared war,"


    Asked if al Qaeda was a threat at the time, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee said, "well yes, obviously they were a threat. But, fundamentally we were not at war at that point in time."

Other than the rabid, Crypto-Fascist Pacifistic uber-Liberals and Progressive out there, is there
anyone at all who does not fully believe that the calendar on the desk of all Libs and Progs still remains on September 10?

The Botched Joke known as John Kerry


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Malloy Feigns Sympathy For U.S. Troops

Liberal Radio Hatemonger Extraordinaire Mike Malloy.
A chromosomally challenged sorry-assed foul excuse for a human being.
When is that forehead blood vessel gonna pop? It can't be soon enough for me.

The Rapidly Decaying and Rotting Corpse of Liberal Freak Mike Malloy opened his Thursday radio hate program feigning and posturing himself as being supportive of the U.S. Military, sympathetic and outraged at the
increased rate of suicide in the United States Army.

He shed crocodile tears over the suicides using it only as a divisive political issue. It's unlike The Decaying Corpse of Malloy to defend the Military.

Oh wait - again, he used it as a polarizing issue. I know this because he has a solid record of vilifying the Military:

    Malloy: ["General David Petraeus] is a half-witted, four-star freak."
    - 37 minutes into hour one, on his virtually unlistened to NOVA-M program September 13, 2007.

    Mike Malloy: "I'm not impressed with [people who wear] uniforms, badges, clerics or reverends."
    Spoken after hanging up on a caller who identified himself as a U.S. Military Serviceman who said he served two tours of Iraq.
    - A "Best Of" Malloy show, week ending July 15, 2006.

    Malloy, speaking about U.S. Troops, ("em" referring to U.S. Soldiers):
    "Let 'em die. Let 'em bleed. Let 'em come home without limbs. So disfigured and gross you won't want to kiss your son, daughter, father or brother. Keep putting metallic ribbons on your vans and SUVs. Let 'em bleed. Let 'em bleed."
    - Opening show monologue on his virtually unlistened to NOVA-M program on September 19, 2007.

    Malloy: "I'm not anti-Military, I'm anti-war."
    - May 1, 2007; 42 minutes into hour three

It's funny that Malloy claims to be such an anti-war and peace advocate. Occasionally on his program he will say that, "I own guns and know how to use them." Whoa - he's a "tough guy", huh? Why would such an ardent anti-war peace advocate and Pacifist want to use deadly force to protect himself or his family when his ideology does not permit a country to do the same? He's a hypocrite; a bottom-feeding rank hypocrite and Hater of the worst kind...two notches below that of a child molester. Malloy "owns guns and knows how to use them." I'd be shocked if this old, frail STD-ridden soon-to-be-corpse has enough muscle to even lift, let alone aim and fire, a Desert Eagle or a Colt .45.

The increased rate of suicide is heartbreaking, there's no doubt about it. More must be done for all members of the Military in terms for their physical and mental health care and wellness.

Some politician - I don't recall who - recently said that, "words mean something." I have to wonder what impact the words from Liberals and Progressives - the Military haters - have had on U.S. Military members and the increased suicide levels?

Liberals and Progressives have a solid and lengthy history of calling U.S. Soldiers baby killers, terrorists (Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha referring to U.S. Marines in Haditha); they have been compared to Nazis, Soviet gulags and Pol Pot (Illinois U.S. Democrat Dick Durban); Military recruitment offices have been maliciously defaced and vandalized; and Code Pink and the city of Berkeley has voiced nothing but disdain and hatred for the Military; Soldiers have been spit upon and on the receiving end of the most vicious verbal attacks while in the U.S. on leave by rabid Liberal-Haters.

These are a few examples, of many, where Liberal and Progressive Haters have couched their hatred for the Military in the First Amendment.

"Words mean something."

So before anyone on the Left attempts to manipulate the increased suicides of Soldiers as a political issue, blaming the Bush Administration or Republicans for it, just remember how despicably the Left has treated the Military year after year after year after year.

If it were not for those that the Left falsely labels "warmongers" and "baby killers", the Pacifists would all be dead. This includes "I'm anti-war" Malloy.

If it were not for the Pacifists, 50-100 million people worldwide may not have been killed by dictators, despots and madmen.

“To be prepared for War is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” - George Washington



Aging Democrats: They're Not "Too Old"

John McCain is too old? If this is what The Left says about him, then what about all the Democrats in the House and Senate who are right around the same age, let alone those Dems who are older than Senator McCain?

Age is somewhat relative. There are "old" 30-year olds. There are "young" 70-year olds. Much depends on genetics and heredity. John McCain appears to possess some very sturdy family genetics, witness his Mom.

The Left is doing their very best to make age an issue with John McCain. The Left, of course, is a bunch of Ageists. Ageists are just like Racists - of which the Dems also are - but Ageist Dems, as do all Dems, are applying double-standards and hypocrisy in trying to make McCain's age an issue.

While others have made analogies of age using Winston Churchill and other world leaders who served their constituents with vigor and intellect despite their advancing years, I stuck to the 110th Congress and reviewed the ages of some members in the House and Senate.

Most of the individuals below are - give or take two-to-four years - right around the same age as John McCain. Some of them are considerably older and with known health infirmities such as Ted Tumor Kennedy, yet the Left is fine with these individuals remaining in Congress with a terminal illness.

South Dakota U.S. Senator Democrat Tim Johnson, still confined to a wheelchair after suffering debilitating brain hemorrhages, continues occupying a spot in the Senate. Well, whatever it take for Democrats to hold onto a seat. Even if it means the person can barely function and isn't cognizant of his surroundings. Right Dems? Just hold onto the seat occupied by any Dem and never let go as long as a heartbeat is present.

The below dates of birth cited are from Wikipedia, which footnotes other references for this data.

Democrats never made age an issue with the below people, because...because...well, they are Democrats.

Let's look at the ages of some Democrat Members of the Senate and The House:

Edward Kennedy (born February 22, 1932), Age 76 - and with an inoperable tumor.

Robert "The Klansman" Byrd (born November 20, 1917), Age 91 - recently hospitalized.

Patrick Leahy (born March 31, 1940), Age 68

Nancy Pelosi (born March 26, 1940), Age 68

Maxine Waters (born on August 15, 1938), Turns 70 in August

Charles "Charlie" Rangel (born June 11, 1930), Turns 78 in June

Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein (born June 22, 1933), Turns 75 in June

John "Jay" Rockefeller IV (born June 18, 1937), Turns 71 in June

Daniel Akaka (born September 11, 1924, Turns 84 in September

Max Baucus (born December 11, 1941), Turns 67 in December

John “Jack” Murtha (born 17 June 1932), Turns 76 in June

Thomas "Tom" Harkin (born November 19, 1939), Turns 69 in November

Carl Levin (born June 28, 1934), Turns 74 in June

Frank Lautenberg (born January 23, 1924), Age 84

Barbara Ann Mikulski (born July 20, 1936), Turns 72 in July

Earl Benjamin "Ben" Nelson (born May 17, 1941), Age 67

Bernard "Bernie" Sanders (born September 8, 1941),Turns 67 in September

Timothy Peter Johnson (born December 28, 1946),Turns 62 in December

Harry Reid (born December 2, 1939) Turns 69 in December

Isaac "Ike" Skelton (born December 20, 1931) Turns 77 in December

Harry E. Mitchell (born July 18, 1940) Turns 68 in July

Alcee Hastings (born September 5, 1936) Turns 70 in September

James Enos "Jim" Clyburn (born July 21, 1940) Turns 68 in July

Barnett "Barney" Frank (born March 31, 1940) Age 68

James "Jim" Oberstar (born September 10, 1934) Turns 74 in September

If all those older than John McCain - especially Kennedy, Byrd, Lautenberg, Akaka, Rangel, Murtha, Feinstein, Levin, Rangel, Obertar and Skelton - are fit to hold office, there's no damn reason why McCain's age precludes him from holding the office of President.

Ageism...another wedge issue used and abused, with great abandon of double-standards and hypocrisy by the Democrats. We expect nothing else from them. They have to use issues like age because they cannot win on the issues. They have no issues.



Friday, May 30, 2008

Vets For Freedom Tackle Obama's
Reluctance Of Visiting Iraq

Vets For Freedom take Democrat Osama Hussein Obama to task for his statement of not wanting to visit U.S. Troops and Commanders in Iraq. Each ad runs one minute:

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Obama Considers Trip To Iraq

The Angry Grilled Chickenhawk Muslim

Once Upon A Time -
Wait - it was just the other day, that Obama said he wouldn't visit Iraq or accept an invitation to travel there with Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain.

But now, The Obamalith...aka Ted Kennedy's Poodle...aka Chimpy McObama Poodle aka The Illinois Muslim says he is considering visiting American troops and commanders in Iraq. The Caucus Blog NYT:

    Senator Barack Obama said today that he is considering visiting American troops and commanders in Iraq this summer. He declined an invitation from Senator John McCain to take a joint trip to Iraq, saying, “I just don’t want to be involved in a political stunt.”

HA! "Political Stunt"? He considers visiting American Troops and Commanders a "political stunt"? What a Patriot!

Is that the same or different than Obama's political stunts of Fake Fainters at his rallies?

Is that the same or different than Obama's political stunt of suddenly appearing in the media wearing the American Flag lapel pin after he said he would no longer be wearing it?

Is it the same or different than Obama's political stunt making sure he's photographed playing basketball while wearing a USMC T-Shirt?

What's next...will he wrap himself in the American Flag?

What an opportunistic, elitist

Credit and attribution: Lisa Benson
Fair Use Section 107 U.S. Copyright Code cited as cartoon reproduction;
for purposes of commentary and news reporting.


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Mark Madden Removed From ESPN Radio

ESPN's Mark Madden has been removed from his radio show for comments he made about Ted Kennedy. Associated Content:

    After an on-air opinion which shocked and sickened many ... ESPN Radio 1250 host, Mark Madden has been "permanently removed" from the station's airwaves.

    On May 21, Madden said on his radio show, "I'm very disappointed to hear Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is near death because of a brain tumor. I always hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated. And I wonder if he will receive a get well card from the Kopechne family."

    Mary Jo Kopechne died in 1969, while a passenger in a car driven into the water by Senator Kennedy on Chappaquiddick Island, which is near Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts. He left the accident scene and waited 10 hours before calling police. Kennedy later pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident where there was bodily injury.

    Hours after the comments, Madden reportedly apologized, but it was apparently too little too late. ESPN, based in Bristol, Connecticut, said Madden's comments were "inappropriate and uncalled for." His last day on the air was May 22.

Let's review statements made by Liberals about Conservatives and see if they are worse than, less than or equal to Madden's statement:

    Liberal Radio Talker Ed Schultz: speaking about the death of Anna Nicole Smith. February 9, 2007:

    "What constitutes a whore? How many men does a woman have to sleep with before she's a whore? I'm just asking."

    Schultz continued on February 12, 2007:

    "Anna Nicole Smith is a dead whore." - 15 minutes into hour one
    "I'm fresh out of sympathy [for Anna Nicole Smith]." - 39 minutes into hour one,

    Ex-Liberal Radio Talker Al Franken: Opening Monologue The Al Franken Show Air America. August 23, 2006:

    "Tom Cruise has been dumped by Paramount. Did Tom Cruise kill Jon Benet Ramsey? Because tragedy plus time equals comedy." [How pathetic can one be to joke about murdered children? Franken finds it funny. - Drake]

    Liberal Radio Talker Stephanie Miller: making fun of Casper Weinberger who died one day earlier. The Stephanie Miller Show - March 20, 2006: "He's in Purgatory now...[making fun of him is fair game] because tragedy plus time [equals comedy]."

    Fired Air America Liberal Talker Mike "No Talent" Malloy, speaking about Ken Lay. The Mike Malloy Show - July 5, 2006: "It's fun to speak ill of the dead."

    Mike Malloy, speaking about U.S. Military Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan on his unlistened to NOVA-M radio program, opening show monologue, September 19, 2007:

    "Let 'em die. ("'Em" being the Men and Women serving in the U.S. Military. - Drake]. "Let 'em bleed. Let 'em come home without limbs. So disfigured and gross you won't want to kiss your son, daughter, father or brother. Keep putting metallic ribbons on your vans and SUVs. Let 'em bleed. Let 'em bleed."

Maybe one of the Chickenhawk Crypto-Facist knuckle-dragging Liberal Drooling Trolls who visit here can tell me what was so bad with what Madden said?

Me? I can't wait for Fat Ted Tumor Head to take that dirt nap and go straight to Hell, because tragedy plus time equals comedy! If we're lucky, Ted Tumor Head will suffer a nice, well-deserved painful death, perhaps sitting in his own soiled diaper for hours. Satan is waiting for you in Hell, Fat Ted.

If it's acceptable for the Left to enjoy the deaths of Conservatives and Republicans, why isn't the reverse acceptable?


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Gopher Football Rape Case Update

Click on the label "Gophers" at the bottom of this post to reacquaint yourself with the story.

Former Gophers football player Dominic Jones was sentenced to one year in Hennepin County jail today in Hennepin County court. MN Daily:

    He also received a $6,000 fine, seven years supervised probation, a suspended prison sentence of 48 months and will have to pay further restitution which has yet to be determined.

    The suspended sentence means Jones must not violate the terms of his probation or the 48-month sentence will be executed.

    He must also register as a sex offender and attend sex offender counseling.

    The sentence was more severe than the recommended sentence for the fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct charge against Jones, because of the particularly demeaning and humiliating nature of the act, Judge Marilyn Rosenbaum said.

    Jones, however, is eligible be put on work or school release. Despite that, after sentencing, Jones' attorney Earl Gray said his client had been "released" from the University and that he no longer has his athletic scholarship.

    Prior to sentencing, the victim read a statement to the court expressing the trauma she endured in the past fourteen months.

    "I don't feel there is any punishment that would justify my permanent damage," she said. "I'm the only one that has a mandatory life sentence because of this assault."

The following is from the July 17, 2007 USA Today:

    ...the woman had come to the apartment complex with a friend and some Gopher players. He said she drank heavily with the players and had sex with E.J. Jones, Massey and Daniels before passing out.

    Dominic Jones arrived later and had sex with the woman [Note: the charge of Jones having intercourse with the alleged victim was later dropped as it was never proven. - Drake] while Daniels recorded the video on his cellphone, Freeman said. The file had been deleted from the phone, but investigators recovered a part of it, he said.

    "It's amazing what the forensics can do to reconstruct that," Freeman said. "That cellphone video, a picture is worth 1,000 words, and that video reflects what happened, at least at that point in time."

    The woman's blood-alcohol level was estimated at at least 0.30% by a doctor who reviewed police reports and witness statements, according to the criminal complaint. Stephen Smith, the doctor, based his estimate on her size and weight and descriptions of the amount of alcohol consumed.

    That's a level, Freeman said, "in which motor function, including the ability to stand or walk, is lost." He said third-degree criminal sexual conduct occurs when a "victim is helpless. This is the textbook definition of helplessness when you're over .30."

The below is from the Minneapolis Star Tribune May 29, 2008:

    Jones had been charged with third-degree sexual assault for having sex with an 18-year-old woman who prosecutors said was too drunk to give consent.

Please, by no means, should you read any further if you are siding with the 18-year old alleged victim in this case.

Okay, here we go: An 18-year old girl wanted to party with Gopher football jocks. And she did. She consumed enough liquor in a short amount of time that skyrocketed her BAC level to near .30%. The BAC legal level of intoxication is .08%.

Where did she obtain the liquor? Why was an 18-year old drinking alcohol in the first place? We know how society demonstrates righteous indignation for any cigarette smoker, especially anyone under the age of 18 smoking cigarettes. Why is there so little outrage made of underage drinking?

Let's review what the alleged "victim" said:

Prior to sentencing, the victim read a statement to the court expressing the trauma she endured in the past fourteen months.

"I don't feel there is any punishment that would justify my permanent damage," she said. "I'm the only one that has a mandatory life sentence because of this assault."

The only person responsible for her situation is the woman herself. She brought on her own "trauma." She is the only person deserving punishment. She wanted to party and she did. Then she woke up or sobered up and had a case of morning-after regret. Well honey, live and learn, live and learn. You wanted to party and you did. You knew what you were getting into. Take responsibility for your own actions.

This is supposedly what Jones did to her.

And for this he receives a sentence of:

- a $6,000 fine,
- seven years supervised probation,

- a suspended prison sentence of 48 months,
- he will have to pay further restitution which has yet to be determined,
- he must not violate the terms of his probation or the 48-month sentence will be executed,
- must also register as a sex offender and attend sex offender counseling.

I think the sentence is egregiously over-the-top and harsh. If anything, in my opinion, I think Jones is guilty of poor judgment and perhaps bad behavior. The last time I checked, those things weren't necessarily against the law.



Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama Begs His Circus Freak Supporters
Not To Embarrass Him

The Obamalith is begging his Sideshow Freakazoid Cult Followers not to create a scene at Saturday's DNC Rules Committee meeting. MSNBC:

    The Obama campaign called for unity at Saturday’s meeting, as aides said they hope avoid a “circus”-like atmosphere. Pro-Clinton protests, however, are expected outside the meeting.

    “We are not encouraging our people to gather and protest,” Campaign Manager David Plouffe said in a conference call with reporters, adding this warning shot. “With a click of a mouse in the Mid-Atlantic, we could get thousands of people there. But in the interest of party unity we are not encouraging a protest. We don’t think a scene is helpful as we try to bring the party together.”

But it appears
The Cultists will protest anyway. CNN:

    Supporters of Barack Obama’s presidential bid are planning to demonstrate outside the Saturday meeting in Washington where Democratic officials are slated to debate the seating of the Florida and Michigan delegations at the party’s summer convention.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton will be there. Huh - I guess Obama is trying to restrict the Free Speech of his Cult Followers. It's clear why he is asking his Cultists not to show up; they are an embarrassment to him!

The Obamaniacs are being asked not to show up and protest, scream, kick their feet, have hissy fits and throw temper tantrums. In other words, they would act as they normally do, unrestricted and undisciplined arseholes.

Awwwwwwwwwwww, why doesn't The Illinois Muslim want his supporters to show up? Because he knows his Cult Followers are a bunch of loud, rude, bullying, rabid, hate-spewing, single-digit IQ Crypto-Fascist, knuckle-dragging crybabies who haven't the slightest clue how to behave in a civil, orderly and mannerly fashion.

This story is hysterical! LOL!


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Obamalith Afraid Of Traveling To Iraq

Why won't
The Obamalith travel to Iraq, as invited by Republican Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain? FOX News:

    John McCain on Wednesday repeated his challenge to Barack Obama to take a ride with him over to Iraq and see the situation on the ground before concluding that U.S. efforts have failed to get the war-torn nation back on track.

    Speaking in a town hall meeting in Reno, Nev., the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said he was surprised Obama’s campaign considered it a political stunt when McCain proposed earlier this week that the two travel together to Iraq.

    “The security of this nation is more important than any political campaign. To say that we failed in Iraq doesn’t comport with the facts on the ground,” McCain said to applause.


    "He could meet Gen. Petraeus and he could meet Ambassador [Ryan] Crocker, and he could see — he could see the fact that Sadr City is quiet. He could see that the Maliki government has taken control of Basra. He could see that the Iraqi military is leading the fight in these places with the support of American troops,” McCain said.

    McCain has visited Iraq eight times since the war began. Obama has been to Iraq once, in 2006, before the surge credited with allowing the oil-rich nation a chance to rebuild.


    “Barack Obama has only visited Iraq once — and that was 871 days ago,” RNC Chairman Mike Duncan said.

    “Obama has done shockingly little to educate himself firsthand about the war in Iraq. Instead, he displays an arrogant certainty gained on the campaign trail. … Obama’s failure to visit Iraq, listen and learn firsthand and witness the surge’s progress demonstrates weak leadership that disqualifies him from being commander in chief.”

Obama will meet unconditionally with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Obama has visited the homes of domestic terrorists like the Weather Underground's William Ayers.
Obama raises money for terrorist organizations. Obama embraces terrorist organizations like Hamas and the PLO.

But he won't meet with General David Petraeus? He refuses to travel to Iraq?

Memo to Hillary Clinton: If you want to really shame Obama and make him look like the vagina that he is, go to Iraq with John McCain!

Obama - a typical Liberal - is afraid of the truth that Iraq is overwhelmingly improving and this would impede, challenge and disprove what he wants to "believe." He's a chicken. No wonder his candidacy is endorsed by terrorists and terrorists groups.


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McClellan Book: "What Happened",
A Brilliant Rovian Distraction

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Scott McClennan wrote a book called "What Happened." The book supposedly is a "tell-all"; very critical of the Bush Administration and officials.

The Left is wetting their panties with glee, having orgiastic histrionics because the book criticizes the Administration they love to hate. No one on The Left believed anything McClellan said when he was part of the White House. But we will see The LeftTards do a 180 because what he wrote is appealing to their warped mentality.

Liberals and Progressives are notorious for both their immediate emotional kneejerk reactionism and never scratching beyond the surface of anything. This is how the Left always behaves. They can be counted on to react this way, in the same fashion that Pavlov's dog salivated at the ringing of a bell.

Liberals and Progressives will vilify anyone who has an opposing political ideology. But when that same person says something that agrees with Lefty mantra, oh...then it's the gospel truth, delivered by a man descending from the mountain holding two tablets of commandments.

Here's what I think: McClellan wrote the book the way he did with the express but tacit approval of Karl Rove which allows once again for the Dems to be played like a fiddle.

This book has to be some sort of subterfuge designed to throw the Left an off-course bone; to derail them. It's pure political genius on the part of the Republicans. The Democrats are being "had" once again. They just don't know it yet.

Karl Rove is yanking and pulling the strings of Democrats in a beautifully orchestrated maneuver.

This book does at least three things:

1) It takes the focus off both Obama and Hillary and turns attention back onto the Bush Administration. There is only so much available time for the media to report on any issue and while the MSM is busy reporting on McClellan's book, they reduce their gaa-gaa-goo-goo focus on Obama. Bush, Cheney, Rove and any other Administration official are more than happy to field questions about the book because all they have to do is deflect McClellan's assertions and feign incredulity at its content.

2) It rallies the Conservative base.

3) It gives the Dems a red herring to whine and cry and blog over, which preoccupies and prevents them from promoting Liberalism, Socialism their Marxism and their Affirmative Action Presidential Candidate.

This book is a brilliant execution of politics at its best, but not for the obvious reasons.

I wouldn't be surprised if the McClellan book is a beautifully orchestrated political maneuver by Karl Rove. And Karl, if my take on this is correct - and I think it is - I apologize for letting the cat out of the bag. But we know that my doing this will not in the slightest prevent or dissuade the Insane Liberal Clown Posse from believing that this book is the greatest thing since the Watergate Tapes.

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - Franklin D. Roosevelt


Mission Foods Receives CAIR Ire

From the Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune (the MRSNKT):

    A group of Muslim workers allege they were fired by a New Brighton tortilla factory for refusing to wear uniforms that they say were immodest by Islamic standards.

    Six Somali women claim they were ordered by a manager to wear pants and shirts to work instead of their traditional Islamic clothing of loose-fitting skirts and scarves, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a civil liberties group that is representing the women.

    The women have filed a religious discrimination complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    "For these women, wearing tight-fitting pants is like being naked," said Valerie Shirley, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota chapter of CAIR. "It's simply not an option."

    CAIR issued a press release calling on Mission Foods to reinstate the women in their jobs. However, the group declined to disclose the names of the women and would not make them available for interviews Tuesday.

    Gruma Corp., the Irving, Texas-based parent company of Mission Foods, released a written statement Tuesday denying that any employees were terminated or disciplined at the New Brighton plant. However, the company made clear the six women have been relieved of their responsibilities for the time being, and may ultimately lose their jobs if they don't wear uniforms.

    "Should these employees choose to adhere to the current Mission Foods uniform policy, they may return to their positions with the company," the company statement said. "However, these positions will need to be filled as soon as possible and cannot be held indefinitely."

    A company spokeswoman said she could not provide photographs of the uniforms.

Same story - essentially - here if the MRSNKT link brings you to a "register and subscribe before we let you read the story" page.

Yeah, no one - no one else - is ever required to wear any type of uniform for safety reasons. Only the Muslims. And they are being picked on because of their faith.

Flight attendants have to wear uniforms. So do people in law enforcement. So do people at fast-food restaurants. Ditto medical personnel, security guards, certain factory workers for safety reasons, members of the clergy, the Military and so on and so on.

If one of the Muslim women had an arm or leg torn off of them because a part of their "religious clothing" got caught in the machinery, of course they would sue, claiming they're "right to safety" wasn't considered.

Ladies, move your hairy asses over to a country with strict Sharia Law that treats you like 4th class citizens and that stones you as punishment for going outdoors alone. It appears that is the culture you desire.

What a crock of bacon.

Remember what I've written before. CAIR stands for "Can't Antagonize Islamo Radicals".

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bee Girl, Retro Classic Gold

Blind Melon was so awesome...having the potential to become one of the all-time great bands. Sadly, they disbanded after the untimely and tragic death of lead singer Shannon Hoon.

The late, great, Shannon Hoon

Blind Melon had such great vocal harmonizing.

So I heard 1992's classic No Rain on the radio today.

A great song and an excellent and creative video with perfectly edited use of slow-motion and storytelling of Bee Girl seeking others like her. Note the use of several "dips to black," which no longer appear or are used after Bee Girl locates other, like-minded Bee Dancers. Brilliant. Exquisitely brilliant.

Obama's Memorial Day Speech

What in the hell was The Obamalith talking about in his Memorial Day speech?

In delivering a speech - a prepared speech - in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Memorial Day, Obama said (Slate):

    "On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes—and I see many of them in the audience here today—our sense of patriotism is particularly strong."

So, the intellectual prima donna Muslim from Illinois now sees dead people? His statement is far more deserving of unrestrained ridicule than anything ever spoken by former Vice President Dan Quayle.

Ted Kennedy's Poodle also claimed the followoing during his Memorial Day speech (WND):

    "I had an uncle who was one of the, part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps[.]"

Uh, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - that never, ever, ever, ever happened. He did not have any uncle who helped liberate any concentration camp in Auschwitz.

Does he think he can get away with making these outrageous statements and not get caught telling lies? Who does he think he is, Hillary "Tuzla, Bosnia" Clinton?

Either The Illinois Muslim is clueless about the meaning of Memorial Day, or - considering his more recent absurd statements that there are "57 states in America" - could he have returned to puffing on the crack pipe? Could be.

Why hasn't Obama released his health records? Perhaps we should require Obama undergo drug testing in order to find out if he has cocaine in his system. If testing showed positive results, it would explain his history of making absurd and blatantly false statements.

He can try to fool some of the people some of the time - and he might succeed. He can fool his Cult Followers all the time and they "believe" and ask no questions. He can't fool the rest of us.

"I've always been a devout, practicing Hasidic Jew.
And I'm pro-Israel. Really! Oy! Honest!"

UPDATE: The Illinois Muslim's campaign admits that he "made a mistake when he said a great uncle helped liberate the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz during World War II." Mistake? No. He lied. What an asshat.


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Oil Prices More Than
Double Under Democrats

The price for a barrel of oil - when the DemocRATS took over their majority in 2007 - was around $50 per barrel.

The price of oil closed Tuesday at just shy of $130 per barrel.

Uh - did someone forget to tell Nanny Pelosi and Harry Reid that the goal was to get the price to go down...not up? Of course, had they actually done anything to decrease the prices, then they wouldn't have it to use as a wedge political issue.

Way to go Dems! You sure have a handle on the economy and the energy policy! Encore! Encore!


U.N. Blue Helmets Raping And Abusing The Children They're Supposed To Be Protecting

United Nations peacekeepers - the Blue Helmets - sent to the Ivory Coast to protect children from being sexually abused are sexually abusing the children they are supposed to be protecting. BBC News:

    Children as young as six are being sexually abused by peacekeepers and aid workers, says a leading UK charity.

    Children in post-conflict areas are being abused by the very people drafted into such zones to help look after them, says Save the Children.

    After research in Ivory Coast, southern Sudan and Haiti, the charity proposed an international watchdog be set up.


    The UN has said it welcomes the charity's report, which it will study closely.

    Save the Children says the most shocking aspect of child sex abuse is that most of it goes unreported and unpunished, with children too scared to speak out.


    Heather Kerr, Save the Children's Ivory Coast country director, says little is being done to support the victims.

    "It's a minority of people but they are using their power to sexually exploit children and children that don't have the voice to report about this.

Oh , I see, the UN, "welcomes the charity's report which it will study closely." Yeah - uh huh - sure they will.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Ben Wa Balls.
Handling controversy and crimes just as his predecessor -
Kofi Annan - did, the old-fashioned way. By ignoring it.

More from the BBC News:

    Twelve-year-old Elizabeth - not her real name - was walking in fields with her brother, following an aunt who had gone ahead to work on the family's plot of land near the town of Man in north-western Ivory Coast, when they were approached by "les casques bleues", as UN peacekeepers are known.

    Her brother took a biscuit from one of the men; she refused.

    As Elizabeth tried to run away, one of the soldiers seized hold of her. There were 10 of them.

    I spoke to Elizabeth near her home. She said: "They grabbed me and threw me to the ground and they forced themselves on me... I tried to escape but there were 10 of them and I could do nothing... I was terrified.

    "Then they just left me there bleeding..."

    Elizabeth was raped by 10 peacekeepers and abandoned.

    Her village elders say they tried to take the case to UN officials at the camp nearby. But Jean-Baptiste Domade, one of the village chiefs, said they were made to wait for ages and then sent away.

    Elizabeth's brutal rape is one of an unknown number of sexual assaults carried out by peacekeepers and aid workers, the very people who are brought in to post-conflict areas around the world to protect the vulnerable.

    A report by Save the Children UK says such assaults are continuing and, despite an undertaking by the UN and other international bodies to operate a policy of zero tolerance, little appears to be done on the ground to stop the attacks taking place.

    The 10 peacekeepers accused of the attack on Elizabeth have returned home.

The 10 peacekeepers "have returned home"? Home - where? It sounds as if the 10 pedophile peacekeepers are known and identified. Will they be prosecuted for their crimes? Oh - my bad, stupid question - we're talking about the UN.

Well, I certainly wonder what kind of bribes and kick-backs Jean-Baptiste is receiving from the UN to not report and investigate these crimes.

There was a small chance things could improve within the UN when John R. Bolton was the interim U.S. Ambassador to the UN - but no - he wasn't palatable enough for the uber Liberals and Progressives. Apparently the Insane Liberal Clown Posse approves of weak individuals in the UN who will look the other way when children are raped and abused.

God, I hate the UN. It is an organization filled with nothing but the most devious, corrupt pedophiles and lawbreakers on the face of the earth. Throw every single UN member and Blue Helmet - every last one of them - into a tank filled with sharks and let the sharks feast upon them.


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hillary's Kennedy Comment
Still Dominating The Media

I have to hand it to the Hillary Clinton Campaign, of which I've also referred to in the past as the Clinton War Machine and the Clinton Crime Family. They truly are the masters of the Political Media. No one person and no group of people can match what they do so masterfully when it comes to Media Dominance.

It was on May 23, this past Friday,
that Hillary spoke her Robert F. Kennedy assassination remarks. Her words are still receiving top of the news attention. No matter how hard The Obamalith and his Cult Followers try these last few days, they cannot knock Hillary down from Media Mountain.

Part of the problem is the Obama Cultists themselves. And I don't - and haven't in the past - called them Cultists loosely. They are Cultists. They can't name one single thing he has accomplished as a U.S. Senator or an Illinois State Senator. He has no noteworthy sponsorship or co-sponsorship of any bill or legislation.

Peruse the Liberal side of the Blogosphere and the Internet and check out the sites and blogs. You will not find the Obama Cultists writing about touting their candidate, why they support him and why others should too. They can't - there's nothing to write about. Instead, they continue scribbling inane ramblings about the 2000 year election in Florida, the 2004 election in Ohio, "Bush lied", the "occupation" of Iraq, "Cheney is evil" and for good measure they publish a post on Big Bad Evil Oil. They have to keep writing about these events. They cannot promote the accomplishments of Obama because he has none.

Which brings us back to the wonderful Media Manipulation by the Clinton War Machine. The marketing force behind Brand Hillary is amazing, it truly is. They know exactly what they're doing even when Hillary mentions that RFK was assassinated in June. All the focus is on Hillary - and has been since her remarks - while Obama receives residual and second-hand attention in the form of his campaign's reaction to the RFK comment.

The smart thing to do - and no, I'm not giving Team Obamalith or his Cult Followers any strategy, for even if they considered what I write they would only momentarily accept and then reject it - would be allowing the RFK comment to die down. But Team Illinois Muslim can't do this and neither can his supporters. For no matter how hard they try to formulate an intelligent and strategic response, they are overcome by their knee-jerk reaction and their cold, bitter, lifeless black hearts. They cannot not react to the RFK comment without focusing and giving Center Stage Attention to Hillary, which is what her comment was all about.

Hillary has once again stolen the momentum and the spotlight away from Ted Kennedy's Poodle. More importantly, she has shown how little it takes to do this. A little comment about RFK
being assassinated - and her apologizing for it - is all it takes to disrupt the focus from her opponent and for the Obama Cultists to spiral into their vindictive and venomous reactionary positioning. This is exactly what Team Hillary calculated, wanted and expected; and they got it...big time.

Hillary and the Clinton Crime Family know exactly how to pull the strings of the Illinois Imam and his blind followers. Hillary and Company plays Obama like a tightly strung fiddle and he and his Cultists react the same way every time, by dancing The Dance of Idiots. She can get them to do this because Team Obama can't play defense. Obama Campaign Guru and Adviser David Axelrod just doesn't "get it." And me pointing this out will have zero effect. Tomorrow, Hillary can do this all over again with another subject or statement.

The Clinton Crime Family has perfected this Media Refocus to an art form - just ask former President George H.W. Bush or former Senator Bob Dole. Ask anyone who ran against Bubba in Arkansas and lost.

The John McCain Campaign Team could learn a thing or two from Hillary, Incorporated. Mainly, that it's relatively simple and easy to relegate Obama to Page 2 and throw his campaign off the tracks. It takes very little effort. This is why Hillary is still in the race. It doesn't take much to derail the Obama Train.


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KoS Pho-Shops Michelle Obama
Into Racist Image

I don't know how I missed this story. LGF:

    As Barack Obama bashes the Tennessee GOP as “low class” for criticizing his wife, the Daily KosKidz show Tennessee what “class” really means.

    So you can appreciate all the details in this Photoshop masterpiece, here’s the full sized image.

Newsbusters also ran with this story:

    ...fast on the heels of Obama telling us we can't use the anti-American statements of his wife as a campaign issue we get the kiddies over at the DailyKos doing their best to "help" Barack Obama by making an image of Michelle Obama hanging from a tree with robbed KKK figures torturing her with a branding iron and claiming that this is the "NEW IMPROVED" GOP strategy. So much for the subtleties and civility that Barack claims he wants, eh?

The image in just a moment. While Daily Kooks had first stealth-edited only the pho-shopped image, DKooks has also pulled the story.

This is the image ran, and then pulled by DKooks:

I took their image and made it more historically correct by including Democrat U.S. Senator Robert The Klansman Byrd to the picture:

But don't say anything to anyone - it's supposed to be a secret - it's the Democrats who are the racists.


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Gary Keillor: Terrorism Is A Lame Joke

Minnesota's Sideshow Freak, Gary Keillor

I dislike writing anything about him, for even the tiniest amount of publicity for The Supreme Asshat is far too much. But Minnesota's Sideshow Freak, Gary Kellior, wrote one of his most pathetic columns recently. Keillior is a very wealthy man, who has every amenity that life offers - yet he remains bitter and unhappy. I have to think he has some form of severe retardation and I don't mean that in a humorous way. Or maybe he's just one of those bitter Liberals that we're always hearing about.

Consider his recent column:

    Guantanamo is kept top-secret so you and I won't know how many innocent people have been locked up there[.]

Gary The Freak must have missed the many stories - like this one - about those "innocent Gitmo people" who are released only to return to a life terrorism . Well, he probably didn't miss any of the stories like that - he ignores them because they interfere with his Liberal Bias. What good is being hypocrite when one allows facts to get in the way of what they believe, right?

Another classic line of Pacifism from The Freak's same column:

    The war on terror, to most people, is a lame joke[.]

Tell that to the families who lost love ones on September 11, Gary. See if they're laughing. Get back to us on it, would you, El Freako?

We'll see how lame a joke terrorism is when we experience another domestic attack should either Hillary Clinton or The Illinois Muslim get the keys to the White House. We'll laugh all the way to the funeral service and the burial at the cemetery.

Here is the completely, totally, ironic part of Gary The Elitist: It appears Gary does not consider terrorists or terrorism a threat. Gary is a tough guy, a real HE-Man.

Yet, Gary is frightened by a garage being built by his neighbors. I guess Gary is more afraid of an inanimate object, like a building, than he is any terrorist.

Gary is petrified not of terrorists, but of his fan base, obtaining a restraining order against one of his fans.

It is unfortunate that Gary or someone in his family weren't on one of those airplanes or in the World Trade Center buildings or the Pentagon on September 11. People like Gary are only affected by tragedy when it directly affects them. And then it becomes, "all about them."

Gary feigns bravery in the face of terrorists who haven't affected his life. But he cowers like a little boy hiding behind his Mother's apron, scared to death of a garage and a fan. He's so brave! So fearless! So heroic!

Photo: David Brewster, Star Tribune

Gary lives in a large brick house in St. Paul, Minnesota's Ramsey Hill district. His house is easy to recognize. If you're one of those "innocent persons" recently released from Gitmo, stop on by and pay him a visit. He'll welcome you with open arms, a cup of coffee and a gourmet muffin.

Just don't plan on building a garage by Castle Kellior if you're his neighbor or be one of his fans. Those are the people who really terrify him.


Use of the above photographs complies with Fair Use Section 107 U.S. Copyright Code, for use of news reporting, commentary and criticism.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I'm rerunning what I published for Veteran's Day, 2007. I think it sums up Memorial Day quite well.

The following was written by Father Dennis Edward O'Brien, USMC:

    "It's the soldier, not the reporter who has given us
    Freedom of the Press.
    It's the soldier, not the poet, who has given us
    Freedom of Speech.
    It's the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the
    Freedom to Demonstrate.
    It's the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the
    Right to a Fair Trial.
    It's the soldier who salutes the flag, serves under the flag and
    Whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    Who gives the protester the right to burn the flag."

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