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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary Dodged Sniper Fire In Bosnia

Hillary Clinton MrsSatan made the outrageous claim that she and daughter Chelsea, and others, dodged sniper fire at Tuzla Air Base, Bosnia in 1996, when their plane landed on the tarmac. Nothing could be further from the truth.

MrsSatan now says that "she misspoke
." CNN:

    "I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement," she said.

There is video evidence of the Tuzla Air Base greeting. It's all flowers, pomp and circumstances. No sniper fire, no danger - not even any litter that I noticed. But that didn't stop daughter Chelsea from lying through her teeth, supporting her mother's false recollection of "ducking from sniper fire."

This story is a non-issue that the Obamaniacs are hyping into a issue because they have nothing else and they are so trying to spin and distance themselves from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy and the Obama Passport breach, a breach committed by a company whose CEO just happens to be an adviser and campaign contributor to Obama!

If Hillary was far and away the leading Democrat presidential candidate, and if polls showed her far ahead of Hussein Obama and he had no chance at narrowing her lead, the Left wouldn't be talking about - let alone criticizing - her embellished Bosnia-sniper fire story.

The only reason the Obamaniacs are puffing their chests out and making this story an issue is because they think it will help their candidate of choice, Osama Hussein Obama... Ted Kennedy's Poodle.

Ted Kennedy's Muslim Poodle, Beloved by Ignorant Liberals

If Hillary was the front runner, or the only runner, the Lefties would never be discussing her fake retelling of events that didn't occur at Tuzla Air Base. If it was Hillary versus John McCain, the Lefty Owned Media would not be reporting on Hillary's "misspeaking," it would be getting no media attention.

It's funny...the only reason the Lefties finally awoke from their head-in-a-hole slumber and are critical of Hillary Clinton is because so many of them support Ted Kennedy's Poodle. If he were not in the race, they would be balls-to-the-wall pro Hillary all the way.

Anyone - regardless of their political bent - with the slightest degree of objectivity has known for years the kind of underhanded tactics used by the Clintons.

It's funny when Lefties cannibalize their own. It will be most enjoyable watching the Democrats tear their own party apart over the next six months.

Man...I tell 'ya...if the Republicans can't win the White House and win back a majority in Congress this election year, when can they? The Dems have rolled out the red carpet for the Republicans to hold the White House and win back a majority in the House and Senate.



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