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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Rev. Z reports on the discovery of a brand new element. Out Of My Mind
- - - - -
Carl covers the recent news from the IAEA says Iran might...just might...be developing nuclear technology for military purposes. Israel Matzav
- - - - -
The Canadian Human Rights Commission is forbidding free thinking. Liberal Utopia
- - - - -
Two Dogs notes "Obama's Sniper Moment" and Obama lies about his uncles. Mean Ol' Meany
- - - - -
Verbal assaults on U.S. Troops on U.S. soil. Jack Army
- - - -
Treehuggers now protesting over...wait for it...wait for it...protesting over - among other things - drive-throughs. The London Fog
- - - - -
Cranky looks at body painting. Balance Sheet
- - - - -
That Guy...you know - him - yeah, that's who...That 1 Guy posts a wonderful video interview with Rev. Jeremiah Looneytunes Wright. Drunken Wisdom
- - - - -
Chinese Clinic language interpretation. (Caution: strong language). Clint Heine
- - - - -
I am unforgivably late in linking to this, but the subject matter is no less timely. Meet the Superdelegates! The Right Place
- - - - -
I agree with GuyK - why not support and vote for Bob Barr. Charming, Just Charming

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