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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bee Girl, Retro Classic Gold

Blind Melon was so awesome...having the potential to become one of the all-time great bands. Sadly, they disbanded after the untimely and tragic death of lead singer Shannon Hoon.

The late, great, Shannon Hoon

Blind Melon had such great vocal harmonizing.

So I heard 1992's classic No Rain on the radio today.

A great song and an excellent and creative video with perfectly edited use of slow-motion and storytelling of Bee Girl seeking others like her. Note the use of several "dips to black," which no longer appear or are used after Bee Girl locates other, like-minded Bee Dancers. Brilliant. Exquisitely brilliant.

I've always like Blind Melon. Hoon's voice fit perfectly with their style.Good analysis of the video too.
Yeah, his voice was perfect for their music. I just love that video for so many different reasons. I'm such a video-tech-artsy geek sometimes.
I love that tracking shot at around the 59 second mark of Bee Girl running form right to left on the screen, and then again at the 1 min 8 second mark.

I am such a video geekoid. I admit it.
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