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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Malloy Feigns Sympathy For U.S. Troops

Liberal Radio Hatemonger Extraordinaire Mike Malloy.
A chromosomally challenged sorry-assed foul excuse for a human being.
When is that forehead blood vessel gonna pop? It can't be soon enough for me.

The Rapidly Decaying and Rotting Corpse of Liberal Freak Mike Malloy opened his Thursday radio hate program feigning and posturing himself as being supportive of the U.S. Military, sympathetic and outraged at the
increased rate of suicide in the United States Army.

He shed crocodile tears over the suicides using it only as a divisive political issue. It's unlike The Decaying Corpse of Malloy to defend the Military.

Oh wait - again, he used it as a polarizing issue. I know this because he has a solid record of vilifying the Military:

    Malloy: ["General David Petraeus] is a half-witted, four-star freak."
    - 37 minutes into hour one, on his virtually unlistened to NOVA-M program September 13, 2007.

    Mike Malloy: "I'm not impressed with [people who wear] uniforms, badges, clerics or reverends."
    Spoken after hanging up on a caller who identified himself as a U.S. Military Serviceman who said he served two tours of Iraq.
    - A "Best Of" Malloy show, week ending July 15, 2006.

    Malloy, speaking about U.S. Troops, ("em" referring to U.S. Soldiers):
    "Let 'em die. Let 'em bleed. Let 'em come home without limbs. So disfigured and gross you won't want to kiss your son, daughter, father or brother. Keep putting metallic ribbons on your vans and SUVs. Let 'em bleed. Let 'em bleed."
    - Opening show monologue on his virtually unlistened to NOVA-M program on September 19, 2007.

    Malloy: "I'm not anti-Military, I'm anti-war."
    - May 1, 2007; 42 minutes into hour three

It's funny that Malloy claims to be such an anti-war and peace advocate. Occasionally on his program he will say that, "I own guns and know how to use them." Whoa - he's a "tough guy", huh? Why would such an ardent anti-war peace advocate and Pacifist want to use deadly force to protect himself or his family when his ideology does not permit a country to do the same? He's a hypocrite; a bottom-feeding rank hypocrite and Hater of the worst kind...two notches below that of a child molester. Malloy "owns guns and knows how to use them." I'd be shocked if this old, frail STD-ridden soon-to-be-corpse has enough muscle to even lift, let alone aim and fire, a Desert Eagle or a Colt .45.

The increased rate of suicide is heartbreaking, there's no doubt about it. More must be done for all members of the Military in terms for their physical and mental health care and wellness.

Some politician - I don't recall who - recently said that, "words mean something." I have to wonder what impact the words from Liberals and Progressives - the Military haters - have had on U.S. Military members and the increased suicide levels?

Liberals and Progressives have a solid and lengthy history of calling U.S. Soldiers baby killers, terrorists (Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha referring to U.S. Marines in Haditha); they have been compared to Nazis, Soviet gulags and Pol Pot (Illinois U.S. Democrat Dick Durban); Military recruitment offices have been maliciously defaced and vandalized; and Code Pink and the city of Berkeley has voiced nothing but disdain and hatred for the Military; Soldiers have been spit upon and on the receiving end of the most vicious verbal attacks while in the U.S. on leave by rabid Liberal-Haters.

These are a few examples, of many, where Liberal and Progressive Haters have couched their hatred for the Military in the First Amendment.

"Words mean something."

So before anyone on the Left attempts to manipulate the increased suicides of Soldiers as a political issue, blaming the Bush Administration or Republicans for it, just remember how despicably the Left has treated the Military year after year after year after year.

If it were not for those that the Left falsely labels "warmongers" and "baby killers", the Pacifists would all be dead. This includes "I'm anti-war" Malloy.

If it were not for the Pacifists, 50-100 million people worldwide may not have been killed by dictators, despots and madmen.

“To be prepared for War is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” - George Washington



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