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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hillary's Kennedy Comment
Still Dominating The Media

I have to hand it to the Hillary Clinton Campaign, of which I've also referred to in the past as the Clinton War Machine and the Clinton Crime Family. They truly are the masters of the Political Media. No one person and no group of people can match what they do so masterfully when it comes to Media Dominance.

It was on May 23, this past Friday,
that Hillary spoke her Robert F. Kennedy assassination remarks. Her words are still receiving top of the news attention. No matter how hard The Obamalith and his Cult Followers try these last few days, they cannot knock Hillary down from Media Mountain.

Part of the problem is the Obama Cultists themselves. And I don't - and haven't in the past - called them Cultists loosely. They are Cultists. They can't name one single thing he has accomplished as a U.S. Senator or an Illinois State Senator. He has no noteworthy sponsorship or co-sponsorship of any bill or legislation.

Peruse the Liberal side of the Blogosphere and the Internet and check out the sites and blogs. You will not find the Obama Cultists writing about touting their candidate, why they support him and why others should too. They can't - there's nothing to write about. Instead, they continue scribbling inane ramblings about the 2000 year election in Florida, the 2004 election in Ohio, "Bush lied", the "occupation" of Iraq, "Cheney is evil" and for good measure they publish a post on Big Bad Evil Oil. They have to keep writing about these events. They cannot promote the accomplishments of Obama because he has none.

Which brings us back to the wonderful Media Manipulation by the Clinton War Machine. The marketing force behind Brand Hillary is amazing, it truly is. They know exactly what they're doing even when Hillary mentions that RFK was assassinated in June. All the focus is on Hillary - and has been since her remarks - while Obama receives residual and second-hand attention in the form of his campaign's reaction to the RFK comment.

The smart thing to do - and no, I'm not giving Team Obamalith or his Cult Followers any strategy, for even if they considered what I write they would only momentarily accept and then reject it - would be allowing the RFK comment to die down. But Team Illinois Muslim can't do this and neither can his supporters. For no matter how hard they try to formulate an intelligent and strategic response, they are overcome by their knee-jerk reaction and their cold, bitter, lifeless black hearts. They cannot not react to the RFK comment without focusing and giving Center Stage Attention to Hillary, which is what her comment was all about.

Hillary has once again stolen the momentum and the spotlight away from Ted Kennedy's Poodle. More importantly, she has shown how little it takes to do this. A little comment about RFK
being assassinated - and her apologizing for it - is all it takes to disrupt the focus from her opponent and for the Obama Cultists to spiral into their vindictive and venomous reactionary positioning. This is exactly what Team Hillary calculated, wanted and expected; and they got it...big time.

Hillary and the Clinton Crime Family know exactly how to pull the strings of the Illinois Imam and his blind followers. Hillary and Company plays Obama like a tightly strung fiddle and he and his Cultists react the same way every time, by dancing The Dance of Idiots. She can get them to do this because Team Obama can't play defense. Obama Campaign Guru and Adviser David Axelrod just doesn't "get it." And me pointing this out will have zero effect. Tomorrow, Hillary can do this all over again with another subject or statement.

The Clinton Crime Family has perfected this Media Refocus to an art form - just ask former President George H.W. Bush or former Senator Bob Dole. Ask anyone who ran against Bubba in Arkansas and lost.

The John McCain Campaign Team could learn a thing or two from Hillary, Incorporated. Mainly, that it's relatively simple and easy to relegate Obama to Page 2 and throw his campaign off the tracks. It takes very little effort. This is why Hillary is still in the race. It doesn't take much to derail the Obama Train.


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