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Thursday, January 31, 2008

al Qaida Leader Abu Laith al-Libi Killed

From BBC News:

    A senior al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan, Abu Laith al-Libi, has been killed, Western counter-terrorism officials have told the BBC.

    News of his death emerged on a website used by Islamist groups. Ekhlaas.org said he had "fallen as a martyr".

    There is speculation that he was killed by a US missile strike in the North Waziristan area of Pakistan this week.

    A dozen militants were reported killed in the attack. US intelligence agencies said they were checking the reports.


    Libi has appeared in a number of al-Qaeda videos. In November he appeared alongside al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri.


    He is thought to be one of al-Qaeda's most senior field commanders in Afghanistan, and to have directed a number of recent suicide bomb attacks in the east of the country.

I'm sure a delegation of Mike The Rotting and Rapidly Decaying Corpse Malloy, Al Franken, Fat Drunken Dog-Shooting Ed Schultz, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Jon "Kitty on his head" Elliot, Nanny Pelosi, Ratty Rhodes, Butch Maddox and other Lefty pacifists are mourning Libi's death and will be attending his funeral.

Failed presidential candidate and U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich announced he will be holding a candlelight memorial vigil tonight in his hometown of Cleveland, beginning at 7PM Eastern Time for al-Libi. Kucinich described al-Libi as, "my good friend and a great humanitarian. I will miss him, I will miss him dearly."

Super Tuesday And November Prediction


Oh, how the Clinton War Machine is going to heap dirt and mud at Barack Obama, the Muslim, between now and next Tuesday.


John McCain and Tim Hatch Pawlenty

You know...it's not like I need another reason to not vote for John McCain. For many months the rumor is that if he is the Republican candidate for the presidential race, he just may select Minnesota's RINO Governor Tim Hatch Pawlenty for his Vice President.

Like I said, it's not like I need another reason to not vote for McCain.

I'll support and vote for Mitt Romney if he becomes the Republican candidate. I will not vote for McCain. Nor would I vote for Mike Huckabee, who, according to the Arkansas Leader, raised taxes more often and higher in 10 years as Governor than did Bill Clinton in 12 years.

I can vote for Romney. If he doesn't win the Republican nomination, then I'll be voting for a Third Party Candidate - throwing my vote away as I have done in the past - because I can not and will not support McCain.

I could have supported and voted for either Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani. That's the problem early on in the race, you get your hopes up and then your favorite candidate is not among the top leaders and drops out. That's why I don't voice who I'd support early on, because chances are that person is likely to drop out. Wait until the herd thins a bit is my approach.

Romney or bust.

I will not support or vote for McCain. And if he selects RINO Pawlenty as his running mate...well like I said, I don't need another reason to not vote for McCain.


Patio Heaters Make Baby Jeebus
Albert Gore, Junior, Cry

Good Jeebus H. Keey-Rist Almighty...now the patio heater is being blamed for global warming. This insanity over global warming must end and it must end now.

From Express and Star:

    Pub patio heaters are set to be banned - because European MPs believe they are not environmentally friendly.

    Smokers face being left in the cold and breweries with a bill for millions of pounds if the Euro MPs vote to ban the heaters.

    They were today expected to back a resolution calling for a timetable to be drawn up for the heaters to be removed. The ruling could spell ruin for hundreds of pubs across the West Midlands and Staffordshire.

    Wolverhampton-based Banks’s brewer Marston’s spent £20 million alone bringing in outdoor heaters and special patio areas outside pubs to counter the smoking ban which came into force last July.

    The Euro MPs want to ban gas heaters.

From Barkeeper:

    Euro MPs are set to debate the possible banning of patio heaters.

    The debate follows pressure from Friends Of The Earth to ban heaters which claims patio heaters have a direct impact on climate change, wasting energy and causing environmental damage.

    Friends Of The Earth says estimates by the Energy Saving Trust point to a standard patio heater emitting heat output of 12.5 kilowatts produces 34.8kg of C02 before the fuel runs out after 13 hours.

    It calculates this is the equivalent to the energy required to produce 5,200 cups of tea or 400 cups for every hour of operation

    Lib Dem MEP Fiona Hall has compiled a report on energy efficiency which "urges the Commission to establish timetables for the withdrawal from the market of all the least energy-efficient items of equipment, appliances and other energy-using products, such as patio heaters".

One type of patio heater
From All Headline News:

    Because of its low energy efficiency, the European Union is considering banning patio heaters across the 27-member bloc. The EU Parliament is expected to pass a resolution on Wednesday that will put in place minimum benchmarks for energy efficiency on appliances including air-conditioning units, television decoder boxes and light bulbs.

    If the resolution is approved, it may also result to the abolition of stand-by functions on electrical appliances.

Warning: Stop reading right now if use of the "F" word offends you.

I avoid using the "F" word on my blog most of the time. I will occasionally use it for emphasis or humor, but overall, I don't use it that much. This is not because I personally find it offensive, I do not. I prefer to write using language that excludes the "F" word rather than to simply ramble off on and issue or topic using the "F" word...

...but...I'm about to make up for all the times I didn't use the "F" word...

Another style of patio heater

You fucking global warming alarmists who piss your fucking pants at the slightest variance in temperature are motherfucking freaks. You are retarded fucking morons who are fucked in the brain. You're fucking insane and fucking mentally unstable. Your minds are fucking warped and diseased.

You fucking idiots base your theories of global warming on what is fucked up science. You believe this fucking science like it's some religious experience. It is not. We are exiting a fucking little ice age (and have been since the mid-1800s) and what follows a mini-ice age is a SLIGHT FUCKING WARMING TREND - and yet you cannot get this fact through your pin-headed fucking tiny brains. Countless scientists do not agree with you that humans are to blame for this SLIGHT TEMPERATURE INCREASE and have theories that discredit your fucking stupid, lame ass virally infected fucking theories that humans are responsible for what you so stupidly call "climate change."

"Friends of The Earth" my ass; a bunch of fucking greasy, smelly, unwashed fucking bunch of mental midgets of the grandest scale. Why don't you "Friends of the Earth" go out and literally fuck the earth. Go fuck the earth and find out how the earth responds.
You are the most unproductive fucking people on the face of the fucking planet. Fucking die...just fucking die, already. Drop fucking dead and leave us alone.

Maybe you fuckheads have heard of the planet Mars?
Mars is experiencing a warming trend similar to the earth. Are there fucking SUVs and fucking patio heaters on Mars? Not that we fucking know of. God fucking forbid there is a reason other than humans for the ever-so-slight fucking temperature increase on earth.

Jeebus H. Fucking Keeey-Rist Almighty, take these fucking global warming fucktards out to the back woods and shoot them dead. I am tired of listening to this false fucking rhetoric and false fucking science.



Krusty Franken

Separated at birth...Krusty the Clown and failed radio talker and hasbeen comedian - and I use the word comedian so very loosely - Al Franken?

I'd vote for Krusty, but never ever for Franken.

Krusty is funny. Franken is a bitter, hateful, vindictive, lying smear merchant.



"And I approve this mesage."

I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of every political advertisement beginning or ending with the words, "and I approve this message." No shit, really? You approve of your own political message? I'm shocked that any politician would approve their own advertisement.

Stop it, stop it right now. Stop saying that you approve your own message. We expect you to approve your own message.

We're not idiots...well, except for the Dems.


Giuliani Drops Presidential Bid

Rudy Giuliani - who does deserve the unofficial title of America's Mayor - is dropping his presidential bid. Press Association:

    Rudy Giuliani told supporters he is abandoning his bid for president and backing Republican rival and longtime friend John McCain.

    Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican and adviser to Giuliani, said the former mayor called him to tell him of his plan.

    "I expect him to be fairly active for McCain. There is a real friendship and respect between the two," he said. A similar call took place between Giuliani and New York Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, the lawmaker said in a statement.

    Once the Republican presidential front-runner, the former New York mayor suffered a debilitating defeat in Tuesday's Florida primary.


    "I'm proud that we chose to stay positive and to run a campaign of ideas in an era of personal attacks, negative ads and cynical spin," Giuliani said as supporters with tight smiles crowded behind him. "You don't always win, but you can always try to do it right, and you did."

Rudy did run a positive and clean campaign. Probably the cleanest campaign since Bob Dole's 1996 run for president.

I like Rudy - I like him a lot. I could have voted for him for President despite some of his Left-Of-Center ideas. Rudy understood the importance of a strong defense and knows firsthand the devastation of terrorism.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John "The Sissy" Edwards Out Of The Race

John The Sissy Edwards has abandoned his quest to end "two Americas" and has dropped out of the presidential race.

From BBC News:

    Democrat John Edwards has left the race for the White House - without backing any of his rivals - after failing to win a single party nomination contest.

    Mr Edwards, 54, announced the end to his second White House bid on a visit to New Orleans.

Quite amusing since less than two days ago he was in Minnesota rallying his Sissy supporters. MPR:

    Edwards told a crowd of Minnesota supporters last night that he'll continue to work for the poor and middle class if they go out and caucus for him next Tuesday. Edwards brought his populist message to a St. Paul union hall, hoping to convince enough Democrats in Minnesota to choose him over the other candidates in the race.

What a quick little Flip Flopper King John is, huh? Monday night he's asking for supporters to caucus for him. Then less than 48 hours later he quits. What a she-man.

One thing is sure about Edwards though, he will return to living inside his precious plush little bottle exploiting those he represents for no other reason than his own personal enrichment.



Upper Midwest Swelteringly Frigid

Where's FEMA with a blankie and some hot chocolate or some hot toddies?

Low visibility, blizzard and wind chill closes I-35 at Iowa - Minnesota border. Travel not advised. Radio Iowa:

    The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings for Iowa for this evening and wind chill advisories through Wednesday morning.


    I-35 is closed as you enter the border of Minnesota from Iowa and is closed all the way north to Owatonna [and] that section of I-35 through Minnesota will remain closed until further notice.

Wind chill map shows -40.

Temperature map -10 and falling.

Where's all that global warming Al Gore, Junior is always hyperventilating about?

Hillary Changes Rules At Halftime

Oh this is funny, riotous, knee-slappingly, laugh your arse off funny!

It's funny because Hillary Clinton (whom I ever so affectionately refer to as MrsSatan) wants to change the rules halfway through the Democrat primary process by laying claim to the Michigan and Florida delegates. Yes, it sure is funny - funny HA HA funny - because for decades this is what Democrats used to pull on their Republican opponents..changing the rules at halftime.

Now, it's the feel-good, laugh-fest of the New year, with Hillary wanting to keep for herself the delegates in Michigan and Florida.

From Yahoo News:

    Sen. Hillary Clinton, in an about-face, said on Friday she wants the Democratic Party delegates in two states that were barred by the national party to be reinstated and counted in the race to determine the party's U.S. presidential nominee.

    In those states, Michigan and Florida, Clinton could stake claim to nearly all the delegates to the nominating convention in question -- more than 350.

    She was the only candidate on the Democratic ballot in Michigan and holds a strong lead in Florida, which holds its contest on Tuesday.

    The national party eliminated the delegates from Michigan and Florida because the states broke party rules by holding primary voting contests before February 5. But just four days before Florida's primary, Clinton said she wants the delegates reinstated.

    "I know other campaigns have tried to downplay the significance of these two states," Clinton told reporters. "I think that is not a good strategy for Democrats or any of us who cares about the outcome of this election."

    To become the Democratic nominee in the November election, a candidate must collect a majority of more than 2,000 delegates by competing in state contests around the nation.

    Because Michigan and Florida violated the rules, all the major Democratic candidates pledged not to campaign there before their primaries.

    Clinton said she did not think she was violating that agreement.

    "I think it's important we send a message to the people of Michigan and Florida that Democrats care about their lives and their futures, and I will certainly do everything I can to be a good president for them," she said.

    In Michigan, Clinton won the primary after the other major candidates pulled their names from the ballot. Polls show she holds a strong lead in Florida, where all the candidates are on the ballot.

    A spokesman for her chief rival, Sen. Barack Obama, accused Clinton of changing course.

It's funny when Democrats cannibalize their own, isn't it?

But wait - there's more - why, if you order before midnight...

From NRO:

    Just when it appeared that the identity of the Republicans’ presidential nominee would not be known for some time — perhaps not until the convention — the Democrats are the ones who may be headed for a brokered convention.

    The Clintons are bracing for such a possibility. They hinted as much when they suggested, within moments of their 2:1 defeat in the South Carolina primary, that they might request that the convention seat delegates from Florida and Michigan, even though all candidates had agreed to abide by the national party’s decision not to. (This was supposed to have been the price these states were supposed to pay for advancing the dates of their primaries.)

    The Clintons were clearly signaling to Barack Obama that, in the event he continues to accrue sufficient delegates necessary to deny Hillary a majority, they will seek to deny Obama the nomination with the votes of these phantom delegations, plus those of “super-delegates.” (The latter, of course, are party “big shots,” who are named to state delegations after the others have been selected by party voters.) All of a sudden, it is 1968 all over again, but with some ironic and delicious twists.

Last spring I resigned myself into accepting that MrsSatan would, without any doubt in my mind, be the next president. I may have missed the mark. Who knew the Dems would be dining on each other so early and with such vindictiveness?

The 2008 presidential race may indeed be for Republicans to lose. If the Republicans cannot capitalize on all the internal strife, fighting and backstabbing that is consuming the Democrat Party and their candidates, well...when will the Republicans be able to capitalize on anything?

Ralph Nader Slams The Clintons

Did you read the January 28 OpEd piece written by Ralph Nader in The Washington Times?

Nader used to be a darling of the Left until the Left did what they do best by branding him a "spoiler" for the 2000 election. And his "spoiler" status from the Left is nothing more than the Left refusing to accept the loss that Albert Gore, Junior legitimately lost the election, their choice of a presidential candidate was a dud and dud, thy name is Gore Junior.

Nader teed up the golf ball and drove it far and straight, nailing the lackluster and do-nothing eight years of Bill Clinton's presidency. Here is some of what Nader wrote:

    [Clinton] was seen as devoid of modest political courage, a blurrer of differences with the Republican opposition party and anything but the decisive transforming leader he promised to be was he to win the election.

    He proceeded, instead, to take credit for developments with which he had very little to do with such as the economic growth propelled by the huge technology dot.com boom.

    Bragging about millions of jobs his Administration created, he neglected to note that incomes stagnated for 80% of the workers in the country and ended in 2000, under the level of 1973, adjusted for inflation.

    A brainy White House assistant to Mr. Clinton told me in 1997 that the only real achievement his boss could take credit for was passage of legislation allowing 12 weeks family leave, without pay.

    There are changes both the Clinton Administration actively championed that further entrenched corporate power over our economy and government during the decade. He pushed through Congress the NAFTA and the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements that represented the greatest surrender in our history of local, state and national sovereignty to an autocratic, secretive system of transnational governance. This system subordinated workers, consumers and the environment to the supremacy of globalized commerce.

    That was just for starters. Between 1996 and 2000, he drove legislation through Congress that concentrated more power in the hands of giant agribusiness, large telecommunications companies and the biggest jackpot - opening the doors to gigantic mergers in the financial industry. The latter so-called "financial modernization law" sowed the permissive seeds for taking vast financial risks with other peoples' money (ie. pensioners and investors) that is now shaking the economy to recession.

    The man who pulled off this demolition of regulatory experience from the lessons of the Great Depression was Clinton's Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, who went to work for Citigroup - the main pusher of this oligopolistic coup just before the bill passed and made himself $40 million for a few months of consulting in that same year.

    Bill Clinton's presidential resume was full of favors for the rich and powerful. Corporate welfare subsidies, handouts and giveaways flourished, including subsidizing the Big Three Auto companies for a phony research partnership while indicating there would be no new fuel efficiency regulations while he was President.

    His regulatory agencies were anesthetized. The veteran watchdog for Public Citizen of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Sidney Wolfe, said that safety was the worst under Clinton in his twenty nine years of oversight.


    By reappointing avid Republican Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Clinton assured no attention would be paid to the visible precursors of what is now the sub-prime mortgage crisis.


    To justify his invasion of Iraq, Bush regularly referred in 2002-2003 to Clinton's bombing of Iraq and making "regime change" explicit U.S. policy.

    But it was Clinton's insistence on UN-backed economic sanctions in contrast to just military embargos, against Iraq, during his term in office. These sanctions on civilians, a task force of leading American physicians estimated, took half a million Iraqi childrens' lives.


    It has always been all about him, Now he sees another admission ticket to the White House through his wife, Hillary Clinton.


    It's small wonder that the editors of Fortune Magazine headlined an article last June with the title, "Who Business is Betting On?" Their answer, of course, was Hillary Clinton.

Liberals and Progressives would be hailing the Nader OpEd if its subject had been Mitt Romney, John McCain or Rudy Giuliani. Or George W. Bush. It sure is funny that they have so little to say about it because it's about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Sieg Heil Kitty?

The German Green Party poster depicting the 'Kitler Cat'

From Haaretz.com:

    By Ofer Aderet

    The German Green Party in Saxony and Hesse has an unusual poster for their municipal election campaign - an image of a cat that resembles Adolf Hitler with the tagline "you can't always recognize Nazis at first glance."

    At the center of the elections, which took place Sunday, was a debate over the treatment of immigrants. The Green Party used the picture of the cat to condemn the extreme-right parties in Germany and their xenophobic policies.

    The poster was released as public debate over the question of immigrants heated up following a series of violent attacks by young immigrants on older German citizens.

    The use of the cat was bemoaned by the Web site www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com on the grounds that the Green Party used photo manipulation to produce their "Adolf Kitler" rather of one of the site's many authentic "Kitler" cats.

Link to catsthatlooklikehitler.com

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

George W. Bush, His Last SOTU Address
And Imagined Injustices

Lengthy post warning: Yeah, I know - I hate writing lengthy pieces as much as everyone hates reading them. That being said, here we go.

President George W. Bush gave his final State of The Union Address Monday night. No doubt there are many Liberals and Progressives who are delighted about this. They are delighted not because of any factually based issues or items that they can tie to him, they are delighted it was his last SOTU Address because they are filled with the worst kind of hatred that anyone can harbor.

Liberals and Progressives have spent seven years full of hatred of President Bush based upon nothing more than their imagined injustices. Imagined injustices about Bush stealing both the year 2000 and 2004 presidential elections even though there is no proof, at all whatsoever, to support their imagined injustice. Countless reviews and recounts of Florida 2000 were conducted by several independent organizations as well as the very liberal New York Times. All reached the same conclusion; that Bush was the winner and no vote rigging took place.

The same applies to the 2004 presidential election and the state of Ohio, where Liberals and Progressives claim that the Diebold voting machine were rigged for Bush. Where is their proof for this? It doesn't exist. By all means ask then-Democrat presidential nominee John Kerry about the afternoon of election day in 2004. Ask him - ask John Kerry - why is it his campaign knew by late afternoon that he had lost, they internally conceded; they knew they had lost and internally acknowledged it as they received the information based on exit-polling. There was no need to rig the election in Ohio, Kerry knew by late afternoon he had lost.

If Liberals and Progressives have an imagined injustice with the No Child Left Behind Act, their problem is with the author of NCLB, Ted Kennedy, the U.S. Democrat Senator of Massachusetts. He wrote NCLB, not Bush.

If Liberals and Progressives have an imagined injustice about the War in Iraq and Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction, their problem is with the administration that preceded Bush. For it was Bill Clinton's Administration who set the stage for WMDs. Vice President Al Gore, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Janet Reno, CIA Director James Woolsey, National Security Advisor Sandy Berger and a host of other Democrat politicians - John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, Robert Byrd, John Edwards, to name a few - all of whom are on record that Hussein had WMDs or was working to obtain them. All of their statements are on record before George W. Bush was even a candidate for the White House.

The problem of Iraq was only exacerbated due to the economic sanctions levied by the Clinton Administration, sanctions that left an estimate 500,000 Iraqis dead because of a lack of medicine due to Clinton's embargo. Bill Clinton, afraid of risking his popularity, could only muster up sanctions against Iraq. The mess he created had to be cleaned up by Bush and Bush correctly used the U.S. Military. This is another imagined injustice that Liberals and Progressives harbor because deep down they know Clinton did nothing to address critical problems developing in Iraq and by Saddam Hussein.

Bill Clinton was a weak president by any standard. His course of action was to appease and pacify countries and leaders who sought to harm us or our allies. Albright meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Il is a shining example of Clinton's weak and ineffective foreign policy.

September 11, 2001? Clinton and Company had all the warning signs. They dealt with it as they did almost everything else, by ignoring all the signs. They were too busy killing American citizens in Waco, Texas; deporting a six-year old Cuban boy and covering up the truth about the bombing of the
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. They were too busy fundraising from Chinese communist, renting out the Lincoln bedroom, hiding Whitewater files, snooping into 900 or 1,000 FBI files (does anyone yet know who hired Craig Livingstone?), covering up the truth about the deaths of Vince Foster, Ron Brown and James McDougal. This is only the tip of the ice berg of the corruption committed by the Clinton Administration.

Instead of admitting the myriad of failures during the Clinton Administration regarding terrorism, the Liberals and Progressives concoct remarkably absurd theories that it was Bush and Cheney and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that planned the attacks of September 11. Of course proving their allegations doesn't matter, because the Left only has to keep repeating a lie long enough until some people believe it as the truth. Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Goebbels would be most proud of the Liberals and Progressives these past seven years.

Liberals and Progressives have an imagined injustice in asserting that Bush "gutted" the U.S. Constitution, but they cannot point to one single item in the Constitution that has negated or reduced their civil liberties. They may clamor about spying or wiretapping, but anyone who bases their standing on facts instead of emotions knows these claims of "gutting" the Constitution are false. The only people who were subject to surveillance were people contacting or attempting to contact known and identified terrorists or sympathizers of terrorism who resided outside of the United States.

Liberals and Progressives have been fed lies by the liberal media and press and by liberal talk radio. This media only helps to perpetuate imagined injustices that Liberals and Progressives believe. While facts easily disprove their beliefs, the Liberals and Progressives are too filled with hatred to let facts change their minds, for to do so they would have to admit they are wrong.

Liberals and Progressives have an imagined injustice that it was Bush who sent so many jobs overseas and to Mexico. The truth is that this was done by Bill Clinton signing NAFTA - the North American Free Trade Agreement. It is Clinton, not Bush, who made it easier for U.S. companies to export jobs where their cost of labor would be dramatically cheaper than in America.

Never has there been such hatred and unbound hypocrisy from Liberals and Progressives. They are so wrapped up in what is commonly called Bush Derangement Syndrome - a hatred of all things Bush and Dick Cheney - that they cannot see the truth or the facts in any issue or subject. They will not allow themselves to acknowledge any truth or fact.

No matter what your political ideology is, one cannot help to ask themselves this question: How much better off would the U.S. be, how much better off would our allies be, how much better would the world be and how much worse off would the terrorists be if all the hatred and imagined injustices by the Liberals and Progressives had been set aside and instead had worked toward common goals of improving the body politic rather than working so hard to divide it.

Never in the eight years of the Clinton presidency did Conservatives or Republicans manifest the degree of hatred, anger and animosity that has been exhibited by Liberals and Progressives towards President Bush.

Finally, last night when Bush made a joke about the IRS accepting checks and money orders, the Liberals couldn't even laugh or crack a smile. They behaved like the robotic humorless androids that they are. No wonder they are such a depressed, unhappy group of bleak and forlorn individuals. Liberals and Progressives are entrenched in their misery and tirelessly work to drag everyone else down to their level.

So much for Bush and his SOTU Addresses. We all can look forward to four - make that eight - SOTU Addresses delivered by the calm, dulcet and seductive vocal qualities that Hillary possesses.


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The Shaved Ape

One Hit News

Hussein Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko $2 million bond revoked. AP:

    A judge revoked the $2 million bond Monday for indicted businessman Antoin "Tony" Rezko, who has raised thousands of dollars for Barack Obama and Illinois politicians.

    U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve said she grew concerned after learning Rezko received $3.5 million from a company in Lebanon; he had claimed that he had no income. St. Eve said she feared Rezko could be a flight risk.

- - - - -
New poll shows Norwegians opposed to joining European Union. Aftenposten:

    Fully 54.3 percent of those responding said they would vote against seeking EU membership, while 34.6 percent said they would vote in favour of EU membership. Just over 11 percent said they were undecided.

- - - - -
After being cremated...artificial joints, hip replacement screws and other spare parts are being re-used. Copenhagen Post:

    The parts include screws, steel thread, plates, splints and other material that can be re-used to patch up broken bones or slipped hips.

    'We're talking about relatively expensive material here and have therefore struck a deal with a Dutch company who collects the pieces after cremation,' said cemetery manager, Aksel Stigaard from Holstebro.

- - - - -
Is your home polluting the environment? Is your home climate-change friendly? If not, The European Energy Network (ENR) may be quite upset with you. BBC:

    ..the European Commission needs to take some leadership and set a timetable for all new buildings around Europe to be zero-carbon," said Philip Sellwood, chief executive of Britain's Energy Saving Trust (EST), an ENR member.

It's only a matter of time until this hits the U.S.
- - - - -
Tyson Foods accused of lying about its chicken being "raised without antibiotics. Courthouse News Service
- - - - -
What IS that image on Mars? CNet News
(I'd be inclined to guess that it is Dennis Kookcinich looking for delegates but the image is too tall to be Imp Boy.)

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Drunk Endorses The Muslim

From AFP:

    ...liberal lion Edward Kennedy snubbed the Clintons and backed Barack Obama as the inspirational heir to his slain brother, John F. Kennedy.

    In a stinging rebuff to Obama's White House rival Hillary Clinton, the Massachusetts senator said it was time for new leadership, with new ideas, to "turn the page on the old politics of misrepresentation and distortion."

    "And in Barack Obama, I see not just the audacity, but the possibility of hope for the America that is yet to be," the 75-year-old patriarch of the tragedy-scarred clan told a raucous rally at Washington's American University.

    "I know that he's ready to be president on day one. And when he raises his hand on Inauguration Day, at that very moment, we will lift the spirits of our nation and begin to restore America's standing in the world."

Hey---hey Hussein Obama, here's a tip for you: if you get into a car with Turd, make sure he's not the one behind the steering wheel.

Above image found via Google images located at Mad Mikey's Blog.

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Norman Goldman "Bill Clinton Is A Moderate Republican."

The date: Monday, January 28, 2008
The time: 52 minutes into the second hour of Liberal Radio's "Big Fat Drunken Dog-Shooting Ed Shultz Show"

Big Fat Ed must have still been hung over from the State of Blue Balls party that AirHead America hosted this past Saturday night at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Boy...if ever there was an event made for crashing an airliner into it, killing all the Liberals and Progressives in attendance...where's an al-Qaida terrorist piloting an airplane when you really need one?

Anyway - today the Moon Pie Faced Norman Goldman substitute hosted the Ed Schultz Show. At 52 minutes into the second hour, Moon Pie...I mean Goldfarb said - and I paraphrase - that Bill Clinton often referred to himself as a moderate Republican.

I spent 30 minutes searching Google and Yahoo for any story where Bill Clinton referred to himself as a moderate Republican and could find none. Nothing.

I found stories where other people called Bubba a moderate Republican, but none where the unregistered sex offender referred to himself as a moderate Republican.

Maybe Moon Pie can provide a factual reference to back up his words? Probably not, it's just another lie from Moon Pie.

FYI: Goldslob is the one on the right.


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"I don't remember meeting Bin Laden,"
Says Hillary.


Photo surfaces of smiling Clintons with Osama Bin Laden.


Clinton tells NBC 'TODAY' show, "I probably have taken hundreds of thousands of pictures. I don't know the man. I wouldn't know him if he walked in the door."



Assessments: Liberalism Comes Full Circle

Same drill as usual, if the below link to the story results in "subscribe for free to read the story", just do a search using the story title and authors.

Story Title: Assessments Not A Special Feeling in the Sunday, January 27, Star Tribune. Story by Jean Hopfensperger and Mary Jane Smetanka. FYI: Eagan is a suburb southwest of St. Paul.

    John Cina never asked for a new road in front of his hobby farm in Eagan (Minnesota), or for a new water and sewage extension. [Cina, a retired Minneapolis school teacher is] facing a $77,000 special tax assessment to pay for both services, which he insists he doesn't need [and brings him no benefit].

    "The city wanted to build a road to Mary Jo Copeland's home (for children), so a road was built through my property [and] now we have a road leading to a dead end that serves their properties - and they haven't even built anything yet."[said Cina].

Awwwwww, poor John Cina. I wonder how many times he supported, lobbied for and voted for a raise in property taxes for his school district that many taxpayers felt they didn't need and brought them no benefit?

Development on "Cina Road" will eventually come around. It may not be on a timetable of which Cina approves, but he is not the arbiter or Grand Poobah of development now, is he? Besides, it's not what is immediately improved by this road, is it? It's important about what this road brings to the future. Liberals always tell us that we have to do things that may not directly benefit us at the moment, but instead it will benefit the future. Ah yes, the future - so vitally important. You're not against "the future", are you Mr. Cina?

A $77,000 tax assessment? Good. This is good. Suck it up, Mr. Cina and fork over the $77,000. If that is the amount of your special assessment, then the hobby farm land you own must be worth hundred and hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions.

It's time to "invest" in the "infrastructure" , it's "for the children", Mr. Cina. You're familiar with those words, aren't you? Why, I'm betting you've uttered those words when embracing a school levy increase or when and if your teacher's union ever went on strike during a school year.

I don't know the politics of Cina, but if I did it still wouldn't matter. I'd reach the same conclusion and I'd treat this story the same whether Cina is conservative, liberal or apolitical.

The last two paragraphs of the story are the kicker:

    [Eagan City Manager Tom] Hedges said he sympathizes with Cina, one of many residents facing large assessments. But it's the price of development, he said, and that development will ultimately increase Cina's property value.

    Cina's not convinced, adding, "This just doesn't seem fair."

The cry and whine of every Liberal, ever born, every waking day of their lives: "this doesn't seem faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair."

Liberalism and Big Nanny Government comes full circle - via "investing in infrastructure for the children" - biting a retired school teacher right in the buttocks. How do you like Liberalism and Big Government now, Mr. Cina?

Me - I'm lovin' it! I love stories like this one!


Last VFW In St. Paul To Close

Fading away: As membership declines, VFW halls disappear, by Bob Shaw, St. Paul Pioneer Press. Do a search on the story title, reporter's name and the SPPP if the link refers you to a "subscribe before you read it for free page."

    For St. Paul's last VFW hall, it's closing time.

    On one recent afternoon, 84-year-old Gordon Kirk, commander of VFW Post 8854, was the only veteran in the place.


    Minnesota is losing about six VFW posts a year and now has 268 - down by one-third from the peak.

    The exceptions are VFW clubs that successfully recruit veterans of Vietnam and the Middle East conflicts, and the American Legion posts.


    "The recent smoking ban hurt the [VFW] clubs, as did changing attitudes about drinking."


    The closing of the last St. Paul VFW hall upsets Zenus Bell, who has volunteered to work in the post kitchen up to 20 hours a week for the past 10 years.

    "There are some old men who come here, and this is all they have," said Bell, wiping a counter-top.

    [Bell said], "These men deserve more. They get no grants, no nothing. They fight for their country and they have nothing?"

Interesting and sad, mostly sad.

We can only look at the closing of VFW Clubs as being another victim of the militant non-smoking crowd. A victim of the Jeanne Weigums, the Brittany McFaddens and the Maureen Busalacchis of the world. Along with militant non-smokers, the holier-than-thou teetotalers of
MADD are also to blame. (Read about how MADD has abandoned its original goal and has become the "neo-prohibitionist" movement).

The militant non-smokers told us they would go out more often, they would patronize bars and restaurants, nightclubs and taverns - and maybe even a trip to the local VFW Club - if only these places were all mandatorily non-smoking. Yet every week we read of another private property owner of a bar or restaurant going out of business due to a lack of customer base.

When the threshold of operating a motor vehicle under any influence of alcohol is basically reduced to zero with "buzzed driving is drunk diving", well...who's going out for dinner and drink? No one. Or considerably less people. And we see the result with businesses closing their doors.

Now, the zealotry of the militant non-smokers is closing what , for some, is their only place for social gathering; the VFW Clubs.

The "Anti-Everything Crowd" must be sitting alone at home, in the dark, pleased that their anti-social behavior is having such devastating effects on private property and private businesses of which they never set foot in.


Linking Here:
Smoke Out Gary


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hussein Obama Wins South Carolina Primary

Muslim Osama Hussein Obama wins the South Carolina primary. AP:

    Landslide margins among black voters fueled Barack Obama to his win Saturday in South Carolina's Democratic presidential primary, allowing him to overcome the edge that Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards had among whites.


    Clinton and Edwards split the white vote about equally, with each getting nearly four in 10 of their votes and Obama getting about a quarter. Obama got more than a third of the white vote in the year's first contest in Iowa, where nearly all the voters were white — enough for him to win in that state.

Sky News:

    Returns from 24% of the state's precincts showed Mr Obama winning 53%, Mrs Clinton on 27% and Mr Edwards on 19%.

Christian Brando Dies

The oldest son of the late actor Marlon Brando has died.

From BBC:

    Christian Brando, eldest son of the late actor Marlon Brando, has died in Los Angeles, aged 49.

    He had reportedly been in a coma and on a ventilator, and died of complications arising from pneumonia.

    "His body was totally compromised," said his former wife, Deborah. "He'd lived so hard."

    After a few minor acting roles, he hit the headlines in 1990, when he shot dead his half-sister's boyfriend, for which he served five years in jail.

    In 2005, he pleaded guilty to abusing his then-wife Deborah and was placed on probation, and ordered to undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

    Christian Brando also figured in the murder trial of Hollywood actor Robert Blake, whose wife was shot to death in 2001.

    He invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination on the stand when a lawyer for Blake, who was eventually acquitted, suggested that Brando had been the killer.


    But he will be best remembered for the 1990 death of Dag Drollet, boyfriend of his half-sister Cheyenne, at the Brando family's estate.

    He said in court that he had accidentally shot Mr Drollet as they struggled for a gun during an argument over whether the boyfriend had beaten his pregnant girlfriend.

    Pleading guilty to manslaughter, he spent five years in prison.

    Cheyenne committed suicide in 1995 at the age of 25.

    Marlon Brando, star of On The Waterfront and The Godfather, died in 2004 at the age of 80.

Ellison "Impressed" By Gitmo

Minnesota's U.S. Congressman - the first Muslim in Congress - Democrat Keith al-Ellison visited Guantanamo prison, commonly referred to Gitmo. He went there, I am sure, seeking to find mistreatment of prisoners and 4th century living conditions. However, he was "impressed" by what he saw there.

From WCCO News:

    A day after Rep. Keith Ellison visited the Guantanamo Bay military prison, he said conditions there have become more humane than the harsh images of razor wire and guard dogs seen around the world.


    Ellison, a Minneapolis Democrat, said Friday he was ''pleasantly surprised'' to find out that the 275 detainees had access to doctors, 5,000 calories a day and as much as 12 hours of daily recreation. He said conditions were comparable to Minnesota's maximum-security state prison in Oak Park Heights.


    Ellison said [speaking at the University of Minnesota Law School] "[I] [d]idn't see those thumbscrews, didn't see blood on the floor, didn't see howling and screaming of people. What I did see is a whole lot of people who have no process to change the condition that they're in.'' (That's because they're terrorists or would-be terrorists, Keithy. - Drake)

    The trip made Ellison reconsider his conviction that the prison should be closed.


    ''I was pleasantly surprised, favorably impressed with the conditions,'' he said.

Well, well, well - I guess Keith is a "reich winger", why - he might even be part of the "republican owned media." This is what the Insane Liberal Clown Posse is likely to accuse.

Habeas Corpus has been suspended in America's history, Gitmo certainly is not the first time that enemies and enemy combatants have been denied Habeas Corpus. Of course, many people dumbass Liberals do not know Habeas Corpus was suspended in the past because they prefer to live in a world that excludes facts and history.

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 limits captives' access to habeas corpus."

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 was passed by both the U.S. House and Senate with Democrats voting FOR ITS passage (although is less numbers than Republicans). Dems voted in lesser numbers for this because they are pacifists and appeasers. Dems cry and weep when would-be terrorists like Jose Padilla are sentenced to 17 years for planning to kill thousands. AFP:

    In August a jury convicted Padilla, Hassoun and Jayyousi of aiding a US-based Al-Qaeda cell that supplied recruits and funding to Islamic extremists abroad, and conspiring to murder, kidnap and maim people in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia and other countries from 1993 to 2001.


    The prosecutors said the former Chicago gang member and Muslim convert traveled abroad to train as a "jihad" fighter, and filled out, under an alias, an application to receive "violent jihad training" while in Afghanistan in July 2000.

    US authorities justified his detention without charge saying he was an "enemy combatant" who allegedly planned to explode a radioactive bomb in the country.

Padilla completed an APPLICATION TO BECOME A TERRORIST! What more proof do Liberals need to convince them that there are those who want to harm and kill U.S. citizens and damage our country? Oh wait - I forgot - the Liberals like it when Americans are killed and injured and when our cities are attacked and destroyed like what happened on September 11. The Liberals blame America first - it's "our" fault. The funny (funny sad, not funny ha ha) thing is, that the moment any of these Liberals were personally threatened they would be the first ones to go crying and whining, demanding that the U.S. protect them. Hypocrites.

Come 2025 when Padilla is released, maybe he can go live with Liberal Talk Show host Mike "The Rapidly Decaying and Rotting Corpse" Malloy or Al Franken since they are so sympathetic and friendly to terrorists.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina Dem Primary Prediction

South Carolina has its primary for the Communists - I mean the Dems, how could I confuse the two - today, Saturday.

The State says - among other things - that John The Sissy Edwards is making a move:

    With only a day left before Saturday’s S.C. Democratic presidential primary, the former U.S. senator from North Carolina and S.C. native is making a move, tracking polls suggest.

    While still in third, Edwards’ poll numbers have been rising since Monday’s Myrtle Beach debate.

    One new poll says Edwards is threatening U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York for second place in South Carolina. However, no poll finds him threatening the S.C. leader, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.


    ... a less favorable poll for Edwards — from McClatchy/MSNBC, released Thursday — showed Obama favored by 38 percent of S.C. voters, Clinton at 30 percent and Edwards at 19 percent. An Ebony/Jet magazine poll was similar. It has Obama at 37 percent, Clinton at 27 percent and Edwards at 15 percent.


    According to the latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll, Edwards has gained 4 percentage points since Wednesday and is the choice of 19 percent of likely voters. Obama maintains the S.C. lead at 39 percent but his lead is down 4 percentage points over Clinton from a day earlier.


    Zogby poll also found Obama’s support among black voters has slipped by 9 points, to 56 percent. Edwards’ support among African-Americans, previously negligible, had risen to 5 percent.


    Edwards also is up in a SurveyUSA Election Poll taken Tuesday and Wednesday.

    He claimed 22 percent of the vote, up 7 percentage points from a week ago. Obama continued to lead at 45 percent, unchanged from last week, and Clinton tallied 29 percent, down 7 percentage points.

Now go back and read the above excerpts again. Why on earth would anyone - post election - claim that pre or exit polling results are to be taken as gospel when many of the polls above have such variances? "Obama leading at 45 percent by SurveyUSA" compared to the Ebony/Jet poll with "Obama at 37 percent, Clinton at 27 percent and Edwards at 15 percent."

If you live by the polls, pre-polling, exit polling - whatever - and think that the polls are reflective of the accuracy of voting, or that voters are being honest with the pollsters, I have ocean front property in Saskatchewan to sell you where the temperature year round never dips below 76 degrees. Honest!

Okay, here's my prediction for South Carolina:

Hillary Clinton wins steals the primary, coming in with around 39%. Obama takes second, no more than 3-6 points behind Hillary. Edwards is third, 8-10 points behind Obama.

Nothing is going to stop Hillary from stealing the White House in November. Nothing.



I Want A Pot AVM Of My Own

Two would be even better!

Marijuana Vending Machine

Sign On San Diego:

    In Japan, vending machines distribute beer. In the future, public booths will aid in the act of suicide. And now, in Los Angeles, marijuana comes from an ATM.

    The proper acronym is AVM, Anytime Vending Machine. L.A. is now home to two 24-hour pot AVMs, one on Melrose and another on La Cienega. But don't head for the 5 just yet. You're still required to jump through all the regulatory hoops -- the doc's OK, namely.

Marijuana vending machines are sprouting up (get it...sprouting up...) in California. Gizmodo:

    Starting on Monday, people who have medical conditions such as glaucoma, cancer, and the deadly not-stoned-enough virus can start getting their fat buds from special "AVMs."

    These electronic drug dealers won't be out on the street next to a Pepsi machine, of course. No, they'll be "housed in standalone rooms, abutting two dispensaries and protected by round-the-clock security guards." To use them, you'll need to go with a prescription in hand, get fingerprinted and get a prepaid credit card that's loaded up with your dosage and what strain of weed you want. Yeah, no joke, the pharmacists in LA give you a choice between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple.

Mmmmmmmmmmm...the Kush...such a fine weed....(ahem)...or so I'm told by those who've had it.

I cannot believe that marijuana is still regarded as such a hideous and harmful drug when the most harmful and destructive drug - booze - is, and has been, legal for decades. I am not suggesting a return to prohibition - far from it. But liquor has destroyed more people, more families, more careers and more lives than pot ever has and ever will. Okay, that's a subjective statement because I haven't crunched the numbers, but let me say this: when was the last time two or more people got into a fight because they were smoking weed? When was the last time two or more people got into a fight because they were drunk? When was the last time someone caused a injurious car accident because they were high? When was the last time a drunk driver injured or killed someone?

And all the millions and millions of dollars spent by the federal and state government combating what is nothing more than a weed. This is absurd, it is not economical, it is a farce on the grandest of scales. Further, if any state decided to do what California is doing regarding marijuana for medicinal purposes, the Federal Government has no business attempting to ride roughshod over the state. This is supposed to be the whole intent behind The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Wiki:

    "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

However, the Federal Government finds itself an "out" with - as unfortunate as it may be - the Federal Commerce clause. Wiki:

    According to the Tenth Amendment, the federal government of the United States has the power to regulate only matters specifically delegated to it by the Constitution. Other powers are reserved to the States, or to the people. The Commerce Clause is one of those few powers specifically delegated to the federal government and thus its interpretation is very important in determining the scope of federal legislative power.


    Most recently, the Commerce Clause was cited in the 2005 decision Gonzales v. Raich. In this case, a California woman sued the Drug Enforcement Administration after her medical marijuana crop was seized and destroyed by Federal agents. Medical marijuana was explicitly made legal under California state law by Proposition 215; however, marijuana is prohibited at the federal level by the Controlled Substances Act. Even though the woman grew the marijuana strictly for her own consumption and never sold any, the Supreme Court stated that growing one's own marijuana affects the interstate market of marijuana, citing the Wickard v. Filburn decision. It therefore ruled that this practice may be regulated by the federal government under the penumbra of the Commerce Clause.

This is a hi-jacking of States' Rights - and this is only my opinion - and this has been used no matter whether the president was a Republican or Democrat; no matter which party had a congressional majority.

The constitutionality of the Commerce Clause needs to be challenged, as is evidenced (at least in my opinion) with regard to its implementation and interpretation. Wiki:

    In 1995, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist delivered the opinion of the Court in United States v. Lopez (later clarified by United States v. Morrison). There, the Court ruled that Congress had the power to regulate only

    * the channels of commerce,
    * the instrumentalities of commerce, and
    * action that substantially affects interstate commerce

    Thus the federal government did not have the power to regulate relatively unrelated things such as the possession of firearms near schools, as in the Lopez case. This was the first time in 60 years, since the conflict with President Franklin Roosevelt in 1936-37, that the Court had overturned a putative regulation on interstate commerce because it exceeded Congress's commerce power. Justice Clarence Thomas, in a separate concurring opinion, argued that allowing Congress to regulate intrastate, noncommercial activity under the Commerce Clause would confer on Congress a general “police power” over the Nation.

    The Court found in Seminole Tribe v. Florida, 517 U.S. 44 (1996) that, unlike the Fourteenth Amendment, the Commerce Clause does not give the federal government the power to abrogate the sovereign immunity of the states.

    Many described the Rehnquist Court's commerce clause cases as a doctrine of "new federalism". The outer limits of that doctrine were delineated by Gonzales v. Raich (2005), in which Justices Scalia and Kennedy departed from their previous positions as parts of the Lopez and Morrison majorities to uphold a federal law regarding marijuana. The court found the federal law valid, although the marijuana in question had been grown and consumed within a single state, and had never entered interstate commerce.

Even the most strict and staunch, non-pot smoking, stuffed-shirt Conservative Republican should be able to see how unjust the Commerce Clause has been, and what appears to be arbitrarily and capriciously applied in past cases of how it has been used to insert the Federal Government into undermining what is reserved for the State to decide for itself. If I'm oversimplifying what seems to be essentially an easy to understand issue with the Commerce Clause please, by all means, anyone with a background in law, law student or practicing attorney leave a comment letting me know where I am missing the mark.

Yes, I advocate the legalization of marijuana as well as other drugs. Regulate and tax them just as is done with liquor. Further, and this is a thought for a separate post - non-violent drug users or providers (aka "dealers") have no business being locked up in prison. Who do you want living next to you or down your block; a pot smoker, someone who snorts a few lines of coke or a released sex offender or violent criminal?

If we drug tested all of our elected officials - local, county, state and federal - I wonder how many would have cannabis, coke or other outlawed substances in their system?


(All images via Google image search or from linked story.)


Friday, January 25, 2008

Kucinich Quits Presidential Race

Na na na na -
Na na na na-
Hey Hey, Good Bye!

Wooooooooo-Hooooooooooo! Dennis Kookcinich
officially dropped out of the presidential race. AP:

    CLEVELAND (AP) — Democrat Dennis Kucinich is abandoning his second, long-shot bid for the White House as he faces a tough fight to hold onto his other job — U.S. congressman.

    In an interview with Cleveland's Plain Dealer, the six-term House member said he was quitting the race and would make a formal announcement on Friday.

    "I will be announcing that I'm transiting out of the presidential campaign," Kucinich said. "I'm making that announcement tomorrow about a new direction."

    Kucinich has received little support in his presidential bid; he got 1 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary and was shut out in the Iowa caucuses. He did have a devoted following.

    Kucinich, 61, is facing four challengers in the Democratic congressional primary March 4, and earlier this week he made an urgent appeal on his Web site for funds for his re-election. Rival Joe Cimperman has been critical of Kucinich for focusing too much time outside of his district while campaigning for president.


    Kucinich said he will not endorse another Democrat in the primary.

Awwwwww...the Garden Gnome had such momentum and so many delegates going for him. I think he had something like a billion delegates, didn't he? Or was it a zillion, I can't remember. I do know he was unbeatable; the Republicans were terrified of Dwarf Boy winning the Dem nomination. Why, he had such a huge following - certainly he was a shoo-in for the White House, wasn't he?

The only people supporting this LOSER were other LOSERS. He's a career politician who knows from where his bread is buttered. His bread and butter is his Congressional seat.

The Crying, Whining, Hissy Fit Tantrum Throwing UFO Man is too concerned about winning another term in the U.S. House of Representatives. Cleveland.com:

    Kucinich made the announcement Wednesday at the kick-off of his campaign for a seventh term to represent the 10th Congressional District, which includes Cleveland.


    ...his second bid for the White House has drawn four opponents in the Congressional primary, he singled out just one: Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman.

    Kucinich did not name him but referred to Cimperman, who's quickly raised $226,000 for his campaign, as a candidate representing corporate interests.

    "Visualize millions of dollars pouring in to squash my efforts," Kucinich said. He also complained that Cimperman visited his home Wednesday morning.

    As part of a campaign stunt promoted the night before, Cimperman delivered a "Welcome Home" basket containing sausages and maps of Cuyahoga County. Kucinich wasn't home, but his wife, Elizabeth, greeted Cimperman at the door. She refused to accept the basket from what she called "people who are wrapped up with Washington special interests."

Oh dear my, poor Mrs. Kookcinich, isn't she a hoot! Her husband is the definition of someone "wrapped up with Washington special interests." He's a career politician of the worst kind.

I'd vote for Cimperman for no other reason than his sense of humor; delivering maps of Cuyahoga County. That's a riot! I'm guessing The Kookster isn't too familiar with his own district or the people he is supposed to represent.

It's all about that Congressional seat, isn't it Midget Man? Why, if he lost his seat in Congress - he would have to get a real job ("GASP - oh no!" cried Dennis), something of which he's never had.

I hope Ohio voters in his district boot his sorry ass out of office.



Al Franken Anger Unbound

You know the drill by now if the link to the story doesn't work. Do a search on the title of the story, "C.J.: Doggone it! Where is Stuart Smalley when Franken needs him?", and you should find it.

Al Franken, former satirist, Liberal Radio Talk Show host and cocaine snorter lost control and composure at Carleton College during a Q&A session with a student:

    Franken was at Carleton College, where the late Paul Wellstone was a professor, for a student rally related to a special election in state Senate District 25. After the rally, some students crowded around to take photos with the "Saturday Night Live" alum, author, satirist and celebrity.


    Franken apparently had more fun than senior history major Peter Fritz.

    According to Fritz, things started out fine with him taking photos of fellow Carls with Franken. Then Franken's curiosity was raised about why Fritz didn't want to be in a pic.

    He's a conservative, another Carl yelled out by way of explanation.

    At that point, Franken reportedly began peppering Fritz with questions about supporting President Bush and former President Ronald Reagan's tax increases. Fritz told me that he got tense and, as he does in those situations, started chewing the inside of his mouth, a gesture he said was mimicked by Franken; Fritz said he also thought that Franken mocked his style of speech.

    An aide eventually interrupted Franken's act by announcing to the candidate that it was time to go.

    Fritz told me Monday that he then stuck out his hand to shake Franken's. "Well, at least it's nice to meet you," the GOPer said he told Franken, who reportedly replied, I can't say the same.

    There was no handshake, Fritz said.


    Fritz [said] Wednesday that he was stunned by Franken's behavior: "I usually expect politicians to, at least, pretend as though, even in that kind of interaction, that they can convince me or have some kind of reasonable dialogue -- the whole Minnesota Nice thing, at least."

    Fritz's version of the encounter was backed up by Pablo Kenney, prez of the Carleton Dems.

If a Republican acted in the manner Franken did, there would be endless calls for a public apology.

Al Franken has no defense mechanism other than to make fun of people for their appearance, the way they speak or if they chew their lip. He has no footing in ideology other than his own and he has a complete lack of compassion or sympathy for anyone. Yet he pretends to campaign on the issue that he cares about people. The only person this little man who talks out of - ironically - the right side of his mouth cares about is himself. I guess this makes him right at home in the Democrat party.

Al Franken...an angry, vicious, hate-filled and spiteful tiny little man.



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