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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Upper Midwest Swelteringly Frigid

Where's FEMA with a blankie and some hot chocolate or some hot toddies?

Low visibility, blizzard and wind chill closes I-35 at Iowa - Minnesota border. Travel not advised. Radio Iowa:

    The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings for Iowa for this evening and wind chill advisories through Wednesday morning.


    I-35 is closed as you enter the border of Minnesota from Iowa and is closed all the way north to Owatonna [and] that section of I-35 through Minnesota will remain closed until further notice.

Wind chill map shows -40.

Temperature map -10 and falling.

Where's all that global warming Al Gore, Junior is always hyperventilating about?

Cold weather happens!

The wind chill shows -40 where I'm located too in North Dakota. Every other year or so it gets this cold up here for a brief time, however, so you can only look forward.

Good luck!
I need to ask -- what is a hot toddie? Is it anything like a hot karl?
Hi Jeremy. I can't remember the last time "we" (those of us in this geographic area) has this many days of sub zero temps. We've been spoiled for 10+ years with mild winters. I miss those mild winters.

Stay in touch, I glanced at your site, you do some fine writing.
No Don, they are not the same.
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