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Thursday, January 31, 2008

John McCain and Tim Hatch Pawlenty

You know...it's not like I need another reason to not vote for John McCain. For many months the rumor is that if he is the Republican candidate for the presidential race, he just may select Minnesota's RINO Governor Tim Hatch Pawlenty for his Vice President.

Like I said, it's not like I need another reason to not vote for McCain.

I'll support and vote for Mitt Romney if he becomes the Republican candidate. I will not vote for McCain. Nor would I vote for Mike Huckabee, who, according to the Arkansas Leader, raised taxes more often and higher in 10 years as Governor than did Bill Clinton in 12 years.

I can vote for Romney. If he doesn't win the Republican nomination, then I'll be voting for a Third Party Candidate - throwing my vote away as I have done in the past - because I can not and will not support McCain.

I could have supported and voted for either Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani. That's the problem early on in the race, you get your hopes up and then your favorite candidate is not among the top leaders and drops out. That's why I don't voice who I'd support early on, because chances are that person is likely to drop out. Wait until the herd thins a bit is my approach.

Romney or bust.

I will not support or vote for McCain. And if he selects RINO Pawlenty as his running mate...well like I said, I don't need another reason to not vote for McCain.


If McCain should become the RINO candidate, Her Evilness will eviscerate him and feed his entrails to the rabid leftard pigs. McCain is prone to hissy fits just like the magical moonbeam munchkin plus he is bat shit crazy. The Clintler war machine will have no problem causing McCain to become unglued. This only needs to happen once and it is all over. Then Her Evilness can move right into the Reichstag (er White House) and begin the subjugation of us peasants.
Well, at least if Pawlenty is chosen, we'll be rid of him. What a worthless piece of shitake he has been.
McCain's not extreme enough?
Spot on Molson. The Clintons will bait McCain and he will fall for it, losing his temper and having a fit. Exactly! God, you so nailed it.
Modesto - yeah but if McCain-Pawlenty win the White House, we will all have to get used to saying "Governor Molnau." I'm not sure you're ready to do that, are you?
Yeah, Kid DL - he's not enough of a "reich winger" if'n 'ja knows whats I means.

Why is your hypertext reflective of my blog, btw?
Dear god, I got a cold shiver down my spine, when I read that. Don't do that.
Well Modesto, she cant possibly do any worse than RINO PawlentyHatch, can she?
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