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Thursday, January 31, 2008

"And I approve this mesage."

I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of every political advertisement beginning or ending with the words, "and I approve this message." No shit, really? You approve of your own political message? I'm shocked that any politician would approve their own advertisement.

Stop it, stop it right now. Stop saying that you approve your own message. We expect you to approve your own message.

We're not idiots...well, except for the Dems.


This is a rule now after McCain-Feingold that they have to abide by. It has something to do with the new rules regarding advocacy 501-B group non-profit political attack ads...and is another reason not to vote for Mr. Unlucky!
Oh David, we live in such a confused PC liberal world that the prevailant CYA attitude has brought us to this. The ads that they say they approve don't concern me as much as the ads on their behalf that they don't approve. More so with the dems than the republicans, fringe groups supporting a certain person can visciously attack an opponant and the candidate, while keeping his hands clean, reaps the benefits of the attack ad. Ah nothing brings out ugly like the political election process. God Bless America!
good god no, Miller - this bullshit phrase is required by Mc-Fein campaign refinance? I did nt know that. Another reason to not vote for McCain. Jeebus Christ!
Hey Dane - a wonderful observation. We should be seeing - for example - if an poli ad rips on McCain for instance and it's a pro Hillary Ad - then yes - we should hear her shrill voice saying, "I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this attack ad."


On another note, Dane - I received an anonymous lengthy e-mail accusing me of being "a racist" for my "Obama is Ted Kennedy's Poodle" post. Let me ask you - would you interpret it that way at all?

Thnanks Dane.
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