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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One Hit News

Hussein Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko $2 million bond revoked. AP:

    A judge revoked the $2 million bond Monday for indicted businessman Antoin "Tony" Rezko, who has raised thousands of dollars for Barack Obama and Illinois politicians.

    U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve said she grew concerned after learning Rezko received $3.5 million from a company in Lebanon; he had claimed that he had no income. St. Eve said she feared Rezko could be a flight risk.

- - - - -
New poll shows Norwegians opposed to joining European Union. Aftenposten:

    Fully 54.3 percent of those responding said they would vote against seeking EU membership, while 34.6 percent said they would vote in favour of EU membership. Just over 11 percent said they were undecided.

- - - - -
After being cremated...artificial joints, hip replacement screws and other spare parts are being re-used. Copenhagen Post:

    The parts include screws, steel thread, plates, splints and other material that can be re-used to patch up broken bones or slipped hips.

    'We're talking about relatively expensive material here and have therefore struck a deal with a Dutch company who collects the pieces after cremation,' said cemetery manager, Aksel Stigaard from Holstebro.

- - - - -
Is your home polluting the environment? Is your home climate-change friendly? If not, The European Energy Network (ENR) may be quite upset with you. BBC:

    ..the European Commission needs to take some leadership and set a timetable for all new buildings around Europe to be zero-carbon," said Philip Sellwood, chief executive of Britain's Energy Saving Trust (EST), an ENR member.

It's only a matter of time until this hits the U.S.
- - - - -
Tyson Foods accused of lying about its chicken being "raised without antibiotics. Courthouse News Service
- - - - -
What IS that image on Mars? CNet News
(I'd be inclined to guess that it is Dennis Kookcinich looking for delegates but the image is too tall to be Imp Boy.)

From the BBC article "Action needed on home emissions"...

"Britain has introduced energy performance certificates and set a target of building only zero-carbon homes from 2016.

Even so, Mr Sellwood says the government has not set up the support mechanisms needed to encourage householders to invest in energy saving measures."


Yes. Those support mechanisms would be known as the Gestapo, except instead of being run by Nazis, the new Gestapo would be run by green shirt wearing greentards. The greentards won't be happy until everybody is living cardboard boxes. Feck these people are stupid.

Why? Why? Why didn't we just let the Russians have the Eurotrash Zone? The USSR would have fallen apart years earlier than it did and it wouldn't have cost us a dime.

Oh and let me add... Somewhere in America, Al Gore is burning copious amounts of fossil fuels.
Spot on, Molson. We will all be wards of the State if the Dems/Libs/Progs have their way.
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