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Monday, January 28, 2008

Assessments: Liberalism Comes Full Circle

Same drill as usual, if the below link to the story results in "subscribe for free to read the story", just do a search using the story title and authors.

Story Title: Assessments Not A Special Feeling in the Sunday, January 27, Star Tribune. Story by Jean Hopfensperger and Mary Jane Smetanka. FYI: Eagan is a suburb southwest of St. Paul.

    John Cina never asked for a new road in front of his hobby farm in Eagan (Minnesota), or for a new water and sewage extension. [Cina, a retired Minneapolis school teacher is] facing a $77,000 special tax assessment to pay for both services, which he insists he doesn't need [and brings him no benefit].

    "The city wanted to build a road to Mary Jo Copeland's home (for children), so a road was built through my property [and] now we have a road leading to a dead end that serves their properties - and they haven't even built anything yet."[said Cina].

Awwwwww, poor John Cina. I wonder how many times he supported, lobbied for and voted for a raise in property taxes for his school district that many taxpayers felt they didn't need and brought them no benefit?

Development on "Cina Road" will eventually come around. It may not be on a timetable of which Cina approves, but he is not the arbiter or Grand Poobah of development now, is he? Besides, it's not what is immediately improved by this road, is it? It's important about what this road brings to the future. Liberals always tell us that we have to do things that may not directly benefit us at the moment, but instead it will benefit the future. Ah yes, the future - so vitally important. You're not against "the future", are you Mr. Cina?

A $77,000 tax assessment? Good. This is good. Suck it up, Mr. Cina and fork over the $77,000. If that is the amount of your special assessment, then the hobby farm land you own must be worth hundred and hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions.

It's time to "invest" in the "infrastructure" , it's "for the children", Mr. Cina. You're familiar with those words, aren't you? Why, I'm betting you've uttered those words when embracing a school levy increase or when and if your teacher's union ever went on strike during a school year.

I don't know the politics of Cina, but if I did it still wouldn't matter. I'd reach the same conclusion and I'd treat this story the same whether Cina is conservative, liberal or apolitical.

The last two paragraphs of the story are the kicker:

    [Eagan City Manager Tom] Hedges said he sympathizes with Cina, one of many residents facing large assessments. But it's the price of development, he said, and that development will ultimately increase Cina's property value.

    Cina's not convinced, adding, "This just doesn't seem fair."

The cry and whine of every Liberal, ever born, every waking day of their lives: "this doesn't seem faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair."

Liberalism and Big Nanny Government comes full circle - via "investing in infrastructure for the children" - biting a retired school teacher right in the buttocks. How do you like Liberalism and Big Government now, Mr. Cina?

Me - I'm lovin' it! I love stories like this one!


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