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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stocks Sink After Timmy Tax Cheat Geithner Open His Pie Hole...AGAIN! Obama's Popularity Also Sinking (He Must Fail!)

Will someone tell Treasury Secretary Timmy Tax Cheat Geithner to STFU! Every time he opens his mouth, the stock market takes a dive.

From Business Week:

    Bank stocks are retreating amid fresh concerns that financial firms will need additional capital to weather the ongoing credit crisis and recession.

    The KBW Bank Index, which tracks 24 of the nation's largest banks, fell more than 7 percent to 27.06.

    The fall comes a day after Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said during television interviews that the struggling banking sector might need even more money to help it right itself and increase lending. The comments by Geithner affirmed that the ongoing credit crisis and recession is still weighing on banks.

    "Putting that out there highlights the fact that we're not in the late stages of this," says Peter Jankovskis, co-chief investment officer at OakBrook Investments.

Somebody...Ballgag Timmy Tax Cheat! STAT!

Stocks slid on Monday because Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior is ruining General Motors. Market Watch:

    U.S. stocks fell as the specter of a bankruptcy for General Motors and fears that banks such as Citigroup and Bank of America may not pass their "stress tests" punctured the recent rally. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 254.16 points, or 3.27%, to 7522.02[.]


    Standard & Poor's 500 index fell 28.41, or 3.48%, to 787.53[.]


    The technology-oriented Nasdaq Composite fell 43.4, or 2.81%, to 1501.8.

Hey...America...especially you Pbama Cultists...how's your 401(k) or IRA these days? Lookin' good?

Heckuva job, Timmy!

Heckuva job, Barry!

The latest Rasmussen Poll shows only 38% "strongly approve" of the job Pbama is doing:

    38% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President.


    Thirty percent (30%) now Strongly Disapprove[.]


    58% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance so far. Forty percent (40%) disapprove.


    46% of voters still have an unfavorable opinion of the President’s budget.

Have we hit a quadrillion dollars in debt yet? No? It's just a matter of time with Barry!


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Joe Biden's Cokehead Daughter
Ashley Certainly Is Fair Game

Matt Lewis at AOL News' Political Machine says Ashley Biden - allegedly recorded on-camera snorting cocaine - isn't fair game:

    There's a story going around about Joe Biden's daugther [sic] allegedly being taped snorting cocaine.

    This, of course, is a truly sad commentary on the state of politics. First, it is sad that a "friend" would video tape a friend -- and then seek to sell it. Second, this young lady is not running for office. Third, Joe Biden isn't even running for office (not that a campaign would make this fair game).

    The only possible reason to reveal this tape would be 1). to make a buck, or 2). to humiliate Biden and his daughter. This young lady is neither a celebrity or a politician.

    I disagree with Joe Biden's political philosophy, but this is a low blow. Regardless of whether or not this turns out to be legit, I hope this video never sees the light of day ...

Of course Cokehead Ashley Biden is fair game. If Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, and Trig Palin; and the Bush daughters, and the children of John McCain and Mitt Romney and any other other Republican are fair game, so is Druggy Cokehead Ashley Biden.


Hoover up those lines, Ashley. Hoover 'em right up!

Maybe Ashley provides Druggy Barry and Pickles the Dangerous Washerwoman with their Doggie bags of cocaine? Could be!


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40% Disapprove Of Geithner

A new
Gallup Poll reflects 40% of American disapprove of the job being done by Treasury Secretary Timmy Tax Cheat Geithner:

    Americans are split essentially down the middle when asked to assess the job Tim Geithner is doing as Treasury secretary: 42% say they approve, 40% disapprove, and 18% have no opinion.


    Some critics have assailed the way in which Geithner has handled his responsibilities, especially relative to the AIG bonus controversy, and there have been calls for his resignation. Republican Rep. Connie Mack, one of those calling for his resignation, was quoted as saying "[Geithner] has lost the confidence of the American people." Nevertheless, Obama has continued to stand publicly behind his Treasury secretary.

Geithner - and Pbama - have indeed lost the confidence of the American people. It's time for both of them to stand on the unemployment line.

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Pelosi And Reid Popularity Sinks

Yay! Hoo-ray! Ha-cha-cha-cha! The favorability ratings for Speakeress of The House Nanny "Call me Lady Botox" Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader (heh...leader) Harry ReidTard keep getting closer to the bottom of the barrel!

Newsmax crunched the Rasmussen Poll:

    Pelosi's popularity has fallen to a new low for the year, with 60 percent of likely voters now viewing her unfavorably according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday.

    Even worse news for the California Democrat: A whopping 42 percent characterize her job performance as "very unfavorable."


    ...other findings suggest voter's patience with Democrats' handling of the economy could be wearing thin:

    * Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid is also suffering from weak poll numbers. Of the 1,000 likely voters Rasmussen polled March 24 and 25, some 45 percent rated Reid unfavorably, compared to 23 percent who gave him a favorable assessment.

    * Even among Democrats, the popularity of both Reid and Pelosi is sinking. A growing number of Democrats are now critical of their performance.


    * One issue plaguing Democrats, Rasmussen says, is that two-thirds of Americans now believe Obama is likely to raise taxes on those earning less than $250,000 a year.

Of course Pbama will raise taxes on those of us earning less than $250,000 a year. He can't pay for his spending and future deficits without doing so. He'll raise taxes on all of us...you just watch.

How Low Can Congress Go?


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Monday, March 30, 2009

Protests Await Pbama Overseas

The whole world still doesn't love us yet? Why, I thought the reason the world hated us is because W. Bush was the President.

And I was under the impression from Pbama Cultists that the whole would would cream their pants, squeal with glee and loooooooooooooooooove us - even the terrorists - the moment Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior stole the White House.

Huh...I guess Barry isn't generating much love. Awwwwww. Poor Barry and his Cultists.

From Helene Cooper at The NY Times: Obama Will Face a Defiant World on Foreign Visit:

    ...Obama is facing challenges to U.S. power on multiple fronts as he prepares for his first presidential trip overseas, with the nation's economic woes emboldening allies and adversaries alike.


    ...Obama will confront resentment over U.S.-style capitalism and resistance to his economic prescriptions when he lands in London on Tuesday for the Group of 20 summit of industrial and emerging market nations. He will not even try to overcome NATO's unwillingness to provide more troops in Afghanistan when he goes on later in the week to meet with the military alliance.

    He seems unlikely to return home with any more to show for his attempts to open a dialogue with Iran's leaders[.]

Being that it's a NY Times' story, it of course notes that there is "lingering unhappiness around the world at the way the Bush administration used U.S. power." It wouldn't be a NYT story if it didn't fault a Republican.

More, from The Age:

    The blueprint for a new, unified and global assault on the financial crisis — spearheaded by a £1.4 trillion ($A2.9 trillion) fiscal stimulus package — was reportedly dismissed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    "I will not let anyone tell me that we must spend more money," she was quoted as saying.


    The leak and clear rejection of the British blueprint by key European Union leaders can also be read as a blow for US President Barack Obama, who has worked forcefully to lead other major world economies into echoing his own $US800 billion ($A1.15 trillion) stimulus plan.

The "anyone" Chancellor Merkel is referring to is, of course, Pbama. He wants to push Europe into debt and deficits in the same way that he's done with the U.S. And Europe isn't exactly keen on Pbama telling them what to do. Hysterical! Rich!

And last week, the Czech Premier called the Obama Administration's Economic Policies 'a Road to Hell'. WaPo:

    The president of the European Union on Wednesday ripped the Obama administration's economic policies, calling its deficit spending and bank bailouts "a road to hell."

    The comments by Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek of the Czech Republic, which holds the E.U.'s rotating presidency, startled some U.S. and European officials, who are preparing for President Obama's visit next month to several European cities, including Prague, the Czech capital.

Heh...ol Barry is too much of a Marxist for parts of Europe. Now that's funny! And Prime Minister Topolanek's words quite accurately describe Pbama's policies: a road to hell.

I guess the whole wide world still doesn't love us, despite the Kenyan who stole the election and is illegally occupying the White House.


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Obama's Aunt Zeituni Fighting Deportation

You remember Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior's Aunt Zeituni, don't you? She's the aunt who was found living in public-housing and poverty.

Zeituni Onyango is the half-sister of Pbama's father, Barack Hussein Obama, Senior. She is living in the U.S. illegally, having been ordered deported in 2004.

Zeituni Onyango lives in poverty thanks to her nephew Barry.

From The Boston Globe:

    "[Zetuni's case] is unusual in American history because it's a relative of the president involved in immigration matters," said Mark Kirkorian, executive director of the Washington -based Center for Immigration Studies. "It really does present the White House with a opportunity of a minefield."


    [President] Obama has said he's had no involvement in the case and that is should run its ordinary course, White House spokesman Ben LaBolt said.


    [Zeituni] came to the United States in 2000 to find work and to seek a better life. Though she was ordered deported in 2004, she remained in the United States undetected until just before Election Day.

Whoa. She's a fugitive. Prednint Pbama's aunt is a fugitive. Oh, my - how The Left would be politicizing and sensationalizing this if it had been W's aunt.

Recall prednintial candidate Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior's words from
last year's Saddleback Church Forum:

    Obama responded to a question about America's greatest moral failure as follows:

    "I think America's greatest moral failure in my lifetime has been that we still don't abide by that basic precept in Matthew that whatever you do for the lest of my brothers, you do for me."

I guess for Pbama, his own aunt doesn't meet the definition of "the lest of [his] brothers." Worse, she is one of his greatest moral failures.

Oh, That Barry. He sure is compassionate, yes?


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Ashley Biden Snorts Cocaine?

If your Dad was Herr Joe Biden, wouldn't you snort coke, too?

Ashley Biden, 27-year old daughter of Vice President Herr Biden, allegedly caught on video tape snorting cocaine. NY Post:

    A "friend" of Vice President Joseph Biden's daughter, Ashley, is attempting to hawk a videotape that he claims shows her snorting cocaine at a house party this month in Delaware.


    Dunlap and a man claiming to be a lawyer showed The Post about 90 seconds of 43-minute tape, saying it was legally obtained and that Ashley was aware she was being filmed.


    The dialogue is difficult to discern, but the woman makes repeated references to the drugs, said the lawyers, who said they viewed the tape about 15 times.

    "At one point she pretty much complains that the line isn't big enough," said the second lawyer, who declined to identify himself. "And she talks about her dad."

    [Joe] Biden has been an outspoken crusader against drugs, coining the term "drug czar" in 1982 while campaigning for a more forceful "war on drugs."


    The woman in the video acknowledges the camera in a way that makes it clear she knows she's being recorded, the lawyers said, waving at it during a part of the video not shown to The Post.

    No one else in the video is seen using the drugs. The woman in the video acknowledges the camera in a way that makes it clear she knows she's being recorded, the lawyers said, waving at it during a part of the video not shown to The Post.

Cocaine (left), out on a date with Ashley Biden, cokehead daughter of the Vice Prednint Herr Biden.

"At one point she pretty much complains that the line isn't big enough." Darlin' it never is - and this is a sign of someone with an addiction problem.

With this story getting headlines, no doubt The Pbama and Biden Cultists, and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) are in the middle of one their finest performances of Moral Relativism:

Ashley Biden snorts cocaine? "Leave her alone, this is her personal business," The Cultists and ILCP would scream.

Watch the double standard and hypocrisy employed by the Cultists and the
ILCP on the Ashley (snoooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt) Biden story.

Whoa Nelly, if this story surrounded Bristol Palin or Levi Johnston or John McCain's daughter, or the Bush daughters. Oh, Lordy day, The Cultists and the ILCP would be vilifying them up, down, left, right and seventy-six ways to next Sunday.

The story notes that Ashley is a social worker for a Delaware child-welfare agency. Perhaps they should order her to undergo a drug test?

Since The Left smears anyone who's had a drug problem and who also disagrees with their political
rhetoric a "druggy," it is of course totally appropriate to - from this point forward - refer to Ashley as "Cokehead Druggy Biden."


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North Dakota De-Icing With Salty Oil Water

Here's a perfect, text book example of when Liberals put their subjective beliefs ahead of proven facts.

The Liberals in this case consist of, among others, The Dakota Resource Council, the Sierra Club and the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center.

The issue is salty oil well water, also called oil well brine. In a time where cities are financially strapped, oil well brine is much cheaper for road deicing than using road salt. Some oil companies give it away. The water is ten times saltier than sea water.

Although a search on salty oil well water brings this issue up several times going back many years, the most recent reincarnation is here. Twin Cities.com:

    AP - by James MacPherson

    BISMARK, N.D. Salty oil well water is being sprayed on North Dakota roads as a deicer and environmental groups want it stopped.


    [Ken Kussy, street maintenance manager] said tests on three wells where the water is obtained found it no more toxic than commercial road salt.


    But environmentalists question that practice.

    "The long and short of it is that we don't think it's legal," said Cindy Klein, a spokeswoman for the Dickinson-based Dakota Resource Council, an environmental and landowner group.


    [Dave Glatt, director of the environmental health section of the state Health Department] said, "compared with commercial-grade products, what we saw didn't rise to a level of concern."

The story states the Health Department conducted studies on the brine water and found it did not harm water or vegetation along roadsides. The health department monitors the results of which government agencies us the brine water for road deicing. Mr. Kussy says it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between oil well waste-water and commercial road salt.

The story also notes that oil well wastewater has been used to melt ice and snow on roads, especially in the western parts of North Dakota, since 1963.

Rather than oppose this on what appears to be "belief," you'd think it would be easy for the Sierra Club and other groups opposed to brine water to gather data from the western part of the state that scientifically proves their point. Are they doing this? I don't know.

What I do know is that if using oil well wastewater is recognizably harmful to the environment, the proof should be obvious in the the western part of the state where it is used. Considering salty oil water has been used there since 1963, it shouldn't be difficult for the EnviroTards to prove their point - if what they say is true. This does not appear to be the case.

Okay. We all know how Liberals love science and technology when it fits with their agenda of exploiting and issue for political purposes, right? There is nothing indicating that oil water brine negatively affects the environment.

    "What a way to run a railroad," said Wayde Schafer, a North Dakota spokesman for the Sierra Club. "It's a sad commentary that the perceived financial savings outweigh public health and the environment."

It is not a "sad commentary," Mr. Schafer, that the financial savings outweigh public health and the environment. There is nothing indicating that there is a public health or environmental threat posed by the salty oil water. There is no evidence that what you believe has been factually proven. Yet people like Mr. Schafer, and others, dismiss the scientific findings and put their belief ahead of facts, that brine water somehow must be damaging, despite evidence to the contrary.

Yes...the Liberals "believe."

This is the standard operating procedure for the Insane Liberal Clown Posse. Belief trumps facts. Belief trumps testing and research. Except, as I said, when it's an issue the ILCP wants to promote, such as so-called global warming or that second-hand cigarette smoke is a serious health threat. Then...oh, then the ICLP pull from the deepest recesses of their collective rectum every alleged scientific statistic they can find.

I don't know why anyone would consider giving these people any degree of legitimacy, credence, let alone the time of day.


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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Baby Democrat Network (BDN)

The Baby Democrat Network (BDN) Programming Schedule.

Today's remaining programming schedule on The Baby Democrat Network is:

* Remembering Bush Hatred - A special, limited commercial-interruption three hour program where Bush Haters reminisce their most memorable moments of hatred and rage beginning with the outcome of the year 2000 Florida presidential election results through January 2009. Special moments include: The start of the Iraq War, the Iraq War, the Iraq Surge, The Iraq War and The Iraq War.

Remembering Bush Hatred is follow by:

* Remembering Bush Hatred, Part 2 - A special, limited commercial-interruption three hour program that expands on its predecessor.

Remembering Bush Hatred, Part 2 is followed by:

* Denial Or Hypocrisy? - A new game show where the contestants are always Liberal or Progressives. Contestants are asked questions with obvious factual answers, yet will their political bent allow them to acknowledge the truth or will they choose Denial or Hypocrisy! Tune in for laughs galore. Hosted By Gene Rayburn, III.

Denial Or Hypocrisy is follow by:

* Reading Marx (get it, Reading Marx? - oh, we're so clever at the BDN) - This award winning ongoing series presents confirmed Marxists reading their favorite passages of Karl Marx. This week Joy Behar and Sean Penn read from "Das Kapital."

Reading Marx is followed by:

The Dennis Koocinich UFO Show - Join Dennis Koocinich for three hours of UFO talk, alien abduction and, if he has time, time devoted to his Bush-Cheney impeachment rage.

The Dennis Koocinich UFO Show is followed by:

* Your Wealth Is My Wealth - Does your neighbor, friend or family member earn way more money than you do? Do they have more toys, take better vacations, have nicer homes, newer cars and generally live a better lifestyle than you do? There's no reason you just can't take a lot of what they have. You're entitled to it! This program shows you how to do it.

Your Wealth Is My Wealth is followed by:

* No Team Loses - An interactive instructional show for parents of toddlers and young children who are just beginning what formerly was termed "competitive" sports. Internet and television audience can call in and ask questions. This week's issues include: how to I keep those two parents from keeping score, all children are equally athletically co-ordinated and after the game both teams received snacks of equal value.

No Team Loses is followed by:

Mad Madeleine Albright's Brooch, Hat Pin and Gem-brilliant Jewelry Shopping Marathon - The former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright brings her latest collection of bling for the discriminating, portly, craggy-faced, over age-70 woman. Call in, talk to Madeleine and buy something. All major credit cards accepted. It's that simple and fun!

Mad Madeleine Albright's Brooch, Hat Pin and Gem-brilliant Jewelry Shopping Marathon is followed by:

Remembering Bush Hatred, Part 3: Celebrity Edition - A special, limited commercial-interruption three hour program that expands on its predecessors; this time from the view of celebrities. Featuring: Joy Behar, Sean Penn, Rosie O'Donnell, Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Tim Robbins, Harry Belafonte, Oliver Stone, Spike Lee and others.


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Warmonger Obama Death Toll Mounting,
Sending More Soldiers To Afghanistan

4,000 additional U.S. Soldiers being sent to Afghanistan by The Warmongering, Bloodthirsty Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior. USA MacPaper:

    President Obama this hour unveiled details of a revised strategy for the battle against terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. As has been widely reported, he was expected to say he's sending about 4,000 more troops -- on top of the additional 17,000 he's already added to the region.

I don't understand...I thought the reason terrorists wanted to harm us is because - according to The Left - We are the aggressor. The Left said if "we" stopped be aggressive, terrorism would stop.
So why is Pbama acting with such...Cowboy Diplomacy?

Meanwhile, the number of deaths fully and wholly owned by Pbama continues increasing.

AFP: Afghan soldier kills two U.S. Soldiers and injures one.

APee: 48 killed at suicide attack at Pakistani mosque.

CNN: 22 dead in Iraq, four women and three children among them.

Remember when war deaths used to send the Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) into protests of the most vitriolic rage imaginable?

Remember when increases in Troop levels met with the fiercest resistance from the Cultists and the ILCP?

Remember when the Pbama Cultists and ILCP would say that the whole world will stop hating us once W. Bush is out of office?

Nowadays, they sure are quiet about these things, aren't they? I wonder what's different...?


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Friday, March 27, 2009

Retard Pbama: "Smart meters and more electricians will save the economy!"

Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior held a virtual townhall meeting. I wonder why he didn't just float on the clouds in the sky, over all of us, and answer our questions directly?

Did you read, see or hear the questions asked? The most softball questions imaginable. No doubt the only questions that were allowed past the filter were those from the most loyal, Jackboot-Licking Pbama Cultists, Insane Liberal Clown Posse and ACORN members.

The Kenyan said that the country doesn't have enough electricians and the way to create jobs is by installing smart meters into the homes of everyone. LA Times:

    "We could set up systems so that everybody in each house have their own smart meters that will tell you when to turn off the lights, when the peak hours are, can help you sell back energy that you've generated in your home through a solar panel or through other mechanisms."

So Pbama is in the pocket of Big Electric, huh? Oh, I'm sure the people who run Big Electric are nowhere near as evil and greedy as those who run Big Oil.

Smart meters already exist. They're called programmable thermostats.

And I don't need a government meter telling me to turn off lights in rooms no one is occupying. Most of us learned this as a young child from our parents, usually our dad: "Turn off the lights if you're not in that room. I'm not the electric company!"

I'm amazed at how Pbama Cultists and Liberals are so passive about the government installing what amounts to an energy surveillance device in our homes. Who knows what else it monitors that they're not telling us? Yep, the Cultists and Liberals sure got their undies in a bundle over W. Bush and his "illegal spying and wiretapping." But Pbama wants to monitor our energy use - and who knows what else - and the Pbama Cultists and Liberals cream their pants with glee.

No question about it...Barry is Retarded. I'm completely convinced of it. Nothing will change my mind.


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You're doing a Heck Of A Job, Timmy!

What in the hell is it going to take before Treasury Secretary Timmy Tax Cheat Geithner has his sorry Wall Street ass booted out of office? Even Anti War Group Code Pink possesses enough common sense demanding that Geithner be fired.

On Wednesday, Timmy Tax Cheat said the dollar could be replaced as the premier currency for world financial reserves–something recently suggested by Chinese officials. (Geithner later backtracked).

Geithner backtracked because as soon as his words hit the currency traders, the dollar dropped. Politico:

    I noted earlier that Tim Geithner had been surprisingly sanguine about a new world currency, and had to be pulled back onto his tightrope by former Clinton Treasury official Roger Altman.

    Currency traders noticed too: The dollar fell on his initial remarks, though it recovered a bit after Altman steered him back on message.

Way to go, Timmy! You're doing a heckuva job!

Nouriel Roubini, the New York University professor who predicted last year’s economic crisis, said U.S. stocks will continue falling and the government will nationalize more banks. Bloomberg:

    “The stock market is a bit ahead of the real macroeconomic and financial news,” Roubini, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and the chairman of consulting firm Roubini Global Economics, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television in London today. “We’ll have some major banks going belly up that will need to be taken over.”


    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s new plan to remove toxic debt from financial companies won’t be enough for insolvent banks, he said.

Way to go Timmy! You're doing a heckuva job!

I checked Open Secrets and found one poltical donation of Mr. Roubini. He donated $500 to Senator Joe Lieberman in 2004:

    ROUBINI, NOURIEL - NEW YORK UNIVERSITY - NEW YORK, NY 10013 12/23/04 - $500 Lieberman, Joe (D)

Way to go Timmy! You're doing a heckuva job!


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Liberals Lying On Employee Free Choice Act

The Pbama Cultists and Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) are lying to everyone about the Employee Free Choice Act. This is also known as the "card check" legislation. It will do away with secret ballots in the work place. It's a payback to Unions from The Liberals.

The Cultists and ILCP paint Card Check as a benign, harmless law. Really? No, they're lying.

The workers in the below short video tell of harassment, intimidation and threats - all due to Card Check. It happened in Albion, Indiana at the DANA plant when UAW Union thugs bellied their way into a small businesses that employs fifty workers.

Watch it. It's only a couple minutes long.

The next time a Pbama Cultist or someone from the ILCP tells you Card Check is being exploited or sensationalized by Conservatives, tell them to watch the above video. Then tell them to gent bent.

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Uh-Oh, Better Call The Waaahmbulance!

The below comment on my post Protesting Obama's Iraq War.

    Jeff Getchell said...

    Your argument is thought provoking but it is a tad bit mind boggling. You are making the assumption that Mr. "Inexperienced, Unqualified, Kenyan-born Illegal and Illegitimate Prednint Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Pbama" will do not do anything right when it comes to the Iraq War. Also you repeat Obama's demand for "withdrawal now." Is this withdrawal NOW the reason why we will have troops in Iraq until the end of 2011? Dont believe me? Check the link: http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/02/27/iraq.dems/index.html

    All your blog does is ramble on and on. There really is no evidence or backing. You are just assuming that Obama can not do anything right and you just insult him and call him childish nicknames.
    J Getchell

    8:54 AM, March 26, 2009

    David Drake said...

    Hi Jeff.

    Yes, I am indeed making the presumption that The Kenyan will not do anything right. Exactly.

    I know we're going to have troops in Iraq until 2011 and likely beyond that. That isn't exactly what The Kenyan said as a candidate, though, is it?

    Why is it Liberals can diss and smear Republicans with impunity but when the same standard is applied to a Liberal, people like you recoil and whine?

    I know you'll never return to answer these questions:

    Did you vote for Obama in 2008?
    Who did you vote for in 2004 and 2000?

    Do you hold accountable all the Democrats who are on record from 1998-2000 - Bill Clinton, Pelosi, Hillary, Kerry et al - saying "Saddam Hussein is seeking WMDs and nuclear weapons." - Because they set the stage, Jeff. They set the intelligence standards.

    Yes I do insult Pbama and call him names. The Left has never done anything like that, have they?

    2:01 PM, March 26, 2009

Image credit unknown. If it's yours, by all means let me know.

Jeff...call the Waaahmbulance!

Bwa ha ha ha.

You have to love Pbama Cultists and their thin skin! They just cannot tolerate their Messyiah being on the receiving end of criticism. TFB.


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Press Conference

I didn't watch the Tuesday night Propaganda Fest with Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior. I didn't need to watch or hear Dear Leader in order to know what effect Pbamanomics will have on all of us. I asked the Magic 8-Ball...it knows all.


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AIG Bonuses A Liberal Witch Hunt

The Liberals and Progressives continue playing the Wealth Envy Card with the AIG Bonus story.

The Witch Hunters include many Liberals, but the notable names are CommieCrat Senators Cluck Schumer and Chris Dudd, Liberal Congresswoman spBarney spFrank and New York Attorney General Asshat Andrew Cuomo (Cuomo...heh, rhymes with "homo." Coincidence? I think not).

Last week, spBarney spFrank called the bonuses "extortion." SeeBS News:

    Retention bonuses are to a great extent extortion, Frank argued. “I think there was an element, frankly, with some — not all of them — of almost extortion, where they said, 'We know what you need to know and we will quit if you don’t bribe us,'” Frank said.

    He argued that there is a large pool of very talented people who have lost their jobs in the financial crisis and that AIG could replace the bonus recipients (some of whom are responsible for creating the firm's now-toxic assets) rather than bribe them with retention bonuses.

You can tell spBarney has never balanced a budget or met a payroll and he is totally clueless that it's not an easy task for businesses to hire and keep retained talented, knowledgeable and experienced employees.

AccountingWeb has a good timeline of the AIG bonus story, especially regarding the web of lies surrounding Treasury Secretary Timmy Tax Cheat Geithner, The Kenyan-born Illegal and Illegitimate Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior, Chris Dudd and Cuomo:

    March 24, 2009 - New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo told reporters on March 23 that nearly of half of the recipients of the largest AIG bonuses have already agreed to return the money. That is, nine of the top ten, and fifteen of the top twenty recipients are forfeiting the bonuses. So far that amounts to about $50 million. Others, many of whom live overseas outside of the New York State jurisdiction, have declined to return the money. Forty-seven percent of the bonuses were awarded to Americans.


    March 23, 2009 - After days of bellowing and blaming, on Friday afternoon, March 20th, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner confirmed that his department pushed Senator Chris Dodd to write a loophole into the Economic Stimulus Plan that would pave the way for the AIG bonuses to be paid.

    The Stimulus Bill included a cap on executive bonuses for companies that take federal bailout money. But tucked inside the bill – which was passed by a majority vote by Congress before anyone read it – was a provision that modified the cap so that it would only apply to future bonuses and would let slide the bonuses that had been contracted for already, including the AIG bonuses.

    At first, the Obama administration declared that Geithner didn't learn of the bonuses until a week ago. After a timeline of events showing that in his previous position as president of the New York Federal Reserve, he knew of the bonuses last fall, the Treasury Secretary modified his statement in a CNN interview to say that he "learned of the full scale and scope of these specific" bonuses last week.


    March 20, 2009 - [...] Late Wednesday Senator Chris Dodd acknowledged that, under pressure from the Treasury Department, he helped write a loophole into February's Economic Stimulus Plan – the plan that nobody read before signing – that allowed the bonuses to be paid. Now the apparent scramble is to determine, who in the administration knew about the pending AIG bonuses when the "loophole" was created, and of course, when did they know it?

The story doesn't leave out Cluck Schumer's chicken-headed beak-flapping either:

    Senate Charles Schumer (D-NY) told reporters, "If Mr. Liddy does nothing we will act and we will take this money back and return it to its rightful owners, the taxpayers," Schumer warned. "So for those of you who are getting these bonuses, be forewarned - you will not be getting to keep them."

Cluck Schumer and his Official Headquarters.

Cluck is such a good steward of taxpayer money, isn't he? He's one of those Fiscal Liberals...yeah, uh-huh...read on.

May, 2008: Citizen Against Government Waste (CAGW) names Cluck Schumer as Porker of The Month:

    Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today named Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) its May Porker of the Month for attempting to use the tax code to earmark a $2 billion subsidy for a commuter rail between Manhattan and the JFK airport. Sen. Schumer wants to take advantage of the New York Liberty Zone (NYLZ) tax credits, which were intended to stimulate the redevelopment of downtown Manhattan after 9/11, for a rail project that has been under consideration since well before 2001.

The CAGW story quotes the Wall Street Journal saying Schumer's pork earmark "hangs like a Christmas ornament from a must-pass bill to extend certain annual tax credits."

December, 2007: Top Senate Porkers includes Schumer. Heritage Foundation:

    After a bit of counting, the Washington Examiner has found a suspected list of the top pork-getters in the Senate: Schumer (323), Murray (310) and Clinton (301) are the three senators whose names appear most frequently in the bill, followed by Specter, Cochran, Levin, Feinstein, Shelby, Lincoln, Stabenow and Menendez.

June, 2007: Schumer's name again pops up as a Porker. The Hill:

    Clinton received 26 earmarks worth about $148.4 million total, most of which were also sought by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.). Clinton and Schumer agreed several years ago to go after projects together, according to several sources.

October, 2008: Schumer seeks Pork for race tracks. Autoblog:

    What do failing banks and foreclosed houses have to do with race tracks? A lot, apparently, if you're Charles Schumer. The New York Senator added an earmark to the nation's $700 billion "rescue plan" that will extend current tax laws for race tracks that allow them to be considered the same as amusement parks in the eyes of the IRS.


    The race track earmark wasn't in the House bill that got shot down last week, but was added by Senator Schumer to the 450-page bill[.]

These are just a few examples of Cluck not giving a crap about pissing away taxpayer money on his special, pet, pork projects. He's the last one who should protest about anyone receiving a dollar from the government, pork or bonus. Who knew Cluck liked Pork so much? I wonder if it's Kosher.


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spBarney spFrank Explains Why He
Called Justice Scalia A Homophobe

But-but-but...I thought The Liberals - like spBarney spFrank - were tolerant and non-judgmental who, even though someone may disagree with them, were able to maintain their diplomacy and remain non-judgmental, certainly removed from name-calling and "labeling" others.

CommieCrat Congressman spBarney spFrank of Assachusetts called
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a homophobe. LA Times:

    Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress, recently gave an interview to a gay website, www.365gay.com, in which he took on a different foe. Asked about the Defense of Marriage Act -- which bans gay marriage -- Frank said he hopes the law is not appealed to the Supreme Court right now because Justice Antonin Scalia is a "homophobe" with too many allies on the court to risk a judicial challenge.

    "I wouldn't want it to go to the United States Supreme Court now because that homophobe Antonin Scalia has too many votes on this current court," Frank said.

    In a 2003 Texas case that overturned the nation's consensual sodomy laws, Scalia wrote a dissent, saying the majority's ruling represented "a massive disruption of the current social order."

The LA Times link has the video of spBarney.

Now, spBarney continues explaining himself. Boston.com:

    Representative Barney Frank yesterday defended his use of the term "homophobe" to describe Antonin Scalia, the conservative Supreme Court justice who has ruled in favor of limiting legal protections for gays.

    "What a 'homophobe' means is someone who has prejudice about gay people," Frank told WBZ radio, arguing that Scalia's judicial writing "makes it very clear that he's angry, frankly, about the existence of gay people."

Yeah, yeah - spBarney. Whatever. It's easy to play The Homophobe Card, or the Race Card, or the Fear Card when it's politically advantageous for...you guessed it...a politician. Especially a Liberal Politician.

Scalia's dissent doesn't make it very clear that he's angry about the existence of gay people.

If I'm not mistaken - and someone let me know if I am - the overturn of the nation's sodomy law removed the crime of consensual sodomy and sodomy isn't necessarily exclusive to gays. Plenty of straight men use the back door when Aunt Flo visits their wife or girlfriend. And this is why spBarney spFrank is wrong in calling Scalia a "homophobe." Scalia, if anything, might be a "sodomyphobe."

I don't agree with Scalia either, that consensual sodomy will cause "a massive disruption of the current social order." Sodomy has been around for - geez, a couple of years anyway - and short of Sodom and Gomorrah, I don't know of any massive disruption of current social order.

Scalia is entitled to Free Speech in his personal and public life.

spBarney spFrank is grandstanding - as he always does - nothing more.


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama Approval Rating Drops To 50%

This has to be one of the fastest crash and burns of any elected person who stole an election.

The approval rating for The Kenyan Occupying The White House has dropped to 50 percent. Boston Herald:

    The honeymoon is over, according to a national poll out today as President Obama’s job approval stumbles to about 50 percent over the lack of improvement with the crippled economy.

    The sobering numbers come as the president backpedals from two prime-time gaffes - one comparing his bowling score to a Special Olympian and another awkwardly laughing about the economy, which prompted Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes” to ask “are you punch-drunk?”

    Pollster John Zogby said his poll will show Americans split on the president’s performance. He said the score factors out to “about 50-50.”


    Some polls show Obama coasting with a 65 percent job approval, but not in Zogby’s tally.

    “The numbers are going down,” Zogby told the Herald. “It’s not because of the gaffes, but a combination of high expectations and that things aren’t moving fast enough with the economy.”

Uh-oh! Watch out Pbama Cultist and Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP)! Look-out! Behind you! (No, it's not flaming spBarney spFrank). It's Karma. And it's going to hit you up-side your brainless heads faster than you can say Halliburton!

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Obama Can't Pronouce Orion

H/T: Two Dogs at Mean Ol' Meany:

    Remember how all the news reporters jumped all over President Bush for his pronunciation of the word "nuclear?" They are just jumping all over Barry Obama for the inability to pronounce "Orion" right? What, you haven't heard about the New Moron President fumbling that one, REPEATEDLY? Hmmmm, wonder why?

The brilliant intellectual Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior cannot pronounce the word "Orion."

From NRO:

    You may read about President Obama's speech today on green energy, plugging a company called Orion Energy. Standing next to Orion's CEO, he praised the company for its groundbreaking work on consumer energy efficiency. Unfortunately, something went awry despite the teleprompter's best efforts:

    All terrific press for Orion, except that Obama kept pronouncing the company’s name wrong, calling it OAR-ee-on.

Mr. Pbama Head. Brain destroyed from too much crack cocaine? Could be!


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Wife Of Chris Dodd, Jackie Clegg, Was
Outside Director For AIG Owned Company

Phony Baloney, Grandstanding LPOS Senator Chris Dudd

Whoa. More egg on the face of Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd Dudd! We all know any Republican Senator with the history of offenses and perception of wrongdoing that Dodd has chalked up would be booted from the Senate.

From Dudd's special favors and sweetheart CountryWide mortgage deal, his being the biggest recipient of campaign money from Freddie and Fannie, the biggest recipient of campaign cash from AIG and his disastrous attempt to put language into the recent stimupork bill that would have prevented bonuses from being paid out from companies receiving taxpayer money. In contrast, Al Capone was a legitimate businessman compared to Chris Dudd. Dudd would have been driven from office long ago if he didn't have that precious "D" following his name.

Jackie Clegg Dudd

Now we learn that his wife, Jackie Clegg Dodd, was the former director of a Bermuda-based company of AIG. RCP:

    From 2001-2004, Jackie Clegg Dodd served as an "outside" director of IPC Holdings, Ltd., a Bermuda-based company controlled by AIG. IPC, which provides property casualty catastrophe insurance coverage, was formed in 1993.


    Clegg was compensated for her duties to the company, which was managed by a subsidiary of AIG. In 2003, according to a proxy statement, Clegg received $12,000 per year and an additional $1,000 for each Directors' and committee meeting she attended. Clegg served on the Audit and Investment committees during her final year on the board.

    IPC paid millions each year to other AIG-related companies for administrative and other services. Clegg was a diligent director. In 2003, the proxy statement report, she attended more than 75% of board and committee meetings. This while she served as the managing partner of Clegg International Consultants, LLC, which she created in 2001, the year she joined the board of IPC. (See Dodd's public financial disclosure reports with the Senate from 2001-2004 here.)

    Dodd is likely more familiar with the complicated workings of AIG than he was letting on last week. This week may provide him with another opportunity to refresh his recollections.

I hate math, but I'm pretty sure if Mrs. Dudd attended 75% of board and committee meetings and she was paid $1,000 for each meeting she attended, she earned a nice, cool $75K for sitting in on those meetings which must run all of two, maybe even three arduous, painstaking hours. Whew! Time for a brew. That's was hard work, wasn't Mrs. Dudd?

Mrs. Dudd served on the Audit and Investment Committee her final year...hmmmmmmmm...hmmmmmmmm.

Since many of the AIG workers are returning their bonuses, maybe Mrs. Dudd will return her $75K?

The nepotism found in the Liberal/Progressive wing of the Democrat party should make us all recoil in horror.

The Culture of Corruption is alive and well within the Liberals and Progressives.

Oh, good Christ, how The Left would be screaming if the above story was about Cindy McCain or Hadassah (Mrs. Joe) Lieberman.

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I love it when Liberals canniablize their own! Code Pink wants Treasury Secretary Timmy Tax Cheat Geithner Fired! Fabulous, fantastic, funny!

The hilarity begins!
From Common Dreams (so it must be true!):

    At the first AIG hearing March 18 here, a handful of CODEPINK women sat behind AIG CEO Edward Liddy, holding signs with messages including "Give Our Money Back," "Fire Geithner" and "AIG (arrow) JAIL."


    The six women, who arrived at 5 a.m. to get seats at the hearing, said they meant to send the message that Congress must hold the bankers accountable for bringing down the American financial system, that it must no longer bail them out with taxpayer money, and that it must stop swindling Americans by draining their pockets on two major wars. They also called for the firing of Treasury Secretary Geithner.

    "Geithner is too close to Wall Street to look at this financial crisis through the eyes of Main Street," [said Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK co-founder].

Woooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooo! The Left eats its own!

Don't you love it when Liberalism Comes Full Circle?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Majority of Americans Say Country
Headed Wrong Way, Wrong Direction

Real Clear Politics has the latest poll results, reflecting whether Americans think the country is headed in the right direction or wrong direction. Survey Said: Wrong Direction!

Way to go, Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior and the Super Liberal Congress! They instill such confidence, don't they?

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Obama Opposes AIG Bonus Tax Recapture

This. Story. Is. Fan. Tastic.

All Hail The Fascist Pig Pbama!

It's funny because all the Widdle Brainwashed Brain Dead Blind Loyal Jackboot-Licking Pbama Cultists - who are filled to the brim with the most serious case of rabid wealth envy - are the ones protesting against the AIG bonuses. The Cultists want the bonuses confiscated and they want blood from the AIG workers who received the bonus.

Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior isn't convinced with the plan to tax AIG bonuses at 90 percent. APee:

    President Barack Obama wagered significant political capital Sunday, signaling opposition to a highly popular congressional drive to slap a punitive 90 percent tax on bonuses to big earners at financial institutions already deeply in hock to taxpayers.

    Obama defended his stance by saying the tax would be unconstitutional and that he would not "govern out of anger."

    [ See, his Cultists are angry. Rabid-foaming-at-the-mouth, blood-dripping-out-of-their-ass Angry. They want "payback" and "governing out of anger." And Pbama doesn't appear willing to go that route for his Cultists. Bwa ha ha ha ha! - Drake ]


    There was considerable political risk attached to Obama's implied rejection of the 90 percent tax measure. It raced through the House last week as lawmakers responded to a wave of anger over bonus payments to American International Group Inc. employees.


    While questioning the legality and constitutionality of the House measure, Obama said he expected the Senate would produce a much different and more acceptable version of the bill — one he could sign.

He "could" sign a Senate version of the bill...he "could." Then again, he "could not."

Barry even recognizes the Constitutionality problems arising out of confiscating the bonuses.

Oh...the circumstances on this story are a hoot, they sure are! What will the Pbama Cultists do if their Messyiah breaks with them on their vengeful attitude toward the AIG bonuses? The Cultists' heads will explode and damn, won't that be a pretty sight? It will be like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Only better!


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Obama Punch Drunk

In the Sunday night "60 Minutes" interview Steve Kroft asked Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior if he was "punch drunk." WaPo asked some PR professionals to weigh in on the "punch drunk" prednint:

    The most memorable moment of the president's interview on "60 Minutes" Sunday night came when reporter Steve Kroft asked, "Are you punch drunk?"


    Rich Masters of Qorvis Communications, who is a Democrat: "The interview was nearly 30 minutes long and the 'punch drunk' segment lasted about 30 seconds, I think it's ridiculous that 30 seconds would come to define an entire interview."


    Marina Ein of Ein Communications, who leans right but has defended many a high-powered Democrat: "Humor is certain to make the laid-off workers, 401K reduced-retirees and Madoff-scammed feel much better! NOT! We don't need a comic-in-chief we need a commander-in-chief!"

And then there's the issue of Pbama's sickly nervous laughter, with USA MacPaper asking, "What do you make of Obama's laughter?"

Pbama's laughter was also evident in the third and final presidential debate with John McCain last year.

Laugh, Clown, Laugh.

It sure is reassuring having Pbama laugh while our economy tanks, unemployment keeps skyrocketing, jobs are evaporating, the world economy continues disintegrating and hard-working Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck; some only a day away from personal financial catastrophe.

And Pbama laughs. Yuck it up, Barry, yuck it up. He's set for life, so are his kids. He has no compassion for anyone. Christ, his half-brother lives in poverty and so did (does) Aunt Zeituni!

Even Bill Clinton could croak out a believable, "I feel your pain." Barry? Not a chance, he's not that good of an actor.


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Obama Death Toll Rising

From IHT:

    United States-led coalition and Afghan troops killed five suspected militants during a raid in northern Afghanistan on Sunday, the coalition said in a statement. The local mayor offered a different version of the events, saying that his house had been targeted and that the dead included his cook and driver.

Two NATO-led Soldiers killed. CNN:

    Two NATO-led soldiers were killed on Sunday in southern Afghanistan, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said.

    ISAF said the deaths came during "a hostile incident." It didn't say what province the incident took place in and didn't disclose the troops' nationalities.

Four Canadian Soldiers killed. Vancouver Sun:

    Four Canadian soldiers, only days away from returning home from Afghanistan, were killed and eight of their comrades were wounded shortly after dawn while participating in Canada's largest combat operation since the Korean War.

More unnecessary deaths, all completely, fully, entirely and wholly owned by Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior The Bloodthirsty Warmonger.

Have you noticed how the number of war dead has taken on such little significance now that Iraq and Afghanistan are Obama's Wars?

Pbama Cultist chants of, "No More Blood For Oil, Out of Iraq Now!, No More American Imperialism" certainly have subsided since January 20, 2009, huh?


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