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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Warmonger Obama Death Toll Mounting,
Sending More Soldiers To Afghanistan

4,000 additional U.S. Soldiers being sent to Afghanistan by The Warmongering, Bloodthirsty Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior. USA MacPaper:

    President Obama this hour unveiled details of a revised strategy for the battle against terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. As has been widely reported, he was expected to say he's sending about 4,000 more troops -- on top of the additional 17,000 he's already added to the region.

I don't understand...I thought the reason terrorists wanted to harm us is because - according to The Left - We are the aggressor. The Left said if "we" stopped be aggressive, terrorism would stop.
So why is Pbama acting with such...Cowboy Diplomacy?

Meanwhile, the number of deaths fully and wholly owned by Pbama continues increasing.

AFP: Afghan soldier kills two U.S. Soldiers and injures one.

APee: 48 killed at suicide attack at Pakistani mosque.

CNN: 22 dead in Iraq, four women and three children among them.

Remember when war deaths used to send the Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) into protests of the most vitriolic rage imaginable?

Remember when increases in Troop levels met with the fiercest resistance from the Cultists and the ILCP?

Remember when the Pbama Cultists and ILCP would say that the whole world will stop hating us once W. Bush is out of office?

Nowadays, they sure are quiet about these things, aren't they? I wonder what's different...?


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What's different? The Messiah is in da house.
You're answer is correct Don. Now...would you like to trade your prize for what's behind Curtain number three or the gift box that Jay is bringing down the center aisle?

Great to hear from you Don. Congrats on your successfully completing booze rehab and on your 2-day anniversary of sobriety!
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