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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama Opposes AIG Bonus Tax Recapture

This. Story. Is. Fan. Tastic.

All Hail The Fascist Pig Pbama!

It's funny because all the Widdle Brainwashed Brain Dead Blind Loyal Jackboot-Licking Pbama Cultists - who are filled to the brim with the most serious case of rabid wealth envy - are the ones protesting against the AIG bonuses. The Cultists want the bonuses confiscated and they want blood from the AIG workers who received the bonus.

Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior isn't convinced with the plan to tax AIG bonuses at 90 percent. APee:

    President Barack Obama wagered significant political capital Sunday, signaling opposition to a highly popular congressional drive to slap a punitive 90 percent tax on bonuses to big earners at financial institutions already deeply in hock to taxpayers.

    Obama defended his stance by saying the tax would be unconstitutional and that he would not "govern out of anger."

    [ See, his Cultists are angry. Rabid-foaming-at-the-mouth, blood-dripping-out-of-their-ass Angry. They want "payback" and "governing out of anger." And Pbama doesn't appear willing to go that route for his Cultists. Bwa ha ha ha ha! - Drake ]


    There was considerable political risk attached to Obama's implied rejection of the 90 percent tax measure. It raced through the House last week as lawmakers responded to a wave of anger over bonus payments to American International Group Inc. employees.


    While questioning the legality and constitutionality of the House measure, Obama said he expected the Senate would produce a much different and more acceptable version of the bill — one he could sign.

He "could" sign a Senate version of the bill...he "could." Then again, he "could not."

Barry even recognizes the Constitutionality problems arising out of confiscating the bonuses.

Oh...the circumstances on this story are a hoot, they sure are! What will the Pbama Cultists do if their Messyiah breaks with them on their vengeful attitude toward the AIG bonuses? The Cultists' heads will explode and damn, won't that be a pretty sight? It will be like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Only better!


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Well, he had a point, didn't he? It is not constitutional, after all.

But he could have prevent all this in much nicer fashion: back just a few months ago when he was signing the stimulus package bill. He knew he was signing it and guaranteeing the bonuses back then and done nothing, and now what?

Anyway, thanks for this article, parts of it made me laugh.

Hi Julie.

Parts of it made you laugh? Thank you, that's the entire thrust behind my blog. I'm glad you found the humor, a lot of people - oddly the Pbama Cultists and Liberals - don't.

I agree with you, Obama knew what he was signing and knew about the bonuses and now he fakes like he didn't know and couldn't stop it. Of course he could have, but Tim Geithner approved the bonuses last year. We know that now. Obama had to know long before he claims.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Not a problem. I am kinda new to this whole blogging thing, but it seems to me that blogs are much needed as a medium these days more than ever before.

Keep up the good work!
Hi Julie! Glad to hear back from you.

Blogging is fun, it's a good medium. It gives the people a voice. Everyone can be heard. Hopefully people don't confuse opinions on blogs for facts. And that they have a sense of humor - as you do.

Take care. Thanks for the kind words.
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