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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama Death Toll Rising

From IHT:

    United States-led coalition and Afghan troops killed five suspected militants during a raid in northern Afghanistan on Sunday, the coalition said in a statement. The local mayor offered a different version of the events, saying that his house had been targeted and that the dead included his cook and driver.

Two NATO-led Soldiers killed. CNN:

    Two NATO-led soldiers were killed on Sunday in southern Afghanistan, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said.

    ISAF said the deaths came during "a hostile incident." It didn't say what province the incident took place in and didn't disclose the troops' nationalities.

Four Canadian Soldiers killed. Vancouver Sun:

    Four Canadian soldiers, only days away from returning home from Afghanistan, were killed and eight of their comrades were wounded shortly after dawn while participating in Canada's largest combat operation since the Korean War.

More unnecessary deaths, all completely, fully, entirely and wholly owned by Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior The Bloodthirsty Warmonger.

Have you noticed how the number of war dead has taken on such little significance now that Iraq and Afghanistan are Obama's Wars?

Pbama Cultist chants of, "No More Blood For Oil, Out of Iraq Now!, No More American Imperialism" certainly have subsided since January 20, 2009, huh?


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