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Monday, March 30, 2009

North Dakota De-Icing With Salty Oil Water

Here's a perfect, text book example of when Liberals put their subjective beliefs ahead of proven facts.

The Liberals in this case consist of, among others, The Dakota Resource Council, the Sierra Club and the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center.

The issue is salty oil well water, also called oil well brine. In a time where cities are financially strapped, oil well brine is much cheaper for road deicing than using road salt. Some oil companies give it away. The water is ten times saltier than sea water.

Although a search on salty oil well water brings this issue up several times going back many years, the most recent reincarnation is here. Twin Cities.com:

    AP - by James MacPherson

    BISMARK, N.D. Salty oil well water is being sprayed on North Dakota roads as a deicer and environmental groups want it stopped.


    [Ken Kussy, street maintenance manager] said tests on three wells where the water is obtained found it no more toxic than commercial road salt.


    But environmentalists question that practice.

    "The long and short of it is that we don't think it's legal," said Cindy Klein, a spokeswoman for the Dickinson-based Dakota Resource Council, an environmental and landowner group.


    [Dave Glatt, director of the environmental health section of the state Health Department] said, "compared with commercial-grade products, what we saw didn't rise to a level of concern."

The story states the Health Department conducted studies on the brine water and found it did not harm water or vegetation along roadsides. The health department monitors the results of which government agencies us the brine water for road deicing. Mr. Kussy says it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between oil well waste-water and commercial road salt.

The story also notes that oil well wastewater has been used to melt ice and snow on roads, especially in the western parts of North Dakota, since 1963.

Rather than oppose this on what appears to be "belief," you'd think it would be easy for the Sierra Club and other groups opposed to brine water to gather data from the western part of the state that scientifically proves their point. Are they doing this? I don't know.

What I do know is that if using oil well wastewater is recognizably harmful to the environment, the proof should be obvious in the the western part of the state where it is used. Considering salty oil water has been used there since 1963, it shouldn't be difficult for the EnviroTards to prove their point - if what they say is true. This does not appear to be the case.

Okay. We all know how Liberals love science and technology when it fits with their agenda of exploiting and issue for political purposes, right? There is nothing indicating that oil water brine negatively affects the environment.

    "What a way to run a railroad," said Wayde Schafer, a North Dakota spokesman for the Sierra Club. "It's a sad commentary that the perceived financial savings outweigh public health and the environment."

It is not a "sad commentary," Mr. Schafer, that the financial savings outweigh public health and the environment. There is nothing indicating that there is a public health or environmental threat posed by the salty oil water. There is no evidence that what you believe has been factually proven. Yet people like Mr. Schafer, and others, dismiss the scientific findings and put their belief ahead of facts, that brine water somehow must be damaging, despite evidence to the contrary.

Yes...the Liberals "believe."

This is the standard operating procedure for the Insane Liberal Clown Posse. Belief trumps facts. Belief trumps testing and research. Except, as I said, when it's an issue the ILCP wants to promote, such as so-called global warming or that second-hand cigarette smoke is a serious health threat. Then...oh, then the ICLP pull from the deepest recesses of their collective rectum every alleged scientific statistic they can find.

I don't know why anyone would consider giving these people any degree of legitimacy, credence, let alone the time of day.


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Our moonbats wouldn't even put salt on the roads because it might get into the ocean.

Well, Puget Sound, but it's still frikking salt water.
Salt water is salt water, yes. The Dakotas, especially North, often have far worse winters, snowfall and driving conditions than many other states in the mid-northwest: MN, WI, Iowa, Illionis. It seems the Dakotas and Ohio and Colorado have been more in the eye of the blizzards over the past few years, moreso than MN. Hey, I'm not complaining...;-)
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