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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Giant Squid Displayed at London Museum



"Need...(munch munch, chew chew)...more...(sluuuurrrrrp)....garlic butter."


Pull Our Troops Out of Iraq Immediately: What Is The "Intent"?

Let's pull our troops out of Iraq, right now, immediately, without any regard for the Iraqi people who have tasted freedom. While we're at it, let's pull our troops out of Germany, the Philippines, Japan, and Turkey to name but a few, and all other foreign countries where the U.S. has a presence.

Let's then allow, if a majority of the Iraqi people desire it, to permit Saddam Hussein return as the ruler of Iraq. I mean, after all, the Left tells us daily that he isn't, and never was, that bad of a guy. He didn't have Weapons of Mass Destruction, even though Clintonite Secretary of State Madeline Albright, and others, told us time and time again that the world believes that he indeed had them (
See Sources below: 1, 2, 3, 4).

I'm sure that once the U.S. presence in the Middle East is gone all types of terrorism will cease. We can negotiate with, and appease terrorists, can't we?

Further, if the ruler of a foreign country decides to massacre hundreds or thousands of his own people, who are we, the U.S., or any other country for that matter, to question that judgment? In retrospect, the fact that Bill Clinton did nothing while Rwandans were slaughtered, was the right (in)action to take, wasn't it?

If Iran wants to enrich uranium they should be allowed to do just that. We don't know for sure that they would use it to develop WMD's. And until Iran uses said weapons, well, we just can't interfere on the basis of intent, right?

Intent is a funny thing. We don't interfere with intent of sexual solicitation of children until the predator has actually committed and completed the sexual act with the minor, do we? There is no legal interference with the intent of a drunken driver of an automobile until the driver actually damages property or injures, maims, or kills another person, do we? Can't we all agree that drunken driving is a victimless crime until the point where person or property is actually, tangibly injured or damaged?

No free country would attempt to interfere with an airline hi-jacking, or interfere with a plan by students to kill their fellow students in a grade or high school while it is still in the plotting and planning stages; a matter of intent, rather than in process, real-time.

The law does not interfere with a planned or plotted attempt of robbery or theft until the illegal act is actually committed or completed, right? So, why should we base enforcement or reaction to any crime when it hasn't actually happened; when it is only at the "intent stage"?

The above is what the Left is saying. There's no hypocrisy in any of the above examples using the logic of the Left. It's all about intent. And if we're going to use intent as the benchmark as the basis for action, reaction, or indifference, then let's bring the troops home today. And while we're at it, we'll have to reverse previously convicted DUI'ers who never injured property or people, child molesters who were convicted only at the "intent stage", and all other people doing time in jail who were convicted on only intent, not the actual committing of a crime.

And when an ally, or any country for that matter, asks for our help, we can base our action, reaction or indifference based on intent. Because until a bomb explodes killing people, or a suicide bomber kills others, or an offender actually commits and completes a crime, or an airliner is hi-jacked
in real-time, or until school children are actually dead or injured, why, it is only intent.

And we can't consider the actions of someone suspect based only on intent now, can we, because this is what the Left is telling us.

1: Norman Podhoretz;
2: Snopes;
3: Brainy Quote;
4: J.R. Whipple

- - -
Linking Here:
The Right Place
Basil's Blog

Monday, February 27, 2006

When Dogs Dream?

I can't help but post and link to this Buddy Hickerson "Quigmans" Cartoon:

No copyright infringement intended Mr. Hickerson...I've been reading "The Quigmans" since my college days, and you've never run out of ideas or found the need to take a hiatus like many of your peers. You ARE the Best!

MrsSatan: In Dire Need of A Tin Foil Hat

MrsSatan: "[Karl Rove] spends a lot of time obsessing about me."
Ummmm, we all have mental masturbatory fantasies about you because you're so brilliant, why, you're the smartest woman ever to set foot upon the earth. Any you're so sexy...so, so sexxxxxxxxxxxxxy! Mmmmmmmmmmm (Homer Drool).

MrsSatan: "[Republicans] say to me, I've had enough [of Bush]."

Scandals...quagmires...spending...OH-WAIT A MINUTE; Democrats...Concerned about spending? Now we know that can't possible be true. That's ALL they care about. No problem exists that cannot be solved or fixed by SPENDING. The Libs have been spending our money for fifty years with abandon, and now, suddenly, over the past six years they're concerned about spending? Do you really think people will buy this pitch MrsSatan?

MrsSatan: She's Strong and Tough on Port Security, damnit!

Ooooooh, spooky, scary, Boo! Halloween! Halliburton...Bush...Cheney..."Big Oil"...Iraq...Iran...Halliburton. We can't have Halliburton doing what the United Arab Emirates can do, can we? Can we?!

MrsSatan Laughs off her low poll numbers. (Yeah, she Cackles just like a Wicked Witch.)

Make no mistake about the results of her poll numbers dropping two-plus years before the election. The Liberal Media is once again doing the dirty work for the Democratic Party in setting her up to be the Comeback Kiddress just as they did for her husband,
Mr. Hillary Clinton.

MrsSatan needs to be custom fitted for a Tin-Foil Hat if she indeed believes the things she is currently puking out of her pie hold. I'm sure this guy has Some Extra Tin Foil Hats to spare.

"Oh I'm just wild about Hillary, but she's not wild about me...oh I'm just wild about, there's nothing mild about, my obsession with Hill-a-reeeeeey!"

Uhhh, Karl, it's official now, she prefers to be called by her real name, MrsSatan, not Hillary. Just so you know......


Dennis Weaver, Dead at 81

Actor Dennis Weaver has died at the age of 81.

Best known and recognized for his roles in televisions' "Gunsmoke" and "McCloud", my two personal favorite Dennis Weaver performances (besides "McCloud") are him being chased by a menacing semi-truck in "Duel" and as a cocaine addicted salesman in "Cocaine: One Man's Seduction".

From his Bio:

Dennis Weaver, 1924-2006

Rest In Peace

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Notable Names Congratulate My One Year Blog Anniversary!

Yes, Today marks One Year. Thank You to all who have visited and found something they liked, or maybe even didn't like (but who return anyway!?)

MEGA-THANKS to those bloggers who've thought enough of what I do here to link to me, and to those who've found something noteworthy enough to mention on their blogs and drive some traffic over here. Your kindness is appreciated beyond words.

And, I'm just...humbled, shocked and surprised the below individuals would take time out of their busy schedule to mention their kind words. The folks below are truly champs! I don't know what I'd do without them:

Just click the > on the "audio bar" under each photo to listen to their congratulatory words!

Bubba Clinton:
- - -
John McLaughlin * Pat Buchanan **Eleanor Clift **Pee Wee Herman

The McLaughlin Group:
- - -

Al O'Franken Failure:
- - -

Pink Walter Cronkite:

All voices are impersonated. Or...are...they?

One Year And Some of Your Comments

"Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?" ..."I hear things...I hear things..."

I thought it'd be fun to run some of the comments and the link to which they commented upon for the One Year Anniversary/Birthday of this blog....or should I be saying the Twelve Month Anniversary? -- Help me out Samantha, which is correct?

So, without further ado, here we go:

Anonymous said..."Keep up the good work, Dr. Drake." -- From comments on This Post

Anonymous said..."Being anti-bong is racist." -- From comments on This Post

ThirDEE said..."Oh goodness, hilarious. I just about choked on my gum. Poor you...I thought mine was bad. But, hey, it was pretty accurate...:) Thanks for the link too by the way."

ThirDEE said..."You're hilarious. :)"

Mr. Right said..."Thanks for the link, Dave! BTW, you don't smell at all like butt from here, but there is a slight hint of stale cheese..."

-- ALL From comments on This Post

Kiki B. said, "You should write horror films, starting with this one. Although, it's so frightening, I'm not sure I could watch it." - - From Comments On This Post

rev. billy bob gisher said..." I love that...home affairs. oh i did not know until just now who mrs. satan was, i am so unhip." -- From comments on This Post

Len Kutchma said..."Although [Michael Moore] may appeal to some Canadians I think most people ignore him. I find his remarks quite amusing though for it shows how desperate the Liberal Party has become as they have now pulled out all of the stops." -- From comments on This Post

The Conservative UAW Guy said..."Tell us what you really think! ;) You have a great site!
Keep up the great work!!" -- From comments on This Post

Jonathan Leffingwell said..."That's hilarious, Dave!" -- From comments on This Post

Republican Vet said..."LOL, good thing 1/3 doesn't count for garbage in this country. Condi
will pick up 2/3's and win it all."

texasfred said..."Sounds like the lemmings that blindly support bush."

-- Both from comments on This Post. (TexasFred has yet to answer the questions I asked of him in the same post comments, BTW)

Matt Drudge, Jr. , said..."BWAAAAAAHAAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!" -- From comments on This Post

Phoenix said..."[Al Gore] is insane... hopefully people will notice." -- From comments on This Post

Republican Vet said..."...Thanks for the plug. Keep truckin, brother." -- From comments on This Post

WitNit said..."Okay OKAY! Geesh! I'd hate to lose my head over you!"

GroovyVic said..."That. Is Awesome!"

Biggus Dickus said..."...and the blood of MoveOn.Org supporters shall run red in the streets!"

-- All comments from This Post

Miss Wendy Eileen said..."hmmm interesting blog, got to say I am almost interested in politics now..." -- From comments on This Post

said..."...I agree-the fact that the dim-a-crits are against it means to me that it is more of a political hoop lah for them than anything else." - - From comments on This Post

Anonymous said..."I had to clean up vomit after looking at this collage. Thanks a lot." - -From comments on This Post (You ARE WELCOME, now clean up the rest of the dried vomit that you didn't get the first time!)

Kevin Geary said..."How do you know how many people [Cindy Sheehan] she speaks for? You don't." - -From comments on This Post

(I put my research resources in same said comments section. Funny, I never heard back from Mr. Geary. I wonder is he and Texasfred are one in the same?)

Modesto Gonzales said..."You have got to be kidding me! This is strike one...If I ever see another cutesy picture of a dog or cat on this blog, I'll quit reading it." - -From comments on This Post

samrocha said..."I have enjoyed reading through your archives...I would love to establish a reciprocal link with your blog..." -- From comments on This Post



Point-B Celebrates One Year Birthday-Anniversary!
Go hunting With VP Cheney! H/T: GuyK.
A look at Saying Goodbye to our pets.
"Kill Bill: Volume 3". A Quentin Tarantino production?
If it's in the News, you can find it Right Here.
Ohio Man enjoys drinking...um...Liquid that is expelled from the body.
Tossed cigarette butts
Negatively impacting another species' life.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Darren McGavin, Dead At 83

Actor Darren McGavin has died. The following appearing on his Website:
Ahhhh, Carl Kolchak, The Nightstalker, indeed. A terrific show!

And of course, A Christmas Story.

Darren McGavin, 1922-2006

Rest In Peace

Don Knotts, Dead At 81

Damn...Just Damn...Actor Don Knotts has died at the age of 81.

Best known for character Deputy Barney Fife and, of course, Ralph Furley on "Three's Company", Mr. Knotts had one hell of a Impressive Filmography in film, television, animation and, from 1953-1955 the character of Wilbur Peterson on the soap opera "Search For Tomorrow". (Note Larry Hagman also an actor in "SFT" in 1957).

And from HERE:

Don Knotts, 1924-2006

Rest In Peace.

Drug The Children For Their Own Good

Let's Drug The Children. C'mon...why..."It's For The Children."

Mental health screening legislation will affect all Minnesota children in public, private, and home schools. Be informed. Learn what you can do, Thursday March 2, 2006.

Edwatch.Org is the organization fighting against the above, and if you ask me, absurd, Mental Health screening agenda.

Backers and promoters of the Mental Health Screening includes MN State Senator Mindy Greiling, MN State Senator Steve Kelley - yes, yes, he is the same Steve Kelley that allows a War Protest Placard in his Duluth, Minnesota campaign office, and MN State Senator David Tomassoni whose Site is not functioning as I write this.

Now, take a guess...go ahead, take a
WILD GUESS to which political party these three Stooges belong. Yep, you guessed right, the CommieCrat Party, known in MN as DFL'ers. Democrat-Farm-Labor. What a laugh, their party is none of those things.

Note from This page that:

Edwatch and Karen Effrem, M.D. certainly appear to have done their homework and due diligence. Oh, don't bother clicking on the "federally funded coalition of academic institutions centered at UCLA" (the "brainchild of this 'child drugging' program, and I use the word brainchild loosely) because--WHY--they've pulled their document from the link! Why ---What's up with that?

From Edwatch:

What the SECCS and NFC is attempting to do is coerce parents into, what is without a doubt, a very subjective screening process.

From the same link:

Parents...how far will you go to relinquish your rights as parents and in turn, give those rights to the government?

Only you can stop this madness.

Pink Walter Cronkite: Another Story of Undeniable Truth

You may have heard the PSA's (Public Service Announcements) running on the Airhead America stations that host the LiberNazi talking heads.

I hear AA run Walter Cronkite, delivering his version of a Paul Harvey-like "Rest of The Story", several times throughout the day. So of course, this deserves ridicule.

Below is yet another entry of what I call "Pink Walter's Undeniable Truth"!

Press the > to hear the audio clip:

Hey There Georgie (Soros) Boy, how about $8 Million For Our Ploy?

All voices impersonated. Or...are...they?

Westboro Baptist Cult: Low Life Thugs Surface Again

Army Corporal Andrew Kemple's funeral service was held two days ago, Thursday, February 23, 2006, in Anoka, Minnesota. Corporal Kemple was one of the fine men of the United States Military who was killed in Iraq earlier this month, on February 12.

While the family, friends and acquaintances of this fine young man mourned his death, outside the church stood the most vile, disgusting, depraved subhuman individuals ever to grace God's earth; those being members of Westboro Baptist Cult. They pulled out their usual antics of grotesquely twisted and sickly false logic that God is killing American soldiers because they fight for a country that tolerates homosexually.

I had planned to run this story yesterday, but I had to spend time re-editing it to remove my more virulent rants and accusations toward the Westboro Baptist Cult. And it is a cult. Don't call yourself a Church when you are as removed, disconnected and insensitive to the pain and suffering of others, as you are.

One cult member,
Steve Drain, shouted that because God hates gays that God "therefore hates the U.S. military." Which book of the Bible states that, Mr. Drain? Please let me know. I am certainly no expert on the Bible, so please advise which book, chapter and verse it is that quantifies your sickly retarded (retarded as in its most scientific and medical sense) and demented statement?

Corporal Kemple's mother, Deidre Ostlund, told members of the cult that she thinks they are truly hateful people. Oh, Mrs. Ostlund, my heart goes out to you and your family. You are being most kind, compassionate and restrained in your what you told them. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the cult members shouted at Mrs. Ostlund that "...you sent your own child to hell. If [she] does not heed this warning, [she] will look up from hell with him."

How dare you...how dare you profess to know the outcome of where any soul goes in the afterlife. Your rantings couldn't be more un-Christian if you tried. Your rantings are as satanic as satanic can be.

God Bless the
Patriot Guard for their presence not only at the Kemple funeral, but in countering the demented protestations of the Westboro cult across the country.

I have to believe that there is a very special place in Hell reserved for, and only for, those members of the Westboro cult who continue to practice their form of vicious hatred. Why can't the Westboro cult be prosecuted under Hate Crime laws, as there is no doubt that their message is hatred in its purest unadulterated form? Any lawyers that can answer this for me?

State laws are being passed with ease to prevent the Westboro Baptist Cult from their freak show sideshows at funerals. Good! At least 13 states are considering such laws.

Minnesota is among the states now considering such a bill.

Corporal Andrew Kemple joined the Army in 2003. The local news said he was motivated to join the Army because of the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Surely, in my mind - without a doubt, Corporal Kemple is seated at the right hand of God.

The Right Hand of God: A place the members of the Westboro cult will never see, be at, or have the opportunity to witness, for there is no place for their hate in Heaven or in God's eyes.


- - -
Item: Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist cult leader, hung up on a caller who eluded to incest within Phelps' family. It was on Madison, WI radio 1670 and you can download and listen to the call at the above link. Tell us Fred...tell us...tell us about the incest in the Phelps family. Is Phelps a closeted, self-hating homosexual? Google it yourself and research it.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Heist Suspect...?

I think there is more than just a casual resemblance between the British Bank Heist composite sketch and And THIS GUY.

A little make-up, some eyeliner...and I dunno....

It's just a thought...


One Hit News

The population of the Earth on Saturday hits 6.5 Billion:

"I don't know what you're trying to imply, David Drake, by running my picture with that population story. I was nowhere near those women!"
- - -
A Real Crisis and a Phony Crisis. (H/T: JMW - Thanks!)
- - -
Life in prison for man who killed son:

Life in prison isn't anywhere near severe enough a punishment, in my opinion.
- - -
Paul McCartney's brother cleared in case of Groping a Teenager.
- - -
London Mayor Ken Livingstone suspended for comparing a reporter to a Nazi.

Can you
imagine how full our prisons would be if we put a law into effect like that here? Why, every AirHead on AirHead America would be doing time.
- - -
Crocodiles..."Here....in Ireland?"
- - -
Click on THIS LINK, read the story Headline, and make your own joke people. I'm practicing copious amounts of self-restraint on this one.

A New Jihad?

Seems a little extreme. I don't advocate it. A link now and then will suffice.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

O'FrankenFailure Catches Rush Limbaugh Lying!

Well, the master of Airhead America has once again outdone himself in identifying the most outrageous lies from the lips of Rush Limbaugh. Shame on you Rush, shame, shame shame!

Al O'FrankenFailure

Hear the lies that Rush was caught telling!

Just press the > to listen to the audio clip.

All voices are impersonated. Or...are...they?

Pulling A Kerry on The United Arab Emirates Port Issue

It's rather humorous that so many on the Left are coming over to the Right on the Port Authority United Arab Emirates issue. Funny how the Left is up in arms over the potential changeover of port control to the UAE.

When I first heard of this story, I also had the kneejerk reaction that the Left is having. And, considering Jim-mah Kahter is for this, I then thought 'why, I have to be against it because how could I possibly on the same side as the Worst President Ever?'

Curt seems to have analyzed the pros and cons. And there does not really seem to be any real reason to not move forward with the UAE deal.

But suddenly the Left is Literally Looney over this port changeover as a...get this...
security risk. Gee, I didn't think the Left considered any security risks existed from foreign countries. But suddenly the Left is concerned about the national security? THIS, from the political party who thinks we should do away with our military and instead subjugate our security to the United Nations?

Suddenly the Left is concerned about U.S. national security and safety when they sat silent, permitting and condoning Bubba Clinton allowing his major political Sugar Daddy Bernie Schwartz, CEO of Loral, to sell missile technology to China? Or, as the Left pronounces it, Chi-NER.

Suddenly the Left is concerned about U.S. national security when, during the last election their presidential candidate, John Kerry, said we will negotiate with terrorists and that he, Kerry, would pursue terrorists through every available means of the courts?

I guess I've done a Kerry, and flip-flopped on this issue.
I was against the UAE port authority before I was for it. Certainly a statement like that is understood and approved by the Libs, yes?

Would the Left react the same if port authority was being turned over to any other U.S. ally such as Japan, Germany, or Israel, as it has been for Great Britain these last so many years?

To my independent and libertarian friends and bloggers, I say this: Please consider, that if the Left is howling about something being wrong, then doing the opposite of what they howl about has to be the right thing do to.

Dubai is an ally. We have no reason to suspect that their intention is anything beyond business or their actions anything but legitimate.
- - -
See who gets the bulk of Bernie Schwartz-Loral political donations right H E R E.

MrsSatan Disses Gays; Raises Big $ in South Beach

Gay Group rips MrsSatan A New One:
Why, gay marriage was also opposed by the uber-Liberal's favorite Lefty, Paul Wellstone. But the Left just let this slide, they never held it against their favorite Little Socialist, did they?

Why, gay marriage was/is opposed by the uber-Liberals favorite "black" president Bubba Clinton as well! (Same link as the above Wellstone item). But the Left just let this slide, they never held it against the first "black" president, did they?

Why, Bill Clinton promised (he
promised, people...he promised!) to end the Military policy of discrimination against gays and lesbians.

    ...Clinton, once elected, would do for gays what Harry Truman did for blacks in 1948 - - eliminate the military's discriminatory policies by executive order...

Well, we all know how that ended up, don't we. But the Left, again infected with incurable selective amnesia, just let this one slide as well.

And tonight MrsSatan holds a fundraising event in the very blue collar, average, every day working community of South Beach
. She's just a regular regular, ain't she?

It almost seems like MrsSatan has a brand new plantation to manage; that of the Gay & Lesbian community. But they're not buying it, they're not falling for her phoniness and her rhetoric. And good for them!

MrsSatan: "I am a model of virtue and compassion."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Al Gore Movie: That's Entertainment!






Mel Ting Glaciers
Di Lating Ozone
Tox Ic Air
Phil Thee Water
Con Tammy Nated Soil
Pol Lu Tants
Chloro Fluorocarbon
Gas Eous Emissions


A Politically Convenient and Motivated Unproven Truth

"I want some cheese AND a Florida recount!"


Recipe For A Crime Drama

Investigators re-open an old, unsolved case.
Include several Flashbacks to the original crime in black and white or sepia tone.
Periodically insert cool rock tunes from mid-1970's or golden oldie from the 1940's.
If old, unsolved case can involve crime(s) against children, so much the better.
Have flashbacks to the abused life of child in old, unsolved crime.
Camera operator should suffer from severe delirium tremors to provide the passe, shaky, "NYPD Blue" style of camera work shots.
Insert aging mystery character who knew all along who the real guilty party was in the unsolved crime, but was unable to prove it.
Detectives or investigators uncover brand new, overlooked, or hidden evidence.
Make sure modern day scientific technology and forensics re-examine evidence bringing forth new results because said technology did not exist at time of original crime.
Insert mystery character of crooked cop or crooked detective who intentionally buried the real evidence in favor of a payoff from crooked politician or evil industrialist.
Continue series of flashbacks in black and white or sepia tone.
Insert sudden memory recollection of character who then brings this information to the investigators or detectives.
Insert chase scene where guilty party almost escapes from authorities.
Insert flashback to original crime showing real guilty party committing the crime.
If original crime involved child, show child as present day adult.
Insert flashback of child morphing into adult witnessing/remembering/recalling the original crime.
Insert flashback of guilty party acknowledging the presence of then child in scenario of original crime.
Close program with real guilty party grimacing into camera as they are being led away by police.
For ending sequence, insert cool rock tune from mid-1970's or a 1940-1950 era golden oldie remixed with techno or trance overlays.
Fade To Black With 70's rock tune or 40-50's golden oldie remixed with techno or trance music plays under fade.


(The above Recipe Does Not Apply to the original "CSI" or "CSI: NY" with Gary Sinise)

One Hit News

** Heh Heh Heh -- Check out This Headline.

I guess every now and then everyone needs:

A little bit of Monica in my life
A little bit of Erica by my side
A little bit of Rita is all I need
A little bit of Tina is what I see
A little bit of Sandra in the sun
A little bit of Mary all night long
A little bit of Jessica here I am
- - -
Florida Teens Plead NOT GUILTY in homeless man killing and beatings.

Oh, that's so sad. Please, give me a baseball bat and ten minutes with these little f*ckers in an enclosed environment and I bet they'll feel even "badder". As a matter of fact, I can say they'd have the weight of a Louisville Slugger on their shoulders. And their heads, and their face, and their knees, and their chests, and their feet, and their legs, and their teeth. Teeth? What teeth? You mean those little white chunks of bone that are now all over the floor? Yeah, those teeth.
- - -
U.K. "Happy Slapping" Attacks captured on Cell phone video.

Yeah, let's keep coddling "The Children" and telling them that "nothing they do is ever wrong." Geeez-Us-Keeeeey-Riiiiiiiiist Almighty. I blame the parents as mostly responsible for a "nothing you do is wrong" attitude with their children. Sorry parents.
- - -
Swearing now a Fine-able offense.

You Got-Damned Right it's my right to f*cking swear any sh*t, motherf*cking words I f*cking feel like wanting to f*cking say. I'd NEVER pay a ticket or fine for swearing, not EVER!
- - -
One: I believe the Holocaust happened. Two: I believe not only those of Jewish faith, but a whole bunch of people of many faiths and ethnicities died and suffered at the hands of Nazis. Three: I think it insane and ludicrous To Jail Someone For Talking out of Their Ass. Doing so, in a perverse way, gives what David Irving says inauthentic credibility.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

BLOB Eats L.A!! Full Details and Photo

BLOB Eating Los Angeles.

    A mysterious black blob attacked downtown Los Angeles on Monday with a tar-like goo that oozed from manholes, buckled a street and unmoored a Raymond Chandler-era brick building, firefighters said.

You don't suppose it's......

Full Size Click HERE


E-mail Opinions on The Coretta Scott King Funeral

Last fall I had the privilege of meeting someone in a coffee shop. On and off, over weeks which turned into a few months, we'd talk everything from politics to music, current events to history, over java. He has family and friends in Minnesota, but his home is on the East Coast. We've kept in touch by e-mail and he just wrote to me regarding my post on the Coretta Scott King Funeral.

With his permission, I'm publishing his e-mail (two, actually), below because I think it's damn fine writing:

Second E-mail:

Thanks JW, for your insight. You'll always have this blog as a forum to express when the moment hits you. Stay well, my friend.

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Spike Lee Films by JMW

Top Ten Reasons to Hate Spike Lee
by JMW (responding to
This Post.)

1. He is a waste of Denzel. (Other then X which he ruined himself, see #8)
2. He will always have better NBA seats then me.
3. I can't confirm this but I am 90% sure he has never looked anyone in the eye.
4. He cast his sister in a nude scene.
5. He cast Monica Bellucci in his next movie, she is so hot I am doomed to watch at least part of that drivel now.
6. He keeps casting the same baker's dozen or so of supporting actors in all his movies.
7. He has distilled the already unstomachable New York City ethnocentrism into an ungodly focused Black-Brooklyn-centrism.
8. Even "Malcolm X" could find his way to racial understanding by the end of his life but Spike couldn't even Bare to show that phase of his life.
9. "Jungle Fever": It should have been called "Clashes of Stereotypes" and even Samuel L Jackson's complete with shakes and sweats depiction of a junkie couldn't save it. What a waste of Ossie Davis.
10. "School Daze": From those of us who actually got our butts kicked for months pledging a black fraternity this cartoonish sacrilege warrants a collective bitch slap!
11. Because I can't stop. I once got stuck waiting on the john in a Princeton men's room with his cousin and I didn't like him either!

You can find out a little about who JMW is in This Post.

Monday, February 20, 2006

2008 Democratic Nominee Revealed

Washington DC - The democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential election was unveiled today at a press conference. Surgeon Jim McJim, of McJim Medical Transplant Incorporated, addressed a crowd of reporters and politicians.

"I am proud to introduce the democratic candidate for 2008," said McJim. The candidate is a composite that is designed to appeal to all those on the left side of the political spectrum.

"We used the body of Ted Kennedy for one reason, and one reason only," said McJim. "Myself, along with other surgeons and doctors concluded, after having conducted many tests, that the Kennedy body, after years of abuse of alcohol, partying, and what-have-you, was the finest and healthiest and most durable that we could find. Our testing shows that his body has the biological ability to survive for many more decades. His physiological make-up is, much like that of a cockroach, suitable to survive almost any natural or man-made disaster."

"And, using similar medical science as in the movie "The Thing With Two Heads", we attached the heads of Albert Gore and John Kerry to his shoulders, connected their heads and synchronizing all three of their brains.

"Finally, we inserted the head and brain of Mrs. Clinton into the body cavity of Mr. Kennedy as the central command unit. From her, all propaganda, thought, and ideas will flow."

Democratic National committee Chairman Howard Dean attended the press conference to explain the political impact of the new candidate, dubbed "Six Six Six."

"The body of Kennedy was both large and healthy enough to be the anchor, no pun intended. We have the head of Gore who will appeal to the environmentalists and the global warming crowd," stated Dean. "There was debate on who we would use for the second shoulder head. Many were considered, but we decided on using John Kerry in the event that sometime, in the future, he may actually have an idea. The central processing unit that we dubbed Total Command Central, is of course, Mrs. Clinton. Her head was installed in the chest and abdomen of the Kennedy body and her brain is hard-wired and can usurp any decisions made by the other three heads," said Dean.

"The hardest part of the operation," said McJim, "was in fitting the Gore and Kerry heads onto the Kennedy shoulders. Kennedy, as you may know, for anyone who has met him, has the largest, most gigantic head of any person on the planet so transplant and usable attachment space was at a premium. We tried to find a body host with a smaller head, such as Chuck Schumer, but Schumer refused to agree to non-Kosher head attachments," added McJim.

Professor Leather Hockleer, of the Interplanetary Transplant Consortium commented that "this is no faked Korean stem cell story. I've seen and verified that '666' is indeed, a living, breathing entity. I don't necessarily know that this will be the candidate for the democrats that will usher them into the White House, but time will tell."

Dubbed "666", The Democratic 2008 Presidential Candidate



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