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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Pots and Pans Brigade

Geniuses, these Intellectual Elitists are, are they not? Gore Vidal (Gore Vidal...is he still alive?) as well as other big, BIG name marquee celebrities are being encouraged to "Make Noise by banging pots and pans" during tonight's State of The Union Address. Whew...highbrow this crowd is, yes? I can only imagine the ridicule from the LiberNazi's if the Right/Conservative/Indie Party advocated something like this during a SOTU delivery by a Lefty.
One can only imagine Gore Vidal, outside in his chiffon housecoat, wearing pink fuzzy slippers, banging together his omelet and quiche pans shouting "You've been listening in on my telephone calls with Myra Breckinridge!"

While Vidal is not pictured below, let's take a look at some of the other Pot and Pan Activists, shall we:

From Left to Right: We have activist/murderer supporter, Mike Farrell modeling the non-stick sauce pan from Farberware. Mike enjoys this pan for making his favorite sour M*A*S*H moonshine. Harry Belafonte wears the "Day O" aluminum soup kettle made especially for brewing Anti-U.S. Stew. To the left of Mr. Belafonte is someone who needs no introduction to readers of this blog, but in case you don't recognize him, it is none other than The Fat Bastard. TFB (ahem, The Fat Bastard, not the other term of the acronym "TFB") is seen here with the triple extra-large and extra deep pasta boiling pan. It should be noted that it is no easy feat for TFB to get this on and off his extremely large, fat, rolly poly head, so he greases the inside of it with butter flavored lard. Next to TFB is every Leftist's favorite Wet Nurse, Cindy Sheehan. Cindy prefers the T-Fal Adonized soup pan. Cindy feels this particular model enhances her desirability to Latin American dictators and Crawford, Texas trench dwellers. Finally, we have Iraq's adopted son, Sean Penn. Shown here, Sean proudly models the KitchenAid Stalin Red Terror Casserole Crock Pot.

Ahhhhhhh, banging pots and pans together during the SOTU Address. How mature, how professional, how classy. Any questions why the Libs are the minority and shrinking ever so quickly? I didn't think so.


Cartman Responds To Liberals Re: Sam Alito

Upon learning the news that Samuel Alito was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, by a 58-42 vote, we at mrssatan actively sought out the opinion of one the nation's most highly regarded political analysts, Mr. Eric Cartman, on this historic occasion.

This is what Mr. Cartman had to say:

What is Cartman's response to the Liberals on Sam Alito now being on the Supreme Court?

Click on the > to hear his comments.

All voices impersonated. Or...are...they?
[(©2006 Voice Impression), Cartman, of course, belongs to "South Park"/Matt Stone and Trey Parker]

Coretta Scott King

Widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., has died.
More Here.
And Still More.

Coretta Scott King: 1927-2006 - Rest In Peace

Monday, January 30, 2006

Brokeback Mountain 3: Back From Davos

David Drake Productions
In Conjunction With


John Kerry
John Edwards
A John Waters Film

Brokeback Mountain 3: Back From Davos

Press the > icon to hear the sound clip from the latest Brokeback Sequel:

All voices are impersonated. Or...are...they?


Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Just Love David Lynch, His Films, His Visions

Ahhhhhhhhhh, ERASERHEAD, finally available on DVD...I must've died and gone to Heaven. A Heaven built and constructed by David Lynch. This man simply does not make an uninteresting film. Confusing...different...maybe incomprehensible at times? Absolutely. But uninteresting? Never.

From Newsday: "Do Not Disturb Isn't His Motto":
Lynch's "DUNE" becomes available this Tuesday on DVD, although he refers to it as a bastardization of his vision:

Filmmaker, Artist, Painter: David Lynch

I do have a screenplay he may be interested in reading...

$ Following $ The $ Abramoff $ Money $

"Follow the money, follow the money, follow the money." Isn't it amusing that the Libs are trotting out this well worn, tattered phrase from their cobwebbed dusty playbook?

Did you see Chris Wallace grill DNC Chair Howlin' Howard Dean on Fox News Sunday this morning? Did you hear Howlin' Howard stammer and fumble when Wallace nailed him on the Democrats taking money from clients of Jack Abramoff? Howie, methinks thou dost protest too much. Much too much too much.

First he can assure us Abramoff NEVER directed that money: "I can assure you Jack Abramoff never directed that money."

Then the Spin: "...what I'm saying is that Abramoff MAY NOT have directed some of this money...":
"No, what I said was that it is possible that some Democrats got money from some of the - yeah. No, what I'm saying is that Abramoff may not have directed some of this money toward the Democrats."

"Nobody got anything out of the Democrats from Jack Abramoff. "

Well, then if what Howlin' Howie said is accurate, if the money MrsSatan received from Abramoff clients was not an issue, why would MrsSatan spokesman Ann Lewis take such great lengths to issue the statement that that money would be donated to charities? Ann, methinks thou dost protest too much.

How many years have the LiberNazi's told "the American people" to "Follow the money"? Well, you see, that's what we're doing. We're following the money. We're following the money that is connected to Democrats that is traceable back to Jack Abramoff. Whether the money is from an Abramoff client, donor, or group that has, in any way, accepted Abramoff money and has laundered it through their Whirlpool and channeled it back to a Democrat. Like Harry Reid
for example. And the above mentioned MrsSatan/Abramoff money that Ann Lewis needs to make sure that the media is aware has been donated to charity.

For years the Libs have been unable to raise the amount of money that the Republicans can raise. The Libs fundraising efforts pale in comparison to what the Conservatives can raise. Instead of trying harder to meet or exceed what the Republicans can fundraise, the Libs want to change the rules of fundraising, hence McCain-Feingold.

Now, since McCain-Feingold didn't level the playing field for the Libs, they want to change the rules yet again. It's sort of like saying that I want to play in the PGA Desert Classic, but since I'm not as good a golfer as the pro's are, they cannot play to the best of their ability. Since they're better golfers than am I, they have to hold back on their expertise and ability in order to give me a chance at winning the Desert Classic.

This is just so typical of the Liberal mentality, to cry and whine, and want to change the rules and guidelines when they can't compete within those rules and guidelines.

The most recent rule change the Libs tout is to fund campaigns with public money and eliminate private money. Yeah, that will really work. It's not enough that the Liberals have both of their slimy greasy hands in all my pockets; now they want me to fund their campaigns. I think not.

And with regard to his proposed "100 Days" (again, from Fox News Sunday):

    DEAN: That's a big problem, and those Democrats are in trouble, and they should be in trouble. And our party, if the American people will put us back in power in '06, we will have on the president's desk things that outlaw all those kinds of behaviors. Right now it's a Republican scandal. Maybe they'll find that some Democrats did something wrong, too. That hasn't been the case yet.

    But our reforms in the Democratic Party are going to be aimed at both Democrats and Republicans. We want to clean up Congress, and we will within 100 days of the new Congress in 2007.

Gee, you've had decades to do what you say when your party was the Majority Party. And you didn't do one, single, solitary thing about it. Now you drag out, again from your dusty, rusty Playbook, the phrase "(give us) 100 days...". Keeeey-Rist you're pathetic. You're worse than Cartman begging for more Cheesy Poofs after he's eaten six bags and his mother denies him a seventh.

This is what it comes down to: If the Libs' fundraising exceeded what the Conservatives raised, year after year, and the Conservatives were crying for campaign finance reform, the response from the Libs would be, "oh quit your crying, you're just jealous that you're unable to raise as much money as we are."

Well, that's exactly the response I have to all you crybaby Libs out there. You can't raise as much as your opponents? Too bad. You want to change the rules? Not going to happen.

I will pitch in for an industrial sized box of kleenex for you crybaby Libs. But it's going to be the generic tissue, not the sleek, smooth, lotion-soaked type. And if you don't like that, then that's too damned bad. Use grade 16 sandpaper instead,then.

Quit your crying, put on you big boy pants and get out there and hustle for the money yourselves. You think you deserve it? Go work for it and earn it, just like everyone else has to do.

Oh, and by the way, for all you LiberNazi's out there: EARN: 1. To merit or deserve, as by labor or service; to do that which entitles one to (a reward, whether the reward is received or not). The high repute Which he through hazard huge must earn. 2. To acquire by labor, service, or performance; to deserve and receive as compensation or wages; as, to earn a good living; to earn honors or laurels.

It's the opposite of "Gimme", and I
know you Libs know the meaning of that word.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'd Have Rather Been An SUV or Truck, But...

I'll take being a Viper, if only in my fantasies...

I'm a Dodge Viper!

You're all about raw power. You're tough, you're loud, and you don't take crap from anyone. Leave finesse to the other cars, the ones eating your dust.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Raw power - yes. Tough - yes. Loud - when required. Don't take crap from anyone - first I try diplomacy. If that fails, I gut-shoot the bastard. Finesse - in politics and in the bedroom, Chandelier Swinging a specialty (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more).

Hamas: Will The World Play Ball With Them? Will They Play Ball With The World?

Hamas was overwhelmingly elected to office in, what was by all accounts and all observations, a fair and free election. Hamas has repeatedly said they will not and do not recognize Israel's right to exist. What diplomatic options does the world have in working with a government with this mentality? Who will "give-in" and who will maintain their standards?

There are those, such as Robert Satloff, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, who believe that Hamas will mellow with their newly achieved power. There are those, such as President Bush, who hope that Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, a man who opposes violence against Israel, will have some degree of influence with Hamas in bringing them to a more rational stand toward Israel. There are those, such as Avi Dichter, former head of Israel's Shin Bet domestic security who believe Hamas will continue its period of calm and non-aggression, though Hamas is unlikely to formally say just that.

Can the world politically afford to shut out the Hamas government with the hope that either something better will come along, or wait for Hamas to mellow? It's anyone's guess at how long it could take for Hamas to mellow. This is not a realistic approach to deal with this new government.

U.S. Senator Joe Biden said, "The State Department and the president are in a tough spot here. I think the administration has had really a pretty naive view about how rapidly and how neatly democracy will be embraced", in the Middle East. "They've constantly underestimated the pull and tug of Islam," says Biden. Senator Biden is, unfortunately, unable to put aside his partisanship in this matter. The Hamas victory poses the very same issues to a White House or State Department no matter which political party is the majority. Further, from Biden's statement, it certainly sounds as if he is leaning towards appeasing and catering to Hamas. Appeasement is something we've learned doesn't work as evidenced by the eight year appeasement of North Korea by the Clinton Administration from 1992-2000 ('93-'01 if you want to be technical). We now witness the fallout that the United States and the neighbors of North Korea must deal with because of the Clinton Administration's policies of appeasement.

Ostracizing Hamas with economic or other sanctions will prove futile, just as sanctions with Iraq failed. One will always find a France or a Germany or a Russia willing to covertly provide whatever it is that the rest of the world doesn't think Hamas should have.

We know the United Nations cannot be counted on to apply force or strength to Hamas, or any other government or leader who refuses to play by standards the rest of the world observes. The U.N. is a eunuch, unable to enforce the resolutions it anxiously writes down. Their resolutions are as weightless as the paper on which they are written.

Then there is the outrageously absurd recommendation of Iranian President Ahmadinejad that Israel pull up its stakes and move their country to a completely different geographic region. Not only is his suggestion sickly laughable, but does anyone think that removing Israel from the area will result in total peace among the Muslim world; that by simply relocating Israel will result in no further inner conflicts among the Muslims themselves? The Muslim world is almost, but not quite, as volatile in dealing within their own peoples as they are in dealing with Israel.

The option of war, completely obliterating the Muslim extremists, is not only impossible from any logical standpoint, its monetary and human cost is something the world cannot afford, nor something any rational or reasoned politician could realistically expect let alone accomplish.

So where does that leave the world? Can the free world expect that Hamas will "mellow" and come to the table and negotiate objectively and fairly? Can the free world expect the Hamas government approach even the slightest degree of neutrality in living with their neighbors in the Middle East? Is what we now see happening related to the appeasement of the PLO and its former leader Yasser Arafat during the Clinton Administration?

I've written in previous posts that it will take decades to undo the harm caused by the eight years of the Clinton Administration. Do not think for one moment that what is now happening in the Middle East isn't tied to the policy failures of those eight years. Do not think for one moment that Hillary Clinton's kiss to Suha Arafat did not only pacify issues that should have been dealt with at that time, but also gave the Muslim extremists time and fuel for their build up of what the world now faces with a Hamas-led government.

We have another veritable mess created, and left for others to clean up, directly due to the political failures of our 42nd president.

News and Information Sources For The Above:
"Hamas' Win Exposes Risks of Bush's Mideast Policy"- Analysis by Warren P. Strobel, Washington Bureau via St. Paul Pioneer Press/Knight Ridder, January 27, 2006.
"Hama's Win Shakes Up Mideast, World" - by Dion Nissenbaum, Knight Ridder Foreign News Service; ibid.
"Chaos Marks Hamas Start" - by Steven Erlanger, The New York Times; ibid, January 28, 2006.
"Fatah's Rage Evokes Fears of Violence"- by Laura King, The Los Angeles Times via The Minneapolis Star Tribune/The McClatchy Company, January 28, 2006

Non-News Statements Are The Opinion of the Author
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Flopping Acres: "Hamas Will Form Terrorist Nation";
The Right Place: "'Round The 'Sphere"


Yes, a correction on the post below: Republicans To The Rescue: No More Bongs.

The following sentence, in its original publishing read:

"Minnesota lowered the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level used in declaring someone driving while intoxicated from .01 to .08..."

Of course, it should have read: ."..from .
10 to .08..." This has been corrected in the original post.

I've got to quit doing bong hits before I pruphreed. But then again, "I didn't inhale."

Friday, January 27, 2006

One Hit News

Sex Before Public Speaking Has Calming Effect. Is this why Bubba was so smooth at press conferences? I've always found that having sex while being in the audience listening to a speaker is most calming. Well, except for the dishes and cups falling to the floor. That kind of upsets those seated around you.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaron Brown says serious newscasting is at a credibility risk. C'mon now....this has to be parody and satire, coming from the former CNN anchor, right? Did you pen this for Aaron Brown, Mr. Right?
Helen Thomas snubbed again by President Bush at yesterday's news conference. Helen, you must,
you simply must stop crawling back out of the grave.
Cali declares second hand cig smoke "Toxic". Not as toxic as most of the breast implants of most actresses.

Republicans To The Rescue: No More Bongs!

Minnesota State Senator, Republican Michael Jungbauer, a first termer, is upset. He's going after bongs and their glass and ceramic pipe cousins. Fellow State Senator Amy Koch, also a Republican, is joining this front-page-top-of-the-fold issue of national importance. Why, all other issues facing the state of Minnesota simply pale when compared to sale of water pipes. Jobs? Taxes? Immigration? Damn them to hell, we're talking WATER BONGS people! Those evil, vile, WATER BONGS that sneak out from their wood stained display cases at night and ruthlessly kill and maim without reservation; those bongs that hang out on streets at night, mixing only with their gangland peeps.

The Bong Triplets: Huey, Dewey, and Ba-Ba Whoo-Hooey!

Jungbauer said he was "inspired to push for a new law after discovering that his local video rental store offered pot pipes for sale." He was "inspired...." -- cue Mighty Mouse theme song for Mr. Jungbauer: "Here I Come To Save The Day, Senator Jungbauer is on the way-With a Law We've Needed for so Long, So That No one Can Ever Buy a Water Bong!"

Jungbauer's proposal would make the Minnesota law equivalent to federal code when it comes to selling this type of merchandise. Applying his standard then, bars, taverns, and nightclubs should be declared illegal and closed, for they promote the use of alcohol --- an insidious intoxicant!

But wait Dave, booze is legal, pot is not. Gee, I guess I overlooked that in my Stone Cold Groove, thanks so much for reminding me.

This is actually a sad state of affairs. Anyone can research the information available out there, from government and independent studies, and will reach the same conclusion. More people are killed, injured, hurt, fights instigated, relationships wrecked, lives ruined from liquor than marijuana.

Jungbauer is putting the cart before the horse in some respects. I know a couple of people from Egypt. They own huge and beautifully ornate water pipes. Do you know what they smoke in those water pipes? Tobacco, black tar-like chunks of tobacco. (And no, it's not hash, I've sampled it. It's tobacco).

So is Jungbauer assuming that the merchandise he viewed at his local video store will be used to smoke illegal drugs? Are we into predicting a criminal activity before it is committed? Jungbauer...Koch, are you sure you're a member of the republican party? Step off to the Left...a little more...a little more now...a little more. There, now you're in the right political camp, the camp that enjoys enacting more legislation when current law already exists to deal with a problem.

Okay, we know why people buy these pipes...at least for the most part. But is it, or should it, be a crime to sell a product before it is used for something that is not legal? That kind of logic could be applied to knives, lye, bleach, piano wire, rope, fertilizer (the Murrah Building), warfarin and a litany of other products.

Jungbauer's position on this is simply another "feel good, warm fuzzy law" that won't really do much to curb illegal drug use. Do you really think someone won't smoke a bowl of weed due to the fact that they can no longer buy a pipe or a bong at a head shop or their local video store in Minnesota? Maybe Jungbauer and Koch could introduce additional legislation to ban corn cob pipes and rolling papers.

Jungbauer says he is not "interested in creating a new class of criminals." Well, of course you are. As soon as anyone says anything remotely like that, they are projecting what they want to do by saying they don't want to do it.

You can ban these products, go ahead. The result will be that those who want to buy these products will buy them elsewhere. They will cross the border into Wisconsin, Iowa, or the Dakota's and purchase them there.

After Minnesota added a .75 cents Fee/Tax/Surcharge on each pack of cigarettes last year, the result was that sales of cigarettes in Minnesota fell. Purchase of cigarettes in our neighboring states increased drastically, especially in cities and towns across the border in the neighboring states.

Before Minnesota law was changed to let bars serve alcohol until 2AM, at 1AM - the prior Minnesota "Last Call" - people in bars on border cities such as Duluth and St. Paul, would drive to Wisconsin for one more hour of drinking because Wisconsin bars served booze until 2AM.

We read and hear almost daily of college students under the legal drinking age of 21, dying from acute alcohol intoxication. Apparently the laws that say one cannot drink until they are 21 years of age are not effective. We read and hear almost daily of binge drinking deaths of those under 21. Again, apparently the legal drinking age isn't much of a deterring factor in preventing these losses of life.

Prohibition didn't work for booze. Prohibition doesn't work for a lot of things. Most of the time prohibition doesn't work as it is intended at all. Can we all say "Campaign Finance Reform" together?

In Minnesota, Sudafed and its generic siblings containing ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine is now locked behind counters in drug and retail stores due to a "feel good, warm fuzzy law" erroneously enacted with the mistaken intent that it will reduce, prevent, stop or halt the manufacturing of meth. Huh, guess what? Meth is still being manufactured, made, used and abused. Why, how can this be?

Minnesota lowered the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level used in declaring someone driving while intoxicated from .10 to .08. Guess what? People are still being arrested for driving while intoxicated. Why, how can this be?

The legal drinking age is 21 years of age, yet those under 21 are still getting drunk. Why, how can this be?

One method to increase revenue for any governmental entity is to make more laws that lasso more of the population creating a new class of criminals or offenders who previously were not in any violation of any law. This then becomes a not so slippery slope to tyranny.

Are Job and other rolling papers next? It may depend on what substance you're putting into those papers. God forbid it's tobacco!

Take my Bong? From my cold, dead hands!
Source for Jungbauer/Koch: City Pages Blotter

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Parsing The Unparsable

Let us ask ourselves, "What is Jack Abramoff money"? Why, in the best Bubba Boy parsing of the language, "It depends on what your definition of 'Abramoff money is'".

Well, I must then have to ask if Hilla---MrsSatan
didn't take "Abramoff money", why then would her spokesman Ann Lewis go to such outrageous lengths to make sure it was reported that they have donated it to charity...
.... the Gloria Wise Foundation, perhaps?

Because MrsSatan is as honest as the day is long? I think not.

Likely, it is because her campaign fears any type of association with ABRAMOFF MONEY, since that is the only buzzword (well, "K Street" is becoming popular jargon with the LiberNazi's) left for the Left to grasp onto.

Further, the Left hasn't mentioned a word about This Story of MrsSatan and underreporting $1 Million-plus in campaign contributions:

Yes, David Rosen was acquitted of knowingly filing false reports with the FEC. This doesn't mean that those reports weren't filed fraudulently. Only that he was acquitted of knowingly filing them falsely. Hey, O.J. was found not guilty in a criminal court too. Sometimes evidence is evidence, and sometimes it's not.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey ----- I think I'm beginning to understand how the Left parses those infinite hairs. Thanks for the lesson on parsing, Libs!

You think you're the only ones entitled to parse sub-atomic particles of the lexicon? Think again!

Just wait until I start parsing the unparsable. This is going to be fun! A whole, lotta """"Fun"""".


** What do Wal-Mart, Haaaaaa' vad, and MENS'er (I'm pronouncing that the Kennedy/Kerry-esque way, as in "Subpoen'ER", "Cu-b'ER" and "Chi-NER") have in common? The answer is Here.
Mark Levin Fan notes The Great Things in America That The Left Attacks. Nice!
Defining definitions of Conservatism and Socialism...nee' The LiberNazi's.
Global Warming Causes Snow in Hawaii. Or as Kennedy/Kerry say, "Hawai'ER".
Lone Pony ponies up with info on a celeb I have incredible admiration for, Gary Sinise.
Mr. Snitch's thoughts on Crafty Those Are Lefty Trolls Think They Composing Sentence WordingRe.
This guy finds some of the Best Vids to post.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

MrsSatan: Poll Numbers For Prez Abysmal

Other than dead folks, who always seem to cast their vote for Democratic candidates, it seems No one, Nobody, No-how wants MrsSatan to reside in the White House.

Gee, I'll be eagerly waiting for Sham Cedar, poll lover ( or is that
pole lover? ) that he is, to make mention of the above poll. C'mon Sham, you Liberal Lovin' Nazi Bastard...lemme hear you loud and clear, repeating over and over and over again, in your pre-teen girly voice, tell your listeners that 51 percent of those polled by the CNN/Gallup organization, (the poll organization that, other than the Church of Abortion On Demand, the Liberals kneel and worship), don't want MrsSatan in the White House and would never vote for her! Only 16%....sixteen...said they would fully support her. Heh heh heh!

C'mon Sham...C'mon...let me hear you! Shout those poll results out, you can do it! It's CNN/Gallup! Damnit man, they're NEVER wrong according to the Left. C'mon Shammy boy, lemme hear you loud and clear......hello? Hello?

MrsSatan: "Time to rig those Diebold voting machines for us, for a change!"

Joel Stein: A Different Target of Hate

Way too much attention is being given to This Column by the boychik. Maybe A chazer blebit a chazer is a more appropriate term of endearment?

Below, with some modifications, is his "column". Hmmm, I wonder if reaction would be perhaps, a bit different, had his article been like this

Red, White and Jew: Joel Stein

    I DON'T SUPPORT the Jews. This is a particularly difficult opinion to have, especially if you are the kind of person who likes the Jews. Supporting Israel is a position that even Calvin is unwilling to urinate on.

    I'm sure I'd like the Jews. They seem gutsy, young and up for anything. If you're wandering into the occupied territories for eight years of unknown danger, I want to hang with Israeli soldiers.

    And I've got no problem with other people - the ones supporting anti-Semitism, who support what Hitler did and the Nazis. If you think supporting Israel was a good idea, then by all means, support away. Load up on those kosher foods, take those days off from work for all those holidays, and all the other things that Rabbinical institutions are making money off of.

    But I'm not for Israel. And being against an Israeli war and saying you support the Jews is one of the wussiest positions the pacifists have ever taken - and they're wussy by definition. It's as if the one lesson they took away from Germany wasn't to avoid foreign conflicts with no pressing national interest but to remember to throw the holocaust around afterward.

    Blindly lending support to Israel, I fear, will keep the Jewish state around longer by giving soft acquiescence to the hawks who support it - and who might one day want to have an Arab country in its place. Trust me, a Jew who thought the number of Jews killed in World War Two is vastly exaggerated. Me? I'm looking for some Chocolate Gugelhupf.

    Besides, those little Heeb beanies they wear look ridiculous. They need a toupee or hair transplant to cover that balding section of their scalp. The real purpose of the Holocaust Museum and Holocaust Remembrance Day is to constantly remind the goyim of how much the world owes, and is in debt to, the Jews and the enduring endless reporting by Wolf Blitzer that Ariel Sharon is out of his coma, has slipped back into a coma, and is once again coming out of his coma. There should be an award for that. A kosher one, of course.

    I understand the guilt, hell, I'm a Jew. My ancestors were the ones who condemned Christ to his death. We're known for our dirty work, and we want to seem apologetic.

    After we've decided that we made a mistake, we blamed the Roman soldiers who were ordered to crucify Christ. Even our representatives, who were false prophets and deceived by false religious beliefs, secretly admit their error, but they will not admit it publicly.

    But blaming the Jews and Israel is a little too easy. The truth is that people like me are just too afraid to fight for freedom, to put action where our words are. We are afraid to do what others do for us, so we can write our little tirades and get our Ted Rall fifteen minutes of attention. An army of whiners like me cannot do anything to protect the freedom we have as Americans. What are we going to do, screech like little skirted girls and throw our keyboards and laptops at terrorists? We cower behind the apron of our mommies.

    I don't sympathize with the Jews who, especially after 9/11, tricked America into fighting a war that exists only because Israel is in the same geographic region as the Muslims. Why, if Israel just relocated somewhere else, that region would be peaceful, so I can only imagine how they feel.

    But when you volunteer for the Israeli military, you pretty much know you're going to be suckering the Americans in, at some point, to do the dirty work that you really don't want to do.

    And sometimes, for reasons I don't understand, you get to just hang out at Auschwitz.

    I know this is all easy to say for a guy who grew up with money, did well in school and hasn't so much as served on jury duty for his country. You see, my mommy and daddy told me I am the center of the universe, therefore, I must be. But it's really not that easy to say because anyone remotely affiliated with the military could easily beat me up, I'm a pussy, a weakling, and a little girly-boy. And I'm listed in the phone book.

    I'm not advocating that we spit on the Jews. But we shouldn't be catering to them like we think they're God's chosen people. All I'm asking is that we let Israeli and U.S. Jews fend for themselves, pay in total for their own Kosher food instead of having non-Jews pick up the tab, and not have so damn many "holidays" off work each year.

    Oh, and for what it's worth, I'm sorry my people killed and condemned to death God's only begotten Son. Really, I am.


We need to cut some slack to Joel Boy. He's obviously qualified to know what he's writing about, right? He cut his teeth writing for the
"The Martha Stewart Television Show"! If that isn't a journalistic coup de grace, I don't know what is. Surely a Pulitzer sits high atop his mantle for his contributions to Martha's show.



Time For Funerals

An Aunt of mine died earlier this week. Services to celebrate her life are tomorrow. She was a great aunt. Always smiling, always happy, always happy to see you. Maybe that wasn't how she was really feeling at the time, but that is what she projected. If she had a worry or a concern, you didn't know it.

She was the consummate host of a party or gathering. She made you feel more comfortable in her home than you felt in your own home.

I hadn't seen her or spoken with her for many years. One of my brother's said he kept meaning to see her, to visit her, to make time to get to her house and spend some time with her. He didn't get around to it. And neither did I.

But we will be attending her services tomorrow.

And all the above got me to thinking about how all us say we are going to make time to see someone, to visit someone, to travel somewhere and spend time with the people in our lives who are important to us. And how often we never get around to actually doing it.

But then the memorial service or funeral is scheduled, and then...and then, we make time for it, for it becomes the very last time for us to say both hello and good-bye to the person we didn't get around to see when they were alive.

And I realized how sad it is that we do that. I'm as guilty as anybody in not making time to see the people I care about as often as I should, or as often as those people deserve.

I know--I know, we work, we play, we plan this and that, we say "Next Time" to doing something with someone we haven't seen in a while. And life goes on. And you plan for doing what you say you will do next week, next month, next summer. And the next thing you know is, you get the telephone call saying that, the person you haven't seen or spoken with in quite some time - the person you meant to visit over and over again - has died. And then you finally make time to be present for the memorial service and funeral.

I will miss you Auntie Mary. I'm sorry I didn't make and take the time to visit you or phone you as often as I should have in the last several years. I know it's no consolation, but you were in my thoughts so very often, with me thinking "I really have to get to your house, say hello, and visit with you." But I never got there. And I'm sorry. So very sorry.

Chris Penn: Good Bye "Nice Guy Eddie"

Actor Chris Penn Was found dead at his home. This is too bad. I like him and thought him a fine actor.

Penn's performance, as character "Nice Guy Eddie" in one of my favorite films
"Reservoir Dogs", was magnificent. Penn had a solid filmography to his credit.

"Larry, stop pointing that f*cking gun at my Dad!"...What a classic, classic line.

Chris Penn, Rest In Peace

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Haggis: The Other White Meat?

Haggis on The School Hot Lunch Menu coming under fire.

More Found Items on The Atrophying Left

** The Left...soon to be Extinct as the Dinosaur?

** Despite their best attempts to prove otherwise, Bush Approval Ratings Continue To Climb.

** Compare and Contrast the following search results:

Liberals Criticize, Democrats Criticize;

Conservatives Criticize, Republicans Criticize.

** Will Cluck Schumer ever fully answer questions of illegally obtaining Michael Steele's Credit Report?

Conservative Win In Canada

Despite all the efforts of Chubbsy Wubbsy, the Canadian Left couldn't Pull It Together.

All Conservatives everywhere should thank the likes of The Fat Man, The Cleric of Cellulite, The Twat of Tonnage, The Baguette of Blubber, The Ruler of Rolls, The King of Calories, and his Looney Left Cohorts, for their continuing whining, cry-babying, losing and hate-filled attitudes for rallying Conservatives, Indie's, and Republicans alike, in defeating Liberals Everywhere!

Full coverage and great insight into the Canadian Election can be found HERE.

    Was anybody surprised by Paul Martin's announcement that he is leaving politics? You shouldn't be. I wasn't. I had a sneaking suspicion he would do this if he lost the election. My suspicions were further aroused when that clip of him playing cards with his family was aired. Rather than watching the incoming election results, Martin sat with his back to the television screen and concentrated on the game he was playing with his family.

Having just eaten a 75 course meal only moments ago, "When's lunch?", asks Flabbius Maximus. Ahhhhh, Flabbius, lunch is whenever you're not sleeping. And even then, I suspect you have an intravenous drip feeding you gravy.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Rapidly Aging Corpse of Mike Malloy

Last fall, on his little radio show, Air(head) America, LiberNazi, Crybaby, and Truth-Denier Mikey Mawwoy made fun of Bob Novaks' Combover. Gee, that sure seems like the pot calling the kettle black, doesn't it? Below we have photo's of the Truth-Denier, all from the Google Image Public Domain.

Photo One: I am guessing this was taken...oh, I don't know...the late 1700's? That's the one connected to his program's website. Gee, he sure doesn't resemble that pic anymore, does he?

Photo Two
: Maybe two minutes after the bottle of Viagra kicked in? I wonder how much 151 Rum his wife has to consume before she sleeps with this Old Bastard? Icky!!

Photo Three
: Probably how he looks 99.99999999999999999% of the time.

Photo Four
: Note the reflection of the lights off that vast forehead. And the handful of hairs he apparently tried to stretch across his scalp that the wind or breeze has blown out of place.

Full Size Click Here. Warning: Step back a few feet from your monitor. The Full Size version is ugly...very, very ugly.

Good God...Liberalism isn't conducive to aging gracefully, is it?



Liberal Party LOSING in Canada!

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Is Howard Dean running the Lib's campaign to our neighbor up north?

Harper and Co. winning.

Reuters: Harper and Co. has substantial lead!

And for analysis and review, tune in HERE. If it's happening and important, Len will have it.

One Hit News

Georgie Galloway in Red Tights. (My eyes, they burn and sting!!!) And more On This Gallant Individual. Now, just one question: Can he ever be taken seriously from this point on, when he tells us he was never involved in the oil-for-food scandal?
Four London youths
Guilty in death of bar owner. Hit the link, look at their "innocent" photos. They're punks who should be in jail for a lot longer than the sentences they got. F*cking little punks.
Twenty six year old woman commits suicide, Hangs herself because of overbearing debt. This is sad. Bankruptcy wasn't an option? A tragic loss of a life.
This brings a whole different meaning to
Head Cheese. It could be worse, I suppose, and be Alfredo Garcia on the plate.

Blogworthy, Oh So Blogworthy!

** Which Happy Bunny Are You? Via link courtesy of Code Red.

I was the 'You Smell Like Butt' Bunny (sniff, sniff, I don't smell like butt):

congratulations. you are the "you smell like
butt" bunny. your [sic] brutally honest and
always say whats [sic] on your mind.
which happy bunny are you?

And I've been told I'm so subtle.......Geez, I don't smell like butt. Cigarette butt maybe, but not "butt butt". I shower every four of five months whether I need it or not.
** Speaking of butts, I received a lengthy comment on that vile, evil, addiction of Cigarette Smoking, that I chose not to publish in the comments section (due to its length). Instead, I'm linking to The Organization and the Article: Dissecting Anti-smoker's Brains instead. See, cigarette smoke is good for you!
Satire...from Mr. Right? Naaaaaaaaaaaah! 'Sunspot Activity Causes Brief Interruption of Karl Rove's "Mind-Ray"' has to be true, there is no other explanation for the behavior of the LiberNazi's!
** This is SUCH a GOOD Video! Set to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", it shows the Royal Navy having some good fun! Edited very well, and with some fine performances by the fine RN men and women. Note the piano player in perfect synch!
** All your Weapons Cache Databank In One Stop Easy Shopping. Hmmmm, like in the game DOOM, Very Happy Ammo Added!
** I don't think anyone on earth has covered the Aruba and Natalie Holloway story any better than Scared Monkeys, and I've been meaning to note that. Nice job, as always, guys!
** Jhorge cLooney makes a Name Joke. What a clever guy he is, yes? You know, cLooney has never quite been able to regain that magical, undefined aura of his acting prowess as in his unforgettable portrayal of the character Booker Brooks on "Roseanne", has he.

Actor Anthony Franciosa Dies

Anthony Franciosa, whose strong portrayals of moody, troubled characters made him a Hollywood star in the 1950s and '60s but whose combative behavior on movie sets hampered his career, has died, his publicist said Friday. He was 77.

I remember reruns of "The Name of The Game" and thought it was excellent.

This series is a wealth of television trivia. Note that one of its writers was
Steven Bochco, years before "Hill Street Blues" fame.

One if its directors was Nicholas Colasanto, better know as bartender "Coach" on "Cheers". Another of the series' director was Stevie Spielberg...who?

Tony Franciosa 1928-2006

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Poor Tubby: Fat Bastard Insulted? "Dat's So Sad!"

How did I miss This? Well, good for Chris Matthews, and no Chris, you needn't apologize and there is no need to "explain" for comparing the Fat Bastard to Osama Bin Laden.
And I'm not even a Chris Matthews fan! The only difference, as I see it, between Flabbius and OBL is, OBL is much more slender, and can grow a far better, thicker, manly beard than the Ten Ton Waddling Tub of Shit.

For more detail on the how and why the Fat Ass is offended, check out his Socialist website. It's not hard to find. Sort of like, as I said in a post or two down from here, spotting out The Dumpling from Davison (Michigan) in a crowd of Ethiopians. Yeah, Chubbs, you can't even tell the truth about where you grew up. At least OBL hasn't lied about his home town.

According to the book, "Do As I Say, Not As I Do", your home town is the nice, middle (upper) white class town of Davison, not blue-collar Flint, MI, as you'd like your fans to believe. Your daddy had a nice white collar job at GM, and you attended private school.

"My wife and I...we're not public-school people." Not that there is anything wrong with Private school...but don't pretend you're "Mister Working Class" when you're not.

You Fat, Fat, Fat, Fat Bastard.

Jesse, Why Are You Still Here?

James Janos aka "Jesse 'The Body' Ventura said, in October of 2005, on CNBC's "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch", that he was "leaving the United States due to censorship".

Well, why haven't you moved yet? What are you still doing here? Aren't you a man of your word? Are your bags packed? Got your passport ready? Plane tickets in your pocket?

Yeah, I thought so.

And no, I didn't vote for him when he was elected Governor by the "Circus Voters" (Hat Tip to D.H. for coining that term).

Jesse, I will give you credit for two things I think are good things that you did:

1) You returned the budget surplus to the people of the State of Minnesota, whom were, and still are, insanely overtaxed, and,

2) I give you credit for walking out of the Paulie Wellstone Memorial-Turned-political-Rally when the crowd booed both you and Trent Lott.

Yep, those Wellstonians are a classless, tactlessness bunch of ideologues.

By the way Wellstonians, it's time to rip those bumper stickers off your cars. The man has been dead three-plus years. Any Indie or Conservative, with a bumper sticker on their car three-plus years after the person's death would be ridiculed by the Left.

As far as the Wellstone Memorial/Political Rally, those of who found it necessary to "boo" then Governor Ventura and Senator Lott - I'll pose to you the same question you pose to your political opponents.

With regard to your behavior, do you think Paul would have approved? WWPD?

What Would Paul Do? As much as I differed with his politics, I'm pretty sure that Paul Wellstone would NOT have booed his political opponents at a Memorial/Rally.

You Liberals are a sick, sick bunch.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

One Hit News

Liberal Democrat resigns after it becomes public he had Affair with Rent Boy! (And no, it wasn't Spbarney Sprank.)
Beavis: "Heh-heh-you said 'Home Affairs'".
NASA on trip to Pluto.

Butthead: "Heh...I'd rather see Pluto than Uranus. Huh--Huh!"
Acupuncture Deactivates Brain. A lot of Liberals must have had intensive acupuncture treatment!
I found This List of Top Ten Unexpected Film Deaths via Lemuel. I have to wonder why "Psycho" is not listed, as Janet Leigh is killed off...what is it...within the first twenty minutes or so?

    The [shower] scene left countless moviegoers sneaking the occasional peak around the shower curtain to make sure the bathroom was clear of knife-wielding lunatics. It also was a drastic departure from Hollywood convention, defying expectations of audiences who until that point had identified with Leigh as the movie's main character.

    "I think first of all it was having a big movie star playing the part and dying early in the movie," said Pat Hitchcock. "That was the shock value."

And a one-day belated Happy 60th Birthday to my favorite filmmaker of all, an iconoclast and someone whose films make you think; the one and only:
Mr. Lynch. "Inland Empire" is in post production. I can't wait for its release. (He exudes cool.)

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