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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

MrsSatan: Poll Numbers For Prez Abysmal

Other than dead folks, who always seem to cast their vote for Democratic candidates, it seems No one, Nobody, No-how wants MrsSatan to reside in the White House.

Gee, I'll be eagerly waiting for Sham Cedar, poll lover ( or is that
pole lover? ) that he is, to make mention of the above poll. C'mon Sham, you Liberal Lovin' Nazi Bastard...lemme hear you loud and clear, repeating over and over and over again, in your pre-teen girly voice, tell your listeners that 51 percent of those polled by the CNN/Gallup organization, (the poll organization that, other than the Church of Abortion On Demand, the Liberals kneel and worship), don't want MrsSatan in the White House and would never vote for her! Only 16%....sixteen...said they would fully support her. Heh heh heh!

C'mon Sham...C'mon...let me hear you! Shout those poll results out, you can do it! It's CNN/Gallup! Damnit man, they're NEVER wrong according to the Left. C'mon Shammy boy, lemme hear you loud and clear......hello? Hello?

MrsSatan: "Time to rig those Diebold voting machines for us, for a change!"

I still remain skeptical of polls, but this sounds about it. At the very least it's certainly true for me. I will never ever vote for that woman. There is absolutely nothing the Dems can say or offer to change my mind on that. If they want any shot at winning in 2008 they'd better pick someone else, hopefully better than Kerry who is another jerk I'd never ever vote for.
Hi Average Gay Joe,

I admire you for not considering yourself (because you are self admittedly gay) automatically part of the Liberal Plantation and "owned" by them because of your orientation. That is indeed worthy of respect.

Plus you find the best damn vid clips out there.
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