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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Parsing The Unparsable

Let us ask ourselves, "What is Jack Abramoff money"? Why, in the best Bubba Boy parsing of the language, "It depends on what your definition of 'Abramoff money is'".

Well, I must then have to ask if Hilla---MrsSatan
didn't take "Abramoff money", why then would her spokesman Ann Lewis go to such outrageous lengths to make sure it was reported that they have donated it to charity...
.... the Gloria Wise Foundation, perhaps?

Because MrsSatan is as honest as the day is long? I think not.

Likely, it is because her campaign fears any type of association with ABRAMOFF MONEY, since that is the only buzzword (well, "K Street" is becoming popular jargon with the LiberNazi's) left for the Left to grasp onto.

Further, the Left hasn't mentioned a word about This Story of MrsSatan and underreporting $1 Million-plus in campaign contributions:

Yes, David Rosen was acquitted of knowingly filing false reports with the FEC. This doesn't mean that those reports weren't filed fraudulently. Only that he was acquitted of knowingly filing them falsely. Hey, O.J. was found not guilty in a criminal court too. Sometimes evidence is evidence, and sometimes it's not.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey ----- I think I'm beginning to understand how the Left parses those infinite hairs. Thanks for the lesson on parsing, Libs!

You think you're the only ones entitled to parse sub-atomic particles of the lexicon? Think again!

Just wait until I start parsing the unparsable. This is going to be fun! A whole, lotta """"Fun"""".

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