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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hugo Chavez and Jesse Jackson: Birds of a Feather

The absurdity continues with the Rev meeting and commiserating with Il Duce Chavez. Doesn't this guy have a real job? Jackson, I mean. Il Duce Chavez has a job, being a dick taster. I mean, dictator. WTF is wrong with Jackson?
All Pat Robertson said was "maybe we should take him out." For all we know, maybe he meant that Jackson should take Chavez to the Prom! Or maybe take him out to a Fat Bastard movie. Or to Arby's.

I'm sure Il Duce's complaint about Pat Robertson will go real, real far at the U.N
. I mean, I think that's why John Bolton got the job, right? So he can tell dictators like Il Duce Chavez to 'F*ck Off.'

Note the Taipei Times photo, with Il Duce pointing his pointer finger, in what appears to be, Jackson's lapel. Yeah, there's no better way to convey diplomacy than sticking your index finger into someone. When someone does that to me, it usually results in me telling them 'Stick or point that index finger at me one more time and you'll be chewing the rest of your meals through a straw.'

Better yet, let Vice President Cheney handle Chavez in Mr. Cheney's subtle, suave, tactful and admirable style. Go Dick, Go! 'Sick' Cheney after this two-bit dictator.

I guess when you're a two-bit dictator, the Liberals are your oyster, and the Lib's are happy to be just that.

Louis Jourdain: Co-conspirator or "naive"?

Yeah, I'm judging before the results are fully known...BUT...
...at 16 years old, Louis' age, you're no longer naive. At the age of 9 or 10, yeah, you probably are naive. But not at 16 - sorry "Chief", I'm not buying it.
It's time parents stop pretending their children are always "angels". It's time parents start holding their children responsible for their actions instead of blaming society and others. If your kid(s) break the law, or harm somebody, or destroy property - whatever - it's time the parents stop making excuses for the behavior and start handing down some stern discipline, before we have another Red Lake. Another Columbine. Another Rocori. Another Kentucky. Another Arkansas. Another Pennsylvania. Another Georgia. And on and on. This has to end people. And I think damn near ninety percent starts with The Parents.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Amazing Secret of Bees

A Must Read.
Chalk up another great story to Rake!

The Bushy Bushy Bushy Bush

Nope, I'm not talking about the president at all.

Hat Tip to Monkeys In My Pants.

Mucho Pubic Hair is the RAGE in South Korea for women
A veritable forest you say, M'Lady? I guess D&G can forget about the South Korean market for now.

It's just the opposite for This Guy. I think he has pubes transplanted to his head for that Clairol Look! The question is, does the senator use shampoo on his head, or douche?

Please Stop Toasting Your Doggy!

I love dogs, and some cats. This is for the dog owners. Please stop taking your dog jogging with you even though it is 6 or 7PM at night. It still is too hot for them if the temperature is in the mid-70's.

Don't believe me? Then don't wear your little jogging shorts and mini-T's and instead, put on a nice, thick, heavy jacket and two pairs of jogging pants. See how long it takes for you to have your tongue hanging out of your mouth like The Fat Bastard eyeing a pie.

Leave the dog at home with the AC on, and a nice, chilled gimlet. Okay, booze is not good for dogs, the gimlet is a joke.

But don't take your dog jogging with you. It's inhumane. They will thank you for it.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Two Funny Quickies

1) Boxer Tyson attempts to eat a child?!?

2) Prof. Hawking on Hurricane Katrina.

If you are not visiting the above two blogs on a regular basis, you are missing out on some of the funniest stuff on blogs...well, next to MY BLOG that is...(AHEM......); just kidding guys.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Elections, Hugo Chavez, and Stupid, Stupid Liberals

Once again last week, when I think I may lack something to write about, I just flip the radio dial to the local Liberal Air(head) America station, and tune in Castrati Boi Mikey Mawwoy (that's Malloy, for those of you who wonder to whom I refer). He was talking with his program producer and wife, Kathy. (Hmmmm, I wonder what the age difference is between those two - the Old Coot Castrati Boi and Kathy - 10-15, maybe 20 years - but I digress). I can guess that she is the producer because either no one else could stand to be in the same studio with this Anti-Semitic Dumb Ass, or that others have tried and have been fired. Again, I digress.

They got to discussing the Hugo Chavez elections, and both noted how Chavez had won more elections than "W", and that Chavez's elections were more "legitimate". Again, the not-too-terribly-intelligent Castrati Boi was talking (as usual) out of his butt.

Had Chavez been a Republican candidate running in the United States, surely (Shirley for the Old Coot) the likes of Castrati Boi and his Leftist Ilk Crime Family would have done what the Left did in 2000 in Florida and 2004 in Ohio; they would have challenged the election results. But no, the Lefty's love a Dictator.

Let's take a look at the Chavez elections:

According to BBC News:
94% of the ballots and 58% of the vote? Geez, Bubba would've killed (well, he did kill, but that's another story) for those results. And of course, Jim-mah Kah-ter, another Dictator Lover, has to put his peanut two-cents worth into the issue.
See, there was voter fraud in Venezuela, but let's not just take the word of one source, the BBC, no matter how reliable they may be.

According to Front Page Magazine Jim-mah gives credibility to electing dictators, supporting them and not questioning those elections:

Ahhh, Jim-mah, it's A Long Way To The White House if you're MrsSatan...or Jim-mah Kah-ter facing re-election and your opponent is Ronald Reagan, isn't it?

Now, let us not forget Chavez and his attempted Coup in 1992:

Gee, last I read Chavez hasn't helped the poor and downtrodden at all. And he's become the oligarchy, not raged against it. Everything changes when you become the Kommandant, doesn't it?
The above was written in December 1998. Let's think real hard now...who was the President then...Gor--nope, not him. Bus--nope not Bush. Hmmmmm, let me put on my thinking cap. Oh yeah - that's right - it was BUBBA! And someone in his administration congratulated Chavez. I guess the adage Honor Among Thieves does hold true.

The final paragraph in the WSW article notes:
See, this is what the Lunatic Left Crime Families like Castrati Boi, SAW, Fat Eddy and the others want to happen here in the U.S. They want a collapse of our two-party system. But they only want their Liberal Party to be the one in control. I ask, who harped the loudest over Ralph Nader running as a Third Party? It sure wasn't the Right. No, the Left Fringe was the most vocal, anti-Nader group out there. My, how inclusive they are not!

The Chavez Government continues to repress the opposition. I guess repression is a Left Fringe Crime Family Value.

Further, according to the VCRISIS (Venezuelan News and Analysis):
Why Jim-mah must've been too busy shucking peanuts to comment, right? Is Vicente Rangel related to Charlie Rangel?

Mort Zuckerman, a ... Democrat (!!!) also writes of his concern over the Chavez election as well as the ERRORS in Jim-mah Kah-ter's ACCOUNTABILITY of the election:
So there you have multi-sources reaching the same conclusions over a period of about four years. And the above is what you won't hear from Castrati Boi, SAW, or Fat Eddy.

Kathy (Mrs. Castrati), I feel sorry for you. Life must suck being married to a deranged, anti-Semitic, Dumb Ass who never gets his facts correct. Wait, I take that back; he could get his facts right, but that would subvert his Liberal Agenda, wouldn't it? Truth Seeker he is not.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Memo To President Bush

Go out and meet with your SUPPORTERS that are in Crawford! Tweak the Looney Lefties even more! Go Meet With Your SUPPORTERS! Yeah, just do it!

The Fat Bastard: "The Fat Man" (Song)

The Fat Man
Sung to the Tune of "Taxman"
(With apologies to the late genius George Harrison, "Taxman", and The Beatles)

"Give me your food, I'm so hun-gar-reee!
It's Bush and Cheney's fault for my Obesity;
Cause I'm The Fat Man, Yeah I'm The Fat Man.

I'm very rich so it's Fat Farm Rehab,
So I can shed tons of Excess Flab;
Cause I'm The Fat Man, Yeah I'm The Fat Man.

My docu's don't even approach the Truth,
Help me squeeze into this diner booth,
Slide me in by greasing my hips -
Keep the food coming or you'll get no tips.
Fat Man! Cause I'm The Fat Man, Yeah I'm The Fat Man.

I'll try to get thin however I can,
(Fat Man - won't eat celery)
Perhaps Liposuction just like Roseanne,
(Fat Man - I'm for Hillary)
Cause I'm the Fat Man, Yeah I'm the Fat Man.

I Waddle like two tons of Sh*t
Lack of calories means I have a Hissy Fit
Cause I'm the Fat Man, Yeah I'm The Fat Man.

I'm famished still, I want another meal,
The calories I'll pretend aren't real;
Cause I'm The Fat Man, Yeah I'm The Fat Man.

And I'll never die due to complications from
Bulimia or Anorexia...."


Brock Peters, RIP

Film star Brock Peters passed on earlier this week. Rest In Peace, Mr. Peters.

Best known and most recognized, perhaps, as the character Tom Robinson in "To Kill A Mockingbird" (1962), he brought a presence and aura to each role that escaped other actors.

He will also be fondly remembered by Star Trek fans for his performances in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home", "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered County", and many episodes of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".

He married in 1961, and his marriage lasted until the death of his wife in 1989. And that's something that is very rare in Hollywood.

Brock Peters

Friday, August 26, 2005

Cindy Sheehan: Shill For The Left

A shill is an associate of a person selling a good or service, who pretends no association and assumes the air of an enthusiastic customer. The intention of the shill is, using crowd psychology, to encourage other potential customers, unaware of the set-up, to purchase said good or service. And: Usually, shills are employed by confidence artists.

Actually, Ms. Sheehan is a whore for the Left.

Who are her pimps? There are many.

Michele Mulkey of Fenton Communications, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's, Moveon.Org, and Code Pink are but a few.

Others include: White Supremacist from Stormfront have joined the Sheehan cause, and the Sugar Daddy of The Left, George Soros.

Even Super-uber, ultra-Liberal Susan Estrich knows an Anti-Semite when she hears one. I will give Ms. Estrich credit for that.

Of course, The Fat Bastard, if he were not paying the outrageous sum of $3,800 per week to learn to 'Eat Less, Exercise More', would be at her side. (More on The Fat Bastard below).

The Castrati Boi is a staunch Sheehan supporter. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone since he gravitates directly to Anti-Semitism.

Here's information you won't hear from the MSM and their one-sided, pro-Sheehan reporting.
Read the comments, not the top story.

So the Left will use Ms. Sheehan to further their anti-Bush and anti-Republican cause(s), and in two or three or five years, people will say "Cindy Who", just as they say today "Lila Who?". Yes, Fat Bastard, when was the last time you interacted with Ms. Lipscomb, other than when you used her as a shill -- when you pimped her out for your own fictitious political agenda.

Shills, Whores, and Pimps. This, my friends, is the Liberal Party.

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The Fat Bastard Pays for Common Sense

Hmmmmm, Fat Bastard is shelling out $3,800 per week! PER WEEK! to the learn simple, non-gluttonous, common sense of "Eat Less, Exercise More". Well ain't that just fine.

I guess when you bilk the public out of their hard earned cash for as many years as The Fat Bastard has done, with his skewed, filtered, and fictional "documentaries", you can pay people to help you do what most people simply know.

$3,800 per week. That's $15,200 per month (or four weeks). That's $95 dollars per hour, based upon a 40-hour work week.

The minimum wage is $5.15 per hour. That's $206 per week, based upon a 40-hour work week. That's $824 per month (or for four weeks).

Now really, who but the Fat Bastard can afford to spend that kind of dough?
And he's doing it with the money the public paid for the price of movie tickets...movie tickets...movie tickets...movie tickets are paying for the Fat Bastard to stay ever-so comfortable at a FAT FARM! How much more pathetic can a person get.

Hey, Fat Bastard, if you really are a "champion" of the little guy, as you pretend, will you be donating the same amount you're spending at the FAT FARM to a non-political charity?

Labor Day is coming up. The MDA Telethon will be asking for our donations to research and, one day, hopefully cure MDA.

HEY FAT BASTARD will you put your money where your FOOD USED TO GO and donate the equivalent to MDA as you're shelling out at the FAT FARM...you FAT, FAT BASTARD?



Since I'm in-shape, trim, and in good health, I thought I'd make you salivate:

Prime Rib...Mmmmmm, delicious! I had a couple slices of seven layer chocolate cheesecake the other day...Drool.......Yum! And Godiva Chocolates....Wonderful. Foie Gras....bet you miss it, don't you, FAT BASTARD. Surf n turf...the food at Cannes...the food in L.A., the fine eateries in Manhattan. Chicago Pizza! Mmmmmmmm.....so luscious, so Yummy, SO NO LONGER ON 'WHAT THE FAT BASTARD CAN EAT' PAGE!

Just think - ALL YOUR FAVORITE FOODS, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO EAT THEM AGAIN! Yeah, the FAT CAMP may teach you that you can eat SMALLER PORTIONS of your favorite foods, but we all know you won't be able to do that. You'll lack the WILLPOWER to only have one portion. You'll want to STUFF THAT FAT BASTARD FACE OF YOURS - right?

Moore Watch is HERE folks. I'm not the only one who loathes the FAT BASTARD!

Thanks to MooreWatch is the LINK TO THE PRITIKIN SITE.

The FAT BASTARD could've gone double occupancy for $2,900 per Week, but no -- but no -- the FAT BASTARD went for single occupancy for the $3,800 per Week. And after all, why should anyone have to suffer with the FAT BASTARD as their roomie?

Anyone on the "inside" of Pritikin Fat Farm want to dish me the info on the FAT BASTARD? I GUARANTEE TOTAL AND COMPLETE ANONYMITY.

Mmmmmm, chocolate layer cake! Truffles! Ice cream! What's your sweet tooth FAT BASTARD - huh? Mmmmmm - guess what, you won't be able to eat it ANY MORE! EVER!


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pat Robertson: A "So What" Moment

Well, those good, "truth-seeking" Religious Liberals can't stop talking about what Pat Robertson said regarding Hugo Chavez. Really...SO WHAT? Fat Eddy Schultz and Castrati Boy Mikey Mawwoy were apoplectic over it. You'd think they never ever heard "Kill Bush", or "Stone Henry Hyde and his family to death".

Well, they did hear those terms, they just never bothered to rant about it because they would be criticizing their own. Fat Eddy, apparently suffering the effects of what sounded to me like a hangover, sputtered out, among gasps, his incredulity over the Robertson remark. Fat Eddy went on to say how we should pacify Venezuela for their...for their...OIL! For their OIL! Excuse me, but I thought the Left was against Big Oil...you know - Bush, Cheney, Halliburton. Once again the pot calls the kettle black.

A Tale of Two Talk Show Hosts: Quite interesting on two very different programs yesterday. Michael Savage asked the question on his show, "was there more blood shed because we (the U.S.) entered into a war too early or too late." Any reasonable person knows the answer is "too late". Castrati Boy, as usual, condemned Pat Robertson to hell, called "Christianity a gutter religion", and basically compared Chavez to a benevolent dictator. Well, what do you expect from someone who rants anti-Semitic rhetoric ("Kathy, what night last week did we have 'The Jew' on [the program]."), and champions the Palestinian cause over and above the plight of the Jews in Gaza? Why hasn't the ADL gone after this gutless bastard?

Another great "eat their own momemt" from the Castrati Boy is how fast the Left cannibalizes their own. For instance, his rant on Joe Andrew, former DNC Chairman and his new job with Diebold. Castrati Boy, I believe, called Andrew a traitor and a "pig", of course, everyone is a "pig" to the Castrati Boy. He's likely called his wife and children a "pig" when they didn't goose-step along side with him. And here's a kicker, the dumbass Castrati didn't even know who Andrew was until a listener sent him an e-mail! Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, this Castrati Boy.

Also, per the Widdle Castrati Girl, Fox News is "all whores" -
even his Liberal buddy Alan Combs. Well Castrati Girl, it would take one to know one, as well as project your own whore-ism onto others. No, no, no - it's everyone at Air(head) America that are whores. Tell us, Castrati Girl, were you not on the board of directors for Air(head) America or its parent company? WHAT DID YOU KNOW AND WHEN DID YOU KNOW IT regarding the embezzlement of money from the Gloria Wise Foundation? What did you know and when did you know it with regard to all the other Bad Debt incurred by AA or its parent company? Why hasn't this money, to date, been paid back? Aha - the DEADBEAT CHANNEL, Air(head) America. Yeah, the DEADBEAT CHANNEL: Run by DEADBEATS, FOR DEADBEATS, WITH DEADBEATS FOR ON-AIR PERSONALITIES.

So if I understand the rationale of the Left correctly, is goes something like this: Hitler bad, Augusto Pinochet bad, Pope Benedict bad and a Nazi, Bush bad. Castro good, Saddam Hussein good, Chavez good. Liberal Party Members good; bad should they defect. Lies under Bush, bad; lies under Clinton, irrelevant. All people who disagree with the Left, bad and "pigs". Hmmm, sounds like the old Politburo Mentality. What good company for them.

Mr. Robertson, you have
nothing for which to apologize. If what you said was said by someone on the Left, and said it about one of their targets, that person would be getting praise and kudos for having the "guts to speak their mind" or "not being afraid to say what everyone else is thinking."

The anti-Christ Left is fit to be tied, and it's humorous listening to them. And it shows - oh Lordy how it shows. And "Hell waits for Mikey Mawwoy...oh how it waits for him."


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chubbsy Wubbsy - Lose Weight? Yeah. And the Earth is Flat and the Pope is Jewish!

Not only will I not believe it even if I see it, count on my blog to continue to roast this Fat Bastard over, and over, and over, and over again - until the end of time.

Even if he does get Thinner, I'll do what he does with his "documentaries", and simply avoid the facts.

Hat Tip to Subterranean Conduits.

Born To Play a Zombie!

Holy Hanna! Is it just me, or should Tom Lantos be cast as the lead Zombie in the next Zombie movie that George A. Romero makes?

Maybe some costume maker will come up with the Tom Lantos mask in time for Halloween this year. Tell me that face wouldn't scare the crap out of you?

I will give Mr. Lantos credit for recognizing the corruption within the U.N.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Marketing Genius: Dolce & Gabbana

D&G is brilliantly executing their 'pubic pants', for no other reason than some of the Conservative Radio Talk Hosts (Neal Boortz for one, and others) can't stop talking about it. It reminds me of a Simpsons Halloween Episode where the Doughnut Lard Lad Boy (no, not Flabbius Maximus), and other Springfield advertisement icons came to life and wreaked destruction on the town. It was only after Paul Anka and Lisa Simpson sang the song "Just Don't Look" (in other words, pay no attention), and the icons will simply expire and die from lack of attention; and they did.

Same for D&G - if no one paid attention, the pants wouldn't be newsworthy or provocative.

I gotta give a nod to D&G, they know what they're doing in their marketing department.

If they really wanted to make their 'pubic pants' even more notorious, they'd have used This Guy as their pubic baring, bloated model. Of course, Two Dogs would banish me from his site, and I don't want that. So I won't Photo Shop the Fat Man wearing pubic pants. I'll leave it to your imagination. (Yuck! My eyes! They burn! They burn!)

For those of you (guys) who want to trim down under, Alice has the answer.

And it appears some guys are shaving down there in the strangest locales.

So, rest well, all ye pube shavers and fallen pubes. Wear your pube pants proudly.

One Medium Ice Cream Cone...

"That'll be $1.75." A DOLLAR-SEVENTY FIVE for a medium sized fuggin' ice cream cone at Dairy Queen! The lady in line ahead of me, the other day, ordered a children size dipped cone, and I didn't fully hear her, but she remarked "A Dollar Thirty (something) for a CHILD'S CONE?" Holy Sheeeeet!

Yeah, be thankful our vehicles don't run on Dairy Queen cones.

Monday, August 22, 2005

And Somehow R-E-S-P-E-C-T is Spelled B-I-L-L C-L-I-N-T-O-N?

The latest spin from the Lunatic Left is that President Bush doesn't have respect for women because he won't meet (Again!) with Cindy Sheehan. Nice try, but sorry Lefty's, it won't work. Listening to the Extreme Left Crime Family Talk Radio Talking Head's "Best Of Shows" over the weekend, their mantra is "Bush not respecting women". Expect this to continue.

You mean, he doesn't respect women, say - oh, I don't know - the way Bill Clinton respects women? Is this the type of respect you speak about? The Left was noticeably absent for eight years while Bubba completely and deliberately disrespected women. And not only for the Clinton Crime Family two terms. We all have heard of how Bubba treated women, not only as president, but also as both Attorney General, and later, Governor of Arkansas. Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinsky - to name a few. Let alone, the disrespect Bill Clinton has of women with regard to how he treated his own wife.

Or is This the type of respect you mean?

Or perhaps the LibbyToons are referring to the respect that Those good Catholic Boys, The Kennedy's, JFK and RFK, had for Marilyn Monroe. Is this the type of respect you despise? Please define for me Libs, which type of disrespect IS IT that you are accusing President Bush of having towards women? Or are you going to continue hitting your one-note anthem-Cindy Sheehan?

And no, I can't omit their Woman Respecting Brother, Fat Teddy, and his respect for Mary Jo Kopechne.

Well, you know - those Kennedy boys - such good, practicing, God-fearing Catholics - aren't they?

Now certainly there are those on the Right who've had their extramarital affairs, divorced and remarried, etc, etc. But nothing compared to the blatant disrespect that the Left has towards women.

Again, we see the Left PROJECTING their own failures and inadequacies onto others, with regard to disrespecting women. Disrespecting them directly as I've noted above. And indirectly, as Madeline Albright, Janet Reno and others, all who willingly carried his mantra of "I did not have extramarital sexual relations." Clinton lied to Albright, Reno and the others. They believed him, or pretended they did. Then they did their best to act surprised when the truth came out.

The silence from the National Organization of Women from 1992 to 2000 was eardrum crushingly loud. Maybe its a trade-off? Maybe NOW and similar organizations give their silent complicity in order to keep Abortion At All Costs? Or National Health Care?

As usual the Left can and does remain deafeningly silent when their own party members violate the rights of others. Only when they think it can be used against their political opposition do they vocalize their projection.

No surprise here by me or anyone else attune to how the Left operates. Just another issue they themselves are guilty of, and are either willingly silent when it comes to criticizing their own, or a willing partner of their own conspiracy.

So help me out here, Lunatic Left Crime Families. Please DEFINE and EXPLAIN which respect is it that you claim Bush doesn't have for women? Just because he won't meet with "Saint Sheehan"...FOR A SECOND TIME?


A site that has guns and ammo AND Something like this? How can I not add it?

And This Site, too. "Navigating the sewers of the blogosphere" ... what a great line.

And Virginia Plates Honor a South Park character.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Putin: I'm Your Ice Cream Man...

...Stop Me when I'm Passin' By, See now all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy.

Putin participates in military exercises, flies bomber, tips heavily for ice cream.

    The president tried to pay for the ice cream with a thousand-ruble note (which is a note of the largest value in Russia, it equals about $40), but the salesgirl said that she did not have so much change. "Will this do?" - the president asked and reached out a 500-ruble note. Putin did not wait for the answer, took the ice cream and returned in the car. "He did not even take the change," the salesgirl said.

Even former KGB leave better tips than do Liberals!

Helios Crash Update

From the Cyprus Mail News, THIS update about the crash one week ago. Some strange things are emerging:

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Little Nicky Gone: The Ends Justify The Means, By All Accounts!

For those of you who have never heard this man speak, or read his idle writings, consider yourselves blessed individuals. No other human can drone on and on and on without saying anything, or making a point, better than Komrade Koleman.

A Looney Left Wing Nut, and a Monkey's Monkey if ever there was one!

GFR (Good F*cking Riddance), Nick, GFR!

Computin' Time

Check This Out at The Owner's Manual! Wow, what a great advertisement to have saved!

"2 MB RAM with 16 MB Capacity!" More than you'll ever need. "Monitor and Mouse not included!" Ha-Rumph!

All for the low, low, spectacular price of $8,499!

"...Or you can trade it for what's behind Door Number Two."

Welcome Him Back & Congratulations

The esteemed Jason Loomis at 'The Rambling Commoner' has returned from his honeymoon and has resumed writing. Stop by, congratulate him, and welcome him back.

Glad you've returned, Jason.

Air(head) America Sinks Deeper Into The Red

Booyah! The Radio Equalizer is hot, hot, hot on the trail of Air(head) America and their financial scandals and SCAMS.

Maybe they will adopt the ideology of John Kerry and say that "Lizz Winstead didn't work here before she worked here?"

Air America Ownership Transfer a Sham.

To quote Woody Allen's character in "Bananas", Fielding Mellish, this whole fiasco seems that "It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham."

Seems like good, old AA owes everybody money these days. Can a bankruptcy filing be in the works? Will this impact sales of the O'FrankenFailure's new book, due out this October?
We all will be watching very closely, waiting for the implosion.

"I'm not able to, ahhhhhhh, com-com-com-com-comment on this....ahhhhhh, urrrrrrr, ahhhh, at this-at this-at this-ahhhhh, ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-time........."

Oy! Oy! Oy!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Air(head) America Gets Investor!

I'm not sure, but it looks like the folks at AA can take a deep breath.

Or maybe not!?

Bond Car Most Memorable Car in Films

The James Bond Car from "The Spy Who Loved Me" is the #1 Fave Car of Films.

Dukes of Hazzard 'General Lee' omitted, says he now suffering from "Car envy."

Keeping Osama Comfortable

While ensuring the country was miserable for eight years, Bubba & Company wanted to make sure, had we captured Bin Laden, he was comfortable.

Of course, the MSM is too busy covering Cindy Sheehan and Company, to spend much time on this story. We all know, Bubba & Company simply could do no wrong.

New O'FrankenFailure Station Promo

Click the > on the bar to hear the new Promo for Al's Show!

All celebrity voices are impersonated...or
are they?

O'FrankenFailure Station Promo

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Twitchy and Blinky Show

"They Twitch and Blink, and Twitch and Blink and Twitch.
Twitch, Twitch, Twitch-
Blink, Blink, Blink-
It's The Twitchy and Blinky Show!"

Twitchy: Hi Blinky.
Blinky: Hi Twitchy.
Twitchy: What are you doing today?
Blinky: I'm blinking repeatedly in rapid succession and bringing documents to President Carter.
Twitchy: Blinky, Jimmy Carter isn't the president anymore.
Blinky: He's not, Twitchy?
Twitchy: No.
Blinky: I guess I mean President Clinton, then.
Twitchy: But he's not the president anymore either!
Blinky: He's not?
Twitchy: No. The President now is George W. Bush.
Blinky: Well should I bring these documents to him?
Twitchy: No. You should bring them to Sandy Burglar.
Blinky: Oh. Okay. What are you doing today Twitchy?
Twitchy: I'm twitching and avoiding the press.
Blinky: Why are you avoiding the press, Twitchy?
Twitchy: I don't want to have to answer as to why I helped put up communication firewalls between intelligence agencies.
Blinky: Oh. That sounds serious.
Twitchy: It is serious Blinky. It could all come back to haunt me.
Blinky: Haunt you? That sounds scary!
Twitchy: Not as scary as being held accountable! You're lucky you left after Clinton's first term.
Blinky: You think so, Twitchy?
Twitchy: Yes Blinky. Can you keep a secret?
Blinky: I think so, Twitchy.
Twitchy: We had information during Clinton's second term that Osama Bin Laden was planning some sort of attack on the United States, but we didn't do anything about it.
Blinky: Couldn't you get in trouble for that, Twitchy?
Twitchy: I (twitches violently) think so. That's why I'm hiding out in leather lesbian bars in Florida.
Blinky: I wish I could hide out in leather lesbian bars in Florida, Twitchy.
Twitchy: It's not as glamorous as it sounds, Blinky.
Blinky: Well could I at least drive around in a little red pick up truck like you do, Twitchy?
Twitchy: I don't know, Blinky, driving tanks around Waco and over innocent, small children is more fun!
Blinky: Can we grab some little Cuban kids that come to America seeking political asylum and return them back to Castro, Twitchy?
Twitchy: Sure! I cornered the market on that!
Blinky and Twitchy: Heh heh heh heh heh!
Twitchy: That'll grab a lot of media attention away from the fallout from the 9/11 commission that is making us look bad!
Blinky and Twitchy: Heh heh heh heh heh!
Twitchy: Because we all know I can't comment on an ongoing investigation.
Blinky: And as long as its ongoing forever, you never have to comment on it!
Twitchy: That's right, Blinky! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh!
Blinky: Twitchy, you're starting to twitch very violently again.
Twitchy: I'm practicing, it's all just an act for sympathy, Blinky.
Blinky: Oh, that's very clever of you, Twitchy!
Twitchy: We're into the second Bush term and we're still covering up for the Clinton Crime Family, Blinky.
Blinky: The legacy continues, Twitchy!
Twitchy and Blinky: Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh!

The End?
Concept by, and dialogue co-written with, S.T Miller

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Welcome back to the real world, NHL. It's about time.


I'm Just Asking (me); Regarding Pat Summerall

On ABC's "Nightline" last night they ran a piece on Pat Summerall and his liver transplant of 2004. Summerall, 75, said he brought on his liver problems himself by years of alcoholism. Now, I'm not saying he shouldn't have received the liver. But I have to ask, was he the most ill and most needy recipient of the liver?

According to this site well-connected people don't get transplants any faster than 'the rest of us'. Larry Hagman is another well known name that received a liver transplant as well.

I'm a cigarette smoker. I wonder if a cigarette smoker would be eligible for a
lung transplant, or be placed ahead someone in need of one who was a non-smoker. Like I said, I'm just asking.

Two Fine Movie Picks

Two of my favorite films run tonight.

"The Andromeda Strain" runs at 4:30PM CDT today on the Sundance Channel. One of the finest films ever made, as well as one of the finest by director Robert Wise. A group of scientists investigate an alien virus. Non-stop, edge of the seat, thriller!

"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles", the consummate John Hughes film, starring the late John Candy and a fine performance by Steve Martin. On Women's Entertainment Channel, 7PMCDT.

Another Site Out of Touch with Reality

Here's a site out of touch with the real world, letting partisan politics out rank the truth. "The Summer of Truth"? What Bizzaro World season are you living in?

I guess they didn't read about the 19 U.S. soldiers killed and 73 wounded along with other non-U.S. deaths.

I guess they didn't read about the civilians killed in Kosovo by Clinton.

I guess they didn't read about the thousands dead from infected blood knowingly sold by Clinton when he was Governor of Arkansas.

I guess they didn't read about those who lost their lives when the USS Cole was attacked by terrorists while Clinton was president.

I guess they didn't read about the 1993 World Trade Center bombing by terrorists and those who were killed when Clinton was president.

And the above is hardly a complete list of those who died while Clinton lied. Remember Waco?

Here's an image I pilfered from the (unfortunately) defunct New Eagle Blog that I found on the Google archives. It is unretouched by me, and as far as I know, anyone else. Hmmm, do you think this sign was made
prior to or after George W. Bush was elected president?

The Left Fringe continues to put their agenda before humanity and truth. It's pathetic. They will be responsible for their own extinction, and that is the only good result that will come if it.

Widdle Panties All in A Bunch!

Poor Widdle Castrati Boy Mikey Mawwoy! His panties are in a tight bundle over conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher taking a bus load of people down to Crawford, Texas exercising their free speech. The Gallagher people took a position across from Cindy Sheehan, shouting their opinion of "We don't care", responding to the media coverage of Ms. Sheehan being used by the extreme Liberal Left as a propaganda tool. I've listened to the Gallagher program. The guy has a big heart and I can't imagine that their chant was directed at Ms. Sheehan or loss of her son. Here is more of what "We Don't Care" about, but it's easier to ignore this for Widdle Mikey The Castrati Boy Mawwoy and give credence to something where none exists. So typical Lunatic Left Wing Fringe.

So Mawwoy got all bent out of shape on his Monday night program. Boo-hoo! "President Bush needs to meet with Cindy Sheehan..." - but the Left fails to end that sentence with the word "AGAIN", since he did meet with her last year. Yeah, the Left seems to omit that fact from every instance of reporting on Ms. Sheehan.

From a guy who calls anyone who disagrees with him a "pig", and a guy who says "Hell waits for (insert name of person/group disagreeing with Mawwoy here)," Mawwoy The Offender was Offended. How Sweet the Irony!

Oh, and Mawwoy invoked the name of Jesus as well with "Love Thy Neighbor" and implying how the Gallagher Group doesn't, considering what they did with "We Don't Care". Would this be the same "love" you have Mawwoy for those who disagree with you? Hardly. Please explain, Mr. Hypocrite.

I think it was about two weeks ago a caller to the Mawwoy show named Jeff said the Left has to be held to the same standards of accuracy as Mawwoy holds the Right. And then Jeff just nailed the Castrati Boy to the wall and Mikey abruptly ended the call and was noticeable twistingly pissed that a caller got the better of him. Good call Jeff! My guess is Castrati Boy Mawwoy doesn't allow many callers like Jeff to get through with an intensive call screening process.

We do care Mikey, we care about Cindy Sheehan, her son, and anyone that is the parent of someone in the military, as well as those in the military. What "We Don't Care" about is the blatant lies and hate that spew from the likes of you and the people you use as a tool of propaganda because you don't have the guts to do it yourself.

Final note to Widdle Mikey: There actually is music after the 1960's era, rather than the quaint folk music and anti-war songs from Vietnam that you play as your bumper music, but if you want to stay stuck in the era it's okay. It gives me more material at which to poke fun! They stopped pressing music on vinyl too, by the way. They have these "new" things called CD's and MP3. Ahhhh, I'm talking to a dinosaur that soon will be extinct, right? And Hell waits for Widdle Mikey Mawwoy.

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