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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

MrsSatan: The Latest To Flip Flop?

Apparently believing that Flip Flopping is a strategic political move, MrsSatan now claims her vote to support the war in Iraq was the wrong vote to make.
You know - I agree with her in that, I think she is EASY to mislead. Bubba did it for how many years? I realize now it's not her Extreme Liberal politics that should keep her from the White House. It's that she's stupid. That must be it. I bet she still falls for the "I've got your nose in my fingers," routine, and the "You spilled something on your blouse-and When They Look Down You Tap Their Nose" routine.

You're THAT easy to fool? That's why you shouldn't be president.

"You mean, I can't change my mind?"
Nope! That's right.

Cheney Airspace Restricted

Don't fly over The home of the Vice President.

I mean, whether he's there or not there - and isn't it just good, overall common sense that our enemies (terrorists, any budding Lee Harvey Oswalds out there)
not know when he's there or not? He is second in command, afterall.

And given that, does it seem so "extreme" that air restrictions are put into place? Again: whether we know he is there or not?

V.P. Dick Cheney: "I told you, don't fly over my f*ckin' house."

Left Gets Its Own Propaganda Wrong

This is funny. The Left can't even get Their Own Propaganda Right...ur Left....ur....Correct!

My, what insightful and studious fact checkers Moo-V-On employs!

    If you look at the frame they are actually British soldiers. One is in shorts (we don't have shorts as a normal combat uniform) and the others are all clearly wearing British pattern fatigues.

CrEatIvE PeoPle Get MoRe aCtiOn

Who Am I



This Scientific Research?

CertAinlY -

noT -


GASP! The Left Suffers An Alleged Misrepresentation

Ever so slowly parceling out every precious last milli-nano-second of her Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Cindy Sheehan took umbrage that the Associated Press and Reuters misrepresented her overwhelmingly successful, and complete blow-out book signing in which, apparently while the press was not there, had thousands...nee...tens of--hundreds of thousa...mill...BILLIONS of people standing in line, all chomping at the bit for her to autograph their book. It was the Post Thanksgiving Sale of the Year.

The press...misrepresenting something? "Here...in America?" You're kidding, right?


Minnesota Surplus Should = A REFUND

A surplus is announced, and the surplus is there because
Minnesota ended its last fiscal year in June with a $337 million cushion. Since then, tax collections have been $282 million -- nearly 9 percent -- ahead of projections

In other words, we were gouged far too much and too deeply...AGAIN.

REFUND TIME! REFUND TIME! And while your busy writing out my check, lower taxes permanently in this Tax Happy Land I live in.

Bad...Bad Liberals!

The duplicity of El Obesoto Maximus Capacitous:

"Michael Moore, for example, owns stock in Halliburton. Al Franken over the course of his career has hired 112 people - only one of them black"

*"I don't own a single share of stock," Michael Moore declares. No, his tax returns show he has owned hundreds of thousands -- profiting from some of the very companies (like Halliburton and Boeing) he viciously denounces .

*How Moore's working-class, "regular guy" pose is contradicted by his lavish lifestyle and prima donna behavior -- such as traveling the country in a private jet accompanied by a fleet of private SUVs and bodyguards
. Not to mention the thousands of portable pizza ovens.

Barbs Streisand requires her barn be air conditioned. How many homeless people could your barn provide shelter for, huh Barb?

Via Redstate, who Nods to The American Thinker, many Liberals are terribly bad Tippers

NASCAR Takes Manhattan

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

After all, They took it. And so did This Guy . It was the setting for a murder mystery. And It had its own Project.

So it had to be just timing until NASCAR Took Manhattan. More Here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Girl Dies From Peanut Butter Kiss

Girl has allergic reaction to Peanut Butter Kiss from Boyfriend, Dies. Boyfriend had Minute traces of peanuts on lips.

Good Numbers

New Home Sales Soar. Even Xinhua recognized this.

The Unemployment Rate is around Five Percent. Compare and Contrast to Other Nations.

And the UE Forecast can hardly be called poor.

Fat Bottomed Girls You Make The Rockin' World Go Round

Oh won't you take me home tonight ?
Oh down beside your red firelight
Oh and you give it all you got
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round

In 2003 obesity cost the public almost $40 Billion Dollars.

Longer needles are needed to penetrate those, um, bigger on the backside. What 's the passed-on-cost to society for this situation?

U.S. Reaction Condemns UAE Treatment of Gays

TAX Hybrid Car Owners?

C'mon Hybrid drivers, you want to pay your fair share, don't you? Of course you do. And the extra taxes you pay will help the environment and the ozone, so we can certainly count on you for that, Right?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Saddam Hussein: A Big P*ssy

"I want my pen. I want my paper. The elevator didn't work. I didn't get enough sleep last night. These shackles are too binding. Waaah...waaah...waaah." Why, with all that whining and crying one would almost think that he's a Democrat or a Lib. What a crybaby. This querulous behavior from a former dictator...he should be ashamed. What happened to Meester Tough Guy who said he'd rather die in battle with "The Great Satan the United States" than to be a prisoner? What's up with that, Meester Tough Guy? Meester Tough Guy who mercilessly slaughtered the people of Dujail, who gassed the Kurds, who smeared honey on people and fed them to starving dogs?

Just like Adolf Hitler hiding in his bunker before his suicide, Meester Tough Guy - now that he is being tried and held accountable for his actions - turns into a big, BIG P*ssy. What a ChickenSh*t Turd. If you're going to be a ruthless dictator and kill innocents for no other reason than they MAY disagree with you or you misperceive they are your enemy, at least have the guts to be a man when your trial comes around.

But no, Meester Tough Guy has turned into a complaining crybaby. Under his regime someone behaving like him would have been...fed to lions? Sexual abuse, drilling holes in hands, acid baths, electric shock , all in a days work for a dictator like Meester Tough Guy, huh? You Big P*ssy Chicken Sh*t Turd.

I maintain what I've written before: Give Meester Tough Guy to the Kurdish people. Let them mete out justice for Meester Tough Guy. Let the surviving family members of Shiites he executed decide his fate.

Meester Tough Guy also complained about being forced to wear Annika Sorenstam's pink skirt while golfing.

"Pink is not my color," the former tyrant, now a ChickenSh*t Turd, is said to have muttered.


CNN Apology for X'ing Vice President Cheney

As with CNN's apology for the for the "X" over Vice President Dick Cheney, the mrssatan staff would like to apologize for the former first lady being put in the crosshairs.

We at mrssatan have no idea how this happened. "It was, we believe, a technical glitch," said mrssatan Managing Editor Jim McJim. "Apparently this image suddenly appeared out of nowhere on the mrssatan blog. We have absolutely no idea how it got there; we're stumped and bewildered. We will investigate this and will not rest until the responsible party is identified," said McJim.


An Interesting Omission By The New York Slimes

A recent blog link I've added, Camp Katrina, is running This Most Excellent Story. The New York Fish Wrap fails to mention (or intentionally fails to mention?) that:
No, that just can't be, can it? Would the Slimes deliberately ignore or exclude important information like that?

Good work all the way around to the Camp Katrina blog and SPC Phil Van Treuren. Visit them - you'll like what you read.

What If You Had a Book Signing...

...And no one showed up.

Perplexing, isn't it?

No, no really

Sunday, November 27, 2005

MrsSatan Seeks Poli Help from...Bubba!

The former first lady, known to readers of this blog as MrsSatan, has enlisted hubby Bubba to go on the offensive in support of her "sliding liberal support". Sliding, yeah, just like a White Castle hamburger sliding through your intestines.
Well, leave it to Bubba and his still syncophantic press corps to suck up everything he'll say and purport it as the Absolute Truth. Yeah, the bootlickers in the press will ensure King Bubba's rhetoric will be spun as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Uh-huh...yeah.

MrsSatan: "I Will Rule You!"

Heather Crowe: Exploitation and Lies from the Anti-Smokers

What else should we expect other than misconstrued facts and hyperbole from the Anti-Smoking Crowd? If they had to use actual, bona fide, legitimate facts they wouldn't be able to sit in their Ivory Tower with their holier than Thou attitude.

Heather Crowe, you may have heard, was diagnosed with a smoker's tumor. Never mind that there is NO actual medical term called "smoker's tumor". No, it was invented by those under-a-rock-dirt-crawling-slugs called MPAAT.

Here's What MPAAT Isn't Telling you, about Ms. Crowe.

I empathize with Ms. Crowe, but Ma'am, you are being used, just like the Left uses Cindy Sheehan; for a falsely premised political agenda. Period, End of Story.

Ach Tung! The UK Shall Be Smoke Free

And the U.S. will be sure to follow, or perhaps accelerate the pace, and get there first.

Public smoking ban will curb smoking in homes. And that's what it's all about, isn't it - banning smoking completely and totally. Why not just make cigarettes an illegal product? GASP! That would mean a reduction in tax revenue, and by God, we can't have that!

2007 The Target Year to eliminate all public smoking in the UK

Fred Funk Dons a Skirt

How can anyone not like PGA Pro Fred Funk? What a guy! He loses a bet, and wears a pink skirt. He who wears the pink skirt laughs last. And to the tune of $225K!

Photo of "Skirt Fred" HERE. Way to go Mr. Funk!

Hell, for $225K I'd wear the skirt and paint my toenails too. George Soros, are you listening?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

United Arab Emirates Gays Face Hormone Treatment, Prison, Lashings

Story Here.

I guess it's safe to say that These two won't be getting married in the UAE?

Pity George Clooney: The Rich, They Hurt Too

Poor George Clooney. Yeah, break out the Kleenex, it's been a rough year for him. He battled a rattlesnake. He was depressed having gained 30 or 40 pounds for a movie. (Hint: Maybe you could have avoided that and hired Michael Moore for the roll...I mean, role?)

Poor George, he can't even
sleep in the main bedroom of his Italian Mansion. Some guilt there, George, about all the things in life you can afford that "the little people" can't, or those who have to struggle to make ends meet? C'mon Georgie, shake out of it. Maybe another encounter with Matt Damon's ass will kick start you back to reality?

PETA: Still Whining, Crying, Threatening

PETA, a shareholder in Hormel Foods, plans to lobby the company for a more humane method of killing its turkeys at its January, 31, 2006 shareholders meeting. PETA wants Hormel to "put the birds to sleep" ("Goodnight Little Hen. Goodnight Tom Turkey. Sleep well, for come Thanksgiving, you'll be on my dinner table.") rather than the current method of using electrically charged water to stun them before cutting their throats.

Bruce Friedrich, PETA's director of vegan campaigns, said his group would drop the resolution if Hormel would allow Temple Grandin, a livestock handling expert, to inspect the plants to certify they were using one of the [more humane] gassing techniques.

Grandin, an ass ociate professor of animal science (Does that means that he "F*cks the dog all day long"?) at Colorado State University, said the gas technique should become the standard for slaughter.

Hormel Spokesman Julie Craven said the company has used Grandin's guidelines in its plants "But a group like PETA WON'T DICTATE WHO WE BRING IN."

The Humane society of the United States filed a lawsuit against the Agriculture Department this past Monday, asking for chickens and turkeys be covered by the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. USDA policy for the past 47 years does not apply to poultry.

Well, Kudos to Hormel for the moment. I suspect PETA, just like a nonstop whining, crying, snivelling, tantrum throwing, distempered, disobedient, ADD/OCD, spoiled child, will eventually have their way, even though it may take many years to get it there. But PETA, like the Handgun Control, Inc's of the world, is willing to bide their time until they get what they want.

In the meantime, on Thanksgiving a large majority of people across the nation, enjoyed food that had parents. And we intend to keep it that way.

Friday, November 25, 2005

As Always, Good Advice From Dear Abby

www.OperationDearAbby.net provides you the opportunity to e-mail our troops and tell them how thankful you are for their service, tell them you support them, and tell them they are doing Yeoman's work.

RIP Kesuke Miyagi

Rest In Peace, Mr. Pat Morita.

When you check out his Bio he's one of those actors who worked and worked and worked, one project after another, often two and three films released within the same year.

God Bless You, "Mr. Miyagi".

Reiner - Beatty: Name Recognition But Not Liked

Bwa-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ho-Ho-Heh-Heeeh (said in Letterman-esque style). A Field Poll reports that Hollywood Obesoto Meathead Rob Reiner and Hollywood Rapidly Aging-Former Lothario Warren Beatty both have big name recognition value should either of them decide to run for the California Governors office next year. I'm guessing should either of them run, and Ah-nold seeks reelection, that in the vote count, both Obesoto Meathead and former Lothario would be "Terminated and Erased"!

The Field Poll noted the following "Unfavorable ratings":

41% viewed "Michael Stivic" unfavorably. F-o-r-t-y O-n-e Percent!

48% viewed "Clyde Barrow" unfavorably. F-o-r-t-y E-i-g-h-t Percent!

Those are very high unfave ratings folks, no doubt about it.

Hey guys, maybe you could run as a team?

I don't care for Reiner at all, politically or as a filmmaker. Nothing galls me more than when an unhealthly obese individual tells me smoking is bad for me, those who may inhale the second hand smoke I exhale, and the health costs "society bears" for my smoking. Yeah, Tubby, are you trying to tell me obesity and being severely overweight
doesn't pass costs on to society.

I actually like Beatty as an actor and think the guy can do roles that no other actor could take on. I dislike his pathetically liberal political bent. Beatty deserves credit (in my opinion) for two roles that I find exceptionally well done. "Heaven Can Wait" and "Dick Tracy", both of which he starred and directed. "Tracy" is the consummate cartoon strip transferred to film (it's tied with Robert Altman's magnum opus "Popeye"). "Heaven Can Wait", while a remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan, it is 'Hal Ashby "Being There"'-like perfect in terms of presentation and execution.

Others note Beatty's performances in "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" and of course, "Bonnie and Clyde."

Mr. Beatty, you still have the acting 'chops'. Forget the physical vanity. You need to make your next role a STRETCH. You need to take a role unlike any you've ever played in the past. You need to take on a role of an ugly (figurative, not literal) and unlikely character. A wife-beater, a pedophile, a child killer - someone older and mean, someone with a chip on his shoulder, someone with a grudge. I know you have it in you, Mr. Beatty. You don't want "Town and Country" as the last item on your filmography, do you?

Michael Jackson Disses Jews

ABC News claims to have acquired voice-mail messages from Michael Jackson where the Gloved One blames a Jewish Conspiracy for his financial problems.
"It" wasn't exactly defined, but I gather he means the Jews leech off him deliberately.

Maybe MJ can hook up with David Irving, Prussian Blue, the KKK, and this gentle feller' and tour together?

The Jackson Entourage is on high spin alert saying "Nah, we tight with the Hebes, kno' whadam sayin'? Ah-ight?" Jackson's attorney says Michael really does like the Jews. He likes those caps they wear, the songs they sing, and their noses. He's especially enarmored by their noses

Those Wacky Minnesota Employed Pedarists

What's Up With Minnesota Government Employees?

Marlon Brose.

Marlon Brose.

Ramsey County (the St. Paul side of the Twin Cities) Corrections Officer Marlon Brose, 39, of Eagan (suburban St. Paul, a nice, upper-to-high middle income area) was charged Wednesday with possession and dissemination of child pornography. Police arrested Brose in Keene, NH, after he was lured there by an undercover officer
posting as a 14-year old boy! After obtaining a search warrant, police found videos of under age boys engaging in sexual behavior on his home computer's hard drive.

What type of background and screening is going on here? It seems if they're not trying to seduce underage boys, they are claiming two pounds of cocaine is for their personal use. (I still can't get over that "defense", that two pounds of cola was for his personal use. "Hey, party on Wayne." "Right on, Garth!")

What's going on here? How extensive are the background checks on these people entrusted to uphold the law? Apparently not tough enough?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Be Thankful:

If you are healthy and have no physical or mental impairment. If your children, parents, brothers or sisters have two functioning arms, legs, eyes, and ears.

If you have enough to eat and can feed those who depend on you.

If you have a job that pays a wage that permits you to not only afford the essentials of shelter and food, but also allows you some extras (travel, dining out, movies, sporting events, plays - whatever), be Thankful.

If you have friends that you can count on, who will be there for you, and you for them, be Thankful.

If you live in a country where Veterans have risked and given their lives so that you remain free. Especially if you disagree politically with those who have given their lives so that you remain free, be Thankful.

If you have complete and total freedom to worship the religion or belief of your choice, or, if you have the freedom to not worship at all.

If you have freedom of speech, to say and write what you please without censorship.

If you have the freedom to voice your disagreement and dissent with your government, without fear of reprisal.

To my family and friends, to my fellow bloggers, to the visitors of this blog, to those whose path crosses with mine (people I may meet only once and never meet again), to those I may differ with politically -

- Happy Thanksgiving, and God Bless.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Out of ten questions, I got six correct. I guess I need to brush up a bit on the writings of Francis Bacon, I mean, Bill Shakespeare.

How's Your Shakespeare?

Bartender, Line 'Em Up!

Mmmmmmmm, Binge Drinking.....

You Just Don't Get It, Do You?

Sheesh! You don't get it, do you? No, neither this post nor this post were a slam or put-down to those of the Jewish faith. To those handful of e-mails ripping me a new one, you really just don't get it, do you?

Please e-mail me your condemnation of what Ms. Silverslug is saying about Christianity and Jesus, and how offended you are to what she is saying, and maybe...maybe you will have some credibility.

The point I was making is this: Should someone be jailed for talking out of their ass? If you think that's how it should be, then you better build some big jails because every single democrat and liberal out there will be doing time because they all talk out of their ass. And so do some Republicans. We'll lock them up too, for talking out of their ass.

Jailing David Irving for talking out of his ass only gives (inauthentic) credibility to his erroneous beliefs. It'd be far, far better to simply ignore his "denial of the holocaust" than to pay attention to it.

No, I have no reason to apologize for what I wrote. You missed the point entirely.

Exactly and Exactly.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The FBI Is Not Monitoring Your Surfing

Well, not that you know about, anyway.

[Recipients of the fake e-mail] are told they have visited illegal Web sites and are instructed to open an attachment to answer questions.

Holocaust Denier Jailed

This is absurd. This is what happens when freedom to speak freely is stifled. The issue or topic is not the prime factor here. The ability, or lack thereof, to have the freedom to present an alternative theory or to be able to talk out of your ass, is the issue.

Which leads right into my next piece below; David Irving, meet Sarah Silverslug.

No Sacred Cows Works Both Ways Then, Right?

You know, I think that she is such a SLUG. A slimy, crawling, unfunny SLUG.

I didn't think she was funny, or even remotely mildly amusing in an unfunny way, or even funny by accident, when she played Kramer's girlfriend on Seinfeld.

No Sacred Cows? Oh, okay then!

That reminds me of the old joke: What's the difference between Sarah Silverman and a Pizza? A pizza wouldn't scream when you put it in an oven.

Oy, Oy, Oy!

NHL Red Wings Fischer Improving

Detroit Red Wings Jiri Fischer collapses during last nights game with Nashville. Condition improving.

Mooching; Shameless Mooching...

I think I'm coming down with a cold or something, so with as little effort as possible, I turn to mooching from other blogs for material.

Toilet Seat Technology chronicled through the ages.

The Five Leaf March. Hey, count me in.

X Marks the Spot. No Liberal Media Bias here, right?

Dustin Hoffman, with boobies. May not be safe for work.

Che. I hear there's a Che balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year.

Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak---uhhhh---Sploosh. May not be suitable for work.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Is Your PC "Yours"?

Sony Recalls CD's that planted rootkit program in PC's.

The Hippo Critical Fat Bastard

Not ever wanting to miss out on bashing The Fat Bastard, I ran across THIS. I've seen a few other items here and there in news, and on some blogs, noting the same circumstances.

It seems:

He's so legitmate. So objective. So non-duplicitous, right? Now, seriously, when are you people- his audience, his fans- going to hold this Lumbering Load of Lard accountable? When are you going to discard him like the parasite he his? Huh?

Concept by and Hat Tip to S.T. Miller
© 2005

Crack Cocaine Air Freshener Rush

Whatever happened to booze? Did it take a back seat to other forms of self-medication somewhere down the road?

Crack and/or cocaine 'high' now heightened with Air Freshener fluid.

Mosquito or Streisand?

I can't tell the difference, can you?

Press > to play the clips.

All voices and mosquitoes are impersonated. Or ...are... they?

Sunday, November 20, 2005


I've never experienced simultaneously watching an NHL game and fighting back tears, but it happened last night during the Minnesota Wild-Nashville Predators game. And it wasn't because of a home team loss, oh no; the Wild beat the better ranked Predators 4-2 in downtown St. Paul.

No, the fighting back tears stemmed from the tributes and reminiscences from coaches, players and fans remembering their teammate Sergei Zholtok who died November 3, 2004, from heart failure. He died in the arms of teammate Darby Hendrickson during a game in Minsk, Belarus, where both of them were playing for Zho's hometown of Riga, Latvia.

Zho joined the Wild in June 2001, coming from the Edmonton Oilers. He was part of the incredible Wild juggernaut that, in the 2002-2003 season, had this young Wild Team in the Cup playoffs; the team twice coming back from a 3-1 series deficit. The Wild beat both the Colorado Avalanche and the Vancouver Canucks in the playoffs, only to lose the next series playoff to the Anaheim Ducks.

The tributes, the video footage of Zho on the ice, the scrapbook memories - all magnificently done, recalling and remembering a man who loved hockey and those of us who loved watching him play the game. And all went well until Edgar Zholtok, Zho's 16 year old son, dropped the ceremonial puck. I don't think there were many, if any, dry eyes in the arena or watching on television.

So it seems befitting that the Wild would beat the Predators last night. You see, the Wild traded Zho to Nashville in March 2004, eight months before he died. And what followed was, of course, the great NHL lockout of the 2004-2005 season.

When the great names of hockey are mentioned, those names include Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Brett Hull, Sid Abel, Bobby Orr. There is no doubt that the name Sergei Zholtok will be included with those names. His name would be included with those names anyway, at some point in the future. The sad and tragic part of it is, it happened way too early for Zho, his family, his teammates, and his fans.

"He was such an optimistic guy with so much passion for life, he changed the way you looked at life," said Darby Hendrickson. "I miss him. I wish I could talk to him about being in Europe because I know how excited he would be. What a guy."

What a guy, indeed.

Bill Press: Predictionous Not Happenous

The time just flew since I wrote This back in May. But since we are only a few days from Thanksgiving, I think it's fair to say: "Mr. Press, you're prediction that the Newsweek-Koran story would be proven true couldn't have been more incorrect.".

Bill Press, just another flatulent Liberal gas bag.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Art Thief Has Good Taste

Art by Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock stolen from a museum in Pennsylvania. I like Pollocks' work, but Andy Warhol was, in my mind, a genius. There will never be another Andy Warhol.

The Andy Warhol Museum.

Andy Warhols' Le Grande Passion

"You Could Take an Eye Out With That!"

The Top 10 Worst Toys.
Boy, someone spent some time coming up with the WATCH acronym, didn't they?

I didn't see the Screaming Howard Dean Exploding Head Doll on the list. It must be safe?

Hat Tip: Don Surber

Laptop and Video Evidence: David Ludwig

Pennsylvania man leaves evidence on laptop and video.

    Police found the images on computers belonging to David Ludwig, the 18-year-old Pennsylvania man charged with shooting his girlfriend's parents.

    One video shows the two friends, dressed in dark clothing, entering a room where they handled firearms and ammunition.

"Anagrams for $500, Alex!"

Shep at New Spew has a list of some really fun Anagrams, the last one on the list being so appropriate and accurate.

What's an anagram for Anagram?

RIP Harold J. Stone

Veteran character actor Harold J. Stone died.

Mr. Stone was veteran character actor, and often appeared in Jerry Lewis films.

Harold J. Stone

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Snuff Those Butts

Today is the Great American Smoke Out, which means only one thing: That smokers, like myself and others, will have to do double or triple duty to make up for those sissies who try to kick the habit today.

Actually, God Bless 'Ya if you've quit or make today the day that you do so. I rarely exceed smoking more than a half pack on any given day, so - no - I really don't think a half pack is excessive or all that detrimental to my health. And if someone requests that I don't smoke in their home or car, I honor it.

But check out THIS SITE of a fellow Minnesotan.

He's keeping track of all the businesses that have been closed by the Hennepin and Ramsey County No-Smoking Gestapo for bars and restaurants.

HERE is a list of those businesses that the anti-smoking zealots have helped close.

And HERE is an UPDATED list
of more businesses that the anti-smoking Nazis have helped take out of the free market.

I ask what I asked back in June, where are all the big spending, non-smokers, who repeatedly said "we'd go out to dinner and bars more often if we didn't have to breathe second hand smoke"?

Bingo and smoking? A soon to be extinct activity.

Where are you, non-smokers? Why aren't you bellying up to the bar and grill? Pay no attention to the people who have lost their jobs and businesses due to your politically correct, smug attitude. You know best, don't you? You know best about what's right for business and the free market.

Revenue is DOWN because of the non-smoking policy. Oh, not to worry - the Insane Liberal Clown Posse can raise other taxes to make up for it, right? Sure, why not. We all know that the Taxpayer is an endless resource for money.

How does it feel to be so smugly self-righteous? Why do you absolutely refuse to allow a private business owner to decide if they want to cater to smokers or nons? Because you cannot stand the fact that you may lose control of your precious little politically correct fetish. It's all about that "control fetish", right?

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!



Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Scots: Still Okay To Smack Your Kids

Score: Parents 1, Kids 0.

Moscow Has Luxury Toilets

Check this out. Not only is it a Luxury Toilet but get a load of the SIZE of the roll of toilet paper in the photo.
Is that a Michael Moore sized roll or what?!?!?

Why Can't Penn and Teller...

...make Michael Moore or Rosie O'Donnell disappear? I mean, if they can make a submarine disappear.....

Sex: The Bestest Entertainment Ever!

19,000 of these occur every SECOND!
Let's see, 19,000 times 60 seconds, times one hour, times 24 hours....oh, forget it.

Umm, I'll be back later...

Michael Jackson uses the Ladies Room....

......to powder his noses..... Make up your own jokes, folks.

Banned Hollow Point Bullets Killed Jean Charles de Menezes

Remember the Brazilian man shot seven times by London Police? It is being reported that 'Banned' Hollow Point Bullets were used.

Also of note, and of some degree of irony, in another story on this issue is in This Is South Wales. I can't link directly to the item, but it can be found (at least for now) on their National News Page, under the heading 'Tube Police Used Banned Bullets.

An item of note from that story
I'll have to check and see if Massoud Shadjareh is on record voicing the same fury with regard to suicide bombers, the Bali bombings, the London bombings, September 11, and a host of other atrocities that is banned by all "civilised police forces in the world."

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

MrsSatan Kisses Up To Israel

Boy the chutzpa MrsSatan-wanna-be-president-in-2008 has, huh?

"Our next president!" a man cried on Monday morning as Mrs. Clinton paid a visit to the Western Wall. Is she running for office in Israel as well? And, in the same story a gentleman is quoted as saying ""It really makes up for her kissing Suha Arafat." Really?

Funny, that New York Slime newspaper, in that - WHAT? - I don't have to REGISTER to read a Pro-MrsSatan story?

Kissy Kissy!

MrsSatan: "Oy Vey, I will Rule You!"

No Virginia, There Isn't A Santa Claus

I suppose...and added emphasis on the word suppose, that Not permitting kids to sit on Santa's lap is probably, again enormous emphasis on probably, a good call to make.
The concerns expressed by parents is legitimate, but an undefinable 'something' has been, unfortunately, lost with a little kid no longer being able to sit in Santa's lap.

But Does It Dispense Cold Water and Crushed Ice Cubes?

THIS IS GOOD. Once there, click on the image for a larger photo.

"Luke, I'm your..." (insert cell phone ringing) ... "just a minute Luke. Hello? Yes woman, I'm telling him now!"

From: Pink Kitty.

Monday, November 14, 2005

China Builds Jails for HIV Positive and AIDS Sufferers

The BBC is reporting that China is building prisons to house AIDS infected and HIV-positive people.
China, as well as some other countries, has in many ways ignored, and under-reported, its cases of HIV and AIDS. But jailing people who are suffering from AIDS or HIV-positive? This is insane.

Will China put this policy in place for Hepatitis C, malaria, or tuberculosis?

Basically, what China will do here, with regard to HIV and AIDS, is akin to what many countries did when they locked up mentally challenged or developmentally disabled in insane asylums. I don't think "jailing" people who have a contagious disease is the answer to reducing or ending the disease.

Michael Newdow: Getting Way More Fame Than Warhol Allows!

Atheist Michael Newdow is moving forward with a new lawsuit to have the word God removed from our money. This is the same man who sued to have the word God removed from the Pledge of allegiance.

Aside from his asinine lawsuits, isn't he in flagrant violation of
The Andy Warhol Principle of Fame?

"It's not the history that counts. It's not the patriotism. What it is, is these people want to get their religious views in our government," Newdow said. Dude, what the hell are you talking about? "These people"? I guess that's everybody that
doesn't agree with you, right Mikey?

'You Know Who' Is At It Again!

Who said it?
Well, no big surprise, really, is it? That the person who said the above is THIS GUY.

Now really, aren't you glad...I mean, really, REALLY, SUPER DUPER glad...that this guy doesn't live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Huh? Aren't you?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Free WiFi For All

Wow, free City-Wide WiFi! Just click and surf, anywhere within your city limits. Free! From the government! Hey - sounds great when you first hear that, right? What can be bad about it? It's FREE! And even better - it's provided by the government! The words Free and Government together is as oxymoronic as it gets.

Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Most of the time, even if you get a free lunch from someone, you've had to do something to earn it. At work maybe it's hitting a certain number of sales or exceeding a goal. Or maybe you won that free lunch from winning a bet...oops, I mean wager. Ultimately, a free and no-stings-attached lunch is the minority.

So what's up with cities jumping on the free WiFi bandwagon? Is WiFi a Public Utility? Are they looking at WiFi and defining it as a public utility? But is it really free? Is distributing WiFi by a government entity (and calling it "free") something cities should be providing or getting involved in? Should government, at any level - local, state, federal - be in the business of providing goods or services to its people that can be handled and provided by businesses in the private sector?

Once the camels nose of government is in the tent of private business it's there permanently. Take cable television. Because of government, and only because of government, cable TV is a legal and regulated monopoly. You disagree? You live in the suburb of 'Westview' and are served by XYZ Cable Communications Co. But you really prefer the pricing and channels offered by ZYX Cable across town in 'Eastview'. Sorry, you can't get ZYX Cable in Westview. You'll have to sell you house and move to Eastview if you want ZYX Cable.

The cost for Free WiFi from your city will be paid for by hidden costs. There is no free lunch. Unless you're a politician on the take. Is that an oxymoron? If today "it's" free from the government, at any level, you can almost bet...I mean
wager...that a fee or tax will be assessed to it tomorrow. Nothing from government is free. You're not even going to get it at cost.

Here's three items that mix well together: E-mail, privacy and the government. Yeah, those three mix as well as children, gasoline, and a non-childproof lighter manufactured in China. Privacy? Why don't you let your government officials proofread and spellcheck your personal, handwritten letters and listen in on your phone conversations as well. You want to hop on a WiFi connection provided to you by the government?

I don't pretend to have all the answers to cities providing free WiFi. But there are some questions that need answering before cities just start blanketing their boundaries with "Free" WiFi.

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