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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Snuff Those Butts

Today is the Great American Smoke Out, which means only one thing: That smokers, like myself and others, will have to do double or triple duty to make up for those sissies who try to kick the habit today.

Actually, God Bless 'Ya if you've quit or make today the day that you do so. I rarely exceed smoking more than a half pack on any given day, so - no - I really don't think a half pack is excessive or all that detrimental to my health. And if someone requests that I don't smoke in their home or car, I honor it.

But check out THIS SITE of a fellow Minnesotan.

He's keeping track of all the businesses that have been closed by the Hennepin and Ramsey County No-Smoking Gestapo for bars and restaurants.

HERE is a list of those businesses that the anti-smoking zealots have helped close.

And HERE is an UPDATED list
of more businesses that the anti-smoking Nazis have helped take out of the free market.

I ask what I asked back in June, where are all the big spending, non-smokers, who repeatedly said "we'd go out to dinner and bars more often if we didn't have to breathe second hand smoke"?

Bingo and smoking? A soon to be extinct activity.

Where are you, non-smokers? Why aren't you bellying up to the bar and grill? Pay no attention to the people who have lost their jobs and businesses due to your politically correct, smug attitude. You know best, don't you? You know best about what's right for business and the free market.

Revenue is DOWN because of the non-smoking policy. Oh, not to worry - the Insane Liberal Clown Posse can raise other taxes to make up for it, right? Sure, why not. We all know that the Taxpayer is an endless resource for money.

How does it feel to be so smugly self-righteous? Why do you absolutely refuse to allow a private business owner to decide if they want to cater to smokers or nons? Because you cannot stand the fact that you may lose control of your precious little politically correct fetish. It's all about that "control fetish", right?

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!



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