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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Manhattan Flyover Conspiracies

The official Pbama Admin explanation for terrorizing New Yorkers with the Air Force One Flyover isn't believable to a large segment of Americans.

The explanation given by the Corrupt Pbama Admin is that they needed some footage of The Statue of Liberty and Manhattan for a photo-op.

Huh. Really? One can't find a postcard or any picture or image of Lady Liberty on it?

No postcards or photographs of the New York skyline? No photographs of the buildings, the skyscrapers? Huh. Amazing.

"He's NOT my Führer."

One theory is that the pilot who was flying Air Force One commandeered the airplane and took it on a jaunt in order to expose the lack of security in the Obama Admin. This makes sense when you consider Air Force One was being tailed by an F-16. Was the F-16 scrambled after Air Force One was hijacked?

Some discussion boards on this topic propose the real reason is that the Pentagon is testing a new defense technique for protecting cities like New York and D.C. The Pbama Admin selected New York for their litmus test because New Yorkers are good little guinea pigs to test and measure when it comes to terrorist attacks.

Some say they swear the Air Force One plane released some sort of spray over Manhattan and others purport the spray was the swine flu virus. Hey, could be! See, the Pbama Admin really has no love for New Yorkers. The whole city is far too overpopulated, uses far too much energy and the best scenario - in the eyes of the Pbama Admin - would be to reduce the New York population by 75 percent.

The Fascist In Chief

Others report strange chemical contrails released from Air Force One and the F-16. A covert biological experiment conducted on innocent Americans by the Fascist Pbama Regime? Who knows, could be. Nothing would surprise me.

Then we have The Affirmative Action Prednint who says he was out of the loop - that he had no idea his own plane was missing. None. Not a clue.

If Barry doesn't know his plane is missing, can America trust him with the nuclear suitcase?

No one believes the spin coming from the Corrupt Fascist Pig Pbama White House. Americans demand the truth!

Will someone in Congress please draw up the articles of impeachment against Obama?


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Obama Admin Failing On Flu Epidemic

The whole world is taking steps to contain the so-called "swine" flu.

But not the United States. Nope. The Pbama Admin is failing miserably at containing this outbreak which some now define as a pandemic.

What's the advice from the Pbama Admin?

Janet "The Sow" Napolitano. In way over her head.
Uniquely unqualified and lacking the intelligence and experience to run DHS.

Well, Department of Homeland Security Janet "The Sow" Napolitano says...

    "You should wash your hands often and cover your mouth when you cough."

Whew! I can see why these Liberals are in leadership positions. They are so smart, such intellectuals. Who would know that we should be washing our hands often and covering our mouths when we cough if the Nanny Government didn't tell us this?

It's taxpayer money well spent, isn't it?


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FEMA Coloring Book Upsets Adults,
Frightens And Scares Children

The Corrupt Pbama Administration is now terrorizing children.

From the NY Daily News:

    The government agency that bungled the Hurricane Katrina response has yanked a kiddie coloring book from its site called "A Scary Thing Happened" that depicts the burning twin towers on the cover - with a plane heading straight for one of them.

    On page 12, the stomach-churning 9/11 image is repeated not once but three times, complete with flames - for kids to color.

    "You might hear about it again and again on the T.V. or radio or read about it in the newspaper," it says on the page.

    The Federal Emergency Management Association pulled the downloadable coloring book from its site last week — before a White House genius gave New York a 9/11 flashback by buzzing the city with one of the presidential planes and an F-16 jet.

    "FEMA is currently reviewing all web content designed and posted by the previous administration," said FEMA spokesman Clark Stevens.

    Meanwhile, New Yorkers who were shown the book saw just one color - red.

    "I feel disrespected," said Jason Owens, 20, of Manhattan, who was with his 3-year-old son. "I feel like I should punch the person who did this in the face."

    Standing with her goddaughter, 43-year-old Risat Jabeen of Brooklyn, said she was shocked FEMA would find it inoffensive.

    "Kids color for fun so these things shouldn't be in coloring books," she said. "So many people died that day."

    Vanessa Bell, 38, of Bronx, said there's no way she'd let her 5-year-old daughter color in that book. "It just makes kids feel depressed," she said.

Actual page from the FEMA coloring book.
Get your crayons, kiddies! Coloring books about tragedies and terrorist attacks are fun!

More on the FEMA coloring book for kids from Infowars:

    ...one page has parents taking the colors away. It’s an illustration of the World Trade Center Towers in New York. One of the towers has smoke coming out of it while a plane looks to be heading towards the other.

    “They like to color happy pictures not pictures like that I don’t think I would like to give my child these kids of pictures to color,said parent Brandy Greer.

Blame Barry. It's his fault. Everything is his fault now.


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58% Against Investigating Bush Admin

Since The Left loves to - when they can - legislate via polls, here's an interesting poll result. We should base legislation on it, no doubt:

58 percent of U.S. voters don't want the Bush Admin investigated for so-called "torture" or other crimes. The Bulletin:

    A Rasmussen poll released last Saturday reveals that 58 percent of U.S. voters do not want investigations into how the Bush administration treated terrorism suspects. President Barack Obama said he opposes such an investigation, but some high-ranking Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are pushing for it.

    Only 28 percent think there should be further investigating of how suspected terrorists were questioned during the Bush years, and 13 percent are not sure, according to the Rasmussen national telephone survey.

    Politically, only the left wing of the Democratic Party believes more investigating is warranted. Fifty-eight percent of liberals support a wider probe, while 78 percent of conservatives disagree.

    Mainstream Democrats are evenly divided over whether further investigation is necessary. Seventy-seven percent of Republicans and 62 percent of unaffiliated voters are against more investigating.


    Fifty-eight percent of all voters believe the Obama White House’s recent release of CIA memos about the harsh interrogation methods used on terrorism suspects endangers the national security of the United States.


Let's see, if my math is right, that's a solid 12 points more than half! What does this tell us? It tells us that any call for an investigation of the Bush Admin is motivated purely by political hatred, continued divisiveness and vengeance on the part of The Pbama Cultists. Why...can't we all MoveOn? It's time to MoveOn...isn't it? Where have we heard that before?

Return to an October, 2008 post citing Battleground poll results showing that
only 9 percent of Americans identify themselves as "very liberal." This is the same, small, insignificant group of haters and pissants who are the little, loyal, blind, unquestioning Jackboot-licking Pbama-worshipping Cultists and Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP). They need to be squashed, just like a bug.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic (And So Did Obama!)


    A furious President Barack Obama ordered an internal review of Monday's low-flying photo op over the Statue of Liberty.

    CBS 2 HD has discovered the feds will have plenty to question.

    Federal officials knew that sending two fighter jets and Air Force One to buzz ground zero and Lady Liberty might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay, but they still ordered the photo-op kept secret from the public.

    In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD the Federal Aviation Administration's James Johnston said the agency was aware of "the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes" in an around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor's office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out.


    The flyover -- apparently ordered by the White House Office of Military Affairs so it would have souvenir photos of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background -- had President Obama seeing red. He ordered a probe and apologized.

    "It was a mistake. It will never happen again," President Obama said.

    The NYPD was so upset about the demand for secrecy that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly vowed never to follow such a directive again and he accused the feds of inciting fears of a 9/11 replay.

    "Did it show any insensitivity to the psychic wounds New York City has after 9/11? Absolutely. No questions about it. It was quite insensitive."

    The cost of the frivolous flight was about $60,000 an hour and that was just for Air Force One. That doesn't include the cost of the two F-16s that came along.

Nice acting job, Barry! The only people who believe you are furious over this are your already blind, loyal, Kool-Aid drinking, Jackboot-licking Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP).

Look...the president - any president - knows the whereabouts of his plane at all times. At. All. Times.

For Pbama to pretend he didn't, and feign outrage over it, is bullshit. Pure fucking bullshit.

And hmmmmm...."threatened federal sanctions..." Sounds like blackmail and bullying to me. If this situation had occurred under W. Bush or any Republican President, you can bet
U.S. Fascist from New York Cluck Schumer would have found a camera and microphone and uttered his famous line,"we need an investigation on this matter."

Meanwhile...deaths continue in Iraq in record-setting numbers. More deaths occur in Afghanistan and Pakistan...and Pbama's War For Oil continues merrily rolling along without a peep from the same anti-war crowd Liberals who protested loudly and violently for the past six years.

Something has changed. I wonder what it is?


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Spot The Right Wing
Evangelical Homophobe

It's time to play, Spot The Right Wing Evangelical Homophobe!

The object of the game is to spot the Right Wing Evangelical Homophobe and then ridicule the person for their beliefs.

Our first contestant is Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who was asked by flaming overweight buck-toothed gossip queen Perez Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) about gay marriage.

Ms. Prejean said she didn't believe in gay marriage. Here's the clip. Notice how after her statement the audience APPLAUDS and CHEERS her words!

Contestant Number Two campaigned as an uber-Liberal candidate who was twice elected to the United States Senate. He promised to end gender discrimination in marriage.

But when the real choice came along - when the rubber met the road -
he voted YES in 1996 on prohibiting same sex marriages. (See under Civil Rights subheading).

Contestant Number Two's name? The late Paul Wellstone. Yes, the Liberal Icon of gay, lesbian, transgender, interspecies, et al VOTED YES TO PROHIBIT SAME SEX MARRIAGES. For this he received...The Coveted Free Pass from the same Liberal crowd that vilifies others who have the same belief.

Contestant Number Three stated unequivocally that, "marriage is between a man and a woman."

Contestant Number Three's name? Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. He too receives the Coveted Free Pass, receiving no criticism or outrage from the same people who would vilify Miss California.

So...who is the Right Wing Evangelical Homophobe? Well, it's Mario Lavandeira.

I enjoy the Liberal Hysteria and Outrage manifested towards people like Ms. Prejean while Liberals like Wellstone and Pbama receive the Coveted Free Pass and an entirely different set of standards applied to them. Ahhhh...The Holy Grail of Liberalism...A Free Pass and different standards. Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberal.


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Obama Jesus: The Truth? Bwa ha ha ha!

Artist portrays Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior as Jesus. Post Chronicle:

    In a publicity stunt it would seem, Artist Michael D'Antuono plans to show his "crowned" messiah President Barack Obama at New York City's Union Square. The painting called "The Truth" is a symbol of worship of Obama, in an over-the-top depiction of Obama looking like The Holy Bible's Jesus when he hung on the cross.

The unveiling of "The Truth" has been canceled.

I have to say the artist is certainly conceptually original, isn't he? His "The Truth" is below:

Oh, wait...yeah...I knew it look vaguely familiar from what I created almost a year ago:

Well, imitation - if not profane and obscene plagiarism - is the most sincere form of flattery, I guess!


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North Ireland Pol Attacks Ted Kennedy

Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy

Irish Central.com:

    A unionist politician from Northern Ireland has launched an extraordinary attack on Senator Ted Kennedy, telling the British parliament that awarding the Senator an honorary knighthood was in “extremely poor taste.”

    Sammy Wilson, a member of the Democratic Unionist Party, and Northern Ireland’s Minister for the Environment, accused Kennedy of being an IRA sympathizer.

    He said that “a cloud still hangs over” Kennedy, for having been expelled from Harvard and for having fled the scene of a crash at Chappaquiddick, in which a 29-year-old woman died.

    Wilson said that Kennedy opposed the sale of U.S. arms to the old Northern Ireland police force, the Royal Ulster Constabulary, and that he had called on Protestants to “go back to Britain.”

    “Senator Kennedy has consistently supported the political wing of the IRA which for many decades killed a great number of innocent civilians,” Wilson said in a motion calling on the British Government to drop the knighthood plans.

    “Senator Kennedy is being awarded a knighthood for services to the U.K-U.S. relationship and services to Northern Ireland despite the fact that he has for many years supported the break-up of the United Kingdom and has explicitly sought to deny the wishes of the majority of people in Northern Ireland by supporting calls for Northern Ireland to cease to exist and become part of the Republic of Ireland.”

    Wilson’s motion was supported by his party colleagues.

    A number of politicians from the Conservative Party have also questioned the decision to award Kennedy the knighthood. Members of Parliament, Ann and Nicholas Winterton, supported Wilson’s motion.

    Lord Tebbit, a former minister in Margaret Thatcher’s government, whose wife was confined to a wheelchair after the IRA bombed a party conference in 1984, told the Daily Mail that the knighthood was “wholly inappropriate.”

I couldn't agree more. Honoring or recognizing this despicable man for anything other than being the despicable human being that he is is a travesty.

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Arlen Specter Returns To Democrat Party

Longtime U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, RINO Arlen Specter, has - after a long absence returned to his original political party - that of being a Commiecrat. FOX News:

    Senator Specter became a Democrat. Like gays coming out of the closet, Senator Specter came out of his.

More appropriately, he returned to the closet, since he originally was a Democrat in the 1960s. Then he switched to the Republican Party, but in reality has voted as a Moderate and a RINO.

Specter's switch is one only of self-sustaining...some would say selfish...because
he knows he can't win the Republican primary. He's being challenged by a real Conservative, Pat Toomey. USA MacPaper:

    In a Rasmussen Reports poll out this morning, [Arlen Specter] the Pennsylvania Republican lags behind GOP primary challenger Pat Toomey by more than 20%. Just 30% of Republican voters in the Keystone State say they would vote for the incumbent, while 51% are throwing their support behind Toomey.

    Furthermore, 55% of voters have an unfavorable view of the incumbent senator, according to the poll. Rasmussen Reports calls those stats "stunningly poor" for a veteran such as Specter, who's spent nearly 30 years in Congress' upper chamber.

    Specter squeaked out a primary victory over Toomey in 2004, and next year's rematch is already gearing up to be one of the nastier battles in 2010.

You go, Pat Toomey, you go!

Conservatives have finally had enough of the Moderates and RINOs diluting the party. I agree, and what took so long?

Arlen Specter is 79 years old. The Dems don't mind taking on someone who is 79 years old, although John McCain - at 72 - was said by the Dems to be "too old."

The Dems will take anybody...anybody. Hell, they still have the drooling potted plant in a wheelchair named Tim Johnson (South Dakota) in the U.S. Senate. As long as some Dem can rig a string to Timmy's arm and pull up a "yea" every time the Dems put up a vote it doesn't matter how they get it.

The Dems will take anyone...anyone...as long as there's a pulse and a heartbeat.

Thank you for leaving the Republican party Arlen. What took you so fucking long is the real disappointment.


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Larry Summers Dozes, Pbama Drones On

This story occurred last week, that Obama's Economic "Guru" Lawrence Summers feel asleep while Dear Leader His Excellency droned on and on.

I had to mention this because The Left went batshit crazy over a photo showing Dick Cheney falling asleep a few years back.

See - Karma is just around the corner, for almost all of us. The Pbama Cultists and Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) don't grasp this concept. That's what so fun about ridiculing them for their hysteria and hypocrisy.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama Terrorizes New York

The Affirmative Action Prednint is a Terrorist! He is!

He terrorized New York citizens. NY Post:

    A jumbo jet being chased by a F-16 fighter jets buzzed Lower Manhattan this morning, panicking New Yorkers, many of whom were forced to evacuate their office buildings.

    It was not a terrorist attack, however, but a photo opportunity for Air Force One, sources told the Post.

    President Obama was in Washington at the time, but the low-flying 747 circling the Statue of Liberty was one of the planes used as Air Force One, sources said.

    The NYPD and the city were notified of the planned flight, but did not share that information with Mayor Bloomberg and other New Yorkers, many of whom said they were terrified.

    Hours after the incident, a furious Bloomberg called the photo-op "insensitive."

    "First thing is I'm annoyed - furious is a better word - that I wasn't told," he said. "Why the Defense Department wanted to do a photo op right around the site of the World Trade Center catastrophe defies imagination. Poor judgment would be a nice ways to phrase."

    Bloomberg said federal officials notified the NYPD and another city official, whom he declined to identify, of the flight plan.

    "Had I known about it I would have called them right away and asked them not to," he said. "The good news is it was nothing more than an ill considered, badly conceived, insensitive photo op - with the taxpayers' money."

    Dominick Caglioti, who works at the Mercantile Exchange, thought the worst as he saw the jets hurtle toward his window just after 10:30 a.m. After learning it was all a photo op, he was furious.

    "It's so stupid because they tell you about every fire drill, but they didn't tell us about this," he said.

    The planes flew over the Verrazano Bridge, buzzed the left ear Lady Liberty and then continued up the Hudson past Jersey City and then circling back toward Staten Island, federal sources told the Post.

    Thousands flooded the streets downtown as buildings called evacuations.

    "There is situation outside. We don't have any further information," went one announcement at the Embassy Suites downtown.

    After hearing it was all planned, many of those in the streets complained New Yorkers should have been warned.

    "You don't do this to people down here after all we have been to," said Jillian Pizzarello, who also works at the Mercantile Exchange.

Barry The Muslim: Instilling panic and fear in America and Americans.

There was an apology, but it didn't come from Classless Barry.

    According to many callers who flooded CBS 2 HD with their concerns, at about 10 a.m. the aircraft were seen flying at low altitudes over the Statue of Liberty and parts of lower Manhattan.


    Many residents and workers who saw the aircraft evacuated their buildings as a result, but officials say there is no reason for a panic.

Obama is a Terrorist. Hey, New Yorkers...you've probably forgotten all about September 11, huh? Barry needs to open up old wounds, old scars and re-bleed healing scabs. He does this, because this is what he's all about.


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Obama's Handshake With Chavez Makes Pbama Cultists Squeal With Delight. Different Treatment To Rumsfeld, Though.

Ah...The Squealing Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists. They writhe in orgiastic glee when Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior shakes hands with a despot like Hugo Chavez.

But don't be Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein in December 1983. Oh, hell, that photo makes the Cultists go batshit crazy.

Well, they can STFU now, because their Affirmative Action Prednint The Community Organizer In Chief shook hands with a despot.

It's amazing how the only thing that differentiates approval or disapproval from The Left is political ideology.

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Pelosi Lies About Interrogation Briefings

Add another lie to the long list from Speakeress of The House Nanny "Madame Botox" Pelosi.

Pelosi claimed she didn't know about water boarding.

Of course she knew. She knew, and other Democrats knew, as far back as September 2002: My blog via The Washington Post:

    In September 2002, four members of Congress met in secret for a first look at a unique CIA program designed to wring vital information from reticent terrorism suspects in U.S. custody. For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA's overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk.

    Among the techniques described, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill. But on that day, no objections were raised. Instead, at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder, two U.S. officials said.

    "The briefer was specifically asked if the methods were tough enough," said a U.S. official who witnessed the exchange.

What a lying, lying, lying sack of liquid crap she is. Just a lying, stinking, reeking sack of liquid crap.


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MSNBC Airs Ed Schultz Program,
He's A Wife-Beater And Dog Killer

I see MSNBC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for liberal mouthpieces. They've gone and dug deep into the dirty, dark, dank, moldy, parasite-infected crevasse and pulled Big Fat Dumb Ed Schultz out of the gutter and put him on television. Wow.

Ed Schultz: Wife-Beater / Drunk Dog Shooter

If you watch his program - and for the life of me I can't think of why you would - just remember the two following things about Big Fat Dumb Ed:

1) He's a wife-beater. Beat and physically abused his first wife, Maureen, until she was black and blue and bruised and bloodied. I've written this before. It's no secret. If it weren't true, Ed could sue me for libel and defamation. So far, he hasn't. That's because you can't sue someone for telling the truth.

2) During a hunting trip, a drunken Ed -while hunting, mind you - shot and killed his own dog. Again, this is true.

You don't have to believe me on any of this. Search it out for yourself.

Other gems from this vacuous piece of absolute feces includes his pathetic attack on the wife of Republican Senator Larry Craig:

    "Maybe Larry Craig's wife sticks by him because she doesn't want to go out and get a job."

    "Maybe [Mrs. Craig] goes along with this because she's looking forward to the retirement."

    "She's a fool to go along with this."

    "[Mrs. Craig] is an idiot for staying with him. She's dumb."

And his compassionless Coup de Smear of Anna Nicole Smith calling her a, "dead whore," and stating that he is, "fresh out of sympathy for her."

This is all so funny from the Fat Drunken Wife Beater/Dog Killer...because if you listen to his Liberal Radio program like I do, he often asks rhetorically, "where has the civility gone?"

Indeed. Where has civility gone?


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High Speed Rail St. Paul To Chicago?

St. Paul Kommissar Chris "I can't stop taxing and spending" Coleman.
He's asked for the public trust in the past, and has he ever let them down?
[CUE: riotous laugh track]

Oh, yeah, baybee...let's urinate more money into a bottomless pit.

There is simply no good reason to build high speed rail between St. Paul and Minneapolis to Chicago. Biz Journal:

    Minneapolis-area supporters of a high-speed rail line connecting the Twin Cities with Chicago -- and points in Wisconsin in between -- unveiled a new Web site and marketing campaign Monday to champion the idea.

    St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum (DFL-St. Paul) and Ramsey County Commissioner Jim McDonough helped launch the campaign at a press conference at the Union Depot in downtown St. Paul.


    ...the economic-stimulus benefits of the line, [say] it would create an estimated 1,570 permanent jobs in Minnesota in addition to hundreds of construction jobs. [BUT WILL IT PAY FOR ITSELF? - DRAKE] It also would reduce travel times between the cities along the route and decrease energy consumption and reduce air pollution compared to current modes of travel. [BUT WILL IT PAY FOR ITSELF? - DRAKE]

    The St. Paul-to-Chicago rail project, which has been studied for more than a decade, will face stiff competition around the country for a slice of the $8 billion in federal stimulus funds that were allocated for transportation. [BUT WILL IT PAY FOR ITSELF? - WHAT...AM I ON DRUGS EVEN ASKING THIS? - DRAKE]

For $49...sometimes as low as $39...you can FLY TO CHICAGO FROM ST. PAUL AND FROM CHICAGO TO ST. PAUL. And the travel time is less than 90 minutes. High speed rail cannot compete with air travel to/from St. Paul-Chicago. It can't.

Obviously, this is not a profitable venture, OTHERWISE THE PRIVATE SECTOR WOULD BE OFFERING IT ALREADY!

So...it's up to government to create something that absorbs more money from taxpayers and the private sector alike.

You have to love Kommissar's like St. Paul's Chris Coleman. These people are not happy unless they are creating ways to waste money.

No surprise Liberal Congresswoman Betty McGollum is wetting her panties and cheerleading yet another monster that will forever require government subsidies.

St. Paul City Coucilslob Dave "Toothy Grin, I Floss with Mooring Rope" Thune

Where the heck is my good buddy Dave "The Master Asshat" Thune on this issue? Surely Dave will weigh-in with his bulging pot-belly gut that he too favors high speed rail between the Twin Cities and Chicago.

How many times will Chris Coleman, Betty McGollum and Dave "The Master Asshat" Thune ride the high speed rail? Answer: A Big, Fat Zero. They're the types that consider high speed rail something only the Great Unwashed will ride. This is their intention. A nice separate Elite Liberal Class for themselves. And then...there is the rest of us.


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Hit News

Islamabad police save federal capital from terrorist attack. Asian Tribune:

    Islamabad police prevented federal government from another deadly blow from terrorists on 20th April as police arrested one suicide bomber along with one of his supporter. A suicide explosive jacket and weapons were also recovered from arrested terrorists.

- - - - -
Citibank class action suit over "early closure release fee
." Courthouse News:

    Plaintiffs say they paid $50 a year for access to credit - which they never used - then Citibank decided their home value had fallen too low, and refused to let them refinance unless they paid $482 to "release the lien." Plaintiffs say "thousands" of Citibank customers were subjected to this, though they "like plaintiffs, had a $0 balance."

- - - - -
Pope names five new saints. Life in Italy
- - - - -
Italy cracks down on cigarette smoking warnings. Italian Life:

    Smoking is now at the top of the Senate health committee’s agenda. With discussion of living wills concluded, it is the turn of a bipartisan bill that, among other things, requires manufacturers to include in cigarette packets an information leaflet listing currently undeclared cancer-causing substances.

I thought Italians were born smoking a cigarette. No?
- - - - -
Man in Hitler costume attacked. Copenhagen Post:

    A 24-year-old man on his way to a Hitler birthday celebration on Sunday was attacked and beaten by four masked men, described by witnesses as wearing the clothes of left-wing radicals.

His attackers were "wearing the clothes of left-wing radicals." Left-wing radicals. Uh-huh. Are there any other kind? I bet they reeked of patchouli, too.
- - - - -
Miss California creates controversy saying she believes marriage is only between a man and a woman. NewsRoom America:

    "I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised."

    Her comments were criticized by Keith Lewis, who runs the Miss California competition, who said he was "saddened" by them.

Keith was "saddened," by her comments.
- - - - -
Dr. Tim Ball, renowned environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg, says Obama flunks global warming 101 on Fargo flooding. Canada Free Press:

    President Obama used recent flooding in Fargo, North Dakota to push his misguided belief in global warming. His comment, “If you look at the flooding that’s going on right now in North Dakota and you say to yourself, ‘If you see an increase of two degrees, what does that do, in terms of the situation there?’”

    A two-degree warmer North Dakota would mean less snowfall, therefore less flooding. Spring flooding along the Red River of the north is due to snow melt and the geography of the region.

- - - - -
No nudity at Nude Dude Ranch. Red Orbit:

    A clothing optional dude ranch offered by a Florida lottery winner is out of compliance with an anti-nudity county ordinance, officials say.

    Tim Clement, 50, a one-time hairdresser from Ormond Beach, Fla., who won a $3.3 million lottery prize, set up a 10-acre dude ranch in Brooksville, Fla., without getting proper Hernando County approval, including his offer to allow nudity[.]

    After winning the lottery, he closed his day spa and found the remote parcel. He says his friends started asking him when they could come to visit, and the idea for the dude ranch was born.

Make up your own Nude Dude Ranch jokes.
- - - - -
Finland tackles growing rabbit population menace. News 24:

    While other cities grapple with traffic or pollution problems, the Finnish capital of Helsinki is taking aim at the humble rabbit.

    "Rabbits have caused severe damage... We are talking about costs of hundreds of thousands of euros," said Antti J. Rautiainen, a construction project manager with the city authorities.

    The floppy-eared fiends have been nibbling their way through some of Helsinki's most-prized city gardens, damaging footpaths as they build their burrows underground, and eating into €200 000 from the parks' €12,5-million annual budget in the process.

    The rabbits have proved to be more than a match for authorities in Helsinki, who have tried and failed to keep the population under control.


    "We have also used guns, bows, nets and traps," Rautiainen explained.

    Those efforts appear to have failed.

Sounds like Finland has their version of The Rabbit of Caerbannog.

The Rabbit of Caerbannog Bio

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sasha Obama's Baby Bump?

We all recall how The Left - the Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) - spread the most vicious, disgusting rumors surrounding the Palin children, specifically surrounding Trig and Bristol Palin.

The Left happily fed - and spread - false speculation that Trig is really Bristol's baby. This pathetic allegation was based on a Palin family photo (below) where Bristol's stomach appears to be slightly pronounced. The Left called it a "baby bump." Whether some LefTard Photochopped her tummy to appear "bloated," I don't know.

Of course, The Left ignored all basic facts of human gestation. In order for Trig to be Bristol's child, she would have been pregnant for something like 11-14 months; the time lapse between the Palin family photo and when Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. Perhaps the uneducated crowd of Pbama Cultist Haters and the ILCP don't know that the human gestation period is nine months.

But if the Pbama Cultists can create rumors and spread them as the truth, then the rest of us can apply the same standard to the Obama children, right? Fair is fair.

It sure looks like Sasha Obama has a baby bump, doesn't it?

Who's the daddy, Sasha? Did your daddy rape you? I ask this only because The Pbama Cultists alleged the same about Bristol Palin. Well, if Sasha is pregnant, the father could be anyone in the Dem Party since it is filled with various pedophiles, sex offenders and perverts.

In January I asked which Obama child will be the first daughter that gets knocked up and have an abortion while in the White House. I predicted Sasha, because she seems like the less intelligent of the Pbama children. As I wrote in January, Sasha will believe the guy who tells her she can't get pregnant if they do "it" standing up.

Malia (left), Sasha (right).
Which one will be the first to get knocked up and an abortion while living in the White House?

I must be on a brilliant winning streak in my predictions. Yep, ol' Sasha sure seems to have that "baby bump."

Can a White House abortion be far behind?

I'm sure Barry and Pickles will put out a call for one of the nation's top abortion doctors to make a house call to the White House and abort the baby that Sasha is obviously carrying.

I know this post is tasteless. It's supposed to be. The Pbama Cultists set the standard, I'm simply applying their standard back onto them. They're the ones who opened the door to attacking the children of candidates.

So Cultists, take a big, heapin' spoonful of your own medicine. You and your False Prophet and his wretched family will be treated as you've treated everyone else for the past eight years.


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Obama Aunt Zeituni, Illegal Immigrant, Getting Special Treatment

Zeituni Onyango, the Illegal Immigrant aunt of Barack Cocaine Pbama, Junior is getting special favors on her illegal immigration status.

It pays to be related to The Man Born in Kenya, doesn't it?

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Obama DHS Deems Veterans As Terrorists

Hey...hey all you War Veterans...did you know you're now classified as Terrorists? Yep, you are. You present a threat...a danger...to America. That's what Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) declared; that American Military Veterans are Terrorists. WSJ:

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation earlier this year launched a nationwide operation targeting white supremacists and "militia/sovereign-citizen extremist groups," including a focus on veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, according to memos sent from bureau headquarters to field offices.

    The initiative, dubbed Operation Vigilant Eagle, was outlined in February, two months before a memo giving a similar warning was issued on April 7 by the Department of Homeland Security.

    Disclosure of the DHS memo this week has sparked controversy among some conservatives and veterans groups.


    A Feb. 23 draft memo from FBI domestic counterterrorism leaders, obtained by The Wall Street Journal, cited an "increase in recruitment, threatening communications and weapons procurement by white supremacy extremist and militia/sovereign-citizen extremist groups."


    [The] Vigilant Eagle program, is to "share information regarding Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans whose involvement in white supremacy and/or militia sovereign citizen extremist groups poses a domestic terrorism threat," according to the Feb. 23 FBI memo.

The used douche bag Janet "The Sow" Napolitano who runs DHS issued an apology, saying the Pbama Admin didn't really mean to define War Veterans as Terrorists.

Janet "The Sow" Napolitano: Veterans Are Terrorists!

Sure, Janet...sure...everyone believes your apology. Everyone...

The Left hates the Military, they always have. The Left has always considered American Soldiers as baby killers and murderers.

Democrat Congressman John Fat Little Bastard Murtha famously declared U.S. Marines "murderers" in Haditha.

Democrat U.S. Senator John Kerry said, "[there is no reason] American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the--of--the historical customs, religious customs."

We now know according to the Pbama's DHS that we have nothing to fear from Terrorists, but hot damn, returning War Veterans...they are the real terrorists!

If you witness any War Veterans doing something like saluting our flag or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or attending a memorial service for a departed veteran, report them to Obama's DHS! They could be planning the next domestic terror attack!


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Bo The Dog Is A Fraud
Just Like Barack Hussein Obama

By now, everyone knows that the dog that Barack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior got for daughters, Malia and Sasha, is not a rescue or shelter dog as he promised. Yet another lie from Barry. What, you expect The Kenyan to tell the truth?

From TMZ:

    * The dog's original name is Charlie.

    * Bo Charlie is a purebred, from a Texas dog breeder. [So much for getting a "mutt" rescue or shelter dog, huh Barry? Another lie. - Drake]

    * His price was $1,600.

Obama is furious that TMZ leaked the truth about Charlie. TMZ:

    Apparently President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle were trying to keep the whole Presidential dog thing under wraps -- and then we came along...


    -- the pup was coming from a Texas kennel
    -- the kennel had sold Senator Ted Kennedy 3 Portuguese Water Dogs in the past, all from the same lineage
    -- the dog the Obama's were getting is also from the same lineage as the Kennedy dogs
    -- the Obama dog was originally sold to a private owner, who returned it
    -- the dog was named Charlie, but the Obamas planned to rename it
    -- the dog was going to be "re-homed" to the Obamas from the kennel, and presented to the Obamas by the Kennedy family
    -- the reason it's important that the dog was "re-homed" is because the Obamas could not accept the dog as a gift, and re-homing averts the problem.

Even though the Pbama family vociferously denies the following - that Charlie is a Muslim - pictures don't lie:

Bo. "B.O." Coincidence? "Bo"...Barack Obama...see the similarities?

* Well, the dog is black with some white mixed in...just like Barry.

* The dog is a purebred - just like Barry's privileged life and schooling at a Hawaii high school known for catering to the wealthy and powerful. And like Barry's post-high school education.

* We might call Charlie The Affirmative Action Dog, much like I call Barry The Affirmative Action Prednint.


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Obama's Mexico Vacation

The Illegitimate and Illegal Prednint is out of the country, having stopped in Mexico and various stops in Latin America.

I wonder how many bricks of cocaine he will smuggle back for himself in Air Force One?

Pbama received a book from his Marxist buddy Hugo Chavez. ABC News:

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stood, walked over to him, and presented him with a copy of "Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent" by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano.

    Obama politely posed for a photograph with Chavez, shook his hand, and accepted the gift.

    The book, first published in Spanish in 1971, offers a critique of the consequences of 500 years of European and U.S. colonization of Latin America.

I'm sure the book - a "Blame America" book - will find a good home in the Pbama Library beside all his other "Blame America" books; books written by domestic terrorists and close Pbama friends such as Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Keep trashing America while on foreign soil, Barry. It's the tradition and hallmark of Liberals Marxists.


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Ashley Biden Did Not Snort Cocaine Today

Ashley "Cokehead" Biden, daughter of Herr Biden the VP, did not not not not not not not snort cocaine today.

That's her story, and she's sticking to it.


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

At Least 15 Killed In Pakistan Bombing;
More Civilians Killed In Afghanistan;
Blame Obama - He Owns All These Deaths

Add more deaths to the total of which Barack Hussein Obama, Junior owns and for which he is entirely and wholly responsible.

From UPI:

    A suicide bombing in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province Wednesday killed at least 15 people, including at least nine police officers, officials said.

    Police in the Charrsadah district of the NWFP said a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden truck into a security check post in the Charrsadah district. Police said nearly 20 people were killed and over two dozen others wounded, but District Coordinating Officer Muhammad Shah told KUNA, the Kuwaiti news agency, that about 15 people, including nine policemen, were confirmed dead.

    Shah feared the death toll would go higher as several critically wounded people had been rushed to the hospital.

"He's NOT my Führer."

And from the NY Times, civilians killed in Afghanistan:

    An airstrike by NATO forces early Monday in mountainous eastern Afghanistan killed six civilians, including two children, a local Afghan official said, the latest accusation of civilian casualties leveled against NATO and American forces.


    In addition to the 6 civilians killed, he said, 14 were wounded. Four of the wounded were hospitalized, he said.


    A reporter for Agence France-Presse said the wounded at a nearby hospital included two men, a woman and a 14-year-old boy who said he had been told that four members of his family had been killed.

    “We were asleep, and all of a sudden the roof collapsed,” the boy, who gave his name only as Zakirullah, told the news agency. “I don’t remember anything. I got to know here that my father, my mother, my brother and my younger sister have all been killed, and I am wounded.”

Almost 100 days in office for Pbama and he has approximately 1,000 deaths on his hands. He must be shooting for setting some type of world record.

Ol' Barry sure is a Warmonger, ain't he?

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Obama Dog Not A Rescue;
Another Lie From Barack Hussein Obama

Ted Kennedy's Poodle gets a dog. Not a rescue dog, mind you, but one from a puppy mill.

It seems that Dear Leader His Excellency The Illegitimate and Illegal Prednint Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior CAN'T EVEN KEEP HIS PROMISE OF GETTING A "RESCUE" DOG FOR HIS CHILDREN!

From the Atlanta Journal Constipation:

    Is Bo a rescued dog or not? Did President Barack Obama break a campaign promise in picking the purebred as the family’s new pet? Obama said during the presidential race that the family wanted a rescued dog. But their search was complicated by daughter Malia’s allergies. Their final choice, Bo, a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog given up by his first owner, was a gift to the Obamas from Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.). Because Bo never spent time in a shelter or with a rescue group, he is a “quasi-rescue dog,” said Wayne Pacelle, chief executive of the Humane Society of the United States.

Christ. Barry can't even keep a promise over a dog.

Animal welfare activists feel BETRAYED BY OBAMA. CS Monitor:

    Count Dr. Jana Kohl in the not-happy group. She and many other animal welfare activists feel betrayed by President Obama’s decision to renege on a campaign promise to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue center.

    But to Kohl it’s personal, because she featured the president in a book to promote adoption rather than the purchase of dogs through breeders.


    ... this weekend’s announcement that the president opted to accept a puppy as a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy (via a breeder) and not to go to a shelter or rescue center has left Kohl upset.

    “I feel like he’s made a mockery out of the book and the things I wrote about him,” Kohl told the Vote Blog. “I read what I said about him and it makes me cringe.”

    Kohl said that his decision is not only heartbreaking for her, but destructive because of what she sees as the domino effect.


    What about the fact that the president will donate to the DC Humane Society to make up for it?

    “That’s baloney,” Kohl said. “It’s farcical. They’re donating money to urge people not to do what they did.”

Do as Hitler Pbama says, not as He Does.

Hey, I have a great idea. Since Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy and the Pbamas are such close, good friends, why not let Uncle Fat Ted Tumor Head take Malia and Sasha to the beach? Let Ted drive the car. Make sure Malia and Sasha are wearing their personal flotation devices prior to getting into the car.


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Testicles In Anderson Cooper's Mouth

Anderson "Teabagger" Cooper

I'm not saying CNN's Anderson Cooper is a closeted homosexual.
Not that there's anything wrong with that. Nope, I'm not saying that at all. I'm not at all saying the worst kept secret in cable news...that Anderson Cooper is gay. I don't need to say it. Plenty of others all over the web and the entertainment industry are saying it.

But Anderson does know that it's hard to talk when teabagging.

He says so, right near the end of this video.

    Cooper: "It's hard to talk when you're teabagging."

We have no doubt you know this firsthand, Anderson. No doubt whatsoever. Anderson is probably a Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultist. And a Teabagger.

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Gitmo Detainee Says Abuse Worsened And Increased After Obama Took Office

A Gitmo detainee (another one!) says that physical abuse increased greatly after Barack Hussein Obama, Junior took office. I'm sourcing this using the very uber-Liberal MSNBC story because The Pbama Cultists looooooooove them their MSNBC:

    A young Guantanamo prisoner from Chad was given permission to telephone a relative but instead called the al-Jazeera television network and said he was being beaten and abused at the U.S. detention camp.

    Transcripts of the recorded interview with Guantanamo captive Mohammad el Gharani were posted on the Qatar-based television network's English-language Website on Tuesday.


    He told al-Jazeera he had been beaten with batons and teargassed by a group of six soldiers wearing protective gear and helmets after refusing to leave his cell.

    "This treatment started about 20 days before Obama came into power, and since then I've been subjected to it almost every day," he told Al Jazeera.

    "Since Obama took charge he has not shown us that anything will change."

It was this past February when we learned human rights' lawyer Ahmed Ghappour is representing 31 Gitmo detainees for being abused. The kicker is that all of Ghappour's clients say the abuse began - and increased with more severity - when Obama took office.

I guess since Obama likes ordering the execution of teen pirates he also gets his kicks out of abusing those being held in Gitmo.

Chubby Little Barry. Pulling wings off flies?

Do you think that, as a child, Obama enjoyed pulling the wings off of flies and using a magnifying glass and the sun to burn ants? I wonder if he tortured small animals for his amusement?

Remember...Pbama issued executive orders banning torture...but he allows himself the option of not having to abide by his own order. This is no different than what W. Bush did, which sent The Left into apoplectic fits of hysteria and rage. I wonder why The Left reacts differently now? I wonder what's changed?


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Jacques Lemaire Leaves WILD

Jacques Lemaire: Impeccably Classy

Head Coach - to date, the only head coach the Minnesota NHL Wild has known - Jacques Lemaire
announced earlier this week that he is leaving the Wild. MPR:

    As hockey goes, Jacques Lemaire is practically a one-man dream team. While a player with the Montreal Canadiens, he helped win eight Stanley Cups, two of them with his own game-winning goals.

    After retiring as a player, Lemaire took up coaching and led the New Jersey Devils to yet another Cup.

    In 2000, he started a franchise from scratch when the Minnesota Wild took the ice for their inaugural season. But Lemaire has decided he's had enough.

    "The team needs this," he said at a news conference in St. Paul today.

    Lemaire talked about his departure just days after his final game as coach in Columbus, Ohio, where his team beat the Blue Jackets, 6-3.

    "It's not that I cannot go back and work with them, and try to push them again," said Lemaire. "That's not the case. The case is I know this thing will be better with another guy."

    Lemaire's record with the Wild was 291-256, with 107 ties, including winning records in his last six seasons.

He put a young Wild team on the map, most notably in the 2002-03 and 2003-04 seasons.

career as a player is none too shabby. Our History: The Montreal Canadiens:

    A strong skater and creative playmaker, “Coco”, as he was known to his teammates, also had a booming shot that he used to great effect. He scored 22 goals and assisted on 20 others, posting respectable if unspectacular numbers for a rookie.


    ...Lemaire didn’t take a backseat to anyone. One of the NHL’s all-time greatest “money players”, he has three overtime goals to his credit, among them the Cup winner in 1977.

    Lemaire’s last NHL goal was the 1979 Stanley Cup winner. Only five others have scored more than one.


    His playoff numbers are even more impressive. Lemaire is seventh in both goals and assists and his 139 career playoff points are second only to Jean Béliveau on the all-time list.

    One of the game’s top strategists, Lemaire began his coaching career behind the Canadiens bench before moving to New Jersey where he had his name engraved on the Stanley Cup in the spring of 1995, this time as head coach. In 2000, Lemaire was hired as the first-ever head coach of the expansion Minnesota Wild.

    Jacques Lemaire was inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1984.

Rumors abound about him possibly returning, or not returning, to coach Montreal.

If his wish is to remain coaching in the NHL - and why wouldn't it be - whichever NHL team and city gets him, know this: you are getting one hell of a fine coach and an impeccably classy and intelligent man.

Wild fans have nothing but respect and thanks for Mr. Lemaire. We wish him success in whatever the future brings. The only time we will be against him is if he is coaching a team playing opposite the Wild. But we won't disrespect him. We love him. We'd have no problem with him staying on. But he wants to move on, he says it's better for the team. What did I say about impeccably classy?


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