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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Liberals Don't Like Being Treated As They Treat Others. Isn't This Terribly Sad?

Awwwwwwww...all the widdle Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists, the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) and the elected Marxist politicians are upset because Americans are voicing their displeasure in huuuuuuuuuge numbers against Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's Nationalized and Rationed Healthcare, also known as ObamaCare.

Awwwwwwww. Dat's So Sad! But I fail to understand the Cultists and the Marxist politicians. They are the ones who, on the orders from their Kenyan-born Führer, "got in our face" when they wanted to make political points. But they don't like it when they are treated in the same manner. Pardon me a moment while I reach for a lightly-coated lotion Kleenex to dab the tears streaming down my face. Not.

The lack of civility and disrespect from The Left comes full circle, right back onto them and they don't like it. Well, they started it and they never paused in their relentless attacks. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Barbara Cunt, Boxer Cunt (got it right the first time!)

California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer objects to the demeanor of how her Führer is being treated by regular Americans regarding Rationed Healthcare. Awwwwww, poor Babs. The last time she was really in the news was when she insisted that Brigadier General Michael Walsh address her as "Senator," because she "worked so hard for that title." Me? I called her a cunt because that's what she is. She's Cunt Boxer, not Senator Boxer. (Sorry for the language, ladies, don't be too offended. I reserve that term only for the most egregious of females, and Boxer deserves to be called it).

Then we have CommieCrat House Majority Leader Steny "Is it happy hour yet? Make mine a triple!" Hoyer who was heckled and criticized by Democrats during a press conference. Awwwww, poor Steny. Don't you love it when rational thinking Traditional hardworking blue collar Democrat citizens criticize members of the the ILCP like Hoyer?

Steny Hoyer: That face has seen a lot of 80-proof, hasn't it?

CommieCrat Representative from Ohio Steve Driehaus stated he refuses to hold any future Town hall meetings because he was heckled by his own constituents. Can you believe his base had the audacity to ask him questions about ObamaCare? Why, the nerve of those constituents! Who in the hell do they think they are holding him accountable! Don't they realize that elected CommieCrats are royalty and do not owe the great unwashed public any answers?

Steve Kagan, CommieCrat Representative from Wisconsin encountered opposition to his support of Rationed ObamaCare from his constituents. Again, who in the hell do these voters think they are? They must not realize the rule is you can never, ever question CommieCrats or hold them accountable for their deeds and words.

CommieCrat Vic Snyder of Arkansas is so frightened about being asked questions about ObamaCare that he had taken to hiding behind sick and ill children to avoid answering questions and being held accountable to his constituents. Vic, buy a sun dress, a parasol and some accessories and unleash the coward within you.

It is plain as day that as Americans learn more and more about Socialized and Rationed ObamaCare that we want no part of it.

I'm going to repeat that: Americans do not want any part of a Nationalized, Socialized Rationed Healthcare plan called ObamaCare. What part of "no" don't the CommieCrats understand?

No political tactic was defined as being too unseemly to be used and abused by Liberals and Progressives during the 2006 and 2008 elections. Now, the tables have turned and the CommieCrats find that they are on the receiving end of the same crapola that they dished out. Ain't that a bitch, huh? Toughen up there, Sally, grow a pair if you can. If you can't, crawl back under the slime, ooze and dirt under the rock you call your home.

Karma is so awesome. It has its way of returning and equalizing injustices to those who perpetrate hate-mongering, smear-merchanting, lies, half-truths, concoctions, absurd conspiracies and divisiveness; in other words, the Pbama Cultists and the ILCP are reaping what they've sowed for so very many years. Payback is such a bitch.

Suddenly, The Left demands and insists on civility and respect. I don't think any Pbama Cultist or CommieCrat has the slightest idea of the definition of what those words mean. They obviously don't, considering how they have conducted themselves for the past eight years during the W. Bush Admin. And they certainly didn't understand the meaning of civility or respect for the fifty-odd years when they were the majority party in Congress prior to the the November 1994 election that ushered in a Republican majority.

The mentality of the Ruling Liberal Elitists is that they are not to be questioned or examined. No one - NO ONE - is to question them or ask them to explain their actions and words. If that doesn't define an absolute abuse of political power I don't know what does.

It's been quite some time since we've checked in with the MrsSatan blog exclusive political analyst Baby Democrat. Let's find out what Baby Democrat thinks of the current political climate over CommieCrats getting a taste of their own medicine from voters, constituents and their fellow Democrats on the issue of ObamaCare:

Well said, Baby Dem, but you fired the first salvo. Get ready to receive what you have dished out for so very many years.

And since we're talking about babies, let me tangentially add that Keith Olbermann is still soiling himself while on the air.


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Fine let these chicken shit bastards not call a town hall meeting, we the people should do it for them in their front yards to discuss obamacare for them. We need to let them know, if you vote for this thing then your ass will be looking for a job very soon. We also need to demand term limits be lowered to 2 years to shit or get off the pot! I have seen Americans leave party lines behind to unite and stop this bullshit Obama care we need to continue this, we are Americans first!
If Pbama and his evil bunch of communists-marxists Kool-Aid freaks ever succeed at shoving down the throat of the American people their evil Kool-Aid of Pbamacare socialist-healthcare crap as if America needed that as much as getting all their teeth pulled out at the same time, it is going to be the end of the USA as we currently know it. This is purely demonic deeds.

The hour is grave my friend, America is due for another Boston tea party if they haven't already woke up and smell the coffee and realize what Pbama is all about.
Don't worry, I'm not offended by your use of the "c" word. As a woman I'm not put off when it is used in the proper context, as you have done! I've even been known to utter that word myself about other women!
BTfull1, I concur. It's so damn amusing watching the Cultists whine and cry about how their Cult Leader is being "treated so badly."

It wasn't that long ago that The Left said, "it's patriotic to criticize our government." Gee...I wonder what changed? Now, we're not supposed to utter one critical word of the Kenyan. It's BS.

I'm losing hope day by day. Especially when we have idiot Republicans voting today to confirm Sonia Sotoclown. Every day I move a little bit further to the Libertarian camp. Fucking Moderates and RINOs need to jump ship and join the Commiecrats.
THANKS Groovy! I only use the "c" word when absolutely necessary. I think I've called men that too, so I'm an equal opportunity offender. ;)
Drake Kathy Castor (dem us rep) snuck in (or so she thought) a town hall meeting tonight people were turned away at the door but people wearing pro-Obama shirts were let in the back door, well, enough REAL American people got in and they wouldn’t let her talk!! GOOD JOB America! If I get a video link to it I’ll forward it.
He's THE CELEBRITY PREDNINT, bt. All fluff, all Marxism, no substance. Other than nicotine and crack cocaine. And Bud Lite. Let me know if you find a the vid. Thanks for keeping all of here abreast of so many of these issues. Very much appreciated.
Update to the town hall meeting tonight Castor walked out after only 45 minuets and will now hold a telephone town hall meeting, that stupid bitch is going to screen calls what a chicken shit cunt of a bitch (and yes I am a female so I can use that word freely lol).

"I'm losing hope day by day. Especially when we have idiot Republicans voting today to confirm Sonia Sotoclown. Every day I move a little bit further to the Libertarian camp. Fucking Moderates and RINOs need to jump ship and join the Commiecrats."

Hold on David, there are lots of battles to be fought so let's not ever give up on America. Look at me, I'm canadian and I care for you guys so don't let those bastards destroy USA as it used to be forever since that was NEVER in the mandate of ANY president.

Nixon dismissal and removal from presidency following the Watergate scandal will be small potatoes compared to what Obama and his cultists bunch can do in the next 3 and a half year.

"walked out after only 45 minutes..."

WOW! A headline on Google news from Bradenton Herald says she will only do telephone town halls organized BY UNIONS THAT SUPPORT PUBLIC HEALTH aka Socialized healthcare.

Nobody stacks the deck like the Libs, huh?

I'm just so sick of the political scene in so many ways I could puke blood. I've been checking around on the web to find out what I have to do to renounce my American citizenship and what doing so all means, while I'd still plan to remain living here. The illegal aliens are treated better than those born here. Ideally, I'd like to move to my very own planet!

I've written so many times in the past that EVERY INCUMBENT in the U.S. Congress should be voted out of office, whether they're Dems or Repubs.

You have been a regular reader and you know I have been just as critical of the Repubs as I have been of the Libs. I hold them both to the same standards. Which is why I move more and more towards Libertarianism. I don't give Republicans or Conservatives a "free pass" when they fuck up.

There are days where I think I should start another blog on any issue except politics and leave this one permanently. That day may be coming sooner than I think.

"'m just so sick of the political scene in so many ways I could puke blood."

When I was smoking pot, I used to puke a lot of blood, it is as cancerigen as tobacco perhaps even more but you don't smoke 20 of those a day unless you are crazy or a chronic.

"I've been checking around on the web to find out what I have to do to renounce my American citizenship and what doing so all means, while I'd still plan to remain living here."

That would be a great idea and it could be a political statement as well. What is going to be your choice of citizenship if you choose to do so?

"The illegal aliens are treated better than those born here. Ideally, I'd like to move to my very own planet!"

It's the same thing over here in Canada and perhaps even worse. Middle working classes are getting sick and tired of all that.


When I was smoking pot, I used to puke a lot of blood,

Geez, I've never heard of that happening.

At the end of the day I'd prefer a bong hit or two over a cocktail. I still partake, but not as much as I used to. The good stuff is hard to find sometimes and the "commercial" stuff is a waste of money.

Did you ever find out what was causing the vomiting of blood? Was it actually the pot? Geez, that's...I don't know what to say. Ive never heard of that happening to anyone who smokes pot. I hope you are well and no longer experiencing that.

I don't know what country or where I'd cite as my citizenship. It's only in the idea stage, but I am looking into it should the day come where I decide to do it.

It's amazing to me in so many ways that people from other countries still admire the U.S. I wish Liberal Americans had the same attitude.
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