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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Obama Gaffe On Russian Leadership Titles;
Calls Putin "President"

Hey, if The Left held W. Bush accountable for every single spoken word, and if he made a verbal gaffe by god, they mocked him for it, we can do the same with Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

He can't even keep track of who the Russian President is, addressing Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin as President Putin. al Reuters:

    In a slip of the tongue, U.S. President Barack Obama described Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Monday as president, echoing the widely held view that he remains Russia's most powerful man.

    Putin surrendered the presidency to protege Dmitry Medvedev last May to take the lesser post of prime minister[.]


    "I suspect when I speak to President..eh.. Prime Minister Putin tomorrow, he will say the same thing."

No Telepromter, No Smoothness.

Putin hasn't held the title President for over one year. Does Barry The Great know this? What a dumbass. And all his Cultists say he's so brilliant? Well, he sure doesn't act or speak brilliantly, does he?

We know Barry's "eh, er, uhhhh (pause)....ummmmm," is another example of both his inferior mental capacity and inability to speak without a teleprompter.

Here's an example of the Blathering Stammering Idiot Obama without a teleprompter. And enjoy another example.


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"We know Barry's "eh, er, uhhhh (pause)....ummmmm," is another example of both his inferior mental capacity and inability to speak without a teleprompter."

But say that to a leftist extremist and he is going to say that is racism.

If you've had enough of Michael Jackson media frenzy like some have had enough with Barrack Obama in the past, you are racist.

If you say that Michael wanted to become white, it's racism again.

The answer to every question on Obama: racism.

Enough is enough.
And my husband told me that President Teleprompter screwed up the pronunciation of "Medvedev."

Now, how come I can say it and the "leader" of our country can't?
And I thought hope, change and healing is what Barry was all about.

He couldn't pronounce it because it wasn't phonetically spelled out for him? Or he was high on crack cocaine.

My bad......
And the worst is yet to come- In '78 Jimmy Carter met with Brezhnev, extending his hand in friendship much as Obama is doing in Russia today. After seeing what kind of a zero they were dealing with firsthand, the Soviet Union promptly invaded Afghanistan- in direct violation of promises made to Carter in Moscow six months earlier.

It is hard to imagine today's Kremlin being cowed or intimidated after meeting with a smiley plastic mannequin like Obama, putting his arm around them and schmoozing all the time- they know he's not going to do anything.

Yes We Can invade Ukraine... and what are you going to do about it?

RR, your comment is a great point and timely, relative to the issue of USSR-USA relations. I agree, Russia will not perceive Obama as anything but a weak leader, as they correctly perceived about Carter. And later Clinton. You are Spot on!
Fortunately, USSR is not the threat it used to be.

Unfortunately, there are bigger threats in Iran, North Korea and China for instance.

And moderation and appeasement in front of intolerance and extremism of those countries is NO vitue!!!
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