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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrity Deaths On The Rise

It seems like one celebrity after another is dying.

There was the untimely death of pop superstar Michael Jackson. And Farrah Fawcett. And Ed McMahon.

Infomercial superstar Billy "OxyClean" Mays died on Sunday.

The wonderful vocal impressionist Fred Travalena also died on Sunday.

Actress Gale Storm died.

The - no offense intended - Old Wives Tale that death comes in threes is certainly being proven inaccurate.

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Billy Mays gone. Noooo!. Where will I find stuff to glue my clothes together since I can't afford to buy new in Fraudy's economy. You know, I kind of liked Billy Mays. Never bought any of the crap he pitched, but I always thought of him as the king of pitchmen. Rest in peace Billy. No one could sell it like you.

I can't really recall Fred Travalena, but I'm sure I've seen him before. Seven year battle with cancer. That's a tough fight. Well he's free of it now. Rest well Fred.

Really don't recall Gale Storm either. I guess she was a little before my time, but hey she made it to 87 and fought off alcoholism too. No small feat. Rest in peace Gale.

I never bought anything Mays' pitched either, but he was the consummate infomercial guy. His - I hate to say loud - voice sent me leaping for the remote control mute button. But I don't hold that against him.

Travalena I remember from appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny and Ed.

Gale Storm was well ahead of my time too. But I heard all these deaths, one after another, and I know she had her fan base so I wanted to include her. Alcoholism is a tough battle. It has affected those not in my immediate family, but my extended family. It's a bitch to fight.

May they all rest in peace, I agree. Thanks, as always, for commenting.
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