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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ed McMahon Dead At 86

The chemistry between Ed McMahon and Johnny Carson is something that comes along once in a lifetime; something that is genuine and cannot be manufactured.

You couldn't ask for, or create (if you could) a better sidekick than Ed.

There will never be another Ed McMahon just as there will never be another Johnny Carson.


Ed McMahon's obituary at the New York Daily News:

    ...he made "Hi-Yo!" and "Heeeeere's Johnnnny" parts of the American lexicon.

    McMahon was the straight man for Carson's famed Carnac the Magnificent skits, during which Carson would guess an answer before McMahon even read the question.

    "We didn't rehearse," McMahon told Larry King in a 2005 interview after Carson died. "You know, we never - I never saw it 'til, you know, I only - I'd see on the rundown, "Carnac," that's all I would see."

He served in both World War II and the Korean War as a Marine.

The BBC remembers Ed in a photo montage.

He was "TV's Everyman", NY Daily News:

    Ed McMahon was an old-school salesman. He never denied it, never apologized for it and never had a reason to.

    He put himself through school, he always said, by pitching vegetable slicers. Seventy years later he was hawking "cash4gold" and FreeCreditReport.com.

    No Rolex watches here. Ed McMahon's people were ordinary folks.

Don Rickles, Dick Clark and Joan Rivers give tribute to Ed. National Post.

Rest In Peace.



Ed McMahon had probably the most memorable voice I've ever heard
I can't believe I was so lame not to leave a comment for Ed. I loved the Tonight Show with Johnny and Ed. He was the best #2 man ever. What a combo. The laughs were unforgettable. Thanks Ed.
No prob Molson, you may have thought you left a comment but didn't (thinking you were on another post) and there's always that spam box. I hit blogs so many times, add a comment, submit it and leave. Then when I check back the next day - or whenever - and my comments isn't there I realize I forgot about the anti-spam box.

Ed was the best sidekick ever, I agree. My parents would let me stay up late some nights and watch The Tonight Show. I'm glad I bugged them to let me do so.
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