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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson, KING of Pop, Dies

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died on Thursday afternoon at age 50, apparently from some type of heart failure.

From The Brisbane Times:

    Michael Jackson was a child prodigy, a musical genius and remains an idolised artist despite a troubled life in later years.

    Los Angeles County Coroner's office spokesman confirmed the pop star's death on Thursday.

    Lieutenant Fred Corral told CNN that Jackson, 50, was pronounced dead at 2:26pm local time, (0726 AEST) after reportedly suffering a cardiac arrest.

    Earlier, it was reported he was hospitalised on Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest.

    The Los Angeles Times and entertainment website TMZ.com said the pop icon had died after paramedics could not revive him.

His life was not without controversy. Many vilified him, yet a jury found him not-guilty of the charges of an inappropriate relationship with an underage boy. The other allegations against him...well, they are based on rumors and speculation.

One cannot deny his genius and influence in music.

While much of his music isn't included in the music that I listen to, some of it is. His "Thriller" album is a fantastic non-stop hit after hit.

I like the single "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough." That's what's playing in the background, if you have your PC speakers on. Listen to all the various elements going on in the song. It's fantastic.

"I Want To Rock With You" is another fine example that melded old-school blues with pop and a driving, thumping bass line.

He opened his Neverland home and his amusement park up to thousands of underprivileged and terminally ill children.

Part of me feels sorry for him. Another part of me asks why he didn't learn his lesson after the first allegation of an inappropriate relationship with a young boy, a case that was settled out of court. Gee, you don't suppose that maybe, just maybe, the parents of the boy thought they could shake Jackson down for several million dollars, do you?

Martin Bashir, on Thursday night's "Nightline", speaking about Jackson and his fraternizing with children, said, "While it seemed unorthodox, it didn't seem criminal."

He was cute little kid, look at the top two images. And as an adult, he was a good-looking guy, witness the lower two images of him.
Sadly, he went overboard on the plastic surgery.

The "Thriller" video is one of the finest music videos ever made. The editing, the choreography, the lighting, the costumes, the dancing, the humor, the special effects, the make-up and...of course...the voice over by the late Vincent Price. It's perfect.
The video was directed by John Landis, who really never paid a price for being the person responsible for actor Vic Morrow's death.

Jackson was a genius. Thirteen Grammy Awards, fourteen number one singles. He had a great voice. He knew music, he could write lyrics, he reinvented dancing.

"Thriller"...the best selling album of all time. Not to be confused with the largest selling "live" album, a title still held by the awesome Peter Frampton for "Frampton Comes Alive."

He brought happiness to a lot of people, fan across the world in shock and saddened by his death.

Whatever you may think of him, you cannot deny his influence in music and pop culture. Any you have to remember that it is unfair to judge people based on speculation and rumor. Just because you "believe" the worst about someone does not mean you are factually correct. I'm not making excuses for him or for some of his behavior. The only people who really, truly know what happened are those who are involved as first-person parties. One of those people is no longer alive.

He will be missed. His musical genius likely to never be replicated.

Rest in peace, King of Pop.


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You got it right DD. MJ was not a bad person. I didn't find anything really to dislike about him. Yeah the end of his life was an unrelenting freak show. So what. He didn't hurt anybody that I know of. I'll choose to remember the MJ of his younger years when I was younger too. Like you DD, I'm not a big fan of pop, but good choice on the background song. I did always like that song. I guess the truly unfortunate thing is that MJ will be remember as a tragic figure despite all his positive contributions just like Elvis and Howard Hughs. You know though, the one common thing between all those individuals is they all accomplished so much more than all of their critics combined. Rest well MJ.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Very Bad News, We have Lost an Extraordinary Person who rolled his life completely on dance and music. Jackson is No more but god will soon gives a solution.
thanks so much for shareing these pictures with us .

Michael Jackson, KING of Pop

Thanks for your very well-thought out and fair comment. I was especially appalled at how so very many people who otherwise consider themselves such "rule of law" people just threw out the Not Guilty verdicts on 14 counts and instead, they condemned Jackson based on speculation, rumor and hearsay.

"they all accomplished so much more than all of their critics combined."

That is a great line, Molson. I can always count on you to bring your A-game, objectivity and fairness. Thanks!
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