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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Salute To Mike Malloy

If you're just tuning in, late last night AirHead America F I R E D it's very own Rotting Corpse Mike Malloy. Yeah - yeah, I know, I know - go ahead and tear that narrow cardboard strip off and open another box of lotion-coated Puffs. This is sad news...yeah.

Oh, the poor babies. I upset all the little Truth Deniers when I commented that the firing of Malloy was, "the best news I've heard this century." And as usual the Moonbats did not disappoint me in their mean-spirited replies. I can take it. But they can't.

Show after show, program after program, The Rotting Corpse spewed half-truths, lies, absurdly insane conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, hatred and contempt for anyone who didn't believe exactly what he believed.

His (former) audience/listeners, exhibiting the same lack of tolerance for any opinion other than their own, have marched into the depths of their usual tantrum throwing antics.

Here's some of Malloy's most recent, compassionate notable quotes from his program of Wednesday, August 16, 2006:

    "All Republicans are racist. All Republicans are liars. All Republicans will do or say anything to retain their office."

    "Republicans are a subgenus of human beings. Or is it subspecies?"

    "Every single Republican in the South is a racist."

    "Republican are sneaks, cheats, liars and racists. Every single one of them."

And one of his all time favorite phrases, "Hell waits for [insert name of person he is attacking/hating here]."

***Sham Cedar ****** The Corpse

On last night's Majorassity Report, Sam Seder has this to say about Malloy, and about his own (Seder's) program.

Click on the > To Listen to the Audio Clip (voice is NOT impersonated):

Okay, here is what Seder really had to say about Malloy.

(Voice is not impersonated, it's Seder).

Click on the > To Listen:

    "[Mike Malloy] filling in for Randi [Rhodes] today, he was scheduled to he was scheduled to fill in for Randi tomorrow. And, umm, ahhh, frankly I'm pissed off about it. And I have made it clear to - uh - anybody here that would listen to me that I'm pissed off about it. I think it's a huge mistake. I don't know if it's definitive because Air America Radio to my knowledge has not made an official announcement. Umm, my hope is not is that it's not. My understanding is that a lot of people have been calling here and e-mailing here. And I've noticed that people have phone numbers and e-mails posted in the comments section of our blog at Majority Report Radio dot com.

    As I was trolling the web I noticed it at Democratic Underground and I noticed stuff at, uh, Mike Malloy dot com. Ummmm, I have other avenues in which to express my frustration at this thing but I imagine people who don't would probably go to those avenues. Ahhh, I think it's stupid, ahhhh, a bunch of - uhhhh - horse crap. I don't know what else to say. I mean I don't care who they put in there Malloy is great. He won Talker of New York - uhhhh - just months before they put the crappy Satellite Sisters on. Oh, they're following me. And uhhhh, Peter Werbe is filling in for Mike tonight. I-I really don't know what's going to happen, folks.

    But I would check out Mike Malloy dot com for more information. And ummm, I don't know what to tell you. I'm pissed off."

Thanks to the person posting at the Malloy site for including a link to me. The increased traffic is always appreciated. You like me, you really like me!


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Well, all you ditto heads have a quick high five, in unison of course, blindly following your viagra leader.

My wife and I found Malloy entertaining, passionate,and speaking from the heart.

He claiming to be an atheist was the consumate Christian while today's sleeve Christian neo-cons have slaughtered millions of women and children and will do more, rendering them the anti-Christ's of our time. All the best to Mr. Malloy
hello lee. i took a look at your blog and see you were indeed a fan of Malloy. What can I say - that you and I will likely agree to disagree on our personal "liking" of Malloy.

He did make me laugh because of so many of his over the edge and beyond belief beliefs of conspiracy theories, and I always wondered if he really beleived all the things he said.

I don't fully understand the first part of your sentence in the third paragraph: 'He claiming to be an atheist was the consumate Christian'...?

I'm not a ditto head, but I do listen to Rush. And Ed Schultz, and Al Franken, and Seder, Hugh Hewitt etc. I think the more opinions people hear in general, the more informed they are from all sides.

Thanks for visiting.
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