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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hey, Old Man...When's That Vein In Your Head Going To Explode?

Castrati Boy Mike Malloy, The Rapidly Aging Corpse

Quotes From The Rotting Corpse Show, from Wednesday, August 16, 2006:

"All Republicans are racist. All Republicans are liars. All Republicans will do or say anything to retain their office."

"Republicans are a subgenus of human beings. Or is it subspecies?"

"Every single Republican in the South is a racist."

"Republican are sneaks, cheats, liars and racists. Every single one of them."

What an open-minded kind of corpse guy he is, huh?

I'm just tracking the words that exit the anus that he calls his mouth, so when that vein does explode, I can justify and celebrate his non-existence on the earth.

When is that vein going to explode? Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock..........



I can only take this fossil for 10 minutes max.

Here's Malloy in a nutshell:

Bush crime family...blah blah..bastards..Bush crime family..blah blah...agghhh..rapture right...blah blah..Bush crime family.

This guy is better than Ambien.
I've never heard anyone so bitter as Malloy. His bitterness makes Al Gore's bitterness seem like blind optimism. And you nail it on "Bush Crime Family...Bastards...raptyre..." Damn! you condensed his 3 hour program into five words! Well done Chris!
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