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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I, STADIUM Part 8: This Is Not A Stadium Post, or, Sweet Jesus, I Hate Sid Hartman!

I missed the following story because I normally don't buy the Minneapolis Red Star Tribune except on Sunday.

Kate Parry is their reader representative. In her column today , "Hartman column was wrong about Sen. Ranum", she writes:

A simple telephone call by Hartman to Ranum's office would have avoided his ugly and incorrect assumption. But the heck with doing the right thing, right Sid? Go with your unchecked and unverified assumption.

"I think I'm right," is a far cry from being factual, but, the heck with doing the right thing because how could something you believe possibly be wrong:
Sure seems to me that Sid The Shill's focus is on the four politicians he named, not the whole Legislature. Most of what Sid thinks is true, in his pointy little pinhead, is far more often false than it is true. Sid wouldn't know the difference between a Praying Mantis and a Praying Nun.

Apologize to Ms. Ranum and her husband, Sid? The heck with doing the right thing.

"The heck with doing the right thing," right Sid? Why bother doing any fact checking on an issue so long ago, in January of this year, right Sid?

Sid Hartman is a crusty, old and bitter man. One of the reasons he is bitter is because some politicians and most taxpayers don't want to play his game of being the bank for his precious little baseball team, the Minnesota Twins and its owner BILLIONAIRE Carl Pohlad. Hartman has been a shill for Pohlad and publicly financed stadiums for decades.

Crusty, Old and Bitter: Sid "The Pinhead Shill" Hartman

Stating vast, unchecked and non-factual assumptions is what Sid The Shill does best. In his column today he reasserts an assumption that he wrote two weeks ago:

What crime studies have you researched to come to that conclusion Shill Boy?

And if what you say is accurate and true, then tell me, why over the last two decades, has the city of Minneapolis experienced so much crime?

Why let facts get in the way of writing your "factual assumptions"? The heck with doing the right thing, you're just concerned about your precious baseball team and its BILLIONAIRE owner.

Sid The Shill continues:

What you mean, of course, is the results you'd like to see would be easy to get simply by determining what you want your preconceived results to be and then asking skewed questions to reflect the end results that you originally had in mind. Not to mention that what The Shill "believes" and what is factually correct are frequently not the same thing!

But the heck with doing the right thing, you're just concerned about your precious Twins team.

And by the way, don't the Twins already have a roof...in the Metrodome? Huh, how about that!

Now, I'm no fan or supporter of Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, not by any stretch of the imagination. But I don't live in Minneapolis, so, for the most part, what Rybak and the Minneapolis City Council does or doesn't do, does not dramatically affect me or my life.

But Sid The Shill, crusty, old and bitter man that he is, just doesn't like anyone or anything that doesn't agree with his "beliefs" or his pinhead "assumptions":

Hmmmmmmmm, while I was not in favor of taxpayer money being funneled into the Shubert Theater, the amount is a fraction of what Hennepin County taxpayers are stuck with compared to the corporate welfare given to the Twins and BILLIONAIRE owner Pohlad.

Apparently Sid The shill doesn't take into consideration that there is a group of people who may prefer the arts rather than sitting around and watching a group of steroid injected, multi- millionaire athletes hitting a little white ball with a stick of wood!

Nor does Sid The Shill consider that arts and humanities has contributed more to the world and society, as a historic whole, than all of the sporting world combined.

Nor does Sid The Shill consider that perhaps the mentality of Mayor Rybak and the city council was one of letting private enterprise and its billionaire owner pay for their own home with their own money.

The heck with doing the right thing.

Doing the right thing means having an objective outlook on what is best for the largest group of people, of taxpayers and of those less fortunate. None of this enters into your myopic, baseball-centric mind though, does it Shill Boy?

Sid says damn those facts, polls, research and feasibility studies. He thinks he's right, even when all prevailing facts and data prove him shockingly and disturbingly wrong:

To date, Sid The Shill has not apologized to Ms. Ranum, her husband Jim, their family and for his erroneous and asinine assertion that she voted the way she did only in order to get reelected.

Why is that, Sid?

Tell me again, why?
The heck with doing the right thing. The heck with it.

The Shills' Column is located Here, free registration required.

If you think THE SHILL should apologize for his factless column, e-mail him and tell him so: shartman@startribune.com
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Sometimes a new taxpayer built stadium can make money for the community. If the stadium is built by the city and leased to the ball club for enough money each year to make the bond payment then it is not a bad deal. The city can then also lease the stadium for other purposes such as concerts and other teams ball games.

The problem usually lies in the contracts with the primary user and what kind of contract the city can manage with the team owners. I am not against the city building the stadiums provided the teams pay the right rent on it.

But, for the most part I am in favor of the team owners building their own gotdam stadiums--especialy baseball which has been ripping off the public for years. They have forgotten that without the fans there would be no pro baseball and a day at most ball parks it out of reach for the average American today. No way am I going to fork over a 100 bucks for a day at the ball park to see a bunch of overpaid, steroid beef guys in baseball caps miss a Texas league popup. Pitching sucks and and hitters who thirty years ago could bat their weight are now hitting fifty homeruns a year. It ain't baseball anymore..it is a legalized extortion and the fans are the ones getting robbed.
Good points all the way around, Guy.

I agree with the idea of a city building a stadium and then letting the rent pay for itself, however, this is not the case for the MN Twins.

Twins owner Billionaire Pohlad could have easily paid for the stadium out of pocket, but I guess that's not how he accrued his wealth...is it?

The Twins organization is kicking in 1/3rd of the cost of the stadium. The taxpayers of Hennepin County are ponying up the other 2/3rd's. Does that seem equitable to you...it sure doesn't to me.

When the Twins were denied their taxpayer funded stadium in years past, the Twins and MLB Kommissar Bud Selig used threats of contraction to move the team elsewhere a few years back to get what they wanted. I don't take kindly to threats.

Any politician with a spine should have replied, "see ya later."

You're right, it isn't baseball anymore, it IS legalized extortion.
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