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Monday, November 23, 2009

Druggy Patrick Kennedy Barred From Communion

Catholic Role Model Druggy Patrick Kennedy.

Awwwwww. Druggy Patrick Kennedy
is barred from receiving Communion. Providence Journal:

    Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin has forbidden Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy to receive the Roman Catholic sacrament of Holy Communion because of his advocacy of abortion rights, the Rhode Island Democrat said Friday.

    “The bishop instructed me not to take Communion and said that he has instructed the diocesan priests not to give me Communion,” Kennedy said in a telephone interview.

    Kennedy said the bishop had explained the penalty by telling him “that I am not a good practicing Catholic because of the positions that I’ve taken as a public official,” particularly on abortion. He declined to say when or how Bishop Tobin told him not to take the sacrament. And he declined to say whether he has obeyed the bishop’s injunction.

Gee...is Druggy Patrick even sober enough to realize when he's in a church?

Isn't it time Druggy Patrick Kennedy check into rehab again? He's only made two or three or four trips - that we know about - to try and kick the booze, the pills and who knows what other substances this pig abuses. Yes, that's right, I called him a pig. All Kennedy males are pigs. Fcuking pigs. They're a bunch of substance abusing, raging alcoholic, serial philandering, rapist, misogynistic pigs.

Speaking of the Kennedy family, Druggy Pat's dad Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy is still dead and permanently residing in Hell.
And this is a wonderful, glorious thing that I have not yet fully finished rejoicing or celebrating. It's a tragedy Fat Ted lived as long as he did, considering his heinous career crime.


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Tobin should be taking action against his child molesting priests instead of attacking the rights of women and the constitution.
I believe fellow Pennsylvanian Tom Ridge is also on the Catholic church's list, as he's also pro-choice.

At least, that's what my Catholic step-father tells me.
Awwwwwwwwwwww. Poor LibHom. Lemme guess, that's for LibHomo?

How many children have you molested or attempted to convert to your amoral lifestyle?

No one is attacking women or the constitution. There's no "right" to abortion in the Constitution.

You're living proof, once again, that Liberals have no idea what they are talking about.

Yeah, Conservatives and Libertarians (as well as those who aren't Kool-Aid injecting Libs) can be pro-choice.

For instance, I'm pro-choice. I think all Liberals should be aborted. Even those who would need it done to them retroactively. ;-)

The Catholic Church is a private institution and it can do what it wants and set the rules to whom they will give Communion and to those it won't.

Screw all the Kennedy males. Nothing but pigs. Complete total pigs. And Druggy Patrick can't receive Communion. We should all feel so sorry for him. /snark
Libhom must be peadophile. Methinks he doth protest too much!
Well EC, you notice LimHomo hasn't returned to defend himself or his views. Maybe he was arrested for molesting underage children? Could be. Could be. One never knows about these things.
Typo Alert: oh, that should be LiBHomo, not Lim. Or maybe it should be Lim. Short for Limp?
libhom hasn't been back to defend himself. You nail the frauds 99.999 per cent accurately Dave.
Thanks EC.

And btw...Patrick Kennedy is a druggy.
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