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Saturday, February 14, 2009

50 Dead In Continental Crash;
Ice Build-Up Blamed;
Obama Blamed For Deaths

50 dead on Continental Flight 3407; ice build-up blamed. BBC News:

    The crew of a plane that crashed in New York state killing 50 people noticed "significant ice build-up" on its wings before it crashed, investigators say.

    Analysis of data recorders recovered from the scene shows the plane made a series of severe pitches and rolls seconds before plunging into a house.

    Continental flight 3407 was minutes from Buffalo airport when it crashed at 2210 (0310 GMT) on Thursday.

    Officials say the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

    National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Steve Chealander said emergency teams were working to recover victims' remains from the site of the crash.


    The crew subsequently discussed "significant ice build-up" on the windshield and wings on the aircraft, Mr Chealander said.

A widow whose husband was killed on September 11 died in the above Continental crash. BBC News:

    A widow of the 9/11 terror attacks was among those killed in the New York state plane crash, relatives have said.

    Beverly Eckert was flying to Buffalo to celebrate what would have been her husband Sean Rooney's 58th birthday when Continental flight 3407 came down.

    Her sister, Sue Bourque, told the Buffalo News: "We know she was on that plane, and now she's with him."


    She was among 50 people killed when the flight from Newark to Buffalo Niagara International Airport crashed at 2210 local time on Thursday in Clarence Center, only minutes from its destination.

    Mrs Eckert became one of the most visible faces of the nation's grief when she tearfully told how her husband, a childhood sweetheart who worked on the 98th floor of the World Trade Center's south tower, had called to say he loved her moments before his death.

These 50 deaths happened on Pbama's Watch. These deaths belong to His Excellency Dear Leader The Illegitimate Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

"He is most definitely, not my Führer."

Here's a few more deaths Pbama owns since January 20th:

* He owns eight of these 16 deaths.

* He owns both of these deaths.

* He owns these 90 deaths.

* Pbama owns 51 of these deaths.

* He owns the, at least, 50 deaths of people who died in recent ice storms across the Midwest.

* He owns the 9 deaths due to salmonella outbreaks in peanut butter.

* The 21 deaths due to the fires in Australia? Of course Pbama owns them...he hasn't signed the Kyoto Treaty yet, has he? Nope. Thus, he owns the deaths. Hey Libs, I'm just using the same standard you used for Bush.

* Pbama owns these 30 deaths.

I found the below comment on an ebay forum:

    During the year of 2008, the last year of Bush's two terms, there were 309 deaths of American soldiers. 222 were from hostile action and 87 were from non-hostile events. That is down from 906 in 2007. A huge drop in number of deaths.

    Now since Obama has taken office, 23 have died and he has been in office for only a little over three weeks. At the current rate if it continues, 2009 will be higher than Bush's last year. Not a good start for ending the war as promised.

Pbama. He's developing into a good little Warmongering Hitler, isn't he?

Why aren't we out of Iraq, Pbama Cultists? Huh? Want to tackle the question? No? You'd rather submit smarmy, anonymous comments on posts that are - and I admit they are - 99% op/ed, but when it comes to commenting on facts, you just can't engage because your side of the political aisle is bereft of, and is never impacted by, facts.

"Out of Iraq Now!"..."No More Blood For Oil!"...remember when the Democrats used to chant this? Notice how they're nowhere to be found or heard from lately?


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