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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pakistan Suicide Bomber Kills 30

More deaths to include in the total number of those that are happening under the watch of His Excellency Dear Leader Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

From BBC:

    Angry protests have struck Pakistan's Punjab province after a bomb attack on a Shia religious procession on Thursday left 30 dead.


    ...a senior Punjab police official said the attack was definitely carried out by a suicide bomber "wearing a jacket packed with 12kg of explosives".

    "We have recovered body parts and pieces of metal from the exact point of attack," deputy inspector general Athar Malik told reporters.

    AFP also reported police as saying 16 suspects had been arrested in connection with the blast.

Pbama has blood all over his hands. Why are we still in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Where, dear god, is the Anti-Iraq War Crowd now? Why so silent?

Iraq death toll lowest since invasion. AFP:

    A total of 191 Iraqis were killed in violence across the country last month, the lowest toll since the US-led invasion of 2003, authorities said on Sunday.

    The figures, released after an election held in 14 of the country's 18 provinces passed off without major violence on Saturday, showed that 140 civilians, 27 soldiers and 24 policemen lost their lives in January.

    The death toll was 42 percent down on December's total of 316, which had itself been the lowest figure for almost three years.

    "I consider the toll is due to the efforts of the Iraqi security forces, and the support of the Iraqi people, which helped to keep down the terror," defence ministry spokesman Major General Mohammad al-Askari told AFP.

    "This toll is the lowest since 2003," he said.

Of course, the MSM is doing their best not to portray Iraq as a success. Doing so goes against their Liberal template and bias and unconditional love and support of His Excellency.

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