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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dem Congress Asleep At The Wheel

Nanny Peloshit and Harry ReidTard

The Dem Majority Congress, with leaders (heh - "leaders"), Harry ReidTard and Nanny Pelosi are feigning concern and shock at the state of the economy and the bailout of bad debt.

What has the 110th Dem Majority Congress accomplished to date? Nothing. They increased the minimum wage.

In August, Parade magazine reported that the Dem Congress passed just 260 laws - and 74 of those were renaming post offices.

Other accomplishments by the Dem Majority Congress includes: recognizing soil as an "essential resource" and another congratulating the University of California - Irvine volleyball team.

This past January, Nanny - instead of working on the economy or our energy problems - spent her time remaking the Congressional dining menu
replacing meat loaf with such average American staples as mahi mahi, pan-roasted Chesapeake rockfish and cumin-scented leg of lamb with almond couscous. She also replaced buns with baguettes.

It's amazing how the Democrats - the party that knows all, recognizes problems long before they occur and that has the answer to everything - failed so miserably in their foresight regarding the economy.

Where was Dumbascrap Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden? He's a self-described genius, an almost-40-year D.C. Insider having been in office longer than John McCain. He didn't see this coming? Why not? I thought he was a genius.

Where was Chris Dodd Dudd, another self-described genius? Dudd is the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. He was too busy to notice any economic problems because he was the recipient of favors from CountryWide on his mortgages. When caught, he said he wasn't aware of any special favors.

Where was the lisping, light-in-the-loafers Barney Frank; last seen as a
flaming object over Minnesota, another know-it-all and chairman of the House Financial Services Committee? What proactive course of action did he take? None. He's too busy trolling for penis. Now, mind you - I'm an open-minded individual without any prejudices - so there's really nothing wrong with trolling for penis as Barney Frank is known to do. But he put it ahead of doing what's best for the American people. For shame, Spbarney, for shame.

Where was Dumbascrap John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry? He's knows everything, just ask him and he'll tell you.

Where was Cluck
"See camera and microphone, will make mad dash for them" Schumer? I guess we can only expect Cluck succeeding in areas like hastening bank failures like IndyMac. Then he goes into hiding until the mess he created subsides. What a great man, isn't he? A real man of the people. A true leader. A Kike among Kikes.

Hillary MrsSatan Clinton this week said she "saw this coming." Why didn't the smartest woman ever to inhabit the planet do anything about it?

Henry "PigMan/MoleMan" Waxman. Boy, those nostrils looks like they could
Hoover up some of Columbia's finest off a mirror, don't they?

Where we at today in this mess is something that, had it happened under a Congressional Majority of Republicans, Democrap Henry "Pig Man/Mole Man" Waxman would be calling for investigations. Now that his party is in the majority, we hear and see nothing from the man with unusually gigantic nostrils.

The Republicans are not without blame here. But if you're looking for the group of politicians who fiddled while the state of our economy and Wall Street burned, look no further than placing 99% of the fault squarely in the lap of the Democrats.


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