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Monday, December 31, 2007

The 2007 LPOS Award

Welcome to the Second Annual MrsSatan LPOS Award!

Regular readers may be familiar with my acronym, LPOS , for Liberal Piece (Pieces when used in plural form) of Shit when referring to the Extreme Hardcore Insane Lefty Liberals.

LPOS can be spoken and pronounced by saying each of its individual letters: "L-P-O-S", although the preferred pronunciation is saying it as one full actual word: "EL-POSS" with a short vowel sound over the "O".

The criteria and qualifications are most stringent in deciding who is eligible and ultimately selected for this great, prestigious and distinctive honour.

This is no casual list of Liberal Lunatics, not by a long shot.

Each of these LPOS has shown themselves to be extremely hypocritical. They apply a set of standards to others that they do not apply to themselves or other Extreme Hardcore Insane Lefty Liberals.

They are a myopically selfish group of individuals who subjectively and selectively judge those that do not fully agree with their own philosophies and ideologies.

Their mission of anything politic is motivated by only one thing: Furthering The Liberal Agenda.

Each of these LPOS demonstrates an unequalled and egregious knack for their prejudiced and intolerant political partisanship far exceeding the level of your Average Run-Of-The-Mill Liberal.

Each of these LPOS sets a new standard, possessing an amazing ability to deny both truth and facts, blazing a new trail in setting the bar higher for Liberals who follow them, making it harder and harder to define the Edge of Extreme Liberalism.

Eleven are nominated, only one wins the world's most prestigious award in unmitigated Liberalism.

The nominees - and ultimate winner of the LPOS Award for 2007 - are below:

11: Nanny Pelosi - New Democrat Speakeress of the U.S. House of Representatives, nominated for several reasons including a false promise to eliminate earmarks, for her anti-war rhetoric, for advancing appeasement of terrorists, for her meeting with Syrian leader Bashar-al Assad, for capitulating to the tradition of wearing a head-scarf supportive of subservience of women in Arabic culture.

But nominated mostly for her witless and pandering phrase when she said, "maybe it will take a woman to clean up the House." Nanny, we can't help wonder to which woman you were referring, it obviously was not yourself.

10: Harry Reid, U.S. Senator; Nevada
Where to start with Harry? He is nominated for such making such outrageous statements as blaming "global warming causing the California fires," and then denying he said what he said. For his egregious tap dancing on the issue of abortion. For his constant yet impotent attempts to defund the Military. For calling Vice President Dick Cheney "an attack dog." Awwwww, poor Harry - he can dish it out, but not take it? So sad, Harry, so damn sad.

And especially for Harry recently admitting, "the surge certainly hasn't hurt. It's helped. I recognize that."

9: Dan Rather, former CBS News anchor, for his bitter and hypocritical lawsuit against his former employer CBS. Dan lied, nobody died (that we know of) - but he blames others and wants their cash for his own miserable failures at journalism, specifically, his fake story on President George W. Bush's service in the National Guard. Now that's a Liberal Piece of Shit by any definition. Dan is a victim...a victim of his own amateur idiocy.

8: Barry Manilow, singer - for refusing to appear on "The View", saying, "[Elisabeth Hasselbeck] is dangerous. I will not be on the same stage as her." That's funny, because he appeared on "The View" two previous times when Ms. Hasselbeck was present. Third time must be the charm, eh Mandy...I mean, Barry.

7: Cluck Schumer DemocRAT, U.S. Senator; New York - nominated for his amazing ability to be first in front of any camera and microphone to pontificate and hype any politically biased ideology, yet he goes into seclusion and cannot be found to comment about what earlier this year was the nomination and promotion from within his own Democrat party of Mike Mukasey for Attorney General.

Cluck is especially qualified for the 2007 LPOS Award for his feigning Lyme Disease - his excuse for not being available to the press on Mukasey - using Lyme Disease as an excuse to miss an important vote on funding the Military. But shortly after that vote, Cluck summoning the energy and stamina to make several PR appearances for plastic foam factories, doctor shortages and "Criss-crossing the state" for Veterans Benefits. Apparently, whatever ill effect Cluck had from Lyme Disease was short-lived, brief enough only to keep him from a Senate vote and appearing before the cameras and microphones.

Most recently, Cluck is lobbying against steroid use in MLB, working hard to prevent access to HGH - Human Growth Hormones.

Finally, Cluck is nominated for being a chicken. When speaking, his head moved forward and back, just like a chicken pecking at its food. He's looks and acts just like a chicken, just like one; hence his name, Cluck Schumer.

6: Keith Olberwiener, former sports caster turned idiot Uber-Liberal Talking Head - Liberal Wiener Extraordinaire, full of flatulence and wicked, foul gas who emits the same in every whining tirade on his program. For yeoman efforts in not applying the same standard to Liberals that he applies to Conservatives. For an amazing display of being able to make what he said the day before trite and unimportant by every day making new statements that lack any factual basis and contain only his personal and subjective venomous political bias. Plus - and this is the most important reason - he's a wiener; a tiny cocktail wiener - and that's what he will remain, forever and forever.

5: Congressman John Murtha, DemocRAT Congressman, Pennsylvania - nominated for being named one of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress by CREW - the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. For steering Military Contracts to his brother "Kit" Murtha, for being the King of Pork in allocating Pork Money to his district. For being named by CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, as "one of the most unethical members in Congress."

4: John Edwards, former U.S. Senator North Carolina and Sissy - nominated for saying that war is a "bumper sticker mentality", for saying he is "uncomfortable around [gay) people." For sending his cancer-stricken wife out of fight his battles with Ann Coulter and the MoveOn
Morons. For his advocating, in a Walter Mondale-esque presidential bid of a way, of higher taxes for everybody.

For wanting to take away your SUV and large scale home while he lives the Life of Riley Edwards.

For verbally stumbling around for 12 seconds in a desperate attempt to answer the question of "Who is [his] moral leader." His ultimate answer was, "the Lord," but we all know the real answer is any other trial lawyer.

3: A Tag Team Counting As One: Ex-Worst.President.Ever Jimmy Carter and his National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski for their botched plan of providing aid to the Mujahadeen in 1979, thereby setting the stage, giving aide and comfort and initiating the incubation and mutation of Islamo-fascism threat that the world fights today.

2: Albert Gore, Junior, Ex Vice President and crybaby - nominated for his unbound hypocrisy in preaching a global warming platform while raking up an absurdly high amount of jet-setting miles in his private Gulfstreams, gas-guzzling SUV motorcades and his many residences that require more energy and burn more fossil fuels than 99% of the rest of the population.

For his steadfast refusal to debate anyone who challenges him in intelligently discussing the pros and cons of so-called man-made global warming.

ManBearPig must be stopped!

1: Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator, New York; presidential candidate; Yankees fan of which she claims she's always been. Hillary Clinton MrsSatan makes her first appearance in the LPOS Awards. Some may say it's not fair to include her in the awards for which are named after her, and her name was indeed not part of the nominees or Honorable Mentions last year. This year, however, her socialism was on full display for everyone to see and hear. If I have to tell you why she is nominated and if I have to include the lengthy list of why her name is part of this year's nominees, you simply have not been paying attention.

And the Winner of the 2007 MrsSatan Liberal Piece of Shit Award is...

... John Murtha
, U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania. His list of offenses is many, a few of them being
"I KNOW there is a [Haditha] cover-up." "We're trying to force a redeployment not by taking money away, by redirecting money."

Mr. Murtha has gone above and beyond the call of duty in his unwavering support of Liberalism at the expense and detriment of U.S. Troops and Soldiers. A running list of his transgressions are located HERE.

Murtha, though, cinched the Award with his cowardly escape into an elevator when asked if he will apologize to the Marines that he called "murderers" whose names were cleared in what the Left erroneously - and for nothing but political gain - called the "Haditha massacre":

Nothing mattered to Murtha except furthering the cause of rank Liberalism. Instead, he became through his actions the Mike Nifong of Washington D.C., refusing to reserve judgment until the Marines had their day in court.

He refused to defend and even reserve judgment of the Marines.

John Murtha, you are the proud recipient of the 2007 Liberal Piece Of Shit Award:

LPOS Honorable Mentions:

All Liberal Talking Heads appearing on the AirHead America and Jones Radio Networks, but especially Randi Rhodes, Jon Elliot and Ed Schultz:

Liberal Talker Ratty Rhodes - for apparently
falling down drunk and injuring herself (aka "passing out") after downing fourteen Bloody Marys and allowing the story - ...

... - perpetuated by fellow Liberal Talking Head Jon "Kitty Stay on my head" Elliot - that she was "attacked by Republican thugs" to take root before setting the record straight; well, as straight as a liar like Ratty and Elliot could concoct. They manufactured hatred and rage before the facts were in. Typical, Typical LPOS.

Ed Schultz (left), John Wayne Gacy as Clown (right)
Ed Schultz...is it just me, or does Ed look exactly like Democrat John Wayne Gacy dressed as a clown?

Fred Phelps
- so-called "religious leader" of the Westboro Baptist
Church Cult whose methodology of preaching the Bible and God's word is sickly twisted and interpreted to protest at the funerals of U.S. Military Soldiers. Phelps...he hates just like a Liberal. He must be a closet Progressive.

Dennis "The Elf" Kucinich, Democrat Presidential candidate - for being Mister UFO Man. The Jerry Moonbeam Brown of this era. Could Kookcinich be the offspring of a Roswell, New Mexico alien couple? Only DNA testing can prove or disprove this theory.

Neil G. Giuliano, President of The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation - for making a big deal for Jerry Lewis to apologize for using the word "faggot" during Lewis' Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day Telethon while Giuliano remains obviously and dutifully silent in any criticism of John Edwards' statement of "not being comfortable around [gay] people."

Bob Filner - California Democrat U.S. Representative for shoving his way through the baggage claim at the Dulles International Airport. He'd be the winner if this contest was the "Cynthia McKinney Award."

Mike Gravel, Democrat presidential candidate - for saying Americans are "Fat And Dumb", and for saying "the Spartans trained their people to be homosexual." Not only does the American public enjoy being "talked down" to, we enjoy historical and scientific revisionism and would like to hear how the Spartans - let alone any other civilizations - "train their people to be homosexual." Mike Gravel, you are an idiot.

U.S. Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar for her "Cell phone Bill of Rights." Like Gravel, Klobuchar thinks Americans are too dumb, so she appeals to the lowest common denominator of the population for her own political advantage. Perhaps some day, should the Democrat Party care to revive a Walter Mondale-Geraldine Ferraro type President/Vice President ticket, Klobuchar can be the VP to Mike Gravel's Presidential run for a new political party named: "Americans Are Fat and Dumb and Don't Know How to Select A Cell Phone."

Sally Field, actress - for her Emmy speech, saying, "if the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn wars in the first place." I guess she conveniently forgets and omits the mothers who drown their children in a bathtub and who kill their children by driving cars into a lake.

Eliar Parisan, MoveOn Goon and the creator of the General Betrayus advertisement. Why isn't Eliar serving in the Military? Heh - Don't make me laugh.

Rosie O'Moo - obese, loud and ignorant entertainer for dressing her young daughter as a suicide homicide bomber, complete with bandoleer and sad-sack expression. Everything Donald Trump has said about O'Moo is painfully accurate and true.


Linking Here:
2008 USA Presidents


Dear David: I love your site. Since you don't like John Murtha -- and I doubt even Mrs. Murtha does -- I hope you'll visit Lt. Col. Bill Russell's site (he's running against Murtha) at www.williamrussellforcongress.com and offer whatever support you can. Also, if you'd like to join Bloggers 4 Russell, a large and growing group, please let me know via e-mail (TalkTop65@aol.com) or by leaving a comment on my site, which is mainly devoted these days to Russell-Murtha. It's at: http://camp2008victorya.blogspot.com.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa
Thanks for the kind words, Steve.

I will visit the sites you suggest, thanks for sharing the info.

I'd like to see Murtha booted out of Congress. This isn't a personal thing - I have no horse in his race. He served in the military and he's done his job as a member of Congress. He should be thanked for dedicating his life to public service. Those good things aside, his record is one that advances liberalism (nee' socialism) every voting chance he gets.

In his words:

"Every tax cut I voted against. My wife says, 'You shouldn't say that.'"
- November 2005, Washington Post

Couldn't sum up his liberalism any better.

And his escape into the elevator rather than apologize or admitting he jumped to conclusions...simply behavior unbecoming of an elected official.

Thanks for visiting Steve. Stay in touch.
Thanks David: I think the evidence is that Murtha has done a lousy job at what's supposed to be his strength: taking care of his district. I've written about this, focusing on median household income (very low) and population decline (very rapid). Stay tuned.
Wow! So Murtha pulled it off. The 2007 LPOS! It was touch and go I suspect as I don't think there was ever a stronger field of contenders. It is well deserved and I'm certain Murtha is proud of this great achievement. He really did earn it. Murtha is without a doubt pure weapons grade turdtonium. Ha!
Thanks for contributing, Stephen.

Molson, yes, as I noted with Stephen, the "voting against every tax cut" alone had Murtha edging out the others, but the excape into the elevator...well...like I wrote, that was the cincher for putting his name on the trophy. I mean, Jeebus Tap Dancing Damnit All, have the decency to say you're pleased with the outcome of the Haditha on the behalf of the Marines, but the man ran away into an elevator. There's no forgiving that.
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