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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Democrat Bob Filner Thinks
He's Cynthia McKinney

California Democrat U.S. Representative
Bob Filner was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery charges for an August 19 incident when he pushed through other customers at Dulles International Airport. Filner, according to the story, barged past other customers, screaming at employees and pushing a female bagging worker.

"You can't stop me," Filner screamed at the baggage employee. The employee responded, "the police can."

Filner backed off only when he heard another employee on the phone with airport police.

The sworn statement by Joanne Kay Kunkel, the baggage worker, states: "Mr. Robert Filner came storming into our baggage office demanding help with his delayed baggage. He barged in front of a line, interrupting our business with other passengers. He is screaming." It describes Filner as shoving his way into an employee-only office while Kunkel attempts to prevent him from doing so. This is the precious moment where Filner utters his famous words, "you can't stop me."

Is this guy taking lessons from EX Congressman Cynthia "Cell Phone Assault" McKinney?

Filner's behaviour is unacceptable for anyone, especially a member of Congress. I'm sure as soon as Cluck Schumer can find a camera and a microphone he will condemn Filner's actions, call for an investigation and for Filner's resignation.


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