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Friday, June 30, 2006

"Toxic" Outdoor Air Protested

This St. Paul resident has issues with Toxic outdoor air:
It's probably just a matter of time until outdoor grilling and outdoor "charcoal smoking" is outlawed... just for you Lonnie, just for you!

One Hit News

** Bush and Koizumi Tour Graceland. Elvis, still living on the third floor of the mansion, made no appearance.
- - -
France passes law that allows any digital song could be played on any player, regardless of its format or source, and...
In France...?
- - -
** The volley that
Cell Phones are as Dangerous as Drunken Driving Goes Another Round!
- - -
** Hubble
has camera problem.

- - -
** "Narcotics detectives...called [it] "the biggest marijuana cigar your ever saw."

You mean it was a big, BIG old Fatty?
- - -
U.S. House of Reps votes down bill designed for Gun dealers to provide trigger locks on all handguns sold in the United States.

And in
other Gun News, New Jersey institutes purchases of only One Gun Per Month Law. Criminals are expected to obey the ordinance.


** Diva's...Don't Go....
- - -
** Haditha Update.
- - -
MSM Cuts U.S. slack for killing women and children in Zarqawi strike:

- - -
** Bubba Clinton Wasn't Interested In Pursuing Khobar Tower Terrorists

That's because he was busy chasing a different word that begins with "P"!
- - -
** Liberals Attack Swift Boat Veterans again. This time for daring to disagree with the Liberals!
- - -
** Liberal Talk Radio Mourns Deaths of Terrorists

Thursday, June 29, 2006

HNN: The Hillary News Network™© (Or: What's MrsSatan Up to Now ?)

In what could prove to be her "I Invented The Internet" Moment, MrsSatan claims she used to baby sit for immigrants so older siblings could accompany their parents to work:
And she's always been a Yankees Fan, too, folks!

MrsSatan: "Let My Revolution Begin!"


Minneapolis Mayor Asks For State Help To Combat Crime...Again!

The Mayor of Minneapolis, the ultra-Liberal R.T. Rybak, took another trip across the Mississippi River to St. Paul to beg the Minnesota Governor, Republican Tim Pawlenty, for money and manpower from the state to help solve the skyrocketing crime problem in Minneapolis.

The Minnesota State Patrol - The State Police - is going to assist the City of Minneapolis in its growing crime problem. From panhandlers to robberies and from shootings to murders, Minneapolis is unable to control its severe crimes and enforce existing laws against lawbreakers.

One of their answers to combating crime is a Lemonade Stand. Go ahead, click the link, I'm not making that up. Another organization has launched a Peace Bus;

The State Patrol is usually reserved to handle less localized law enforcement and instead concentrate on wider, more State-related, law enforcement duties and functions. But because the size of Mayor Rybak's ego far outweighs his superego, he sees his mayoral responsibilities as focusing his time and efforts more on trying to secure the 2008 Democratic National Committee convention, making sure no one can smoke in a bar or restaurant and appearing on local news showing how he cares about the environment by riding his bicycle. I think Rybak has set his sights on becoming a much larger "mover and shaker" in the big DNC arena rather than simply being the Mayor of Muderapolis.

Oh, god forbid you make a right hand turn at a red light at certain intersections. A camera will take a photograph of your crime and the city will mail you a ticket. Minneapolis takes its "No Right on Red" very, very seriously.

So Rybak again goes begging for the state to intervene in what is, and should be, a city issue. As with many city-financed programs, the city is the entity that is supposed to secure funding, via tax revenue, from its own residents for things such as the payroll of it police, fire and emergency personnel. Minneapolis has done this, but nowhere near to the extent they need to, and this is why Rybak went begging for help...again.

Minneapolis Mayor Rybak, Minnesota Governor Pawlenty

Why, even the editorial board of the cities newspaper, The Socialistopia Star Tribune, recognized recently that crime is skyrocketing downtown.

Information released in This News Story states that:

My first question is for Liberal Die-Hard Rybak supporters: how do you feel when you see your boy R.T. go begging for help, again, to a Republican Governor? Aren't you at all - or shouldn't you be - ashamed of yourselves for electing this guy? Sure, Rybak is an improvement over previous Minneapolis Mayor Sharon "Soupy" Sayles Belton, but that's not much different than saying "my botulism was relieved by dysentery".

My second question is for editorial board of the Socialistopia Star Tribune: what took you so long to admit the skyrocketing crime scene?

The editorial notes such tasty items as, the director of "Safe Zone" was herself groped, in broad daylight, in downtown Minneapolis while walking with a male companion. Groped? That's a very judgmental term to use, isn't it? The lady who was groped...why...she should have taken it as a compliment. Where's the sympathy for the groper? Or the panhandler? Or the public urinator? Should the Socialistopia
Star Tribune so be...Judgmental?

It's a textbook example of liberalism run amok, with a decades old liberal leadership mentality failing to deal with crime and criminal activity. And this same crowd shakes its collective head one day and concedes that, yes, Minneapolis has a crime problem. Huh...how about that!

We have Liberal Mayor Rybak asking Conservative Governor Pawlenty for help...again. I suppose it wouldn't look good politically for Pawlenty to say "fuggadaboutit". Or maybe the governor gets some sort of satisfaction in making Rybak look like an idiot...again?

They are overlooking the one solution to their skyrocketing crime problem, that of their sports writer Sid Hartman, who says, "Crowds Prevent Crime". Uh...yeah....

Well, it's official then, Minneapolis has a skyrocketing crime problem. It's true because the liberals that finally admit it is the same crowd that denied it for years. Maybe they can have an "Ode To Crime" Parade this summer.


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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Eyes Have It!

Will eyes watching you make you a more honest person? This Study Says So:
I can hear Bill Clinton whining right now, about how much better his two terms would have been had there been "eyes" always watching him. And that's probably true.

*MrsSatan Is Watching You!


Rob Smith of Gut Rumbles Fame Dies

The blogosphere has lost a fine writer and member. Much has been written about Rob Smith, the Acidman, of GutRumbles, who passed away Earlier This Week.

Much has been written about him by those that knew him well and those that did not. I didn't know him well, but his blog was well-read by me. My first visit to his blog, from a link off of someone else's site, was the day he posted that He was quitting blogging

    "I'm going to post the Carnival of the Crappers sometime tonight. That will be the last post on Gut Rumbles.

    Blogging has changed a great deal since I first started almost 3 and 1/2 years ago. It has become clubbish, cliqueish and downright high school. I don't need that shit in my life."

And my comments on his post:

    DON'T STOP!!! Just discovered your blog today - don't let the sonsobitches get to 'ya!! You write well, and if someone doesn't like your take on things, that's too damn bad, they can start their own blog.

    Anyone blogging for 3.5 years is doing something good and right. For what it matters - again- don't drop the blog. Keep at it!
    Posted by: dave drake on April 27, 2005 06:21 PM

My first Acidbath - for those who don't know, it's an avalanche of hits from Rob linking to you resulting in a large increase in visitors - was on my post 'Today I Am A Liberal'. I felt honored that he not only linked to it, but that he linked to a blog that, at the time, was only 10 weeks old. And I was flattered over the past year when he would link here on other items that he liked or found interesting.

I appreciated the additional traffic and would always thank him by e-mail. And over the past year I had a few questions on blogging or something else, and I'd e-mail Rob and ask what he thought. And he always replied.

And that sums up the extent that I knew Rob, so I can't claim I know him as well as so many others that have written so much about him.

But I will say this about Rob: He loved to write and it showed. He loved the language and his BA in English Literature fit with his natural ability to tell a tale. You could always count on Rob blogging in his unique way, on any subject under the sun. He knew how to tell a story and you always knew where he stood on whatever was on topic.

And that is the guy I will miss. The unique place on the blogosphere where you knew you could count on Rob to tell you something you didn't know, re-tell you something you thought you knew and to read his stories.

Rob, We celebrate your life.

Thanks for all the memories.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Lileks Defines KoS

Sunday evening, listening to the weekend rerun or best of the Hugh Hewitt radio program of last week's broadcasts, Hugh was talking with James Lileks.

Hewitt asked Lileks what he thought of Markos Zuniga and KoS.

Lileks replied:
"KoS is [nothing but] undisciplined and omnidirectional rage."

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Lileks hits a Grand Slam!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Grandma Socialist Club

I'm reading the Sunday paper at a local java joint consuming vast quantities of my second favorite beverage in the world, hot black coffee, when two elderly grandmotherly types seat themselves at a table two down from where I'm sitting.

I wasn't eavesdropping, spying or wiretapping their conversation, but it was easy to listen in on what they were saying. They had just come from the Gary Keillor movie of which I do not care to name or publicize, but the two Grandma's apparently thought the movie was the greatest thing since two-ply, quilted toilet paper. I wonder if they're as happy that the very wealthy Keillor gets taxpayer money to fund his pointless and lame Public Radio program? I suppose they are, for an aging Socialist Grandma is still a Socialist at heart.

Their conversation then turned to politics and my hearing went to high alert! They discussed last week's PBS program, "The Dark Side", that was critical of Vice President Dick Cheney. (A PBS program critical of Dick Cheney? Yeah, hard to believe, isn't it?)

And in a move that could only have been orchestrated by DNC Chairman Mao Howard Dean, the two blue-gray haired ladies hit every Lefty talking point imaginable: Cheney is evil, President Bush is Cheney's puppet, the Iraq War is all about oil, Bush stole both presidential elections, Bush hates the poor, Bush is responsible for the devastation caused in New Orleans by hurricane Katrina, the minimum wage hasn't been increased because of Bush, global warming is Bushs' fault, the price of gasoline is Bushs' fault and all the programs that the Bush Administration is using to combat terrorism are illegal.

Whew...I thought as you grew older your priorities centered more on the location of the nearest bathroom and what to eat at the casino buffet.

Then their conversation switched to the Miami Seven, the seven men arrested on terrorism charges of plotting to attack and cause havoc in Miami and Chicago's Sears Tower. The Grandma's said there's no evidence against any of these men and no indication that they were planning or plotting anything destructive.

I wondered if the Grandma's knew that the Miami Seven were trying to procure hardware to carry out their planned attacks from a government informant posing as a member of al-Qaida?

The intent of the Miami Seven was to cause destruction and kill and maim as many people as possible - they said as much. People are convicted as law breakers all the time based on only their intent to commit the crime.

Child predators, thieves and sex offenders are convicted and jailed all the time based on only their intent. They do not need to succeed in breaking the law or completing their intended crime in order to be found guilty. Established intent is often all that is needed for conviction. I guess Chairman Mao Dean didn't include that item in his daily talking points e-mail to which the Grandma's subscribe.

And had the Miami Seven accomplished their goal of blowing up the Sears Tower and FBI buildings in five cities - killing and maiming hundreds or thousands of people - I can only guess the Grandma's would have said that "Bush isn't doing enough to combat homegrown terrorism."

Yesterday a syndicated newspaper story from Cox News Service, by Julia Malone and Bob Deans, lists the following examples of "homegrown terrorist groups":

* A group of radical Islamists indicted for planning terrorist attacks after gas station robberies in Torrance, CA, to finance attacks on military recruiting offices;

* A Lodi, CA, man convicted of supporting terrorism for attending an al-Qaida training camp in Pakistan three years ago. His father pleaded guilty to charges of lying to customs agents about smuggling money to finance the terrorist training.

* Two men from Atlanta - linked to the Toronto suspects - arrested after videotaping the U.S. Capitol in alleged surveillance for possible terrorist attacks.

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the other day, when speaking to reporters, that Local Cell Terrorists were responsible for:

* 191 people killed in the 2004 Madrid, Spain train station attack;

* 52 deaths in the 2005 London subway and bus bombings;

* the 17 men arrested in Toronto last month who were planning to behead Canada's Prime Minister.

All three of the above situations are examples of Local Cell Terrorist Groups that are not tied to the "official" global al-Qaida network.

The Grandma's agreed with each other that Bush is "the worst president ever." I wanted to say to them, I bet you think Bill Clinton was the best thing since two-ply, quilted toilet paper, don't you - but I didn't. Their conversation reached the point of political absurdity where I knew that I'd get more objectivity and neutrality by talking to a rock or a tree.

A short time later the Grandma's left the building to - I am sure - bring their superior driving skills to the roads and highways of the neighborhood. God Bless 'em, I wish they'd make me some chocolate chip cookies! I'm betting they make a mean and tasty batch.



Really...Where The Hell Is The Outrage?

My friend Muslihoon brings up a very significant question: Where Is The Outrage with respect to the grotesque manner in how Pfc. Kristian Menchaca and Pfc. Thomas Tucker were treated?

More HERE.

Where are the protestors who hyperventilated over Abu Ghraib terrorist suspects with panties over their heads when it comes to protesting how our Boys are treated? Why are these same Protesting Pacifists so silent when it comes to registering their outrage of the barbaric treatment done to our boys by al-Qaeda?

Where are the protestors who yelled and screamed that the prisoners - who are really terrorists and terrorist accomplices - being held at Gitmo are somehow being mistreated by receiving three meals a day and "the air conditioning is too cold for them"? Why aren't the protestors yelling and screaming at how Pfc. Menchaca and Pfc. Tucker were treated?

Where is the outrage from the same crowd that always manages to muster their criticism against any imagined injustice done to a terrorist or radical Islamofacist that we capture or apprehend?

Where are the Americans who will say and do anything to undermine the war on terror, who are nothing more than Terrorist Sympathizers, when it comes to the treatment of their own flesh and blood by the hands of barbarians?

Where is the Anti-American - Pro-Terrorist Crowd? Silent, as usual. And don't give me any grief for what I called you, because you are, without a doubt, Anti-American and Pro-Terrorist. You lack the courage to speak out against those who kill and maim our Men and Women in the Military and instead cry tears for people like Musab al-Zarqawi. Before any autopsy was even completed, you accused "us" of killing him as he lay on a stretcher near death. After his autopsy showed NO EVIDENCE whatsoever of what you alleged, you didn't even have the common courtesy to say you were wrong - no - instead you moved on to the next series of your failed political rhetoric.

You should be ashamed of yourselves but you're not, your brain doesn't function that way. Your brain functions in only one mode: America=bad, Military=bad, War on Terror=bad. You are a sick and pathetic group of individuals whose disgrace to your own country knows no bounds and whose disdain for the Men and Women who fight for your freedom knows no endless regurgitation of criticism.


Saturday, June 24, 2006


MrsSatan...I mean, Hillary McMoneyBags, is addicted to fundraising!

She'll be traveling all the way to Idaho, For A Nickel.

The Corruption of The Left Knows no Bounds...it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!


Her avarice for cash reminds me of the Randy Newman song:

It's Money That I Love
by Randy Newman

I don't love the mountains
And I don't love the sea
And I don't love Jesus
He never done a thing for me
I ain't pretty like my sister
Or smart like my dad
Or good like my mama

It's Money That I Love
It's Money That I Love

They say that money
Can't buy love in this world
But it'll get you a half-pound of cocaine
And a sixteen-year old girl
And a great big long limousine
On a hot September night
Now that may not be love
But it is all right

One, two
It's Money That I Love
Wanna kiss you
Three, four
It's Money That I Love

Used to worry about the poor
But I don't worry anymore
Used to worry about the black man
Now I don't worry about the black man
Used to worry about the starving children of India
You know what I say about the starving children of India ?

I say, "Oh mama"

It's Money That I Love
It's Money That I Love
It's Money That I Love

Aaron Spelling Dies

Television powerhouse producer Aaron Spelling Has Died.

His List of programs goes on and on and on. A very prolific man, without a doubt.

    Shows he produced that ran for years on ABC included "Burke's Law," "The Mod Squad," "The Rookies," "Starsky and Hutch," "Charlie's Angels," "Hart to Hart," "Family," "The Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island," "Matt Houston," "Hotel" and "Dynasty."

    The last, at its peak in the mid-1980s, reached 40 million viewers and commanded some of the highest advertising prices. Twenty years ago, Mr. Spelling's fortune was estimated at more than $100 million.

    In the 1990s, he produced several series for other networks, including "Melrose Place," "7th Heaven," "Charmed," "Moesha" and "Beverly Hills 90210."

    Mr. Spelling was born in Dallas on April 22, 1923, according to one authoritative account, although other dates have been given, and was the youngest of five children of a Russian Jewish immigrant tailor. Classmates often made anti-Semitic taunts, he later said, and his shyness and slight build made it hard to fight back.

    He began to put on shows during World War II while serving in the Army Air Forces in Europe.

    Hoping to write for television, he settled in Los Angeles and worked as an airline reservations clerk, talent scout for an all-girl orchestra and dinner theater director. He won movie bit parts in forgettable cowboy and crime films and acted on "Dragnet" and other television shows. Gradually, he managed to sell scripts to Dick Powell and Jane Wyman, both former actors who became producers.

Mr. Spelling is a shining example of The American Dream. May he rest in peace and his family celebrate his wonderful life.


A Ten Year Erection

Faulty penile implant device gave man a ten year erection:

    Charles "Chick" Lennon, 68, received the steel and plastic implant in 1996, about two years before the impotence drug Viagra went on the market. The Dura-II is designed to allow impotent men to position the penis upward for sex, then lower it.

    But Lennon can't position his penis downward. He can no longer hug people, ride a bike, swim or wear bathing trunks because of the pain and embarrassment, and wears a fanny pack across his front to hide his condition. He has become a recluse.

Same story also found HERE.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

One Hit News

** High School Band Director Charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of solicitation of a child:

    [A] Spring Lake Park high school band director [Michael William Schleicher is] charged with having sex with a former student spoke for the first time in court on Thursday, saying he was scared and intimidated when authorities showed up en masse to search his Ham Lake home.

How did he feel when the police showed up to search his home?

    "I was scared," Schleicher said. "Having that many officers in my home with weapons was intimidating."

Oh, that's just so sad and too bad, isn't it? Gee, maybe you have some sort of idea now of how intimidated your victims felt. Take this guy out behind the garage and plug him with a .12 gauge.
- - -
** Wife sentenced to life in prison for killing husband with shotgun during an erotic dance:

    A wife who claimed to have blasted her husband to death while performing an erotic dance with a shotgun has been jailed for life.

    Linda West admitted killing her husband Gregory - but she insisted the gun had gone off accidentally as she danced to a Shania Twain song during a sex game nine weeks into their marriage.

    West claimed the double-barrel weapon went off when she slammed it on to the floor while taking a bow as she danced to her husband's favourite song 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman'.

    Sentencing West, Judge Guy Boney QC, told her: "Your account of a happy domestic evening cannot be true."

- - -
** 17-Year Old sentenced to life in prison for stabbing medical student to death:

    Michael Lynch - a father of two - was just 16 when he killed medical student Darren Pollen.

    He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 15 years.

    Lynch admitted stabbing 20-year-old Mr Pollen after a night out in Romford last year.

- - -
** Cadbury chocolate bars recalled; May contain salmonella:

    The contamination was detected at Cadbury's Marlbrook plant, near Leominster in Herefordshire.

    "It was due to a leaking pipe," the spokesman said. "It has now been fixed."

- - -
** One of Andy Warhol's famous silver wigs sells for $10,800:

    The wig, complete with three strips of toupee tape inside, was worn by Warhol during the early 1980s. Warhol began wearing the hairpieces in the early 1960s, and they eventually turned into fashion accessories more than a cover-up for his baldness.

******Andy Warhol

H/T: 123beta

Bill Clinton's Legacy: A Stench That Won't Go Away

The following was written in conjunction with S.T. Miller:

I know the Left hates it when anyone brings up the Clinton Presidency. They hate it because so many of the ills the world faces today are the direct result of the two Clinton terms. And they hate it because so much of what is written and said about the failures of his presidency is true. Otherwise they'd shrug it off.

The United States, and many others countries around the globe, today face hardcore problems that exist because of things done, or ignored, during the years between January 1993-January 2001.

The current climate that exists with China, North Korea and the Middle East exists for no other reasons than policies taken, or not taken, during the Clinton years. Yes, you Liberals may want to deny that and instead blame everything on Bush - not that his administration is perfect by any means - but the reality of the problems tied to America and so many of our allies are solely due to the Stench of Clinton's Legacy.

Clinton gave missile technology to China. He did it via Loral Space And Communications, which is owned by big-time democratic Sugar Daddy Bernie Schwartz. Clinton ordered the U.S. Navy to allow Chinese military officers to witness firsthand how our Navy trained its people. This is analogous to giving the opposing football team your playbook. Thanks Bill, for giving away such secret strategy and information.

It doesn't end there, not by any means. Warren Christopher and Madeline Albright, respectively Clinton's Secretaries of State during his two terms, endlessly placated North Korea. What do we have to show for it? North Korea's ability to hit us with a missile. Thanks Bill, for taking such a cooperative venture with North Korea, allowing them to run wild like an unruly and feral child.

And not only did the Clinton Crime Family appease North Korea, they gave the North Koreans the nuclear reactors to get the ball rolling! Now, did this happen because the Clinton Crime Family was incredibly stupid or because the Commies had intel on Clinton's "infidelities" and money laundering? You be the judge.

And let this roll around in your mind for a while: Suppose that the CIA had knowledge of Clinton's illegal campaign finance scheme via spies in China and somehow Clinton found out that they knew. What can the CIA do? They are not a law enforcement agency. The CIA's only recourse is to report it to the FBI, and possibly the Congressional Oversight Committee on Intelligence.

So Clinton - knowing this - blocks the CIA from being able to report it to the FBI in the form of the "Gorelick Wall." Then you have the Law of Unintended Consequences kick in via the Moussaoui investigation, and that leads to September 11 going forward when the FBI and the CIA collectively could have prevented it.

Then, the Clinton Crime Family has Sandy Burglar swipe the notes on Bin Laden from the archives and puts Jamie Gorelick on the 9/11 Commission to sanitize the whole thing. Evil, incredibly evil, if not treasonous and seditious.

China had Clinton by the in the palm of their hand and played him like a fiddle. Clinton took campaign contributions from the Chinese Communists and he counted on U.S. Intelligence Agencies such as the CIA and the FBI to not be able to cross communicate with each other in order to investigate his wrongdoings. In doing so, he became nothing but a puppet for the Chinese Communists, doing their bidding for them from the Oval Office.

Somalia became a haven for terrorists to group and re-group. After Clinton pulled the U.S. Military out of Mogadishu, Osama Bin Laden himself said this was a defining moment for him, realizing that the American public could not stomach casualties suffered by American Troops.

The Clinton Crime Family, in eight years, did more than is imaginable to bring the United States to a point where its intelligence agencies were compromised. Not only were they effectively cut off at the kneecaps to prosecute Clinton's misdeeds, they were ineffective in being able to deal with those who want to harm us. Any potential recourse to hunt down terrorists, within or outside of U.S. law and legal channels, became impotent even though the Clinton Mantra claimed it tried to prosecute terrorists in accordance to international law or otherwise.

The U.S., its allies and other free and democratic countries around the globe, who suffer, or have suffered any kind of terrorist attacks, are continuing to deal with the aftermath of the Clinton Crime Family and will be doing so for years. It will indeed be years if not decades, in trying to fix and repair the harm Clinton caused for what was nothing more than his goal of personal enrichment.


Additional Reading:
The Gorelick Wall
Clinton Provides North Korea With Reactors
Clinton Won't Visit North Korea - But Albright Does

No Smoking For Pregnant Women?

Warning: This Post Includes A Graphic Image

Hmmmmm, HERE's an interesting concept in an Op/Ed piece by Kathleen Parker: Should It Be Against The Law For Mothers-To-Be To Smoke Cigarettes?

It seems like a reasonable law to me. We hear day in and day out the horrible and noxious effects from first-hand and second-hand smoke. And no doubt about it, a fetus would experience cigarette smoke in a first-hand manner.

But Ms. Parker doesn't seem to think that legislating this type of law is...fair:

    Now the anti-tobacco jihadists, having helped ban smoking in most public and many private places, have turned their attention to the most private space of all - the womb.

    That very personal place where humans incubate could be the next battlefield between smokers and those who have never uttered the words: "It's none of my beeswax."

    This latest brainstorm comes from Arkansas, where Rep. Bob Mathis successfully shepherded legislation making it unlawful to smoke in cars in which small children are passengers.

Representative Mathis is a DEMOCRAT, by the way, and we certainly know how anxious all the Commiecrats are to protect us from "everything."

Now, I'm all for adults of legal age being able to make decisions about what they want to do to
their own bodies in terms of smoking, drinking and what-have-you. But, as the legal community had shown us through the years, it's different when a health risk impacts someone other than the primary self-inflictor. Second-hand smoke? "My god, man, don't blow that second-hand smoke towards me!"

Ms. Parker:

    John Banzhaf [is] the heavyweight George Washington University law professor who for years has led the anti-smoking brigade.

    More recently, he's best known for leading the charge against fast-food restaurants that serve fat-laden foods to unsuspecting, um, fat people - otherwise known as people who eat too much and wouldn't read a nutritional label if it had a cherry on top.

    Banzhaf likes to sue people, in other words, and he's been enormously successful. Which is to say, pregnant smokers, beware.

And beware they should be. Pregnant women who smoke are endangering the life of their child.

Ms. Parker:

    In a final bit of irony, the move to prohibit smoking while pregnant would seem to lend strength to the argument that a fetus is a human being entitled to all the rights and privileges accorded personhood.

Huh...what? "...Seem to lend strength to the argument that a fetus is a human being..." Well, Parker says so in an earlier sentence in the same article: "That very personal place where HUMANS incubate."

Well, what is a fetus, then? Is it a kangaroo in the womb? Is it a Baby Ruth candy bar inside there?

Below is a picture from Abortion TV of a partial-birth aborted "fetus". You tell me...does it resemble a human being or...some other type of creature:

Does the above image make you feel queasy? Uncomfortable? Do you want to look away? Good, because that's the intention of why I included it in this piece.

It doesn't take a genius to define that
the fetus of a human being is human, no matter how much the Pro-Baby-Killer crowd wants to try to make the public think otherwise.

And, for the record, I don't think all abortions should be illegal. I think they should be available and medically safe for when the mother's life is in jeopardy, and available in cases of rape and incest. I DON'T think that abortion should be used as a method of birth control and I am dead-set against Partial Birth abortion. And let's not kid ourselves, the number of abortions for cases of rape and incest are very small and few in numbers.

We regulate all types and kinds of behavior to protect third parties. Some cities have no-smoking laws in parks and other outside areas such as beaches. Adults can be arrested for providing alcohol to minors. Children under a certain age must be belted into child-travel seats in cars. Children under a certain age must wear a life preserver in a boat.

It always comes down to protecting "The Children", because they are unable to defend themselves against so many things.

Women are arrested for excessive alcohol consumption and for taking illegal drugs under the auspices of endangering their baby-to-be; it may be rare but it happens.

Should a "fetus" be treated any differently from a cigarette smoking mother?


- - -

Warning: Some of the images available via the above Abortion TV link are NOT for the squeamish.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Minnesota's Wealthy Elite Call For Higher Taxes

Are your arms broken...or in a sling? Is there something preventing you from VOLUNTARILY writing out a check and sending it in to the State or to the organization you think is underfunded? It must be really cool to belong to the Minnesota Wealthy Elite Crowd. They don't have enough to do other than lobby for higher taxes. It's one thing if they think they should pay more, it's another thing if they think everybody should pay more. Arms broken? Dog ate your checkbook? Story HERE:

    Several well-off Minnesotans who believe more tax money should be pumped into public initiatives said the state can start with them.

    More than 200 wealthy Minnesotans signed a full-page ad appearing Thursday in the Star Tribune asking the state to raise $2 billion for various initiatives by increasing the state's tax burden for high-salary earners.

    "We need to invest more in our future," said Joel Kramer, former publisher of the Star Tribune and founder of the think tank Growth and Justice, which organized the "Invest for Real Prosperity" fiscal strategy.

Oh...."we need to INVEST more...."; that good olde fashioned euphemism for TAX INCREASE.

Joel Kramer...are your arms broken? Dog ate your checkbook? GFY!


John Kerry Celebrates Another Loss Moral Victory

John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, celebrated yet another Loss Moral Victory today in the defeat Moral Victory of his Cut and Run From Iraq Bill, losing by an 86-13 vote:

    But late Wednesday night, there was an hour of intense, old-fashioned debate between Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass, co-sponsor of the withdraw-by-2007 measure (which was rejected 86-13), and Sen. John Warner, R- Va., with the two men firing point, and counter-point, back and forth.

    Warner played an emotional trump card - referring to the killing and mutilation of two American soldiers in Iraq this week.

    He told Kerry if the Senate enacted his withdraw-by-2007 measure, the terrorists who tortured those soldiers will conclude, "We behead two and what did Congress do? It passed a law which required withdrawal by July 2007."

    He lectured Kerry,"Timing in life is everything." ”

John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry, Celebrates Yet Another Loss Moral Victory

I'm relatively certain that John "has another plan" that will...well, will at some point in the future allow him to celebrate yet another Loss Moral Victory.


Al, Sham...Stop The Lying!

Al O'FrankenLIAR:

Yesterday's O'FrankenFailure program:

Interviewing the author of "Going Dirty", Al called the Swift Boat Veterans liars because in their television ad against John Kerry (who served in Vietnam), they said "we served with John Kerry [in Vietnam]." Then, in the political ad, that famous Swift Boat photo was shown of John Kerry with six or eight servicemen surrounding him.

Al said the Swift Boat Veterans lied because... some of them were not on the boat with John Kerry.

Let me ask you Al, if I run a photo of you with Chevy Chase and Bill Murray with the caption "Al O'FrankenFailure was a writer for 'Saturday Night Live'", or if, with the same photo, run a caption stating, "Al worked with John Belushi" - are those lies Al? Because going by the standard you apply to the Swift Boat Veterans it is. Going by your standard you didn't write for SNL, and you didn't work at all, ever, with John Belushi.

According to O'FrankenLIAR I guess you HAVE TO be in a photograph in order to claim some type of working relationship with the person you are speaking about, otherwise IT MUST BE FALSE.

I guess O'FrankenFailure didn't bother to review This Site which identifies those in the Swift Boat photos with Kerry and how they are on record saying: "Kerry is Unfit for Command".

The photos are linked to at that site under the following text:

Band of Brothers' Photo Fraud: Swift Boat Officers Photo, I

'Band of Brothers' Photo Fraud: Swift Boat Officers Photo, II

'Band of Brothers' Photo Fraud: Swift Boat Officers Photo, III

Stop Lying Al, Stop the blatant Lying you Lying Liar!

The Biggest All-Time Lying Liar of LiarDom That's Ever Lived Lied!

Sham Cedar: Another Lying Liar of LiarDom :

Yesterday's Majorassity Report:

Sham Cedar took three calls in a row from Republicans last night and each caller chipped away and managed to fluster Sham's irrational Liberalism.

Caller Henry from Oregon challenged Sham on why we went to war in Iraq. Sham said we were lied to about WMD's. Henry said that the administration prior to Bush believed fervently that Iraq possessed WMD's. Sham stammered and stuttered. Then Sham changed the subject. Then Sham had to "let Henry go" because a commercial break was coming up. Nice way to get rid of a caller who can challenge you point for point.

Caller Nick from Texas was making great points as to the failure of the Democratic party to stand for anything and have an issue. Nick reminded Sham the only person to have dropped the bomb and kill thousands of people was a democrat, Harry Truman. Sham, at a loss for words, ended the call with the excuse that the phone connection with Nick was "lost".

Big, Quadruple Chinned, Second In Command of Lies and Propaganda: Sham Cedar

Caller Bernie (I forget from where), challenged Sham that al-Qaida was in Iraq prior to the war. And Bernie is correct. Sham ended the call prematurely and slid into a hush-voiced monologue of "keep your eyes closed Bernie, don't read the truth because your illusions are tumbling down."

Amazing, isn't it, that out of three Republican callers to the show, Sham ditched one caller due to a commercial break, he "lost" the phone connection to a second, and outright ended the call to the third.

Sham's last sentence is so true, he sounded so convinced, and that's because it's the mantra of Liberals who indeed keep their eyes closed, they don't read the truth and their illusions are tumbling down.

Sham needs to visit This Site and see who said what about WMD's. If indeed there are "no WMD's", and we know that that is false, I guess the "lying" goes way back to all those in the Clinton Administration.

Stop the lies Al!

Stop the lies Sham!

But wait, that's all you know...lying...isn't it?


Triplets Separated At Birth?

Mayberry's Howard Sprague, Sesame Street's Bert, The Muppets' Beaker


O'FrankenFailure Scores Another Sponsor!

He's on quite the roll, what with scoring all these new sponsors, isn't he?

Press the > to hear the latest sponsor of The O'FrankenFailure:

The All Time Greatest Lying Liar of LiarDom: The O'FrankenFailure

All voices are impersonated. Or...are...they?


Previous O'FrankenFailure New Sponsors located HERE and HERE!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One Hit News

** 14 year-old-girls forced to work in UK sex trade:

    Several thousand girls from eastern Europe and Africa are being forced to work in the UK sex trade - some as young as 14. Some of the trafficked women and girls are forced to have sex with up to 40 men a day by violent pimps. A four-month police crackdown - called Operation Pentameter - rescued 84 people, including a girl of 14.

Good God, that is not only sick but may God rescue those poor girls and condemn to Hell those that have exploited and used them.
- - -
** Puppy Beaten To Death by Boys:

    The [owner] says the three-pound dog was secured when they took a quick trip to the grocery store. The Darwins learned the three neighbor children confessed to her killing.

And: "Three boys were identified as the alleged perpetrators. Two of the boys are 6 years old and one is 8."

Three, sick, psychopathic boys who would be whipped with a belt on their backside until the welts on their welts bled...if I were the "Justice 'god'".
- - -
Wales doesn't want the Visual Blight of Wind Turbines any more than any one else.
- - -
HUGE Cocaine Bust in Northern Ireland.

Choppy choppy...snorty snorty!

More on the Cola Bust Here.

Isn't Bill Clinton in Northern Ireland this week? Hmmmmmmm.....

Sham Cedar Was Once Conservative?

Bore America, a fine site they are indeed - and I link to them and visit them on a regular basis - has This Fine Story on Shammy Cedar...Conservative...(GASP!) What will all the Little Eichmanns who worship your Over The Edge of Insanity Liberalism think of you now, Shammy?

    Is Air America Radio's Sam Seder a former hate-filled, mean-spirited, racist, bigoted, xenophobic, right-wing reactionary? Or, was he always the good, peace-loving, humanistic, right-thinking liberal person that he is today?

We need to verify this, and you know...even if it's not true, let's pretend that it's true. If it is a lie, let's just repeat it over and over until people believe it's true. After all, that's what the Left does all the time!

Sham Cedar: Concealing his former Conservatism Under His Chins?


The Make-Believe World of Thom Hartmann

Thom Hartmannnn substitute hosted the Sham Cedar-Jeaneanannanannne Garafoolio Liberal Radio Show again last night. Along with all his usual pro-Liberal rhetoric, a true gem escaped his pie hole last night. I wish I had recorded it.

Hartmannnnnn reveled in the halcyon days of the Jim-mah Kah-ter Presidency. Hartmannnnnnnn said that if America had maintained Kah-ter's energy policies, and had Ronald Reagan not been elected, then September 11 never would have happened. He further stated the world would be at peace, Wahhabism would be negligible and that healthcare would have been available and affordable for everyone in the U.S.

Apparently he forgot to include that there'd be no global warming.

Thom must have access to some powerful weed. Gimme a hit off that fatty, Thom.

We all long for those Lazy Crazy Days of The Kah-ter Presidency, don't we:

* Those exceptional days of Jim-mah having us lower our standard of living.

* Those memorable days of long lines at gas stations, wondering when and if we get to the pump will there be any gasoline left for our car.

* Those carefree days of Americans being held hostage by Iran.

* Those blissful days of record setting home mortgage loan rates.

* Those jovial days of high and record setting interest rates.

Yep Thom, those sure were the good old days. The good old days for Defeatist and Pacifist liberals like you who live in a make-believe world completely removed from any vestige of reality. Thank goodness those days are gone.

Look, it borders on some type of medical mental disease to reach the conclusion, as Thom did, to say that had Kah-ter's energy policies remained in place that September 11 would never have happened.

Yet, as a typical Stupid Is as Stupid Does Liberal, Hartmannnnnnnnnn's statement goes unchallenged. Does anything in history or factual data support his words? No, they are purely an emotive reaction said by an individual who is a member of a large liberal crowd that just can't stand that their political ideology and beliefs are an unqualified failure, rejected by a majority of people.

I hope he subs for the Majorassity Report again today. I can't wait to hear what new inanities escape his pie hole.

Oh, Thom, just one more mistake you said on the Monday show that I am only too happy to bring to your attention. You were speaking of President Bushs' unannounced trip to Iraq last week and you asked the question, and your quote was: "I wonder how the White House would feel if the PRESIDENT of Canada just dropped in unannounced."

Hey genius, Canada doesn't have a President. They have a Prime Minister. Yeah, I know this is too much for your tiny brain to absorb because being accurate about any subject other than your "Hate Bush" rhetoric distracts you from saying anything remotely accurate. Idiot!

Thom Hartmannnnnnnnnnnn: "Did you know Canada has a president? It's true because I, Thom Hartmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, say so. Stupid is as Stupid Does!"


Previous Post on Thom Hartmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:
Word Games with Thom Hartmann


What Would O'FrankenFailure Do? Part 3

Presenting the third in a continuing series of What Would O'FrankenFailure Do?

Most Minnesotans know, and perhaps others are aware, that O'FrankenFailure has considered a run for the Senate by challenging Minnesota's Republican Senator Norm Coleman in 2008. Why, I can't think of anyone better for the democrats to run against Coleman. Why? Because it should prove an easy win for Coleman.

But...What Would O'FrankenFailure Do on some of the issues?

The issue: Crime

Click on the > to listen to What Would O'FrankenFailure Do:

O'FrankenFailure: Greatest All-Time Lying Liar of LiarDom of All!

Voices are impersonated. Or...


Previous Posts of "What Would O'FrankenFailure Do":
What Would O'FrankenFailure Do? Part 2: Taxes And The Economy
What Would O'FrankenFailure Do? Part 1: Illegal Immigration

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