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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sex Offenders Get 50" Plasma Televisions

Don't tell me that the State of Minnesota doesn't "have enough money," and that taxes have to be increased in order to pay for education and "crumbling" infrastructure. Don't tell me we "don't have enough money" when taxpayers are soaked for twenty-five 50-inch plasma televisions for sex offenders. KARE 11 News:

    Governor Tim Pawlenty has ordered a sex offender treatment facility in Moose Lake to sell its plasma television sets. The facility has 25, 50 inch sets that cost $1576 a piece. Each one is held in place by a $706 mounting bracket.

    "We don't micromanage our agencies at the level of every little item that they purchase or use, but in this case we are going to micromanage," Pawlenty told reporters after a legislative meeting this morning.

    "Every once in a while somebody makes a mistake in judgment. This was clearly a bonehead decision, it needs to get reversed," he added.

    The Moose Lake Treatment Facility currently houses 250 people who have served time for sex offenses and then been committed indefinitely. It is run by the state's Department of Human Services.

    In an emailed statement, a department spokesperson wrote "televisions are part of a typical clinical environment." When asked what their purpose is, the spokesperson responded: "Watching television is one of many group activities that M.S.O.P. patients do as part of the treatment process."

    "I'm asking my administration today to remove the televisions and to sell them and if they need to have televisions in common areas, they can have smaller, simpler, fewer, and cheaper ones," Pawlenty remarked.

    The Department of Human Services will remove the televisions this week, and using the state's Department of Administration surplus program, they'll sell the plasma sets.

Search out this story at the Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune (MRSNKT). No, I'm not linking to it. Make sure you read the comments. Note how many commenters say that this is nothing more than Pawlenty grandstanding because he wants to make a run for the White House. That is the readership of the MRSNKT, the absolute blinders-on unabashed Liberals who don't mind their money being spent like this, oh no, they only see the story as an issue for a Republican presidential candidate wannabe. There's nothing quite like Kool-Aid-injecting Liberals who defend misuse of taxpayer money for luxuries like big screen plasma televisions for sex offenders and child molesters, is there?

Nobody has been a more vocal critic of Pawlenty than I have. And I would never - repeat never - vote for him for president. Hell, I didn't vote for him when he ran for, and won, his re-election. But on this issue, he is correct.

State Representative Alice Hausman.
She finds big screen plasma televisions and sex offenders "fascinating."
I don't have to mention she is a Liberal, do I?

Someone please show me the evidence and clinical research that states that it is beneficial to observe sex offenders in group settings and that it is considered part of the "treatment process" that sex offenders watch 50-inch plasma televisions. And in order to facilitate this "treatment," taxpayers have to cough up $1,500 dollars for big screen, high-def televisions for sex-offenders who, at best, should be treated like the scum they are and who, at second-best, should receive a .357 hollow-point to their skull. They are committed "indefinitely." Hello?!?!? They are repeat offenders. Yeah, they need 50-inch plasma televisions for "treatment."

I wonder who will be bidding on these "used" televisions? Surely no state employee or politician or their family and friends. Uh-huh. Yeah. Right.

Here's the money quote, from the aforementioned but not-linked-to MRSNKT story on this issue:

    One legislator on the tour, Rep. Alice Hausman, DFL-St. Paul, is a key player in whether the new building will get funded. She said she found the explanation of why the TVs were necessary to be "fascinating."

You may not remember Alice Hausman. But I do. She's one of those BIG TAX AND SPENDERS. Never met a tax hike or a spending bill that didn't make her moist in the panty hose.

Alice finds big screen TV's for sex offenders "fascinating." Well then, maybe she should move in and live with the sex offenders.

This is who Liberals are, big tax and spenders who are willing to allocate taxpayer money for sex offenders so that they can watch big screen televisions. Because sex offenders and child molesters are entitled to watch the Disney Channel and children's programs. It's part of their treatment.

Alice is a...well...the word rhymes with "runt." Enough said.

There's not a doubt in my mind the good Little Eichmanns in her district will re-elect her again and again and again.


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You are totally fucked there in the Great Red North DD and I'm totally fucked here in the Motor City Rust Hole. Next year I'm getting out, but it may make little difference because everybody everywhere will be fucked thanks to Barry Obutthead and the Demotard Clown Congress. Now if Pawlenty was really thinking, he would repurpose the 50" plasmas. In the end they'll sell the things below market value and probably re-buy new at full price for some other program, thus continuing to piss away other peoples money.
You are very ignorant. You are the one who has swallowed the kool aid. Many of the "scum" you refer to are not "repeat" sex offenders, and in fact, at least one does not even have a sex-related conviction.
Molson, it's Institutional Liberalism in this state that is killing us and elects fucktards like Amy Klobokunt and Al Kikehead Franken.

An update, some of the plasma's were donated to Veteran's Homes, and that's where they should be. I have no problem with that. But in institutions for sex offenders? Hell no!

Are you plain ignorant or a dumbfuck.

Did you read the sentence from the story:

The Moose Lake Treatment Facility currently houses 250 people who have served time for sex offenses and then been committed indefinitely.

Oh wow, you claim "one" is not a sex offender. You probably lobbied to spare mass murderer Tookie Willimas from the death penalty and you support freeing Roman Polanski.

Do you know how to read? Are you brain damaged from the close similarities when your father/brother and sister/mother produced you?

Fucking dumbasshit troll.
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